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Things that players can make, and give to other players. They cost supporter points but are strictly for roleplay - there is no in-game advantage.

Totally unrelated to Monthly Mementos.

What is a Memento?

It can be a magical sword, containing and powered by the souls of all the demons you've ever slain, crafted by mystics and handed down from your ancestral dragons - or it can be a seashell, or a piece of paper, or a blanket. It depends what the writer wrote. The important thing to note, though, is that having or not having a Memento will only affect your roleplaying. There is no intrinsic advantage to having one, especially if you only play the game for the hilarious monsters.

What do you do with it?

Mementos you've found, or ones people have given you - or ones you've made - automatically go into your Shoebox, the bottom section of your inventory.

From there you can click Use to read the extra flavour text (if any), and decide whether or not you want other people to know that you've got it. If you do, click Display in Bio. Anyone who clicks on your name will then be able to see the Memento's name and description below your character stats, description and medals.

How do you get one?

People may give them to you - they are free to send via the Gifting Station in the Common Ground. Or you might find one on the world map and pick it up, or in a Place one might be available if you do certain things.

Or, you could make one!

Making Mementos

Go to the Hunter's Lodge and select Memento Forge. It currently costs 25 SP to make a Memento.

You can set the Name, how it will pluralize, the description that everyone can see, and the use text that only the holder can see.

Each Memento can have 100 characters for the Name, 100 characters for the Plural name, 255 characters for the Description, and 1,000 characters for the Use Text.

You can also set the attributes1), and make the memento as a Mould.


Mementos aren't just for making special gifts for particular recipients: you can also use them to make a set of identical special gifts for lots of people, or lots of identical easter-eggs or plot hooks for random people. This is especially useful for clan items and Place-relevant items.

  • A memento Mould costs 500 Supporter Points, but once you've made it, then copies only cost 1 SP or 500 Cobblestones.
  • If an Attribute is applied to a Mould, then all the copies will give that attribute.
  • Unique Mementos can be upgraded to Moulds.

Mementos and Places

The creator of a Memento can also program things into the Place/s they own, using a Has Memento contrivance or a Doesn't Have Memento contrivance. Things like opening or showing hidden doors only to the people who've got the memento, or showing extra flavour text to the special ones, or giving out a Memento if they click on a particular navlink, or practically anything you can think of and can work out how to do! See the Places Programming section.


Making a special gift for someone? Use it to not just tell them what you think of them, but to let everyone else know too. Let the world know that they are really nice, or clever, or funny, or a favourite target of the typo gremlins, or a damn good example of a Human - select the Attribute from a list, and they will get +1 in whichever stat you picked. You can apply it when you're making it, or retrospectively.

Once they've got the Memento, if they decide to Display it in their bio, the stat will show up below the Medals in a new section called "Awesome things about this player". Attributes apply to whoever is holding the Memento for as long as they hold it, whether or not they display it in their bios.

Caveat: Attributes do not apply to the maker of the Memento. They are for what other people think of you, not what you think of yourself.

Currently available Memento Attributes

Name Description
Action Sequencer This person knows how to set up a jaw-dropping action scene. Lights, camera, AWESOME!
Ad-lib Mad Lips This contestant is never prepared, and never needs to be!
Always the Altruist So generous they'll give you the shirt off their back. And their trousers, if you ask nicely.
Artful Analyst They've got you read like a book, and they KNOW what did you do with the bodies.
Awesomely Organized When you want something done but don't know where to start, this contestant keeps a cool head and get everything sorted.
BRAAAAINS Exemplar of the Zombie race. Stagger on, friend!
Brilliant Buffoon Sultan of Slapstick. Classiest of Clowns. Gives silliness a bright, bright sheen.
Calm and Still This contestant shows a Zen-like ability to keep their head while all around them are losing theirs.
Cool Cat pretty fly for a fictitious guy.
Creative Genius This contestant has all the best ideas, and knows what to do with them.
Chronic Chrononaut To this contestant, new days are just a blur.
Cute Butt Sometimes it's just gotta be said.
Daredevil Point them in the direction of the impossible!
Dark Horse This contestant has hidden depths that you'll only find by being close to them.
Dashing Romantic This contestant goes beyond flowers and chocolates - but we're not ones to kiss and tell.
Delightfully Mad Some contestants are completely bonkers, and this one is bonkers in a good way.
Dependable Friend Need a place to crash, a drink to quench your thirst, a bandage in that hard-to-reach spot? You know who to call.
Derring Doer Displaying daring deeds in desperate disasters, a defender of all damsels in distress.
Diabolical Dialect You can't always tell what this contestant is saying, but they're good at saying it!
Diplomatic Tongue Can make flinging yourself into an overrun Outpost with naught but a spork and frilly pink panties seem like a good idea.
Enchanting Entrant Someone who, no matter what the place, time, or scene, makes themself known in an unforgettable manner.
Eye for Detail remembers if that mutant used its middle, left or back hand the most even with a ten-second glance.
Exquisite Courtesy Always polite, no matter what.
Extra Bits Exemplar of the Mutant race. Just keep your noodly appendages to yourself, please. And your poetry.
Fearless Leader The one you follow, if only out of curiosity.
Fiery Passion Trust your feelings.
Fuzzball Exemplar of the Kittymo-ooh, something shiny!
Gentle Ear Tell me what's wrong.
Gracious Host This contestant runs an excellent house.
Gratuitously Geeky For the super smart, or the cognitively crazed.
Green Eyes Exemplar of the Joker race. Game of cards, anyone?
Helping Hand Having a hard time? They'll be around shortly.
Honourable Genteel Most impeccable in eloquence and dress.
Improbably Successful Don't tell them the odds.
Inimitable Style There can only be one, and this is them.
Ingenious Inventor You've gotta wonder where this contestant gets those wonderful toys...
Innit? Exemplar of the Squat race. Best kept at arm's length.
Inspiring Force A mover and a shaker. When they're around, others are moved to action.
Irresistible Charm A smile, a well-timed comment, even a look is all it takes them to befriend you.
Jack-of-All-Trades Master of fun.
Knowledge Bank Got a question? They've got answers.
Life of the Party If they're here, you know things are going to be fun.
Lovable you don't know what's so great in them, but you can't stop the fuzzy feelings.
Mad Scientist Mad, I tell you! MAD!
Master Builder A frequent guest at Dwelling-raisings.
Metal and Glass Exemplar of the Robot race. Initializing bonus.
Modest but Awesome Refuses to acknowledge their amazing-ness.
Mood Lifter Brings smiles where frowns sat before.
Mostly Harmless Exemplar of the Human race. Welcome, by the way.
Naughty but Nice There's a heart of gold in there.
Open Mind But not so open their brains fall out.
Plotter Extraordinaire They're twelve moves ahead already.
Poetical Bent Rhymes galore, couldn't ask for more!
Pungeoneer Taking puns to new heights (or depths, depending on who you ask).
Quantum Quizzler You can bamboozle even the Cryptic Question Joker.
Quietly Brilliant Doesn't say much, but when they do, everyone listens.
Refreshingly Sane In a place where everyone's off their rocker, they are regularly on it. And it's nice.
Resourceful Roleplayer Supplied by the contents of monsters' pockets and stomachs, this contestant's motto is "waste not, want not."
Resourceful Repairer Also known as the Fix-It Contestant.
Scatterbrain Uhmm, sorry, who are you again? I'm su-oh, mum! Hello mum!
Social Pioneer They've invented the newest craze. Twice.
Speedy Climber Wait, didn't you just get here?
Stand-Up Comic Always ready with wit and quips.
Storyteller Let me tell you a story about the Island.
Technical Tenacity Practice makes perfect.
Typo-gremlin Target "What?! I have fat fingers" and hilarity ensues.
Unassuming Artist Look! I drew you a picture! Do you like it?
Unintentional Wit Oh? That was funny? I didn't mean for it to be, but okay!
Veteran They've been here FOREVER.
Voice of Reason A ground wire in the electrical circuits of havoc that are the Island.
Warm Heart Kind, caring, willing to help, and always sympathetic.
Welcome Wagon Greetings!
Witty Wordsmith Parodies, puns, jokes, stories, all fall into their domain.
Xenophilic One race? That's boring!
Yard Decorator They make Dwellings pretty.
1) You can only do this AFTER making the Memento.
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