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Mr White and Nerdy

A white kittymorph who works for the CIA, and has a persistent habit1) of passing out Death Notes and bags of potato chips in the street.2) He also runs a pet shop in the Common Ground that is hardly ever open.3)4) He tries to answer questions when around and able.

Remarkably straightforward and literal for an inhabitant of the Island, this contestant is therefore one of the more successful5), and so his lingering infestation with mematic products of another island can be overlooked.6)7)8)9)

Some Other Stuff That Wouldn't Kill You to Know

Seriously, it won't kill you, just read it!

1) It's just a habit. No need to call it persistent
2) If you have or have ever owned one or both of these items, you have probably seen him
3) As such, the shop is not very much seen
4) Actually, all it is is a small clearing behind some trees that has several animals such as Trogdors and Killer Rabbits in it
5) The point of being here is, after all, to combat Improbability.
6) He might have picked it up from the Creature from a dodgy anime.
7) Which he didn't, he just happens to come across a lot of Death Notes every single day.
8) As for the potato chips, he finds those at random, too.
9) Also, the ability to kill a person at will is not to be overlooked. It's very serious
10) Just wait, and you will eventually get one
11) Don't ask why, he just is
12) Who doesn't?
13) Of about 5 days a week
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