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A moose is a deceptively peaceful creature. DO NOT BE FOOLED. The moose is the single most deadly being in existence. If you encounter one, do not attempt to fight it, simply run as fast as you can. Leaving behind companions (or outright sacrificing them) is an acceptable option.

A less well known kind of moose is the wall-dwelling moose. It is a horrid beast that feeds off of the residual darkness and evil of humans1). If it ever escapes from it's prison, the world will end.2)3) 4)5)6)7)8)

1) And walnuts. If you value your sanity, DO NOT GIVE IT WALNUTS.
2) I'm a fan of Jhonen Vasquez.
3) I am a fan of you, in my pants, right now
4) Charming, but I already have a pair of pants and they suit me just fine.
5) Are they British pants or Murrican pants?
6) I know a dog that pants, does that help?
7) No, it doesn't. I would give you points for effort, but I'm so ashamed by your disgraceful attempt that I can't :P
8) What do you think might happen if it ever ate the Sammich?
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