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The scene unfolds...

An explosion rips into the sky, sending a wave of Improbability through the outpost and island. A small form can be seen airborne, rocketing towards the outpost.

Contender Xela runs over to try and see who's falling

Infected Wolfgang looks up and tilts his head, now curious himself.

Troublesome Klepto Cassy Thornyribbin tilts her head blinking a few times "Poor cat.."

Cub-ified Obsidia Black splashes into the town fountain, water flying everywhere. A nearby contestant holds up a card with a 4 on it.

Contender Xela just looks into the fountain.

Infected Wolfgang smiles, seeing the contestant splash down. he cheers a bit.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black gaks and gasps for breath as his head breaks out of the water, frantically padding for shore.

Contender Xela helps him out of the fountain.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black growls as he looks at himself. "Aw, fookin' PERFECT! Not this shite again!"

Contender Xela recognizes the voice "BLACK?!"

Cub-ified Obsidia Black head swivels at Xela. "Yeah, what of it?"

Contender Xela says, "Nothing."

Infected Wolfgang Stifles a rather large laugh. This is hilarious to him.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black growls. "Well it sounded like somethin', ye poncy minger! So what of it!" Must be his Midget form.

Contender Xela shrugs "Wasn't expecting that"

Thor Thafrij wanders into town, taking in the sights for the first time

Contender Xela waves to Thor

Infected Wolfgang smiles towards Thor. Fresh meat. Wonderful.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black snorts. "Well, mebee 'ratio'll put a prick on ye head, so we can all call ye a di'k'ead! Betcha wouldn't 'spect that either, woul' yeh?" He's practically asking for another dunking.

Thor Thafrij looks up and smiles, a familiar face ! "Hello Xela. So this is where all you werecats live, heh ? Nice"

Contender Xela shrugs and walks away towards Thor "We're not werecats"

Thor Thafrij nods, "'Were' is just 'man' in the old tongue, 'mancat' is apropriate enough, heh ?"

Karra Wardell chuckles at Obsidia's choice of words. Nice one.

Contender Xela nods "When you put it like that yeah"

Cub-ified Obsidia Black tries to go after Xela for turning his back on him, only to trip on his own feet, going facefirst into the ground, yelling muffled obsenities the entire time.

Infected Wolfgang laughs at Black straight out. this one is hilarious.

Karra Wardell looks back again as laughter and curses catch her attention. She joins Wolfgang in his laughter.

Trex smirks as Obsidia trips over himself.

Thor Thafrij pats at his pockets then produces a flask, " Ah yes, your Dutch Gin, Xel. I couldn't get Quaky to take a nip, heh. Oh, and have you seen a notebook around NewHome, heh ? "

Infected Wolfgang stands and wanders over to Karra still laughing. "He is a hoot to watch isn't he?"

Contender Xela shakes his head and drags Thor over to Wolf, Trex and Karra

Cub-ified Obsidia Black grumbles as he gets to his four feet. "I need a damn drink," he grumbles as he heads to the Sunny Spot, only to realize his first problem. "MotherFOOK!" he yells, looking up at the ladder going up to the Spot.

Not Quite Quinn wanders back in from the jungle looking pleased. Nearly there.. She spots Trex and makes her way over, stopping when she sees Obsidia. She twitches slightly, then grins, "KITTY!" And promptly scoops up the cub trying to get into the Spot.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black facepaws as he is scooped up and and huggled. "Not this shite again.." he grumbles.

Contender Xela now starts to laugh

Karra Wardell nods to Wolfgang, her laughter just getting louder, "Oh this just gets better and better.. I should come here more often."

Not Quite Quinn hugs the cub, cheek resting on his head and nuzzling a little bit, "You poor thing, you're all wet!" She trots over to a bench and plops herself down, digging out the dreaded towel from her bag.

Infected Wolfgang Doubles over in laughter, the scene getting too wonderful for words. "Kitt is a good place for this kind of Hilarity. Black never knew what hit him."

Not Quite Quinn still has a good grip on Obsidia of course.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black yowls as he tries to get away, silently vowing to stick Horatio's bits in a blender for this. "Damnit you crazy woman lemee go!"

Thor Thafrij laughs at the unfolding scene

Contender Xela is still laughing "poor poor Black"

Not Quite Quinn tuts and wraps him in the towel before letting go, "Now you just sit still and let me dry you off and then I'll let you go!" Did she mention there's plenty of static electricity built up in that towel? Poofy Obsidia is imminent...

Cub-ified Obsidia Black's muffled screams can be heard as Quinn dries him off.

Dapper Arodang slowly comes to, tired eyes cracking open to observe the hell about to break loose.

Karra Wardell has to hold her sides at this point, laughing so hard she nearly falls off the bench.

Infected Wolfgang Cannot contain the laughter. It just billows forth, being loud and infectious do to the scene before him. he sits beside Karra at this point, unable to stand.

Contender Xela says to Thor "can I have my Flask back I think he's gonna need it more then I do" nearly dieing of laughter

Thor Thafrij realises he's still holding the flask and passes it over, silently hissing with mirth

Trex is laughing as well by this point, its a quiet laugh but its there.

Not Quite Quinn gets him nice and dry and.. fluffy. Even she is hard pressed not to giggle at what she's just done. She manages though, grinning wide, "All better!" And hey, at least he looks bigger as a poofball?

Infected Wolfgang rolls off the bench.

Infected Wolfgang is dying. literally busting a lung with laughter.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black looks like a ball of fuzz with two eyes peering out.

Contender Xela crumples to the ground laughing

Not Quite Quinn scritches behind a barely visible ear, grinning at everyone who's laughing.

Karra Wardell joins Wolfgang in finally falling off the bench. The glare coming from a fluff ball doing her in.

Infected Wolfgang can no longer move from laughing to hard.

Not Quite Quinn hmms quietly, one hand still scritching and the other rummaging in her bag.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black can only whimper at this point, silently vowing revenge.

Isaac walks into Kittania carrying an asleep Heather.

Not Quite Quinn ah hahs! And pulls out a little tin. She had grabbed it from one of those Heiresses you run into from time to time, figuring it might come in handy someday. Humming happily, oblivious to the laughter again, she starts adding bows. She is so dead...

Cub-ified Obsidia Black screeches at the sight of the bows, attempting to make a run for it.

Contender Xela laugh even harder if that's even possible

Not Quite Quinn hugs him tight, "You sit still Mister Fluffy. We have to get the fluff outta your face!"

Isaac walks over to the fountain and lays her down on a bench.

Infected Wolfgang| Just when he thought he'd be able to breathe.. She pulls out the bows and he more or less keels over in laughter again.

Isaac sits on the ground next to Heather.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black ignores Quinn, digging his claws into the ground as he is dragged back toward Quinn.

Heather the Bouncy Hamster Ninja wakes up from her wall, rubbing her head. "Ow."

Karra Wardell has gotten control, mostly. She just sits in a heap, chuckling helplessly at the scene.

Contender Xela gets control but then looses it

Isaac smiles at Heather. "You okay?"

Heather the Bouncy Hamster Ninja nods. "Yeah." She hmms. "Didja get your badge?"

Not Quite Quinn draaaags him towards her lap, grinning widely, "I only got one bow in though.. They need t'be even!!"

Infected Wolfgang Tries to introduce himself to Karra, but it having issues with all the laughter. "By.. The way. The... Name is Gremori. Pleasure... to meet you.. hhehe" he tries to control it by giggling instead.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black Waaaaahs as Quinn works on his fur, not really in any position to stop her.

Karra Wardell takes a breath, leaning back against the bench, "Fuck, I haven't laughed like that in years, mate.. years! Karra."

Contender Xela walks over to rescue Black

Infected Wolfgang just giggles beside her. "Oh believe me. I know that feeling. Tis a pleasure Karra." he giggles.

Not Quite Quinn manages to add a few more bows before Xela gets close enough to do anything.

Contender Xela pulls Black away from Quinn

Not Quite Quinn pouts just a little. She wasn't done yet!

Cub-ified Obsidia Black glares at Xela, his fur puffed out rediculously and at least half a dozen bows adorning his head. "You took yer sweet time," he grumps.

Contender Xela carries Black back over to the others "You know it's things like that that make me want to just give you back to her"

Cub-ified Obsidia Black flips off Xela, a rather impressive feat for someone with no fingers.

Contender Xela just laughs

Infected Wolfgang Shakes his head to Xela. "Please don't, I couldn't handle any more laughing."

Heather the Bouncy Hamster Ninja sees a cat flipping off Xela. "Fff..is that..?"

Isaac looks over as well. "What the.."

Contender Xela walks over to Isaac and Heather

Trex chuckles and looks around again.

Not Quite Quinn grins. That's not just any cat. It's Obsidia. With floofy fur and several bows. Oh yes, her work was done here.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black glares at the group. "What, never seen a talking cat before? Buncha doombarsed wankers.." he growls. Cutely.

Contender Xela looks at Cubsidia and takes him back to Quinn

Cub-ified Obsidia Black screams at Xela as Quinn grabs him, "You idjit wankaa!""

Heather the Bouncy Hamster Ninja's Pounce, a diminutive jokerkitten, hops out of her hat and looks at Obsidia. "I don't see a cat. I see a pus-" Heather punts him across the outpost.

Isaac snickers. "What the heck?"

Not Quite Quinn gleefully reaches for Obsidia with grabby hands, "Welcome back, Mister Fluffy!" She begins adding to the bows...

Cub-ified Obsidia Black yowls as Quinn adds more bows, yelling obsenities after Xela.

Heather the Bouncy Hamster Ninja laughs too. "Oh boy."

Contender Xela pulls some ribbons out of his pocket and hands it to Quinn

Not Quite Quinn beams at Xela, using a longer ribbon to add a pretty bow around Obsidia's neck.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black really lets loose with the cursing. Though where he's going to find that much yogurt to give Xela an enema is a mystery.

Contender Xela gives Quinn glitter before walking away

Not Quite Quinn shushes him, "Watch your language Mister Fluffy!" You know, she might stop if he tells her who he is..

Dapper Arodang is still laughing, sitting at a table by the cafe. With little-mouse Roxanne curled up in his arms.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black yells as Quinn starts sprinkling glitter on him. "Crazy woman, will you knock it off!" Finally managing to get away, he looks up at her after shaking off the worst of the shiny stuff. "Oh. Shite. Hello, Quinn."

Not Quite Quinn blinks at Obsidia. "Wait... I know that voice. Obsidia..?

Cub-ified Obsidia Black nods, flicking his tail back and forth, a ribbon tied to it as well.

Not Quite Quinn grins and covers a giggle before picking him up again, "You're a kitty.." She's not going to mention the cute. She swears...

Cub-ified Obsidia Black groans. "Don' remind me.." One day as a cub, and he's already been through worse than anything he'd ever had to experience before.

Not Quite Quinn brushes fingers through his fur, smoothing it out and mostly removing the bows. She leaves one on the top of his head and the one on his tail, just to see if he notices. "Sorry about that.. don't know what came over me.."

Cub-ified Obsidia Black sighs. "It happens. Every fookin' time I'm stuck in this body."

Not Quite Quinn smiles, scritching under his chin, "Well, you're fookin' adorable.. so I can understand."

Cub-ified Obsidia Black, despite his bad mood, purrs, leaning into the scritchies.

Dapper Arodang yawns, quietly ordering another cup of coffee. He sips quietly, watching.

Not Quite Quinn smiles wider and keeps up the scritches.

Cub-ified Obsidia Black purrs, turning his head into the scritchies, an ear twitching occasionally.

Not Quite Quinn adds another hand, behind that twitchy ear, "You don't seem to mind it too much right now.."

Cub-ified Obsidia Black rolls onto his back, twiching and purring at the attention, his tail flicking back and forth. "Only cause, cause.." Fook it, he lost his train of thought.. "Just keep scritchin'."

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