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Artwork by Shi

Even more background material for Makiwa - by Mak's Skint Rambling Narrator.

Human Persona - Machiavellian Makiwa

  • Age: Somewhere between Whippersnapper and Fogey1).
  • Size: Average height, average build. To be exact - extra medium.
  • Appearance: Immaculately dressed in suit and tie, topped off with a trilby hat.
  • Personality: Shifty shadow lurker. Always on the look out for the next business transaction.2)
  • Character Traits: Gregarious, affable but forthright.
  • Physical Traits: Almost constantly has a cigarette clamped between his yellow stained teeth. Dancing eyes that make you dizzy if you look at them for too long.

Machiavellian Makiwa

Makiwa was a little surprised to find himself human again.

He was also surprised and delighted to find himself dressed in a snazzy suit3) replete with shiny shoes, a tie and a trilby hat.

Dodgy Dealer

Self proclaimed proprietor of MM Independent Traders, his many attempts at opening up new markets ultimately failed, like many of Makiwa's endeavours. Due in part to the utterly crap items he attempted to foist on other contestants but also due mainly to his inability to close a deal. Most often he would end up just giving things away.

One not very notable but at a least a minor success was persuading the zombie denizens of New Pittsburgh that they should be wearing orange boiler suits. Boiler suits provided by him in exchange for cases of Special Sauce. Success was short lived however, as zombies are not known for their appreciation of fine attire and moreover, taking care of said attire. The boiler suit supply line dried up and subsequently so did the Special Sauce.


Eventually Makiwa all but gave up trading as he was, in his words 'totally crap at it'.

Instead he developed an unhealthy obsession with his appearance, developing severe nervous tics which, in no particular order, were straightening his tie, adjusting his hat to just the right rakish angle, tugging at the cuffs of his jacket and constantly brushing invisible bits of fluff from his suit. He considered himself the best dressed gent on the island4).


After a traumatic emotional event involving The Teddy Bear of Death and the power of The Memorial Sanctuary, Makiwa was returned to Cyber City, entirely devoid of emotions. This was probably a good thing.

The Universe or the Island or at the very least Horatio, it seems, has a plan.

In Essence

1) Your guess is as good as mine
2) read: con
3) a sharp suit, if you don't mind
4) Quite right!
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