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The Mighty Magpie is a improbable monster added for Season 11) that attacks with its Beak of Doom. The Mighty Magpie is either harmed by or attracted by Jewelery, but no one can remember which while editing this wiki page. If you must have jewelry, check in Improbable Central. Look for the bird in the jungle near Kittania, Improbable Central and NewHome 2).

Typically contestants will not hear the Magpie's approach and will have no time to run away like scared little SpiderKittens. If you decide to fight it, expect to take major damage. If you do somehow manage to kill it, the thousands3) of experience points you earn may make it worth the risk.

2) Potentially this bird can be found near other cities as well, but that rumor remains unconfirmed confirmed by Max Dougwell, unconfirmed by reputable foolish intelligent sources.
3) Yes, thousands. Sometimes.
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