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What is it?

* Mindbleach is a special drink for use during standard brain-washing and information security procedures.

* Mindbleach is carefully blended from three different kinds of standard bleach, ethanol, unstable improbability, hallucinogens, carcinogens, trace amounts of uranium, our special ingredient and pure mountain spring water.1)

* The special ingredient is a highly volatile synthetic bio-chemical compound, synthesized from a mutant strain of smallpox.

What does it do?

* It selectively destroys memories. Forever.2)

If its so dangerous, why did someone just offer some to me? Are they trying to brain-wash me?

* Possibly. Especially likely if you're good-looking.

* If you have recently seen something traumatic, such as naked Squat Tor or nude sun-bathing Bernard, then this offer may be an act of charity. Remember to thank them in advance!

1) Now available in strawberry and blue raspberry!
2) Past side-effects have included complete memory loss, complete memory gain and sterility.
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