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General Information

Often charming, pleasant, and warm, Oddity is an old style gentleman(even when they're a gentlewoman.) The kind of older person you could imagine playing checkers or chess at the corner cafe. Though they often complain that a person hir age shouldn't have to put up with this much insanity, they privately enjoy living on the Island, as it's more excitement and amusement than they can ever remember having.

Before coming to the Island, Oddity was homeless, wandering the streets of Oklahoma City. Hir memories of life before the Island are still sharp, but hir memories of a time before homelessness are all but gone. They've been alone so long, (and taken taken a few dozen whacks over the noggin to boot,) that they can't even remember hir birth name, and must go by Oddity.

Despite hir enjoyment of Island life, they're still adjusting in many ways. They knows that they'll eventually get used to people teleporting, suffering random amnesia, and changing species on the drop of a hat. But for the moment, it still unnerves hir.

Recently, though, they've taken a major step towards accepting the strangeness of hir new home. During hir first few days on the Island, they spent some time in the Common Grounds, meeting and talking with the others who live there. One of these offered a free round of drinks, and they decided to experiment, selecting as hir beverage of choice a particularly vile form of alcohol known only as "Something Nasty".

Despite hir first experience with 'Nasty being vastly unpleasant, Oddity chose (for no reason they can think of) to try it again. That second time, the drink spontaneously developed sentience and attempted to kill hir. It took Kestrel an Nathaniel pounding hir on the back until Odd nearly bruised to dislodge the vicious little blob.

When it finally came out they adopted it as a pet, naming it, at Kes' suggestion, HGB (or Horrible Gelatinous Blob.)

Odd and HGB have come to an understanding since then, and are really a decent match. Somehow, having a living reminder of the Island's strange nature as a pet seems to help Odd cope with the the never ending changes that take place around hir.

Although he started out with a violent temper, HGB relaxed a bit once he realized that most people weren't actively planning to eat him.

Initially, HGB spends most of his time in his bottle, which is made from the only material that HGB has not been able to eat through almost instantly, a gift to Oddity from Nathaniel.

Recently, though, HGB has taken to riding on Odd's shoulder, and eating the face of anything that attacks his friend.

Initially referred to as "it" by Oddity, HGB decided his own gender by the simple expedient of expressing his displeasure with non-male pronouns swiftly, violently, and all over the place.

Though he appears incapable of human speech, HGB communicates through a mixture of trills, growls, hums, and gestures. He enjoys getting drunk on vodka, getting sober on coffee, salted airline peanuts, and humming heavy metal tunes (badly offkey.)

After defeating the Improbability drive for the first time, Oddity discovered the somewhat disconcerting side effects of such heroism. Ever since the Drive went boom, Oddity has been gender flipping. In a thoroughly unpredictable manner, hir gender will change sometimes once a week, sometime several times a day. Usually it changes so fast that the only way they knows it's happened is that the clothes fit differently.

In Zombie Form:

Odd took to Zombie form with a bit of difficulty. Although they wear their age well as a human, undeath does not agree with them quite so well. They've lose a couple of inches in height, mostly due to stooping over. Their hair takes on a straw-like quality, and their skin turns a sickly grey. Although there is always a modicum of decay, they discovered (after a drinking binge the first time they became the walking dead) that certain things slow or even halt decay.

Some careful remembrance of high school chemistry has led to the creation of a vile combination of ethanol, formaldehyde, and bleach (to keep bacteria from eating him.) Although unpleasant, it keeps them looking merely dead, instead of like a leprosy victim.

Their corduroy robe, of a grey color that matches their skin and hair, tends to look dirty and unkempt on this form. The overall appearance is of a shambling, greyish shadow struggling to maintain some semblance dignity.

HGB would find this extremely amusing, except that his usual royal purple color becomes a putrid bile green when Odd goes Zombie, his normal chirping and warbling becomes a windblown keening and wailing, and he develops an insatiable taste for squirrels.

In Midget Form:

As a Midget, Odd doesn't really look all that different from their human self, aside from only being 3'6. Although they have a bit of the classic Midget temper, the change in height has more obviously affected their inhibitions, making them more willing to speak their mind, especially where the raunchier side of things is concerned.

The still wear their corduroy robe, but they've cleaned it a bit, and fixed it with rusty safety pins to fit more like a cloak.

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