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Blank inventory items that are sometimes created in error. Mysterious and useless. The bug that led to the creation of nothings was supposedly fixed in September of 2018, but who knows? They could return.

Pinrut has one of these, inexplicably. It was colloquially known as "Pinrut's nothing". He was warned by CavemanJoe not to Use it, or it would crash the server.

Zoinks once created some of these using the memento system, probably in 2016 (between February and May). The name of this memento was, some report, manually changed by CavemanJoe to something more sensible.

Another Nothing was spotted by Octan on May 30, 2020:

"I got an ...item with no name or description when I opened up one of the Hunter's Lodge multipacks and it's apparently quite heavy?" --Dramatist Octan
"Interesting" --Admin CavemanJoe
"There is no 'use' link. Just a 'discard' link." --Dramatist Octan
"Octan that's supposed to be a collar. I'm gonna dive into the database and fix that now." --Admin CavemanJoe
"The internal name of the collar changed a few years back, and I never updated the hunter's lodge selection box items, so they were giving the old version of the collar, which equates to a nothing."
"The old collar didn't give you a custom mount, it just let you assign a name to your mount."
"So it'd be, like, "Dave the ZombieDonk""
"It was crap"
"Anyway I updated the old selection boxes and also updated everyone who had one of the old collars to one of the new ones. So it shouldn't be a problem again."
--Admin CavemanJoe
[excerpts from the May 31 2020 interaction]
Tellur says "oh my god i forgot that's what the custom mount thing was. a collar. i thought it was a memento gag gift or something."
Tellur says "i was trying to wrap my head around why would you send that to someone you don't really know? and having a real confusing time of it, apparently. then again i've been up all night, i've got the Tired thinking."
Admin CavemanJoe says "You thought I just put people-sized collars in the hunter's lodge selection boxes"
Admin CavemanJoe says "as, like, a thank-you"
Admin CavemanJoe says "Like, "Here, I've got your money now, you're committed, put this on" kind of thing"
Tellur says "not that kind of collar, i thought it was a memento zoinks had made and was like "let me send people these kink collars to mess with them" and was real confused. (not hating on the kink, just. that ain't my bag baby)"
Admin CavemanJoe says "If it were that sort of relationship with everyone who gave me a tenner I'd be a busy man"
[::] Full Metal Lion says "Say, didn't Zoinks used to wear a collar? Thematically fitting."
Tellur says "LOL"
Tellur says "okay maybe my tired-thinking wasn't all that out there i guess"
[::] Full Metal Lion says "Good solve, mystery gang!"
[irrelevant excerpts from the May 31 2020 interaction]
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