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This one time, in NewHome...

Noir Villain Toryn lurklurklurks. Where? Nobody knows. But he's waiting to make his moooooove.

Noir Villain Toryn's tail snakes out from under the fountain and slithers across the ground, sneakily sliding up the back of Liam's pant leg.

Noir Villain Toryn may have miscalculated and be prodding at Aldred's calf instead.

Captain Aldred blinks. What in the name of...? He looks down, and starts, taking a small jumping step to the side. "Uhhhh..." He grins abruptly, and nudges the tail with his foot.

Noir Villain Toryn snaps his tail back. Nobody saw anything he was never here.

First Sergeant Liam chuckles a bit. "Wrong leg, dear."

Captain Aldred's mind works a bit more. Hmm. He doesn't say anything though.

Noir Villain Toryn isn't here. Shhhhh.

Noir Villain Toryn's tail, however, may be. It also may be curling aroud Liam's ankle.

Noir Villain Toryn loops his tail around the both of them and makes a move to drag them both under the fountain with him.

First Sergeant Liam yelps and holds onto Al as they're dragged.

Captain Aldred flails as he's grabbed first by Tor's tail, then by Liam. Whump. He goes down on his backside with a decidedly girly squeak. He'd be embarrassed, but he's a bit preoccupied.

Noir Villain Toryn drags them under the fountain! There appears to be a cozy little tea party set up here!

Noir Villain Toryn's tail reaches out and gropes around for more bodies to join their tea party.

Nonnie sidles into town, a bit on edge because of all the commotion

Kell is glad he moved. He might have gotten caught in that if hadn't. He bites at a fingernail, watching as they get pulled under the fountain. He doesn't noticethe tail re-emerging however.

First Sergeant Liam smirks at him. "What, one damsel not enough, my villain?"

Noir Villain Toryn feels an ankle and tugs on it!

Kell squeaks as he's pulled off blance. Uh oh...

Captain Aldred grumbles a bit. There's a distinct tone of nervousness in it.

Noir Villain Toryn draaaaags Kell under the fountain and goes questing again. "It's a murder mystery tea party!" he says excitedly.

Nonnie eyes the strange fountain with a tail warily

First Sergeant Liam says "I'm willing to bet you did it." He.. then winces a bit, thinking of something.

Kell is happy to be alright, but pales at the 'murder mystery' part. He'd bewilling tostay for tea though...

Captain Aldred is decidedly quiet, and also confused-looking.

Kell moves closer to Al. It might be a little safer.

Noir Villain Toryn sniffs. "I'm hurt that you'd jump to conclusions like that! It's most definitely not me." he puffs up proudly, bumping his head on the fountain above. "I'm the host."

First Sergeant Liam says "Alright then, I'm sorry love,"

Noir Villain Toryn gropes around with his tail for more ankles to grab and people to join his party. Nope, nope, that's an eighteen foot tall woman... AHA! ANKLES!

Nonnie shrieks and falls flat on her face

Rookie Malkus walks into the Outpost, seeing Nonnie on her face. Chuckling, he helps her up. "You alright?"

Noir Villain Toryn yanks Nonnie under the Fountain for the tea party!

Noir Villain Toryn tugs at a Malkus! Under the fountain with you too!

Nonnie tries to grab onto something as shes being dragged, crying "Please dont eat me... I.. I dont think I taste very good!"

Captain Aldred says, "Hello there," finally to Kell.

Nonnieis embarrassed when she sees that there is a tea party going on

Rookie Malkus is dragged under the fountain, reaching toward something on his thigh.

Nonnie is relieved to see Malkus get dragged in as well

First Sergeant Liam smiles as reassuringly as he can. "No one's going to eat you. Have some tea."

Captain Aldred chuckles suddenly. "I might." He chomps with his teeth.

Captain Aldred crumples abruptly. Walled. Sad.

Nonnie accepts the tea gratefully

Noir Villain Toryn looks around at the gathered contestants with a curt nod. "Perfect! Okay, this is a murder mystery tea party! If you taste chamomile, you're dead! The object is to find who the muderer is before all the guests are taken."

Kell waves at the new arrivals with a slight smile, then looks over at Al with a frown. No eating please! He does add some sugar to a cup of tea and sip at it though.

Nonnie W..well what else is a girl to think when a strange tail grabs her by the ankle...

Nonnie smiles nervously and waves back to Kell

Rookie Malkus looks at the tea he is handed. "What's chamomile taste like?"

Noir Villain Toryn wiggles his fingers spookily. "Here is your teaparty attire... If you find a kercheif in your pocket with a red dot on it, you're the murderer! Oh. Chamomile? Okay, umm... How about peppermint? I have that."

Nonnie smiles at Malkus and takes a sip of tea

Rookie Malkus sighs. Tea. Blech. "Well, at least I know peppermint." He smiles at Nonnie.

Noir Villain Toryn puts a teabag in each cup, the tag ripped off so no one can cheat, and pours hot water from the teapot into each cup in turn. "Go on, throw on your fancy jackets!"

Nonnie sips her tea and wonders if tea parties are usually so quiet

First Sergeant Liam is wearing a jacket already, but he stands and grabs one, changing it out for his. He subtly checks the pocket to peer at his handkerchief.

Noir Villain Toryn sips happily at his tea, having shrugged on a nice sports coat.

Kell shrugs into the provided attire and hopes he's not the first victim.

Nonnie remembers it's a murder mystery tea party and decides she rathers the quiet to people being murdered

First Sergeant Liam sips his tea. Peppermint! He chuckles, then dramatically enacts his own death, with much choking and gasping.

First Sergeant Liam falls over "dead" and lays his head in Tor's lap.

Rookie Malkus puts on the coat, checking the pocket for the handkerchief.

Kell checks his coat pocket as well, then sips at his tea. No pepperment!

Nonnie follows Kell's and Malkus' example and dons the party attire, shaken by Liam's apparent death

First Sergeant Liam opens his eyes for a moment to wink at Nonnie. Then closes them again. He's dead.

Noir Villain Toryn whistles cheerfully. "So how is the tea... oh! Liam! Liam, my love are you alright?" he shakes Liam gently, then checks for vital signs. "He's... he's..." he takes a good sniff and manages to squeeze out a tear. "D-d.."

Nonnie sneakily checks her pocket, looking around to make sure no one sees

Kell peers over the table and sets his cup down, looking pale,"I-is he....?"

Noir Villain Toryn sniffs at the teacup. "Poison!" he shouts dramatically!

Nonnie gasps, putting down her tea and pushing it away with her fingertips

Kell covers his mouth in shock and looks at his own cup, a little green. "P-p-poison...?"

Noir Villain Toryn peers closely at the teacup. "And what's this? A black hair? There are at least... THREE people here with black hair! It can only be one of us, here under this fountian!"

Rookie Malkus peers at the dead man, frowning. "But who would poison him?"

Nonnie eyes Malkus suspiciously

Nonnie eyes Kell suspiciously

Kell looks shakily at the others around the table, "O-one of u-us...?"

Nonnie eyes Toryn suspiciously

Noir Villain Toryn puts on a brave face. "But of course. And I will not rest until my love is avenged! Whoever did it better fess up now, and their punishment will be much less severe."

First Sergeant Liam resists cracking a smile, still playing dead.

Rookie Malkus eyes Toryn. He hmmms.

Kell pushes his cup away, "N-none of u-us h-had t-time to do a-anything! H-how c-could it b-be o-one of u-us?"

Noir Villain Toryn cradles Liam in his arms. "What's with that look? Are you accusing me of murdering the man I'll one day marry?"

Nonnie W...we were all just standing here! Passing around tea! A...Anyone could have poisoned it!

First Sergeant Liam is now facing Tor's chest as he's cradled in his arms. He's glad, because he can't help the blush and small grin at Tor's words.

Noir Villain Toryn holds up a hand. "Think! What was the seating order? And who touched that teacup?"

Nonnie looks around " I... I don't want to..." She beins to tear up " I don't want to die!"

Rookie Malkus shrugs. "You did prepare the tea."

Kell looks nervously at Toryn, "H-he's r-right... Y-you d-did..."

Noir Villain Toryn points at Malkus. "Ah! But someone could have slipped it into the tea as it was passed!" He looks around furtively. "Surely you can't truly believe...?"

Rookie Malkus shrugs, sipping at his own tea after taking a cautious sniff of it.

Nonnie looks at Malkus, horrified

Kell doesn't want to believe any of them were capable of murder. "Wh-what can w-we d-do to p-prove who... who d-did it?

Rookie Malkus looks back at Nonnie.

Noir Villain Toryn raises a finger and straightens proudly. "What! Would Sherlick Humms do!"

Nonnie watches Malkus intently for any signs of impending death

Kell frowns, "A-alibies f-first... B-but w-we were a-all h-here..."

Noir Villain Toryn also curiously watches Malkus and sips at his own tea. There are the four of them left. He most certainly didn't do it, and Malkus is one of the dark-haired - a possible suspect.

Noir Villain Toryn nods sharply. "Then motive, next. Clearly it could not be me!"

Rookie Malkus scratches his ear. Was that a sign of impending death? Probably not. Just a bug bite.

Nonnie gasps, worried that Malkus is dying

Kell looks sadly at Liam, "H-he w-was a f-friend..."

Noir Villain Toryn's teacup clatters against the saucer as he lifts the tea to his mouth and taking a sip. He lifts his tail to steady it, gaze darting around at those gathered suspiciously.

Nonnie turns to the rest, "W...well it wasnt me! I.. I was too busy drinking my tea!"

Rookie Malkus shrugs. "I still don't know who he is."

Noir Villain Toryn stares at Kell. "And just how were you and Liam 'friends', hmmm?"

Nonnie turns to look at Kell expectantly

Kell blinks, "H-he kn-knows A-Al. A-Al is a f-friend. I m-met h-him af-few t-times... D-does th-that n-not make h-him a f-friend?"

Noir Villain Toryn looks at him, then down at Liam and in the rection of the curiously absent Al. "That, in proper terms, would make him an acquaintance."

Nonnie "W..well maybe you h..had something against him or something! Some reason you had to kill him!"

Nonnie looks over at the quiet Malkus, wondering if he has died

Noir Villain Toryn points accusingly at Malkus. "And you! You seem rather insistent on me being the muderer!"

Kell looks down, "I-I g-guess. A-aquain-aquaintance th-then."

Rookie Malkus looks back at Nonnie, waving. He looks back at Toryn. "It wasn't me. And you knew the victim best. And you prepared the tea."

Noir Villain Toryn picks up Liam's teacup and sniffs at it. "Minty... Minty like iocane powder."

Nonnie is relieved, and turns to Toryn " H..hes got a point! You had plenty of time to set all this up, just to put the blame on one of us!

Rookie Malkus raises an eyebrow. "What powder?"

Civilian Knight stares at Toryn. "But isn't iocane powder scentless, tasteless, colorless... totally undetectable?"

Noir Villain Toryn lifts his hands supplicatingly. "I've done nothing!" He also notes that Knight cannot hear them, as they are under a fountain and it is changed for the purposes of the game.

Nonnie eyes Toryn suspiciously

Nonnie leans towards Malkus and whispers "I dont trust this guy...."

Kell looks confused. "I-iocane?Wh-what's th-that?"

Rookie Malkus nods. "Me either."

Noir Villain Toryn looks at the three of them. "Iocane powder. It would look just like sugar... Which I didn't bring." In fact... the first person seen with sugar was Kell, but Liam and Al were the only ones besides Toryn who had seen that.

Noir Villain Toryn nervously sips at his tea again, glancing around at those present, eyes wild.

Rookie Malkus sips his tea again for loack of anything better to do. He figures not being dead meant it's safe.

Kell only added sugar to his cup. And he's certainly not dead... "S-sugar..?" He pales and looks at his cup again.

Nonnie eyes her tea suspiciously

Rookie Malkus was apparently wrong about the safety of his tea. He jerks in his seat, slumping onto the table suddenly.

Noir Villain Toryn reaches out, hand shaking, and picks up a finger sandwich, stuffing it quickly in his mouth. What? He eats when he's hungry and... "OH MY GOD!"

Nonnie shrieks

Kell eges away from Toryn, "N-not a-again!" He tries shaking Malkus to see if he was just joking.

Rookie Malkus 's head lolls to the side as he is shaken.

Noir Villain Toryn's half a sandwich falls from his mouth and he reels back away from the table, lifting his hands and tail to his face to sniff at them. "I d-d-didn't do anything! I didn't touch him!" And there are only two black haireds left...

Nonnie starts tearing up "M...Malkus?"

Nonnie eyes Kell and Toryn angrily

Kell looks around at the remaining party-goers, "N-none o-of us d-did..!" He shakes Malkus again, paling even further when there is no response.

First Sergeant Liam is still playing dead. It's remarkably convincing. He might be napping.

Nonnie sniffles and wipes her nose " One.. one of you k..killed him! Which one!? Which one of you did it?!"

Noir Villain Toryn holds out his hands. "S-see? There's... oh dear." A powdery white substance is dusted across his hands. He faints dead away.

Rookie Malkus is shaken again. He's still dead. Well, not really. But he is dizzy now.

Kell looks at Toryn in shock, then turns to Nonnie, "Y-you...?" He couldn't have done it... The black hair must have been planted!

Nonnie "W...What? N..No!

Noir Villain Toryn is not actually dead. Just "fainted".

Nonnie walks over to jab Kell in the chest "It was you, wasnt it! Youre just putting up a charade of being innocent! YOU have black hair!"

Nonnie doesnt realize Toryn isnt dead

Noir Villain Toryn thinks that this is pretty awesome, actually.

Kell shakes Toryn slightly, "P-please d-don't be d-dead!" He cringes away from Nonnie, "N-not m-me!"

Noir Villain Toryn groans as he is shaken.

Nonnie walks to Malkus and pokes him a little, whispering "You're not really dead, are you? I...I... I don't..." She is startled by Toryn groaning

Kell looks up at Nonnie in relief, "H-he's a-a-alive!

Nonnie "A..and you knew that! It must have been you!"

Noir Villain Toryn blinks up at Kell. "N-no! Get away from me! It's... It's one of you! I know it!

Nonnie "P..Please dont kill me!"

Kell shakes his head again, "I-I c-could n-never!"

Nonnie steps as far away from Kell as she can

Rookie Malkus does corpse-y stuff. Mostly laying around. Actually, it's just laying around.

Noir Villain Toryn points at Nonnie! "You! Playing miss innocent! You could have planted the hair!" He grabs her, pulling her arms behind her back. "Quick! Grab the sugar!"

Kell pales, but hands over the sugar.

Nonnie begins to cry " N..No! I.. w..would never! I wouldn't!"

Noir Villain Toryn grins and looses Nonnie, grabbing onto Kell. "Aha!"

Noir Villain Toryn stands triumphantly. "I didn't bring sugar."

Nonnie gasps

Kell squeaks as he is grabbed, "Wh-what? I-it w-was o-on th-the t-table wh-when I g-got here!" He pales further, glancing at Al. Y-you... you d-don't th-think...?

Nonnie "I..I knew it! How could you?!"

Noir Villain Toryn "The table was set! But I would never use anything but lump sugar. It was you all along!"

First Sergeant Liam still plays dead, though he's trying not to grin.

Noir Villain Toryn "The jig is up!"

Nonnie "Check his handkerchief! It should have a red dot!"

Kell looks at the sugar with panic, on the verge of tears himself, "B-but I.. I d-didn't! I-it was a-already th-there..."

Noir Villain Toryn dives for Kell's pocket, pulling out the handkerchief!

Kell shakily looks at his handkerchief. It's... blank!

Nonnie gasps, as it is plain white

Noir Villain Toryn turns it in his hands, looking panicked. "But that.... That's impossible!"

Nonnie looks around and cackles maniacally, pulling out her own handkerchief

Nonnie reveals the red dot, and back up against the far side of the Under-the-Fountain

Noir Villain Toryn gapes at Nonnie. "But... She... NO! GET HER BEFORE SHE ESCAPES!"

Kell looks shocked, he's managing this very well considering he's trying not grin, "Y-you?"

Noir Villain Toryn dives dramatically for Nonnie!

Nonnie tries to jump out of the way but fails, and is caught

Kell tries to block the exit! Not that it matters. The poison he slipped them should start working soon.

Nonnie feels herself beginning to get faint

Noir Villain Toryn grabs onto Nonnie with two of his hands... and the other two grasp for his throat! He gasps for air... and dies, eyes wide in shock and horror.

Nonnie "W...what?! N..no!!"

Nonnie gasps for air "B...but it.... was....me....?"

Noir Villain Toryn tries really. Really hard not to laugh.

Nonnie slumps against the wall

Kell grins, retrieving the handkerchief he'd managed to plant on her and the 'poison'. "Y-you only th-thought so." His dastardly plan all along!

First Sergeant Liam takes a deep breath and comes back to life!

Noir Villain Toryn rolls onto his back! "And the killer wins!"

Noir Villain Toryn gets to his feet and holds out a hand for Kell to shake. "Fantastic game, mate! Good show!"

Nonnie laughs and claps

Rookie Malkus picks himself up, chuckling.

First Sergeant Liam chuckles as he grins. "That was fun."

Kell grins, "I-I'm u-usually the v-victim. Th-this wasf-fun!"

First Sergeant Liam grins at the other three players. "Thank you for playing along. You were all good sports."

Noir Villain Toryn holds out all four of his arms for high fives. "We'll have to do this again with more people!"

Kell nods, "D-definitely! W-with m-more p-people, it'll be h-harder to w-work it out."

Nonnie high fives Toryn shyly "T..that was a lot of fun"

First Sergeant Liam stands, wincing a bit. He high-fives Tor then slips his hand into the other man's. "You didn't manage to avenge me, my love." He grins.

Rookie Malkus nods. "That was indeed interesting." Not that he needed an excuse to not drink tea.

Noir Villain Toryn grins and streeetches the wall downward, creating a set of steps up from under the fountain. "Sounds like a plan!" Taking Liam's hand, he sweeps him into a kiss. "Sorry, luv. I tried."

Kell laughs, "S-soory L-liam. It w-was f-fun th-though?"

First Sergeant Liam kisses him. "It was fun."

Nonnie turns to Malkus "I..Im not really a murderer...You... you dont have to worry..."

Nonnie rubs the back of her head, embarrassed

Rookie Malkus chuckles. "I figured you weren't."

Noir Villain Toryn gestures amiably to the staircase up from under the fountain. "I'm really a villain, but I do believe that it's beside the point."

Rookie Malkus heads up the stairs.

Nonnie follows after Malkus

Kell waves and heads up as well.

First Sergeant Liam grins up at him. "My villain."

Noir Villain Toryn sweeps Liam off his feet and slithers up the steps, blinking in the brighter daylight. "Absolutely."

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