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2010-06-06 18:17:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu limps in from the jungle, rather bloody and bowed. He shuffles out the south gate.
2010-06-06 18:23:12: The Queen of Fables Reverb 's ebony-and-gold carriage rolls in, towed today by something vaguely remeniscent of a crocodile-horse-guinnea pig crossbreed. Meh. You've seen worse things in the jungle.
2010-06-06 18:26:50: The Queen of Fables Reverb descends, high heels boring in the spines of her postrate servants forming a stepstone. She looks up, listning carefully. . "Why does that blasted beast need to be so slow? " she hisses.
2010-06-06 18:27:56: The Queen of Fables Reverb turns a servant into a recliner with a casual snap of her fingers, and sits down. If she has to wait for that Titan, she might as well be comfortable.
2010-06-06 18:34:43: The Once-Wiise Ashtu strides back in the south gate, looking somewhat refreshed. He stops and stares at the - crocodile-horse-guinnea pig crossbreed? - and the - rubber duck orderlies? That's just too. . . . . .
2010-06-06 18:35:27: The Queen of Fables Reverb is looking at the bloody scene with obvious interest. . who knew this place had such great free entertainment?
2010-06-06 18:35:31: The Once-Wiise Ashtu continues . . . .improbable, even for this place.
2010-06-06 18:38:27: The Once-Wiise Ashtu Speaking of improbability, what is that thing behind that - cross breed?
2010-06-06 18:39:03: The Queen of Fables Reverb wanders over to the impromptu O.R. "You know, if you clamp that left artery, and then cut the next one, he'll live longer than when you just cut the both of them. Gives him time to squirm."
2010-06-06 18:39:34: The Queen of Fables Reverb is quite good at keeping people alive for much, much logner than they'd like to be.
2010-06-06 18:43:04: The Once-Wiise Ashtu chuckles to himself. Must the Fabled Reverb, Queen in her own mind.
2010-06-06 18:44:29: The Once-Wiise Ashtu sticks a "be" back in his previous thought.
2010-06-06 18:45:14: The Queen of Fables Reverb waves in the direction of her chair. There is a -zing- sound, a flash of flames, and her transmuted servant is returned to his former self. "Return to the Castle. I have some business here"
2010-06-06 18:48:45: The Queen of Fables Reverb consults her Mirror for a moment, before fixing her sight on Ashtu. "You there! Come. Your Queen has a proposal for you. ."
2010-06-06 18:52:51: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks around. He wasn't aware he had a queen, much less one that wished to propose to him.
2010-06-06 18:55:36: The Queen of Fables Reverb stands right in front of Ashtu when he turns back to face her. "I have heard you wish to dispose of. . . a certain Woman? We might have similar goals on that score. . ."
2010-06-06 19:01:37: The Once-Wiise Ashtu's ears perk up. "Oh? and what makes you think that?"
2010-06-06 19:17:25: The Once-Wiise Ashtu shrugs and heads out the gate for New Home - needs to stock up on some cheap grenades!
2010-06-06 19:30:58: The Once-Wiise Ashtu is back from New Home, bandoleer full of grenades.
2010-06-06 19:34:42: The Once-Wiise Ashtu heads for the jungle, some monsters for to kill.
2010-06-06 20:05:24: The Once-Wiise Ashtu once again limps in from the Jungle. A more tired, but a bit richer.
2010-06-06 20:09:21: The Once-Wiise Ashtu sits down on the bench outside the cafe and pulls a mug of coffee from his hat. Ahh, nectar of the gods!
2010-06-06 20:10:49: The Queen of Fables Reverb emerges from the shadowy shadows of shadowness. "Cat."
2010-06-06 20:14:35: The Once-Wiise Ashtu takes another sip of coffee.
2010-06-06 20:20:07: The Queen of Fables Reverb repeats, a little bit louder; "Cat." Several kittymorphs look around, but she is either oblivious or just ignoring them rather well.
2010-06-06 20:23:24: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks up a bit.
2010-06-06 20:23:30: The Queen of Fables Reverb briefly wonder what on earth Jetman is talking about, before she sets Ashtu's coffee on fire.
2010-06-06 20:25:08: The Queen of Fables Reverb is pleased to hear het pet titan is making good progress. .
2010-06-06 20:27:41: The Once-Wiise Ashtu jumps a bit. He doesn't remember ordering flaming coffee! He calmly snuffs it out with his hat.
2010-06-06 20:31:01: The Queen of Fables Reverb looks back at Ashtu. "Now that i've gotten your attention; let me be blunt. You wish to get rid of the one they call 'The Watcher', is it not? "
2010-06-06 20:37:27: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks cooly at the self-styled "Queen." "and if I do?. . . . . ."
2010-06-06 20:39:56: The Queen of Fables Reverb leans in, her voice dropping to a whisper. "I could give you the means to do that. . ."
2010-06-06 20:42:16: The Once-Wiise Ashtu arches an eyebrow. "Oh, really? Tell me more."
2010-06-06 20:46:49: The Queen of Fables Reverb smiles, and draws closer. "My dear, sweet cat. That's what I do. It's what I live for. To help unfortunate folk like yourself. Poor souls with no one else to turn to. Because only I. . can help you"
2010-06-06 20:48:32: The Queen of Fables Reverb steps back and sings. . "I admit that in the past I've been a nasty. . They weren't kidding when they called me, well, a witch."
2010-06-06 20:49:21: The Queen of Fables Reverb says, But you'll find that nowadays I've mended all my ways, Repented, seen the light, and made a switch! Oh yes!
2010-06-06 20:50:37: The Queen of Fables Reverb says, And I fortunately know a little magic It's a talent that I always have possessed And dear man, please don't laugh, for I use it on behalf, of the miserable, the lonely, and depressed. .
2010-06-06 20:52:13: The Queen of Fables Reverb collects herself before she runs off in the whole song-and-dance routine. She didn't bring her monstrous minions anyway. "I, cat, can give you what you need to take down the Watcher. . for good. ."
2010-06-06 20:55:55: The Once-Wiise Ashtu looks coolly at the Queen; she seems awfully sure of herself. "If you really know how to accomplish this, how is it that you haven't done it yet?"
2010-06-06 21:03:00: The Queen of Fables Reverb smiles. "Well, it is your wish, not mine, cat. And, let us be honest it's not realy a mission fit for a queen, now is it?" She flicks her wrist and conjures up wondrous images only Asthu sees
2010-06-06 21:16:11: The Once-Wiise Ashtu blink blinks. "Wait a minute. You think I want to do this just for myself?"
2010-06-06 21:20:16: The Queen of Fables Reverb miiiiight have a problem understanding the term "altruism". . "Do tell me, Cat. Why would you want to displace this woman, if she didn't bother you?"
2010-06-06 21:40:09: The Once-Wiise Ashtu stares at this - "Queen." "Bother me? BOTHER ME? Of course she bothers me! Like the locusts bothered Egypt! Like the plague bothered Europe! She is a blight!"He stands, his hands shaking.
2010-06-06 21:47:06: The Queen of Fables Reverb smiles. "And i can help you overcome this. . . blight. I could give you the might of a Titan!. . . for a price. ."
2010-06-06 21:55:23: The Once-Wiise Ashtu takes a step towards the "Queen." "No." A step closer. "NO." He is almost in her face now. "You don't have a clue, do you? What good will it do to - to - just make her disappear?!?!"
2010-06-06 21:57:26: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says, "It must the desire and will of the PEOPLE!! The people of the island! Not one man and one power-hungry WITCH!!"
2010-06-06 22:04:00: The Queen of Fables Reverb rolls her eyes. "And much good waiting for that to happen has done for you."
2010-06-06 22:14:15: The Once-Wiise Ashtu says quietly, "And yet, I still wait. And I will continue to wait. And talk to the people. Educate them. Show them that there is a better way of life."
2010-06-06 22:20:00: The Queen of Fables Reverb snorts. "Foolish cat. There will be a day you wish you accepted my offer!"
2010-06-06 22:21:38: The Queen of Fables Reverb flings out her arms, and disappears in a roaring column of flames. For a moment, her voice still whispers through the air. . One day, cat, you will regret this. . . ."

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