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Excerpt from a goverment database on the man named Naimad.

Appearences: Human: The picture shows an approximately 6 1/2 foot tall muscular human with tan/blue-grey eyes, the left one having a scar stretching from over his eye to just past his jawline, and his head shaved bald . He is covered in scars with many of them being from before the Island, though most are covered up by a mid-calf length black duster* made by his fiancee Voodoo. He's also wearing a black sleeveless top with nondescript pants and well-maintained combat boots.

Kittymorph: Naimad is six foot tall, leanly muscled, and covered in dense silver fur. His scars have all been replaced by black fur and he wears an old rough duster minus the sleeves.

*His coat has been imbued with improbability to contain an almost unlimited number of objects as long as they'd fit normally. He keeps a messenger puppet, pencil, and some paper in one of the outside pockets at all times. The right shoulder of the coat has a leather badge sewn on that read CI. He also owns two coats now, a rough one he made and a much finer one made by Voodoo.

**His satchel works the same way as his coat. The messenger rides inside the bag. His badge is stuck on the outside of the bag where it's clearly visible.

Personality Traits: The subject tends to be very mellow, not doing much unless he becomes interested, at which point he focuses rapidly onto what caught his interest. He seems to enjoy solving problems of all kinds as these are what most often grab his attention. He is intelligent across a variety of fields and this seems to have been supplemented by the improbability on the Island. He shows an interest in carving objects, unclear if this is from before or after arrival on the Island.

The subject is capable of changing his attitude to how it was before he came to the Island. He appears to only use this trait when angered.

Pre-Island History: Little is known from the subject's existance before the Island, as he doesn't willingly speak of it at length. What is known is that he was a skilled mercenary, known for his cold, ruthless demeanor and willingness to do almost any job.

Abilities/Skills: Control of shadows: (Joker only.) The subject can manipulate shadows as they are and give them substance. The darker the shadow the more substance it can gain.

Shadow walking: (Joker only.) The subject can travel from shadow to shadow. This either requires enough shade to cover him completely, no matter how light, or enough for him to form a portal. The second one allows him to bring others with him.

Shade portal: (Joker only.) The subject can open portals to a seperate area with enough shadow. This is used as his storage area and for fast travel with multiple people.

Shadowfire: (All but Robot.) The subject's only purely combat related ability. He can create pitch-black flames that give off neither heat nor light, but burn anything he wants them to.

Inventory: A set of knives used normally for carving wood (including one that glows green).

Various pots and bags filled with a variety of things made from supplies in the jungle. -Substances of note include: A pot of "glue" that becomes part of any non-living substance it touches after a couple minutes and a gel that works similarly but is used for making large quantities of his mixtures. A mixture that when applied to one of Solomon's feathers restores memory. A substance that cancels small amounts of improbability. A salve that heals a wound almost instantly but causes more pain than the original wound in doing so.

A crude set of bongos. While the subject is a Joker these bongos can be used to create illusions, influence other's thoughts, and form temporary, powerful, mental connections. The first two abilites can be boosted by the presence of other instruments being played simultaniously.

A jar with Audrey the Triffid VERY DANGEROUS Do Not Open written on it.

Relationships: Voodoo: status: engaged summary: Female contestant that Naimad has helped repeatedly. The repeated interaction apparently caused the two to develop feelings for each other. Members of the same group.

Caru: status: platonic summary: Female contestant that Naimad shares some interests with. Members of the same group.

Cedric: status: negative/ambivalent (varies) summary: Male contestant that Naimad clashes with on a semi-regular basis. Reason for conflict uncertain. Related to Voodoo. Engaged in a relationship with Carusima.

Carusima: status: uncertain summary: Female contestant/entity that emerged from Caru. Engaged in a relationship with Cedric. Data being gathered.

Itzal: status: brother summary: Little is actually known about Itzal at this time.

Pets: A 24ft saltwater crocodile named Solomon, who has been mutated by improbability so that he has sparse feathers growing out of his body. He is also much more agile on land than a normal crocodile and apparently intelligent to the point of planning beyond the normal hunting instincts and obeying complex orders. The feathers seem to enhance and refine improbability that comes into contact with them. Other mutations may arise.

An egyptian plover named Vayne that can speak for both himself and, due to a mental link, Solomon.

A wolf named Bane. He is a living plushie made by the contestant named Voodoo. He currently stands at about 4ft at the shoulder and about 5ft from nose to the base of his tail. He has the ability to scent high amounts of Improbability, such as those present in Jokers. He can also turn invisible for uncertain amounts of time. He wears a collar that can tighten and loosen itself. The collar has his name and some scratches where more writing was.

Extra notes: The subject has set up a home at coordinates 13,15 or aproximately 2 klicks east of NewHome. The subject has created an uncertain number of wooden puppets that can move and think on their own, but serve him unconditionally. There are three types: 1ft tall basic models, 1/2ft tall messenger models, and 2ft tall heavy duty models. The puppets are lead by a basic model named Jeeves that has been modified to speak. All the puppets seem to share information freely when close to each other.

The subject writes his plans in an unknown language and also uses this language for animating wood with his knife. It is thought that he made up this language for his personal use.

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