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He knows exactly how he got here, well... not really. Don't try asking him either, it will just end up confusing everyone involved. If there is one thing he does know though, it is that he is a fox that will always be blind and he wouldn't have it any other way! He had a very large and rather rambunctious family that consisted of three sisters, two brothers, and his mother.

Arrival to the Island

Upon his arrival he found himself wearing a white kimono with exactly one-thousand origami cranes attached. He was nine feet tall and had fluffy white fur. The cranes were very much sentient and would guide him around the island, though they did not always guide him around everything.

He went through a minor change after a scuffle in the jungle, wearing a great kilt. The contestant Elsie transferred all the cranes from his tattered kimono to the kilt herself.

Through most of this time he had no mouth. Which was problematic since he couldn't eat or speak. He at least had a way to communicate though. Paintbrushes made from his own hair that wrote upon the air around him.

Masked Mayhem

After an altercation with the drive he... er, she. Yes, she found herself in a mask, black fur, and a very different gender. Though she didn't look all that different from when she was male. While this solid stone black mask with red teeth and pointed, red tipped ears gave her the ability to eat and speak it came with a price. She could see, but only what she could smell. As long as the mask stayed on, she could only smell blood. Meenos became much more aggressive like this, sometimes acting on thoughts that may not have been her own.


Thanks to some friends, she was convinced to take off her mask. What was beneath the mask was nothing but a bare fox's skull. She was often oblivious to most of what was going on around her like this, being unable to hear or smell very well without any proper ears or nose. At least she could speak and eat now though.

Soon enough Shi had given her a good and proper nose to smell with, though it only really worked properly half the time and Kelwine made a nifty mask to cover up the skull.


Having received a nasty gash in her side that got infected somehow, instead of letting her die out right the drive turned her into a zombie. Her fur fell off, she lost fingers, and even her tail! Luckily someone had duct tape handy and much later gave her some clothes that worked even better.

Back to Normal

Meenos went back to being his normal nine foot tall self, although this time he had a mouth. Not much was different about him now from when he first arrived, other than acquiring an odd power. He appeared to have acquired the ability to shoot a paintlike substance from his hands and was able to see anything he had sprayed with it though he still couldn't see the world as it really was.

Now things get weird

He was turned into a tiny six inch long caterpillar fox thing. He had several legs, far too many one would think. He seemed to get along fine though for a fox headed, tail wagging, fuzzy, caterpillar with an appetite that seemed bigger than himself.

He grew quite a bit later. nine feet long, five feet tall and five feet wide. Now, his appetite matched his size! In this form, he was very clumsy. Often running right over anyone who failed to notice him or through any benches, bins, or anything else that was in his way.

A butterfly?

After coming out of a cocoon in common ground, he emerged a butterfly fox thing. He was back to being nine feet tall and humanoid, though he lost his nose and mouth in exchange for a proboscis and antennae that sat in front of his fox ears. The two large wings that sat upon his back were perfectly functional and changed depending on the time of day. His wings almost always mimicked the colors of the sky. During the day they shed dew, which he could use to speak with if he gathered enough. At night they shed tiny sparkling star like stones.

Feeling rather confused in this form he was witnessed acting aloof sometimes and being completely irrational at others. He claimed to have gaps in his memories, or life like dreams as well.

Anything else?

"I don't know much about Meenos, but any friend of a raving rainbow-eating owl-esque person is a friend of mine. Can I have my fifty Req now, guys?"
-Full Metal Lion
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