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The part of that decaying bag of meat you call1) your body that is used for the consumption of food.

How to use the Mouth:

  1. Lower the jaw.
  2. Put food in the mouth.
  3. Raise the jaw.2)
  4. Chew and swallow the food.3)
  5. Remember to keep consumed food swallowed4), and repeat from step one until all of the food outside yourself is gone.

Alternate use of the Mouth:

  1. Lower jaw a bit less.
  2. Move glass or bottle nearer until the orifices get in contact.
  3. Tilt head back at the neck, keeping the glass or bottle at the same angle.
  4. Simultaneously swallow. 5)
  5. Keep liquid swallowed, repeat until all of the liquid outside yourself is gone.
1) Ignore the robots, dear, they're just jealous you get emotions.
2) Remember to keep the food inside the mouth
3) It is recommended that you do so in that order, otherwise you might choke
4) Otherwise, all the work was useless, and you'll have to repeat from the beginning.
5) Could lead to embarassment/suffocation/reflux if not done properly, might require practicing.
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