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NewHome Is Full of Noobs


You might start off as a man 1),
But you fight just as hard as you can,
Run into the jungle, you fight and you fumble, and try to avoid getting baaaa-aaaanned!2)

Then later you get blown to bits,
And you wake up with two extra *ahem*,
All the possibilities of Improbability force their way into your bits!

But NewHome is full 3) of noobs!
YES, NewHome is full of noobs!
Don't taunt them too much,
'cause you were once such,
And you were one hell of a rube,4)
SO! NewHome is full of noobs,
WOO! NewHome is full of noobs!
One day they'll be strong,
And it won't take too long,
And then they'll come looking for YOU! 5)


Thanks in part to a contest, there are many versions of this song one can enjoy.

1) Or a woman. Or a neuter. Or a hermaphrodite. Or a transgendered left-handed Serbian lawn bowler. The Drive doesn't care, it kills everyone.
2) Oh, fear the banhammer. It's coming for you.
3) But there's always room for more, and you get Donator Points for selling out your friends!
4) SO true
5) And it won't be to sell you Hedgepus Scout Cookies, either, bucko.
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