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What You Might Want to Know

Nathaniel Alexander Scott, usually referred to as either Nate, or Nathan,is a common sight in the grounds, usually found drinking a tall glass of rum, or should the fancy strike him, perhaps a little wine. He's quite friendly, willing to share a drink, offer advice, or perhaps a game if he happens to be a Joker at the time. He doesn't talk a great deal, enjoying quietly listening to what people are telling him, or just watching the goings on around him with a smile. No matter what shape you take, he'll recognize you, and he's not easily put off by strange forms.

The Shapes and Forms of Nathaniel

Nathan has been largely irradiated by improbability which has had some lasting effects, of a rather reptilian nature. These days he's usually seen sporting some sort of scales, depending on what Horatio felt like last time they met.

As a Human

Well, to be honest it's been quite a long time since Nathan's been human. He arrived about 5'11", with light brown hair, and a rather pale complexion. He wore his armor with pride, never even using the embarrassing frilly panties, preferring to wait to afford pyjamas, which were at least slightly more dignified.

As a Kittymorph

Nathan spent quite a long time as a Kittymorph in his early stages on the island, though once again, it's been some time since he last appeared as one. It was during this stage that Nathan began his inventions, after Genevieve was turned into a ghost by the drive, though that will be continued later. He remained at 5'11, slender but athletically built, with silvery fur. His eyes took some raw improbability and appeared like molten gold, swirling when he looked around. He was rather serious for a kittymorph,resulting in a rather nervous kitty, with people's proclivity for contact.

As a Robot

Though at first a rational robot, after a Joker game turned him to candy his logic processor self destructed, resulting the return of his personality. A blue raspberry, rock candy, robot version of his human self, Nathan has many good memories of the form. It was during this stage when he joined Genevieve's court, no longer ghost but queen of her domain. Was eventually outfitted in a suit of armor made of gummies. He still has it he's sure...somewhere. What? They're better when they get all hard.

As a Mutant

Mutant was the start of Nathan's recent trend with Horatio for scales. The drive decided to turn him into a Naga, a twelve foot long serpent with the top half of a four armed man covered in scales. Golden scaled and haired, Nathan found enjoyment in the form, his four arms allowing him to multi task more easily, jungle fighting was fun, and he made a great seat.

As a Joker

Nathan has retained his gold scaled appearance, though now in a humanoid form. He wears a black suit with a gold handkerchief sticking from his breast pocket and a fedora. Often grinning, he loves to game, win or lose doesn't matter as he loves to see people's wishes if they win,and his punishments vary, depending on what currently amuses him. His height is about 6'4" these days, and he's retained his athletic build, but don't try tackling him unless you're sure, he has a lot more mass than it appears.


During his time as a Kittymorph, Nathan began experimenting with cutting stones on the island and trying to bring out improbability from them. When Gen was turned into a ghost Nathan worked on a set of goggles, which he still has to this day, and occasionally wears that allowed him to see her. That was the extent of it for a while until he became a Joker. Dissatisfied with the time it was taking for him to learn some of the tricks he began augmenting himself, usually with self damaging results as he worked out the kinks. Many of his inventions were seen scarcely before fading away as he adapted to his Joker powers, but he still invents from time to time, it keeps him occupied though not out of trouble.

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