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For convenience, this list of Music has been divided into Songs, which could be listened to, in real life, in Improbable form, and Lyrical Poems which could not be.1)2)


Lyrical Poems

1) Simple test: could you include the song on an "Improbable Island" mixtape, then give said mixtape to an off-island friend and enjoy their confusion at the lyrics about cats and Improbability Drives and Mutants? If so, it goes in "Songs". If not, it goes in "Lyrical Poems".
2) Please make sure that your hypothetical friend is actually confused by the lyrics about the Island, not just by the fact that you've handed them a cassette tape.
3) Nothing, if you want to live
4) While technically a lyrical poem, someone has cobbled together some original music for Entry of the Jokers, so it gets to be in the Songs section.
5) This is actually closer to rhyme
6) Actually, I'd say it's closer to garbage, and I helped write the darn thing
7) In fact it should be mentioned that the actual process of composing it took approximately thirty seconds
8) Thirty seconds??? Dude you should be a rap artist XD
9) Approximately!
10) Well you could still be a rap artists, I've seen worse stuff than that on MTV
11) Well, you just need an ex-debater. Give him something to read, copy it and put it to some drum beat.
12) If you get some random hobo to throw a bass down several flights of stairs...
13) Sung to the tune of "I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper"
14) I'm tempted to try and rewrite it...
15) hint: the answer is never
16) most of these are lies but i encourage any attempt to actually write them
17) Currently in progress by Cousjava
18) Unlikely to still be in progress, seeing as how the previous footnote was written years ago.
19) Thought it was about time someone added more nonsensical titles for people to base songs off of... and that someone is me.
20) Dave's new take on the Questing Song
21) B-side to Running down a Beast
22) Note the period. It is important.
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