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In addition to the popular KittyBike models seen toiling through the wilderness, Mike offers a range of familiar vehicles - bulldozers and animals like the popular Budget Horse and the Magical Mystery Meat Mount. Mike is often willing to take the sad abominations off a traveler's hands for a fair price, to process at the glue factory. If you're looking to tour the island by ground transportation, Mike's is your first stop, unless you prefer walking.

NewHome's Chop Shop sells the Budget Horse for two Cigarettes.
Pleasantville's Chop Shop sells the Magical Mystery Meat Mount for 500 Req and 6 Cigarettes.
Kittania's Chop Shop sells the 250cc KittyBike for 55 Cigarettes.
New Pittsburgh's Chop Shop sells the Zombie Donkey for 15 Cigarettes.
Improbable Central's Chop Shop sells the Haiks TR-25 Scrambler for 100 Cigarettes.
AceHigh's Chop Shop sells the Clockwork Stallion for 144 Cigarettes.

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