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Like the now-destroyed old Pittsburgh, New Pittsburg1) is filled with people - as far as the eye can seen, happy, ice cream-eating person after person. As the center of the Island's tourist population, New Pittsburg carries a distinct smell of sand, surf, and the neighborhood shaved ice emporiums.

Aside from the annual barbecue festival, there's much to recommend New Pittsburg itself, including the surrounding area is a scenic vista of breath-taking deserts. Located to the west of Improbable Central, New Pittsburg is surrounded on three sides by beaches. This makes it a perfect vacation spot.

Major attractions in New Pittsburgh include:

  • The Boardwalk.
  • The Pack of Roving Photobooths.
  • Te Amusement Park.
  • The Olympic-Sized Pool.
  • The 18-Hole Golf Course.
  • The Best Scuba Diving on the Island.
  • Fred's House of KnickKnacks.
  • Le Table Exotique - a fine dining establishment with an unusual menu, featuring ostrich and gazelle as well as offal. They've even served braaaaains!
  • The Old House - A plantation-style mansion, offering tours to visitors ready for a break from the sand and the sun.

Travelers seeking hot, dry climates will be drawn to New Pittsburg, and its exciting cornucopia of entertainment opportunities.

1) It's a good thing we got that mess cleared up. Confuse New Pittsburgh and New Pittsburg, and you might as well have called the Irish British. It's a very commonly made mistake, like switching around Improbable Central and Improbable City.
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