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User: Ryushi

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Basic Details

  • Age: 45
  • Race: At the time, Human
  • Personality: Easy to offend, highly curious, easy to seduce.1)
  • Appearance: He looks like a completely normal human, aside from the fact that he hides yellow slitted eyes behind sunglasses, which he never takes off 2)

In Depth Details

  • He is quite aware that he has landed on a strange island that only the weird are accepted. Although, he has a hard time accepting it and sometimes talks to himself.
  • He has a hard time with seeing people in love as he has lost his own too many times.
  • Constantly has the idea that everybody thinks negatively of him and are out to do him no good.
  • Has no problem with swearing, in fact, he does it a lot himself.
  • At times, he can be quite wise and his advice can be useful. However, he has a knack for bad wording.
  • Calls midgets or anything small, kids, just to piss them off.

People who may know him

Creatures he likes

Interrupting Cow (MOO!), The letter H,

Self Appointed Acheivements

  • "But i'm not dead yet!": Win a battle with only 1 hp left.
  • "Measure twice, cut once.": Miss twice in a row, then hit successfully.
  • FORE!!: Kill a monster with one hit.
  • Epic Fail: Drain yourself out on the island, then whittle the rest of your stamina out on the boat when you die.

Notes Section: Leave a note for Ryushi!

1) Within his own preference of course.
2) And happens to have an endless supply of.
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