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Rumor has it these creatures are the results of failed improbability experiments by Doktor Improbable and lurk in the darkest parts of the jungle.1)

Refer to the Monster List for a list of monsters2) brave contestants have encountered and documented. If you encounter one of these creatures, be prepared to fight.3)

1) Not to be confused with Squats or Robots.
3) Monster Repellant Spray also helps. You can sometimes find cans of this in the jungle as an improbable event. It can be used in any city, the jungle, while fighting, or while traveling through the world. You can spray it on yourself in the jungle, city, or world, or spray it directly onto a monster during combat:
  • When sprayed on yourself, it reduces your chances of being attacked by any monster while traveling through the world by twenty-five per cent, and any monsters you do come across won't be as inclined to get close enough to hit you very hard. The effects last for the rest of the game day, and you can use as many cans per day as you want. Each can used increases the effect.
  • When sprayed directly onto a monster during combat, the monster's combat efficiency is dramatically, but temporarily, reduced.
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