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Nadya, The Vivacious

Cute, bubbly, optimistic, fun, and cuddly are a few words that can describe Nadyanilo, often known as Nadya by the inhabitants of Improbable Island.1)

She is a bit of an oddball, attracted to shiny things and the owner of a bad habit known as Puttingeverythingonecanreachinonesmouth-itus2). She had been to rehab for this numerous times, only to pick the habit back up in a few hours from release.3)

Before the Island

Nadya was always a friendly girl with tons of friends who seemed to want her around for good laughs. She literally bounced off the walls if she ingested too much sugar and in turn, crashed just as hard when it wore off.

She lived in a city, had a nice job as a barista at a coffee shop, and was never spoiled. She took pride in her friends and her humble ways.

The last thing she remembers though, is falling asleep in a half empty bucket of butter pecan ice cream4) while listening to her Regina Spektor5)6)7) album.

New Life

Nadya had found it quite easy to settle into the Improbable Island lifestyle, with her cute looks and incredible charisma. She made new friends, went to a couple of weddings, built a few shacks here and there8), got rich selling her belongings in vending machines9), but stayed mostly in Improbable Central.

A pacifist, Nadya will try to use her cuteness to solve problems, and if that doesn't work, then the problem wasn't important enough to solve in the first place.10)

Finally, after a few teas with Horatio, Nadya got to become physically what she acted like. A Kittymorph. She loved it, the tail, the fur, the not having to wear clothes11), the extra boost of cuteness.

If you ever want to get on her good side, just present her with food, something shiny, or a hug.12)

The Lils

Nadya has created a tiny group of people13) modeled after her close friends, Kim, Bob, and Captain Thomas14)15)16)17). Originally, they were drawn in the dirt as horrible looking stick figures, just out of boredom, but soon after, they became animated, mocking their larger counterparts.

Now, they are a bit more fleshed out 18)19) and live in a tiny castle20) that Nadya also created from a sketch in the dirt. They live in Improbable Central and try not to leave the square.

Human Form Cat Form
Height 4'9" 2'3"
Weight 115 lbs 8 lbs
Eye Color Gold/hazel Gold
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin/Fur Color Peachy White with brown
and black spots
Threat Level Very low
1) She's really a sweetheart.
2) a very serious condition, not to be taken lightly
3) There was a TIN FOIL SALE!! I can't help it!
4) her favorite flavor, of course
5) her favorite artist
6) she regrets not having finished listening to the album that night
7) although she listened to it on repeat for a week earlier
8) which I miss very much, thank you
9) thank you guys who bought all of my cigs within a moments time of me putting 75 in at 9000 req a piece ^.^
10) so there
11) especially this
12) Or Bob. :P
13) the Lils
14) who wears a floral skirt and matching purse
15) the Lil Cappy, not the Big one
16) You know, now I want to draw ol' Cap'n in a skirt. Just because he'd hate it.
17) that would be awesome!!
18) how this happened is still a mystery
19) Blame KimmyMonstah. She does that to alot of stuff.
20) Which was such a good reincarnation of Crimson Blade that I can't even yap right now.
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