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Nickname: Neeip 1)

Real name: First Confirmed as 'Nethaneil'.

Ailias's: Neeip; Metal arms; N; Nethaneil; Grey; Watchdog; What the hell happened to your face?; You do realise your bleeding, right?; No seriously, your bleeding all over my carpet; Do you have any idea how hard it is to get blood out of that! I just cleaned it!; But. . .I did you like Jimmy Hoffa! Why aren't you making stains on my Saxony carpet?!2)

Preferred race: Kat, or Human

Age: Unknown, though he looks to be in his late twenties, early thirties.3)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'4

Weight: 185lb

Eye colour: Gunmetal Grey 4)

Distinguishing features: He's a tall, scar covered grey eyed5) fedora wearing man6) with very sharp teeth. He's not exactly going to blend into a crowed now, is he? 7)8)


Neeip first appeared on the island during season one, but was rarely seen, and had little important to say or do, mainly due to the fact he thought he was a Norwegian fish wife at the time 9)10) Finally getting off his arse in season two, Neeip Joined ROGUE, and quickly found Friends in the other members, and non clan mates as well, Giu and Xeno Being some of his firsts, having Helped11) him get into the spirit of things12)13). While little is known for fact about his past publicly Well, this is a bit of a lie. When Neeip first arrived on the ilse, he didnt really make any secret of his past. This, however, changed after two things. One, the realisation that he wouldnt be going home anytime soon, and Two, an incedent involving Xeno and Gui14), after he told them a certain fact about his past. Since then, he's been more careful, and he has trusted a select few people with his Story 15), Than Ree-chan[Contestant Status:M.I.A], and Kuvaire, Both of Whom have had some part in it.


His Love, His Heart, His reason for Being, The two were Happily Wed in private, Marking one of the happiest moments of his Life. His Heart belongs to Her, and Her's to Him, Symbolised by their matching Heart tattoo's

Neeip, family man.

Neeip tends to consider his Clan mates family, but he has two people he considers Primary family, His love, Snow, and His Sister, Gen. Is considered an uncle figure by Corvidae16). Is very protective of his family and clan mates.17)


Gun smith, can make makeshift armour, close quarters combat, Ranged Combat, first aid, engineering, Crafting, scrounging, generally making things hurt. Also, gardening. Seriously. 18)19)


Despite his appearance and odd habits, he's actually quite friendly, and willing to share supplies with the needy. Be courteous, don't mess with his friends 20), and you'll get along famously. Oddly enough, the Island has left him more relaxed21), him saying it's the Islands relative peacefulness 22)23) that has had the effect on him. If he's your friend, you've an ally who's willing to lay his life down for you. If you're his enemy, well. Run. Now 24).


General: Tall, and covered in hundreds25)26) scars. 27) Has several tattoos: A Jaing's Head symbol28) on his left shoulder, phoenix around his shoulders, hummingbird over his heart, and (paper) tiger on his right shoulder. Always wears his battered Police jacket, the insignia removed. Though it does have patches on both shoulders, of a skull with a raven on either side. Wears on his person several charms made from probable drive shards/chunks.

As a Kat; 6'5, with the odd colouration of jet black down his right side, pure white down the left, and wears only his Fedora29), and a his battered, blue police jacket. Most of his scars are more or less covered by the fur, leaving only the angrier red ones, as opposed to the many, both large and small, faded white ones. Human; 6'4, Dark brown hair, almost black, his usual fedora30) and jacket, Black jeans, a black dress shirt, and a red tie 31)32).


Has a Furble Named Sol, a milky-clear Quartz mix, and wears a bowler Hatlet, adopted from Sil. Curious little fellow, can be often seen on Neeip's shoulder, Or bandolier Pocket. Neeip currently owes him a metric ton of Quarts and other minerals.33)



Scrap Axe: Large, two handed Axe. Terrifying

Flechette Shot gun: Large, Pump action shot gun with Large Clip, Laser grid site shows the Massacre Area. Terrifying.

Machete's: Two ancient Machete's, Blood stained with years of Use, brought From Neeip's old Home. Neeip, Well.. When using It, Neeip.. Changes. Not physical, but, well, Phsycological. Neeip Looks absolutely bloody terrifying when weilding them. Talking 'Shit your pants' Terror Here. Be glad He's on your Side.

L85 Rifle: Another Item from Home, 'Bartered' From a stranded Military Unit In the later years, the rifle saw Much Use. Has a similar effect on him as the Machete's, if to a lesser extent.


The Joker34): A S&W 327 .357 8 Shot Revolver, a gift from His uncle(also the one who taught him gunsmithing), Neeip has always kept 7 shots in the pistol, Skiping the Seventh. The look on their face's, Priceless... Has the same effect on him as the other weapons from home.

M1911: A family Heirloom, this pistol belonged to His Grandfather During World War Two. Opposed to the other weapons, the pistol seems to have a calming effect on Neeip. Do not ask How he managed to acquire these Items. Dont.

Assorted Pointy objects: Neeip Carries lots, and lots, and lots, Of Knives on him. He has a natural ability to attract The pointy end of Knives towards him, so, He Keeps them, usually after pulling them out and using them on their former owner.35)36)

Bag: One of the more improbable items on his person, his bag looks on the outside completely normal. It's the fact that it's around the size of a large warehouse on the inside, with marble tiling that it gets weird. He carries a vast supply of random Items in there, ready for almost any occasion. 37) He's still yet to have fully explored the thing.

Various scrap: Neeip is very, very resourceful, finding something to take away from every battle. That or he's just a giant hoarder. Either way, He's got a large selection of various items, metal, and weapons from his Jungle battles.

Neeip's Original Glitched Rum

Neeip, was drinking in the commons with several others one day, Including Skidge, Who asked for some Rum. What happens next is lost to the sands of time38), but the end result was Neeip's special 'Glitched' Rum. Neeip, Curious as to what had happened to It, took a swig. He could read minds for the next hour.39) Neeip Quickly decided that the best course of action would be to put it away with the rest of his Booze40), and forget about it41). No such luck. When he next inspected his supply, He found where once was One bottle of Glitched Rum, was now Several. Neeip, disturbed by this, decided to move them to a contained area, and destroy the Booze.42) That's when one of the dirty little fuckers Bit him. What happened next is not clear, but, Neeip ended up not Destroying and burning the remains of the Rum like any sane man would, but instead brought out a bottle of the Rum to the Common ground's Bar, and after giving samples to several Guinea pigs Good friends, he soon realized that the Drink had moved far beyond mere telepathy, and has been conducting tests43) ever since

1) real name uncertain
2) Shamelessly stolen
3) Or at least he would, if he didn't look like he'd been tossed in a blender. Its hard to tell now
4) Or varying degree's of white, from solid to milky.
5) Or white eyed
6) Or Other
7) it ain't as if he's incon-fucking-spicuous now, is it?!
8) HA-HA! Snatch Reference.
9) Read: His narrator knew Jack-all about Role-playing. This has since been remedied. . .
10) DUH. Jackals don't role-play. They prefer RTS games.
11) I love how he capitalises words at random. It's part of his character now.
12) The fight is still one of his favourite Memories here
13) Yes, Neeip is weird. Why do you ask?
14) Once nearly-incinerated, Twice shy
15) At least, half of it. Neeip is very lazy bastard and hasn't gotten around to telling them the other half.
16) Not ALL Corvidae (Crow-like birds, you bloody morons!) mind you. Just the person with the name.
17) Lord's above help you if he considers you a threat to them.
18) Who'd have thought?
19) Fat chance he'll be using those skills on the island though. When we say we've got agressive weeds, we MEAN it.
20) and no necromancy around him, he's quite touchy about that.
21) Though he's still a paranoid bugger
22) Cant stress this enough. Neeip is one unlucky bastard.
23) Damn travel agent. . .
24) seriously. Do it
25) Yes, you read that right.
26) Neeip is a really, really unlucky bastard.
27) And as such, does not like to take his shirt off.
28) yes. Neeip is a star war's geek
29) a gift from Kor
30) Now wear's a Blue Tuque undeneath it, a Gift from Gen
31) don't ask how he got them.
32) Really, don't, he's not quite sure himself
33) Don't ask
34) Yes, said weapon's name was made before II
35) Daggers, Dirk's, stilettos, cleaver's, machetes, Ect, You get the point's. . .
36) also, a singing blade, won off Skidge in a Poker match
37) Yes, even the event of a robot zombie pirate ninja invasion. He finds it pays to be very, very paranoid.
38) Or just the narrator's Minuscule memory
39) Needless to say, a frightening experience. Those people are Crazy
40) No, not at the Bar. He has his own stash
41) Yes, cause that always works
42) And they weren't going to take that shit
43) Delicious tests! That may wont kill you!
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