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The saga begins, in Kittania

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith flops in and looks around. No Syd. She wants her tub now.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru hears Edith flop in and waves down to her.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves up to Kiku with a smile.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru notices his pack moving around. He reaches in and grabs his kitten, and put her in her pocket on the side of his pack.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru puts on his pack and jumps down. "How's it goin'? I was just gettin' ready for another day of Jungle huntin."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles "Oh, you know, lot of flopping, swimming, not much else yet, just woke up."

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth strolls into town whistling a jaunty tune.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru looks over at her and asks, "No ...drowning people?"

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shakes her head "Nope, none today, though the day is still young."

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth blinks and looks around, talk of drowning people? Ah, yes, there's Edith! She gives Edith a happy wave. And Kikuru too!

(2d23h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido flops in behind Edith, rolling over onto his back to rest.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru waves back to Sloth.

(2d23h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido smiles somewhat painfully at Sloth "Tell me about it!"

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Sloth and laughs "Flopping isn't really prefered."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru spontaneously starts up his rock drill an runs out into the Jungle laughing maniacally

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth laughs, "So, why are you two flopping about, then? Why not hang out someplace you can swim to?"

(2d23h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido points at Edith "I followed her."

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth blinks as she watches Kikuru run out, "Odd fellow." She grins, "Excellent."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith feels like she needs to answer now "No one was in PV, I know Kitt has more traffic through it."

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth grins, "No one to drown there, then?"

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shrugs "Something like that."

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth winks at Edith, "Too bad."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura comes in and goes straight into the tall grass.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shrugs again "Have to stop at some point, right?"

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth tilts her head to the side, "You do?" Then she nods, "Well, sure, I guess. I mean, after you get everyone on the Island, you're pretty much done."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru walks back into town, covered with chunks of different creatures. He sits down by the group and starts picking off pieces.

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Kikuru, "Looks like a productive day in the jungle."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith giggles "Exactly."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru says "Yeah, it would've been even better if I didn't get my ass handed to me by my trainer..."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru pulls out a rag and starts cleaning his arm.

(2d23h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith strolls into town, strife floating behind him. He stops and does a double take when he sees Bob and Edith. "Fish people? Man, how long was I out?"

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth flashes a wink at Edith, then turns her grin back to Kikuru, "Well, you can't win them all." She tilts her head to the side, "Now, have we met, I can't recall."

(2d23h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wonders if he should actually tell them that he was gone on a fishing trip along the coast for a week, or at least he thought it was a week. Time flies.

(2d23h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Xith after returning a wink to Sloth.

(2d23h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido looks over at Xith "Hullo Xith."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura peers around, then sneaks out again. She probably rustled the grass a little too.

(2d23h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says ""Hey guys. What's up? And dare I ask about the change of form?"

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth perks her head towards a flash of movement, was that a Kittyhedgehogmorph she saw?

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru says "I'm not sure. If not, hi, I'm Kikuru" and holds out his hand

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth takes the offered hand and bows over it, she straightens with a grin, "Call me Sloth, nice to meet you, Kikuru."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru salutes her. "Yes ma'am!"

(2d23h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura slinks in and attempts to sneak up on Bob.

(2d23h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido shrugs at Xith "Drive, I guess." He doesn't notice Cura yet, what from all the noise.

(2d23h) <JERKS> Sloth laughs, "So formal!" She is certainly not used to being called ma'am. She tilts her head to the side, "Nice, uh, arm."

(2d23h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura sneaks next to Bob and just stands there, hopefuly in the edge of his vision.

(2d23h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith hmmms. "Gotta admit, I've never seen a Merperson before. Kinda cool though". He peers a little closer at Edy's Spines and Bob's big sail.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches Xith "It is, this has been a fun form"

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido lifts his sail high upward, slowly looking to the side "Oh. Hi Cura."

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos ears perk up, "Sloth is that you?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru looks down at his arm and frowns. "Ya, most of the time it's more trouble than it's worth. I'm constantly replacing gears, and do you know how easily blood can stain?"

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "If you guys get dried out on land too much or something, I can always see if strife would be willing to rain on you to moisten you up. He points upwards to the dark cloud above his head.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura smiles at Bob, "There's a titan visiting Mack's house heading for PV, if you want some fun."

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos smiles broadly, "It's been forever. You can't imagine how jokers have killed me since then."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Kikuru, "Too bad. Sounds complicated." She looks over towards Sylthos, "Sure is me, Sylthos, right?" She spots Assa and gives her a wave.

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith gets doused with rain as a sort of response. Xith's used to it now and just grins upwards.

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido sighs and shrugs "Alright. But I don't have a ton of energy." He reloads and flops off.

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos tail wags at the sight of the only joker that has never killed him after the first meeting, "Yep!"

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos holds a metronome over his head, "It didn't kill me like I expected it too!"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith goes a bit silent. It's gotten super busy.

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth laughs, then grins at Sylthos and points at his tail, "You're not supposed to wag that, you know. You're not a DoggyMorph."

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos ponders, "Hmm... I forgot I had that thing."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Sylthos, "Forgot you had it? Been a Kittymorph long?

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith's cloud drifts slowly over toward Edith, raining all the way. No hailing though: Strife's being nice

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos gives Sloth a quizzled look, "As long as I can remember, though it feels like I recovered from a bad injury. Maybe I haven't eaten in a while?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks up and smiles to the cloud, it feels geat.

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos stomache growls loudly, much like a doggymorph would growl, "Now that I think about it, one of those twitching steaks sound good."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Sylthos, "Well, you have the reck to buy one?"

Drama! Gasp!

(2d22h) Hatter wanders in, sticking to the shadows, and watches Edith for a bit.

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos looks at his empty pockets, then looks up embrassed, "No..."

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos ears perk up and his tail begins to wag again, "I could go kill that lion and eat it! Stop wagging tail!!"

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth tilts her head to the side and winks at Sylthos, "A kittymorph wearing pants? My. You must be feeling unwell."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith reaches up to try and poke the little cloud, but isn't tall enough, instead she sits in the rain, trying to get an even coverage.

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos is even more embarassed, "I shouldn't be wearing these pants?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru yawns. "I'm gonna get some sleep. I'll see you guys later!"

(2d22h) Hatter wanders up net to Edith now. "Why are you raining?"

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith stretches his arms and yawns. "I'm still a bit tired from fighting a titan off by my Weather station, northeast of here. Nearly crsuhed the tree outside, but I finally annoyed it so it moved off.

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth waves to Kikuru, "G'night Kikuru, pleasure meeting you!" She turns her grin back to Sylthos, "It is nontraditional."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru climbs up the nearest tree, waves to everyone, and goes to sleep

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos sniffles, "But I like pants."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth winks at Sylthos, and gives him a thumbs up, "Then buck tradition! Wear pants!"

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xithyawns again, and Strife wiggles back and froth some, sending a windy spray of rain towards Hatter.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks at Hatter, her smile disappears "Oh, this is Xith's" She points to Xith's "Cloud, it started raining on me."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Kiku.

(2d22h) Hatter looks oddly at the cloud. "Oh."

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos smiles, "You would think I was new to this huh?"

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos says "Is that why everyone is looking at me?""

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth laughs, then grins at Sylthos and whispers, "maybe you are"

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos shoots another quizzled look at Sloth, "Nah, I've always been like.. this?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith crosses her arms and goes silent, looking up at the cloud and smirking slightly. She really likes this cloud.

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth winks at Sylthos, "Well, if you say." She's not going to shatter anyone's delusions. She is convinced she's always been a Joker.

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido flops back in and stares at the cloud. Water. He tries crawling towards it, exhausted from the double Titan KOs.

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos ears perk up again, "How far back does always go anyway?"

(2d22h) Rookie Aerych says "Shaving cream! I've forgotten my line!""

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth tilts her head to the side, "Beats me, how old are you, Sylthos?"

(2d22h) Hatter stand silently, watching Edith so fishy things.

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith dashes over towards Bob, waving towards Strife to come. "Sorry Edith, I need to borrow him for a minute for bob."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Xith "No, Bob needs it more right now."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith stares at Hatter, arms still crossed.

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido doesn't make it to the cloud, he's a bit too tired. So, he just slumps where he is, watching said cloud. His sail slowly goes slack, probably to conserve energy.

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith rummages around in his backpack, moving around the weather stone, and takes out one of a couple bottles of water he had stored away. He offers it to bob as they wait for Strife to come. "Here"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura slinks back in and attempts to sneak up on Edith.

Total drama action!

(2d22h) Hatter looks back at Edith. He just assumes the crossed arms is a fish thing.

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith slows as he approaches bob, bottle in hand. Strife arrives a minute or so later, dripping rain at a medium pace.

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth wonders why Assa is doing so much sneaking today.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith turns the stare into a full glare.

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido slowly takes the bottle and downs it's contents quickly. So quickly that he starts coughing, and coughs out "Edy, geddit dun.."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith sadly does not notice Cura, she is too busy glaring, and having her arms crossed, and she's about to get huffy.

(2d22h) Hatter remarks "Fish are very glarey."

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith pats Bob on fishy-shoulder as strife begins to douse him with rain.

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido hugs Xith, rolling around in the rain. He's watching Edith the whole time.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith puffs, all of her spines flaring out "This is NOT a FISH THING! I'M NOT A FISH! I'M a MERMAID with more fishy characteristics. AND I'M PISSED."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth rolls the word around in her mouth, 'glarey', she shakes her head, she's pretty sure that's not a word. Maybe glarefull. Nope. Oh well, back to eavesdropping.

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos tries not to imply that he is old, "I look young for my age. You probly could never tell just how old I am."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura sneaks until she's next to Edith, then snorts, "With how I heard you treated her last time, I think Edy has a right to be glaring."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Sylthos, "Yes. I've established that I don't know how old you are. Well then, I guess I don't know how long you've been a KittyMorph, then."

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido sits up, still watching. "She's got every right, actually."

(2d22h) Hatter arches an eyebrow "Why? and how so?"

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith goes "Oof" as he gets rolled around on the ground, getting kinda squishified. " Mmmk... kinda... tight.." He manages to wheeze.

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith gets pulled up with Bob, when he sits up, and manages to extricate himself.

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido frowns after Xith, then shrugs. As long as he can stay wet.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura glances at Bob, "I've only heard what Edy's told me...not that I'm saying she'd lie."

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith bends over to get in his backpack, takes out the weather stone, which is glowing blue to indicate natural rain coming in a few hours, and takes out the second bottle of water, and hands it to Bob

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth blinks at Xith, "What's with the stone?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith can't actually puff anymore, or she would. "You left me. You left me for months and I waited. But now you are back and you ran off and left me. You've been really distant too, and I am unhappy."

(2d22h) Hatter, utterly confused, asks "Did I do a relationship thing wrong? Should I not sleep on your porch?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido hugs Xith again as thanks before taking the water bottle. He goes slower with it this time.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith keeps her arms crossed "I think that would be a very good idea."

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith looks over at Sloth. "Oh yeah, I haven't told you yet. This is one of my tools I use for the weather. It glows kinda weird sometime. Took me awhile, but now I can tell the weather changes with it"

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos looks at Sloth and starts reme,bering Jokers pushing him off boats, sticking him with needles, and crushing him with rocks, "For some reason, I see myself in a hole, digging myself deeper."

(2d22h) Hatter sighs "I wasn't supposed to be gone for months, but when demons who can wield iron and silver weapons rise and wipe out entire cities of endangered species, I have to fight."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura tightly hugs Edith, mutters, "Good luck." She then slinks off to the tall grass for a quick nap.

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "It's obsidian now, but it didn't used to be. It was normal before I came here, and they dropped on me of the plane. It morphed somehow, and it's gotten pretty useful."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith rolls her eyes "And you couldn't even leave a note?"

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Xith, "Ah, I see. A magic rock, neat trick." She then winks at Sylthos, "Deep holes are useful, you can catch things in them."

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith meant to say "Dropped it on me"

(2d22h) Hatter says "Note? I suppose I could have..."

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos remembers being defeated in a dark hole and midgets robbing him, "I-I'd imagine so."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith hmphs "You've still been distant. I've tried my best to work with it, but I deserve better, someone who will like me in all forms, even this one."

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith talks to Sloth again " And the rock isn't the ONLY things I use. I have a degree in meteorology too."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth switches her grin back and forth between Xith and Sylthos, "So, you two met? Weather predictor and hole digger?"

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos says "Maybe he dragged me to the failboat? Honestly can't remeber."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth winks at Xith, "Ooh, a college boy, eh? How fancy."

(2d22h) Hatter says "distant? I"m right here. I'm standing next to you. And I like you, but you're confusing as a fish."

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith sorta raises his hand, and so does the cloud. They Like Edy's current form.

(2d22h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic trudges in, carrying a large lead-acid battery. He glances over at Edy and Hatter before making his way quietly to the tub.

(2d22h) Hatter shoos the gremlin away.

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods at sloth. "Yep. Just a bachelor's though." He looks back to Sylthos "Ah well, I imagine you didn't mean to hurt me personally. Anyway, I'm Xith."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith, point made. "You won't get closer, and I'M NOT A FISH. I DON'T HAVE FISH FACE, I'M NOT SLIME-Y, AND I DON'T SMELL THAT MUCH LIKE A FISH."

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido watches with an ever so slight smile.

(2d22h) Hatter flinches a tiny bit. "You're poisonous!"

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos looks at Xith, noting the zombie like features,

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos says "Hi, Xith"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith sighs "Venomous, totally different. Other people have managed."

(2d22h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Xith, then indicates Sylthos with a wave, "And this is Sylthos." She leans over to whisper to Xith, "he's newly a Kittymorph, you see"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic hefts the battery onto a spot on the frame and clamps it down. He connects the crude wiring and eyes it over. Time for a dry run, so to speak.

(2d22h) Contestant Sylthos gives Sloth the most quizzled look thus yet, "Pardon me, what was that?"

(2d22h) Hatter pauses "Other people don't cuddle with you, do they?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido chimes in "But wouldn't something that has some control over it's venom be better than those demons you proclaim to have slaughtered?"

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith whispers back "ah" and says "Nice to meet you. Having fun at all?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith glares back at Edith "So what if they have."

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos whispers back to Xith, "Yeah for the most part, that damn lion pops out from the wierdests places though."

(2d21h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido uhhs slightly at Edith.

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith pipes in quickly to the other conversation. "I totally would if she asked me too, but we're not dating!1))" Zombies are mostly immune to venom.

(2d22h) Hatter says "Am I allowed to have other people cuddle with me?"

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith swats the gremlin holding the mirror in her face and scolds it "That was really rude" She however is happy to know her glare is really glareful.

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido follows suit with Xith "I've hugged her plenty of times like that!"

(2d22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith turns back over to Sylth "Yeah, he's kind of a sneaky bastard. He'll get what's coming someday though."

(2d22h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves a hand "I don't really care much of what you do. Besides, you were not the biggest cuddler."

(2d22h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido is probably the biggest cuddler. Literally and figuratively!

(2d21h) Hatter says "Oh. OK. What do I do to make this better?"

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Xith and Sylthos, "Oh, lions are wonderful. I always love running into them.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic climbs into the tub and fiddles with the levers. The tub lurches forward with the whine of homemade electric motors.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth blinks at Syd and his tub. She tilts her head to the side and grins.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shrugs "Honestly Hatter, I don't think you can. I've been unhappy and not as fun, and I need to be more fun and happy."

(2d21h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido turns to watch Syd, curious.

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos cheerly says, "I got enough money for that twitching steak!"

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth turns so that she can blink at Edith instead, not fun? But she's been trying to drown people! She shakes her head, apparently some people have odd ideas about fun.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic blinks. Looks like a good proof of concept! He scans the wiring, and suddenly has a thought. Electricity + water = ouch. He hops out of the tub and rummages through his pack for candles.

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos burps and rubs his obviously full stomache, "Maybe I shouldn't eat everything I kill?"

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith would tell Sloth to try drowning people sometime. It's a blast. Instead she briefly smiles to Syd and the tub. Yes, yes, yes.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Sylthos, "Naah. I figure if you can shove it in your mouth and swallow it, it must be edible."

(2d21h) Hatter nods, then shrugs. He opens his mouth, but then squints "This is the point I walk away isn't it?"

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth knows! She fully supports Edith's newfound drowning tendencies! Wheee!

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos smiles at Sloth, "I know, right?"

(2d21h) Hatter nods, decidedly, then walks away without an answer.

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith " For some reason, I seem to be able to eat just about everything I kill. well, if I don't cook it. always makes me fill up faster if I do. Then again, I don't have the steaks unless I'm building"

(2d21h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido flops to Edith and hugs her.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins, "I've been eating tons of cheezeburgers." She licks her lips, "Delicious delicious cheezeburgers."2)

(2d21h) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas pads into town lazily, lighting a cigar on the way over, what brand he has no idea

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches as Hatter does and deflates, letting herself be hugged.

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos mouths water upon hearing the word steak, "But I love steak, and zombies don't taste good. No offense."

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith meant goes, not does.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic hops back into the tub and drives it over to Edy. "This oughtta cheer you up!"

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Meh. I seem to be able to turn my taste buds off, or just peel them off, when it's time for me to eat. I close my eyes, jump on to whatever it is, devour, and then feel better.""

(2d21h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido lets go of Edith and goes to roll around in the rain.

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith raises his eyebrow and gives a really weird look at the locomotive tub. "What's up with that thing syd?"

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos pats his full belly and then looks at his muscles, "I bet beating Kouska will make me hungry!"

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Xith, "Good for you. I generally just don't worry very much about taste." She winks, "This place isn't much for haute cuisine."

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith instantly cheers up. She flops into the tub and hugs Syd "This is amazing Syd, thank you!"

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic looks over at Xith. "Well, it's for Edy. When it's totally done, she can fill it with water and drive around without drying out."

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "'Ya know, you should totally fins some sort of mer-person with an electric eel side to power it, Instead of stuffing a big battery in it. The water could do some damage if it got in there."

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic looks at Edy. "I just need to put some wax on any exposed metal. Just in case of a splash."

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith Meant "Find," but the gremlin changed it to something more fishy.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic chuckles at Xith. "An eel would be just as dangerous. It's the electricity, not the battery."

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Syd and smiles and sits in her tub.

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith hmmms to himself. It'd be awesome to be like that. Maybe he should strap an eel and a battery pack to himself the next time he hits the drive and maybe he'll get lucky.

In which Xith gets to ask for a date

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith sits in the tub and looks at Bob "I did okay, right?"

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth nudges Xith and whispers, "now you can ask her out!" Right, perhaps a bit clueless.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic uhhs. "You wouldn't happen to have any candles anywhere, would you Edy?"

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith ums "I don't carry anything right now, maybe at my house?"

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xithgoes uuuuhhhh... uhhh. He's kinda nervous when it comes to things like that.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic looks around. Candles... Candles...

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins and gives Xith a small push towards Edith, "go for it!" Perhaps not a good idea. But heck, maybe it is, and if there's one thing Sloth likes, it's giving unsolicited advice!

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos wanders back, hoping nobody notice that after an epic battle with his master, he was defeated in the jungle by midgets.

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith stumbles forward a step, and turns a bit red. His mind races.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches Xith, clearly oblivious to anything Sloth has been whispering

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith takes a deep breath. He takes another few steps forward. Now or nothing. "Umm, Edy?" He murmurs.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth gives Xith one more small push, she flashes Edith a wink and a grin past Xith.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith hms and smiles to Xith "Yes?"

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos watches Xith and whispers to Sloth, "This is going to be epic!"

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith kinda trips over his words. "If you're not too busy, you wanna, uh, go do something sometime? I could show you around the weather station, or, umm, we could go fishing?'"

(2d21h) Contender Johnson ambles into Kittown, munching a piece of tiramisu. She waves at Sloth and oohs. Developing romance? She sits down and decides to watch.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Sylthos and winks.

(2d21h) Rookie The Prince watches Edith. He's been here the entire time, he's just very quiet.

(2d21h) Rookie The Prince also has a weed's flower blossum in his little hands.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth bursts out laughing. Go fishing? Genius!

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith facepalms. "I mean, not fishing, uh, sorry. I dunno, well, do you like fishing?"

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos ponders to himself. Fish does sound just as good as steak.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blinks "Oh, um. Sure. I'd like to see the station, actually."

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith doesn't really seem bothered "Or we could fish, I could help you catch something."

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins. "Awesome!' I'm still working on building up the station, but I've got the lobby all finished, and there;s quite a bit of cool stuff. Well, uh, it's cool if you like clouds and stuff "

(2d21h) Rookie The Prince blinks, antenna ball slowly starting to blink. Blinkblink.

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is relieved.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith notices Blinky and smiles "Mr. Blinkey!" She calls him over and then looks at Xith "Yea, clouds are good. That sounds fine."

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos whispers to Sloth, "Do you know how to fish?"

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins and shakes her head, that went far far better than she guessed. She looks at Sylthos, "Sure, I suppose so? What, you don't?"

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos very quietly whispers, "No..."

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith unconsciously flexes. He's gonna have to go find something nicer than a Tee-Shirt one of these days. "Umm, wanna come over tomorrow sometime? I've checked my rock, should be nice for travel."

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth blinks at Sylthos, then grins, "A Kittymorph who can't fish? How sad. You should try to learn how."

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shakes her head "No, tomorrow isn't good. I think I'm sleeping all day," Work"How about the day after?"

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith blinks, then rubs his ear out. Did he just hear of a kitty who can't fish? No way, but if so then he's totally gotta teach him.

(2d21h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura blinks awake and slinks over to Edith.

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos notices people looking at him funny. He then whispers to Sloth, "How do I learn?"

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Hmmm, I think I should be able to. Send me a letter, or leave me a note somewhere when you wake up, and I can meet you there."

(2d21h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Xith "Alright, sounds good!" She smiles.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth raises an eyebrow, "Uh, beats me? Try standing in the water and catching fish with your paws?" She's not whispering, but she is grinning.

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos feeling stupid says, "Oh, ok."

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins back at Edy. He turns a way to go see what Sloth and Sylth are chatting about for a minute.

A kittymorph who can't fish and a discussion on the gender of clouds

(2d21h) Contestant Sylthos is pondering, fish or steak? He then notices Xith and hopes he hasn't heard anything about his lack of fishing experience.

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Sylthos, "Or maybe someone can help you? I guess I could try, if you'd like."

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith walks back over to them and says "Soooooo, whatcha doin now?"

(2d21h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Xith and points at Sylthos, "Look! A KittyMorph who can't fish!"

(2d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith asks "Can't fish? Why not?"

(2d20h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith and looks over to Syd "Is it ready?"

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos tries to sneak off to the jungle but trips over his wagging tail.

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos looks up at both Sloth and Xith, "Because I never liked getting close to the water."

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth laughs, "Another person who hates water!" She grins, "It's just wet, you know."

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic looks at Edy. "I still need candles. Does anyone have candles, or electrical tape, or... uh... gum might work... something to waterproof this wiring!"

(2d20h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura pokes the tub.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Cura "I did it."

(2d20h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido spaces in and rolls around on the ground, which is muddy by this point.

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "But water is fun... YOu better stay away from Strife then. Speaking of which, where did he go?""

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos mutters to himself, "Water bad.

(2d20h) Rookie The Prince skips over to Bob, keeping a distance from any rolling and mud. He BZZTs up at the big guy.

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith looks around. The sky's pretty clear, all though there's some stormy clouds on their way. Strife's not over Bob any more, having already saturated the ground.

(2d20h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido pauses his rolls and turns "Blinky! Why hello to you too." He pats Prince carefully with a smile.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches Blinky with a smile. Her favorite tiny thing.

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues peering around. He glances above his head, then looks back down. After a second, he looks back up again. He sees an ever so tiny wisp about 10 meters above him. "Aha" He announces.

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos looks around not quite understanding what Strife is.

(2d20h) Rookie The Prince wiggles and pats the giant's finger.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic hurms. No one has anything? BAH. He ambles into eBoy's for a candle. He's gotta have some, right?

(2d20h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura pops up and hugs Edith. "That's good."

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith takes note of Sylth's confusion and says, still looking up. "That's my mini-cloud follower up there, that little wisp about the size of a finger. He was the cloud raining on Bob a little while ago

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Xith, "Do you have to feed him? Oh, and how do you know he's a guy?"

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues "He's kinda naughty, and you wouldn't think a cloud could think or understand, but hey. How I got him is kinda weird."

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos looks at the little cloud thingy. He then starts edging towards the jungle when he realizes he has enough money for a steak and is now hungry! "Maybe I should go."

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith tries to answer Sloth. "Far as I know he doesn't eat anything, except maybe moisture. Or heat. And umm, I don't know if he's a guy or not, but he or she or it hasn't seemed to care."

(2d20h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith hugs Cura back and smiles "It's nice, you know. I already feel happier."

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Sylthos, "Well... if you think getting wet is that bad."

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth winks at Xith, "Just a little rude to be referring to her with the wrong pronoun."

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith waves at Sylthos. "Well, it was nice talking to ya. If you wanna learn how to fish just let me know. I'm not the best teacher in the world, but I can try."

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos disappears in a cloud of dust and reappears at Cold Springs Cafe.

(2d20h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido hugs Blinky before setting the little guy on his head.

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Pffft. He or she deserves whatever I call it after what it put me through the first few days it stuck to me." As he says this a single hail pellet drops from the cloud. It's tiny but sharp

(2d20h) Rookie The Prince gazes around.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura pats Edith's back, "Let me know if you need anything. I'm sure if I can find flour, butter, and sugar I can make shortbread."

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic treads back out of eBoy's carrying a single candle. He sighs and rummages for a match.

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth grins at Xith, "If you say, maybe you're just not nice enough to her." She casts a wink over to Sylthos and waves.

(2d20h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave holds his lit thumb out to Syd.

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith jerks slightly and narrows his eyes as the icy mini-missile buries itself in his scalp, but otherwise gives no outward acknowledgment of it. "Deserves every little bit" he says.

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos waves back. He is taking his time eating and keeping a close eye on Strife.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic blinks as Dave is RIGHT THERE, and holds out his candle happily. "Hello Dave. Check out the tub-mobile!" He gestures to the cobbled together vehicle.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Cura with a big smile "I think I'm going to be fine." She looks a bit, very briefly, to Xith.

(2d20h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave peers at the indicated Tub-mobile, and wanders over to investigate it. He carefully pokes at bits and pieces, testing their structural integrity. "Looks pretty sturdy."

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth leans over to whisper to Xith, "nice moves by the way!" She grins and hooks a thumb discreetly towards Edith.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic grins and drips some wax anywhere there are exposed wires.

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith's cheeks flush a bit pink as he reaches up to pick the hailstone out. "Thanks" he whispers back.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith falls asleep in the bathtub.

(2d20h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave watches Syd work, and laughs. "A mobile bath, then?" He doesn't ask what for. Doesn't need a purpose.

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos wanders back from Cold Springs cafe feeling full and sleepy.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic finishes waterproofing the electrics, and smiles at Dave. "Yup. Now Edy can take water with her. She won't dry out."

(2d20h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave nods, and scratches his head. "Any particular reason she's a fish?"

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith flicks away the melting hailstone, and gathers up his weather stone and other items from the muddy ground by Bob. "Umm, I probly should go fix some things at the station, for later, ya know..."

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth laughs, asking for reasons? And T'Dave seemed so sensible. She grins at Xith, "And now she's asleep."

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic shrugs. "Any particular reason for anything on this island?"

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth nods to Xith, "Sounds wise, good luck!"

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos suddenly realizes that Edith is a mermaid and the shock jolts him back to wakefulness.

(2d20h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave shrugs. "Time to time. Was just wondering. A "no" would have sufficed." He smirks at Syd, and goes back to studying the Tub-mobile.

(2d20h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido knows Edith isn't the only one in town right now. Otherwise he wouldn't be in the mud. "I wonder if there's any extra space in that tub." He looks over at Syd questioningly.

(2d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Mmmk, thanks!" He walks past the tub and looks at Edy for a moment, then heads off northeast to the station to get some cleaning done.

You can skip this part! Maybe! But read it anyway!

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic chuckles and checks for any missed spots to waterproof.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Rookie May wanders in from an ally, feeling rather like a tourist.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic looks at Bob, then at the tub, then at Bob. "You could try to fit... I think you need a bigger tub though.

(2d20h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave points out a couple spots of exposed wiring, and gets to his feet, eye-to-eye with Syd. "Just there and there. Cool design." He grins.

(2d20h) <JERKS> Sloth nods to Katt and shoots her a grin, then she takes a seat, been standing this whole time.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Rookie May notices many people near a tub thingy and drifts over. She mutters "Oooh! Whats this? A mobile tub?"

(2d20h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave smirks at May. "Reverse boat. For transporting water over land." He grins.

(2d20h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido sighs, ears drooping. "I figured as much."

(2d20h) Contestant Sylthos walks over to Sloth and curls up waiting for tomorrow. He also realizes that almost no one knows anything about him and decides to change that, maybe.

(2d20h) <ICEE>Rookie May is impressed by the idea. "Nice. I'm guessing for the mermaid/fish girl."

(2d19h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido shoves his arms in the tub. Gotta have something nice and wet, at least.

(2d19h) Contestant Sylthos looks around believing he overslept

(2d19h) <GERM>Small-Arms Dealer Teh Dave nods. "Why not? What better way to get around on land, if you've got gills instead of lungs?" He grins, then tips his hat to everyone. "Catch you fine folk later." And he's gone.

(2d19h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura slinks back off to the tall grass. She's either watching quietly or going to sleep.

(2d19h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic blinks. "Hey, Bob... you want me to put some water in that? I was waterproofing it."

(2d19h) <ICEE>Rookie May waves bye to Dave.

(2d19h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido turns to look at Syd "Oh. Yeah, sure. I'm sorry." He takes his arms out of the tub and twiddles his thumbs quietly.

(2d19h) <JERKS> Sloth hops to her feet and suddenly bounds out of town.

(2d19h) <ICEE>Rookie May starts to eye the fish girl in the tub....She mutters "I want to dissect her..."

(2d19h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic chuckles and hops in, driving the tub into the Cool Springs Cafe.

(2d19h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido uhhs softly at May. He's a merman. Bob slowly leans back from May "Really now..."

(2d19h) <ICEE>Rookie May snaps out of her creepieness... and follows the tub!

(2d19h) <ICEE>Rookie May looks up at Bob. "Oh! Sorry, merman!"

(2d19h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido worriedly pats May on the head "N-No problem..."

(2d19h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic can be heard talking inside the cafe, followed by peals of laughter from the staff. Nonetheless, he emerges from the cafe minutes later with the tub full of white spring water.

(2d19h) <ICEE>Rookie May smiles at Bob. "You look disturbed, you ok?"

(2d19h) <ICEE>Improbable Cartographer Syd Lexic grins as he steers the tub toward Bob. "Here ya go, Bossman."

(2d19h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido laughs uncomfortably "Y-You were saying something about...dissecting my friend there... Didn't wanna be next on that list." He turns and shoves his upper half in the bathtub.

(2d19h) <ICEE>Rookie May looks slightly confused, but realizes what he was talking about. "Oh! Haha, he intersted me, and sometimes I want to find out how interseting things work! Sorry!"

(2d18h) <ICEE> Buddleia jumps up to sit on the rim of Edy's bathtub, putting herself at a slightly more normal height.

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith wakes up and hugs Budd who is on her tub "I did it Budd!"

(2d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido grins down to May "Of course hun." He lazily gazes around at all the ICEEcles about.

(2d17h) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty says "We've taken over Kittania. Hooray?"

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Everyone rather happily. Seems she took the break up rather awesomely.

(2d17h) <ICEE>Rookie May sits down near the tub, grinning and still sniffling a little. She was so happy! "This is so awesome!"

(2d17h) <ICEE>Rookie May waves at J-kitty and up at Edith. "Hi there!"

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks at May and sees her badge and smiles to her "New ICEEcle?

(2d17h) <ICEE>Rookie May smiles and says "Yes! It's so cool!"

(2d17h) <ICEE> Buddleia squeaks and tries not to fall in ... oh to hell with it. She slides down with a splash and hugs Edy. "Yay!"

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles "I don't think any knee caps need to be busted either! Or drownings!" She hugs Budd even tighter.

(2d17h) <ICEE>Rookie May yawns widely and rubs her eyes again, this time from being tired.

(2d17h) <ICEE> Buddleia laughs. "An' ya much happier for it already! S'great. Happy Edy makes us happy too."

(2d17h) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty looks to May. "Hello it's nice to meet you I'm J-Kitty. You are a new visitor to the Isle I take it?"

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods and smiles to Budd. She lets her go and looks over at May "Well, welcome to the clan. We're all really nice."

(2d17h) <ICEE>Rookie May smiles. "I've noticed!" She turns to J-Kitty. " Yeah! I'm May! Nice to meet you!"

(2d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura nuzzles Mack, "I just like seeing you, silly."

(2d17h) <ICEE> Buddleia splooshles her way out of the tub and goes over to hug Bob while she's still soaked. Still smiling happily.

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to May and then smiles to Budd again. She is so full of smiles "Thanks Budd, for giving me that kick I needed."

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to May.

(2d17h) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty says "I think I'll be heading off to 'sleep' myself... my systems are lagging so nothing more can be done.""

(2d17h) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty waves to them all as he heads for a spot to rest.

In which Edith acquires advice on Xith...

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks around and realizes she doesn't know how to move the tub. She waves Budd and Bob over to her.

(2d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido sets Budd down and drags himself to Edith. "Yes my dear?"

(2d17h) <ICEE> Buddleia skips over with Bob to grin at Edy. "Wassup?"

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith whispers "What do you guys think about Xith?"

(2d17h) <ICEE> Buddleia drums her fingers on the bathtub. "Xith tha weatherman? He's a nice guy. S'funny watching him argue wiv a cloud."

(2d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Yea, that guy."

(2d16h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido shrugs "I think you should take it slow. You did just break up with someone."

(2d16h) <ICEE> Buddleia laughs. "Ooooh, right. Well, he's nice, an' fun, an he was in tha giant hugpile. Good man. I like 'is hair, too."

(2d16h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Bob "Oh, of course Bob. I know." She smiles to Budd "I haven't really talked to him before."

(2d16h) <ICEE> Buddleia nods enthusiastically. "Well now's ya chance! I'd not really chatted with Sloshy that much. But he's nice. Jus' see how it goes!"

(2d16h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles "Okay. I'll do that. Be nice too. Not drown him either."

(2d16h) <ICEE> Buddleia starts laughing. "Well he's usually a Zed! Would he even know ya meant it?"

(2d16h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Don't know."

(2d16h) <ICEE> Buddleia leans up and over to hug Edy again. "Hell, it's good ta see ya laughin' again."

(2d16h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith hugs Budd back "Thank you. It's exciting, isn't it?"

(2d16h) <ICEE> Buddleia yawns and wiggles free as Newday hits. "Imma go give Anne Bassett's kneecaps summat ta think about, then go and give ol' Horatio a piece a my mind. Back soon guys!"

(2d16h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Budd "Good Luck Budd!"

More stuff right after that! You should read it anyway.

(2d15h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido chuckles, then yawns.

(2d15h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Bob "Sleepy?"

(2d15h) <ICEE> Buddleia trundles back in, still short, and muddy again, and now severely tired. "Tha bastard wuz up the bleedin' mountain!"

(2d15h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido nods slowly "Yeah..."

(2d15h) <ICEE> Buddleia ambles around hugging everyone, yawning. "Imma go crash for now guys. See ya later."

(2d15h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido hugs Budd. "Night."

(2d15h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks to Bob "Where are you going to sleep?"

(2d15h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido shrugs "I don't know. Hopefully somewhere with water."

(2d15h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Bob "Please do, a dry Bob is not a happy Bob."

(2d15h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido laughs slightly "I don't like being a dry Bob."

(2d15h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith starts playing with the levers, making the tub walk like a very, very drunk person. She looks to Bob "Thank you Bob. For your support today.

(2d15h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido nods "Of course."

(2d15h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles and moves to tub over to him and leans out to give him a hug "Have a goodnight Bob!"

(2d14h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido hugs Edith too. "Sleep well Edy." He turns and scoops water up onto himself. A quick rinse off before he goes home, it seems.

(2d14h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido turns and flops home after he's washed up.

(2d14h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith heads the tub home too. She'll have to sleep outside, but sleeping on her plot is better...Right?

(2d11h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido flops in after Remus. The big guy sets a large black pan down, easily three feet deep with water. Bob crawls and slides into it. Must be one of Crimson's utensils. Rem turns and leaves, Bob sighs.

(2d10h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido falls asleep in said pan. Took him long enough to actually get to sleep, he hadn't slept a wink beforehand.

The shortest bit yet! On the next day.

(2d7h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith pops in from a teleporter, checks his obsidian weather rock to makes sure it's not gonna rain, then fills up on steaks and heads northeast with his lumberjacking and cleaning equipment.

Later that day, and more important than the last one.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith brings the tub in. She is getting better at steering.

(2d5h) <srs>Calico Katt watches Edith drive the tank tank, wary of water splashing.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith finally gets into the center of town and looks around a bit. She's feeling quite proud of herself.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura wakes, bounds up and hugs Edith, then bounds out.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru wakes up. It was a short nap.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru sees Edith and waves.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blinks and watches Cura run off. She'll get her... Next time.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Kiku with a smile "Hey!"

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith walks back into town, stretching his arms above his head. "Ahh, construction done, decorating underway, Strife's being good, life is swell" he muses to himself.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Xith from her tub.

(2d5h) <srs>Calico Katt shoves her cards in her pack as she stands up, contemplating introducing herself.

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith waves back to Edith in the tub. "Hi Edy. How's that thing running? Did Syd ever get it all water-proofed?"

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith ums "I think so? I woke up with it full of water and Syd no where to be found. It's running really well actually." She smiles "How are you?"

(2d5h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido snorts all of the sudden and wakes up. He looks around, squinting and blinking and mumbling something about it being too early and wanting to get more rest.

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith ahhhs "I'm pretty good. Just been doing some work on my station, fixing things up and stuff. How's things for you?" He smiles back

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru jumps down and walks over to Edith. "Guess what I can do now!"

(2d5h) <srs>Calico Katt sighs and sits back down. Fish bigger then her were a bit intimidating.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles "I'm really good actually. This tub has been a life saver."

(2d5h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido looks over at Katt, arching a brow.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks at Kiku, a bit startled "What can you do now?"

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins "That is a pretty cool tub actually. I wonder how fast it could go...." He grins even wider as he contemplates the possibilities.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks to Xith "Oh man, we should test it out, though I don't think there would be much water left in the tub after that."

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru walks up to the frame he built for the tub-mobile. He concentrates for a moment and his eyes start glowing. He runs his hands over the joints in the wood and now it seems to all be one piece of wood

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is wondering if you could attatch a rocket to the tub to increase speed without losing too much water. Or crashing horribly and dying. Maybe he'll ask Syd later.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru grins and says, "it should be more sturdy now."

(2d5h) <srs>Calico Katt sees Devon and grins. "There you are! I'd been wondering where you'd disappeared to!"

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins again at Kikuru's handiwork and says "Sturdy's good. Means more speed, right?"

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith would love a rocket, instead she looks at Kiku and quietly claps "Congratulations!"

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru bows. "Thanks, I'm still getting the hang of this, but Jokerdom is pretty interesting!"

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wonders aloud " I wonder if we could get a sail from those pirate people I've seen hang out in the commons. I wonder how it'd do with strife blowing a breeze into it."

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Kiku, a bit envious. She'll get her twelve eventually.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru says "You could probably put one together from the parachutes on the crates."

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith strokes his chin, pulling on an invisible beard. "Hmm, maybe. I kinda suck at stitching though. Maybe I could bring some to Skye..."

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith and Kiku, thinking about having just a rocketship tub with sail. That would be ridiculous.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura sneaks in and hugs Edy.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith turns around and quickly snags Cura in a hug before she can get away.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura grins, "Hey, Edy."

(2d5h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru greets Cura

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins at the hugs. Strife plops down from above him, changing from cirrus to stratus rapidly, then settling in a fog around Xith. Kind of like a hug.

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wiggls a bit and paces back and fortg trying to get out. Strife's hugs are kinda cold and clammy.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith as she watches the cloud.

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith kicks some typo gremlins as he paces back and forth, wiggling.

(2d5h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido lazily turns to watch Kikuru from the pan.

(2d5h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is finally freed from strife as he tries to fan the fog away. The cloud seems to get the message and lifts up a foot above his head. It responds with a light drizzle.

(2d5h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura rubs Edith's head. "Sorry I couldn't stick around yesterday to be there for you."

(2d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Cura "It's no problem Cura, I understand."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru notices Bob watching him. He makes a tophat appear in his hand and does a bow with a flourish towards Bob. The hat then vanishes again

(2d4h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido nods back to Kikuru "Newly Jokerfied, I see." He grins "Congrats."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura frowns, "But I wanted to be there for you."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru says "Yup! I've been having some troubles with my new abilities, but I'm learnin'."

Xith has the best idea, ever

(2d4h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith goes back to musing on where he could find a rocket and/or a sail. He mutters to himself "Maybe if we shake up some of those energy drinks for a couple days, then pop them..."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks at Xith "They do come in a rocket can." She turns back to Cura and hugs her again "I'll let you make it up to me, if you want?"

(2d4h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith follows up on this most recent burst of inspiration and heads first to the bank, then to Eboy's. He returns after a few minutes carrying an energy drink in his hand, shaking it vigorously.

(2d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watch Xith, rather curious.

(2d4h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura nods, "I'll make you lots of shortbread and biscotti when my kitchen is ready."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Cura "That sounds great, thanks!"

(2d4h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues shaking the can. " This is gonna take awhile. Should be awesome though."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura nods and slinks off to the tall grass.

 (2d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith yawns "How long?" She realizes that seemed a bit rude and sits up a bit straighter "I'm sorry."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru heads out of town, waving to everyone on his way out.

(2d4h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith slows down the shaking a bit. "It's alright. Probably another hour or two at minimum. I'll just shake til my arm hurts too much, then stick it on ice til I can do it some more. Maxed out tomorrow

(2d4h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith keeps on shaking. His left and main arm is getting tired a bit, so he moves it to his right one, which shakes a bit slower.

(2d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith with a bit of a chuckle "Alright, that sounds good."

(2d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks around and aves to the people she knows "I have to head out, good luck with that Xith." She smiles to him before heading out in her tub.

(2d4h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles and waves "Bye! See you later!"

(2d4h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wanders off towards the jungle, still shaking the can hard. He's off to hunt some monsters

Another random small bit of Xith.

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith walks through the now-silent town, shaking the can still. Sure is quiet.

Adventure in the common ground, for the purpose of obtaining the sail.

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wanders into the Common Grounds. He's never really been here before, but he hears it's the place to be.

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni is popped into existence next to Skye with a cup of tea in his hand. He takes a sip of the tea.

(1d21h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye beams at Xith, and waves him a hello.

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith notices the wave and returns it. "Hiyas Skye. He walks in her direction. "How's it going?"

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni is sitting next to Skye. "Who's he?"

(1d21h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye blinks at Oni, and gives him a hug. "That is Xith, he performed a brain surgery on me."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says ""Oh yeah, that was awhile ago now. I'm just lucky you were a zombie at the time. Heh."

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni hugs back. "Yeh don' say? Well tha's lovely. Me names Oni."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles. "Pleased to meet ya, Oni. I guess Skye told ya my name, already"

(1d21h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye beams at Xith, "It's going well. I'm a little tired though, how about you? I haven't seen you forever."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins back. "I've been taking things kinda slow. I've been making my way around, and setting up my weather station. Finally got my office added on too." He looks around "Dunno where Strife is"

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni nods and sips his tea. He pops out of existence and reappears behind Xith without the Tea.

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith adds "Strife's this little cloud who like to hover around me, and rain, hail, or occasionally snow on me. Found him in my jungle after I tried to get rid of my weather rock."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith jumps a little bit at the pop. He wonders where Oni went.

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni looks around. "Bloody tea." He walks back over to where he was sitting and sits down.

(1d21h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye blinks at Oni's popping about. She raises her eyebrows concerned at Xith. "You lost him? I'm sorry..."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith mehs "Nah, he'll show up again, just when I least want him. He has a tendency of doing that. Helps keep Bob and Edy's skin nice and moist now though. He's got a mind of his own, somehow."

(1d21h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye nods, "Oh I see." She returns to giving Oni hugs, she has quota to fill.

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni pulls out the Journal and begins to read.

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni is hugged. He looks up from his reading.

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith remembers something from an earlier burst of inspiration. " Oh yeah, Skye, you know how to sew, right? I think I remember some rookies talking about some pants you made for them or something."

(1d21h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye waves a hello to Tux, and waves a hello to Tux, "Yeah I sew, you need something?"

(1d21h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni blinks and holds his hand out. He looks down at the Journal and reads. POP! He disappears again.

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith explains "Yep! If you could, I was wondering if you'd make me a Sail. I need it for this mobile hot-tub Syd Lexic made. I was gonna help see if we could boost its mobility, but I can't make one."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues a bit "I don't really know how to. We were also gonna try some rocket power, so I bought an energy drink and I've been shaking it and shaking it. I left it on some ice at the Station."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith finishes. "Gonna crack it open for a boost. Should be fun too. Long story." he's finally finished explaining.

(1d21h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye nods, "I can make it. Since I'm in a good mood, it'll make it without demanding a game." She blinks as Oni pops away.

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is thankful. "I you want payment or something, I can try and provide it. Although I honestly think it'll be fun enough just getting to watch a rocket powered sailing hot tub."

(1d21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Or if you need any help with anything."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb flies in, propelled by what seems to be a wildly flailing fire extinguisher. "WOAAAHHH!" he yells as he nearly crashes into Skye, letting go of the extinguisher, which flies into the sunset.

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni pops back into existance. He is holding a pot of tea and some cups. "Hmm. Bloody unexpected!

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye waves her hand, "No payment." She pulls out some white canvas fabric, and starts working.

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni barely missed Jamesb

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb, though, is sent flying skyward. He flails about, as he plummets the ten feet to the ground. Thud.

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye eeeeps! "He-he-hello James." She blinks at Oni, "Why are you doing that?"

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Thanks!" Noticing her baby bump, sorta thing, he asks "So, how's the, um, Baby?"

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni looks up at Skye. "Parfectly good explanation love. Tea? Or parhaps I should say logical."

(1d20h) The Slightly Alive Sparkles McFee tackles James and pulls him into a deep, passionate, almost-completely-inappropriate-for-public-kiss.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is shocked by the fire extinguisher guy. Maybe he should get one of those for Edy's tub...

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb Grrrooooaaans. "Owww..." he says, getting up, and looking as the extinguisher buck back in his direction. "Round two, eh?" he says, getting ready.

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb is kisses as he readies imself. "Mmhh!" he says, returning her kiss as he points to the extinguisher.

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni is waiting to see if Skye wants some tea with her explanation.

(1d20h) The Slightly Alive Sparkles McFee skips out. 'Tis new day, she has work.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith waves at Jamesb. "Err, good luck I guess."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb blinkblinkbli-- is whacked by a fire extinguisher, and is off again, holding onto the bugger as it flails about the Grounds.

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye hands Xith the finished sail,"Here... the baby is well. Thank you" She nods at Oni. "Uh, yes."

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni pours out two cups and hands one to Skye. "Willis left all sorts of Designs in his journal. I just had the third one translated. It's called 'Logical Movement'. It allows for quick movement..."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb is flung about, holding onto the extinguisher for dear life, narrowly missing several people.

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni sips his tea and continues. "All it requires is that I find a dense pocket of flowing Improbability and then come to a logical conclusion that I would be better suited there instead of here..."

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith takes the sail, folds it carefully and sticks it in his backpack. He turns back to Skye. "Awesome! And thanks again!"

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye hrms at Oni. "I see..." She sips the tea, "That is cool... I wish I could do that."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb finally manages to calm the extinguisher down enough to turn it off. And break it in half. What? It's inanimate.

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni sips his tea again. "For example. Logically I would have tea if I stayed here. But If I went there I could have scones and Tea." Oni POPs away again.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith agrees with Skye. "That does sound really cool."

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni reappears two feet from his previous position with his tea and some blueberry scones. "And tha' is how it works."

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith hms. "It'd be nice if I could do that... I need to go stow this sail at the Weather Station so I can give it to Edy later."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb is now covered in foam. he heads over to the others. "Hi."

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni smiles at Xith as he offers a scone. "Yeh have teh be able teh see Improbability flows. I have teh use these glasses." He points at his slightly rose-tinted glasses.

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye blinks watching Oni, "It... escapes me, but if you can do it, that is great."

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith waves to Jamesb. "Nearly took my head off there, ya know." he sighs. "Ah well, I don't think we've met. I'm Xith."

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni nods. "It's nae easy. Tha' first few times ended in dire consequences." He shudders a bit.

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb nodnods. "Nice to meet you, Xith, I'm James."

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni waves to James. "Hallo thar."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb waves back to Oni, his eyes flashing green for a moment, and tons of fruit and meat suddenly appears, which he digs into.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods as well, and grins a bit. "Cool. So, if you don't mind the question, what's up with the fire extinguisher?"

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb says, with a mouthful of orange, "It attacked me! Just because I squeezed the metal part!"

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni adds his scones to the pile and sets his cup on the bar. He walks back over to Skye and pulls out the Journal.

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye has slightly curled up into a ball, sipping the tea, hoping it doesn't poof her about.

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni sits next to Skye and begins to read.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith ahas, and the grin widens. "Maybe it thought you were moving too fast. How many dates had you been on by then?"

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is totally kidding though, and it shows in his tone.

(1d20h) Pantheon Saint of Paper Oni chuckles quietly at Xith. Everyone knows you don't date Fire Extinguishers, their far too needy.

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb blinkblinks. "Dates? I dont think you can do that with inanimate objects. I was just trying to put out a fire, honest!"

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye leans over at Oni and tries to read it.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith snickers inaudibly. Fire of passion. "I dunno man, I heard this story about this guy and his vacuum... didn't end well. He lost a certain, uh, appendage."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesbshrugs. "Either way, food!" he digs back into the pile-- no, mountain of meat and veggies.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith Xith also wonders about all the white "foam" James is covered in.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith then slaps himself. His mind is apparently in the gutter.

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb usually doesn't swing that way. Especially with extinguishers.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith checks his pack, making sure the sail won't fall out, then says "Well, I should probably get going. I need to go get some jungle hunting done. Gettin low on cash."

(1d20h) <TAMED>CandyCat Jamesb, just as he finishes eating, is very suddenly walled, curled up in a cute bundle of fur. 'Daww.

(1d20h) <SOUR>Unlucky Black Devil LadyRavenSkye waves bye to those leaving, and uses Oni's shoulder as a chin rest for her over shoulder reading.

(1d20h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith heads out to Kittania back through the portal-majigger-however-you-get-here-anyway thing, with a wave to all. "See ya later, and thanks again for the sail."

Back to the fut-- I mean, Kittania.

(1d18h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith strolls through, his new sail protruding a bit from his backpack. He's gone back to shaking the rocket can really hard. It vibrates in his hands even when he holds it still.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith makes the tub march make in. She looks a bit tired, hard day of jungle fighting and driving.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru sees Xith and waves.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru extends that wave to Edy as well.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru says "Sounds good! Who wants to start?"

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith perks up "Hangman?" She likes hangman. She also waves to everyone assembled.

(1d18h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith brightens with a smile when he sees Edith and the tub, and walks over, still shaking the can.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru looks over at Edith. "Yeah, we were just about ta start."

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Kiku "Awesome!" She then turns and smiles to Xith "Hey, still working on that?" Her eyes dart to the can.

(1d18h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith replies, slowing his arm even more, "Yep. Almost finished, I think. Vibrates and wiggles even when I set it down now." He sets it on the edge of the tub to demonstrate. It vibrates and hums.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs and watches "That's great! A little scary, but great!"

(1d18h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "All I can say is we better put some kind of protection on when we blow this popstand. I'm glad I bought my helmet this run. Better wear it I guess."

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods and makes a mental note to buy a fishbowl at some point.

(1d18h) <MSPA>Returning Contestant I-merican scans the clearing before sitting down on a small log.

(1d18h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith opens his backpack and reaches in. He takes out a soggy piece of canvas- the sail, and his obsidian stone and sets it aside. Strife follows the rock out of the pack, in a cold foggy state.

(1d18h) Contender Magpie lays her ears back. All this talk about blowing popstands and needing helmets is making her a little nervous.

(1d18h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith exclaims "So THAT'S where you were hiding..." as strife drifts back on top of his head, sitting right on it like a wet, cold hat.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith is begining to think the fishbowl is a better, and better idea as she watches the can "One moment Xith." She marches that tub over to Sheila's

(1d18h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura blinks and bounds over to hug Edy.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru sees Magpie's worried look and hands her his tophat. "Don't worry, this thing is pretty sturdy. It should protect your head just fine."

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith comes back in, holging a goldfish bowl in her lap and smiles when she sees Cura bounding.

(1d18h) Contender Magpie smiles and shakes her head. "Maybe you should keep it then, since you're already hurt. If all else fails, I'll hide behind Finch." Finch looks up at the sound of his name.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru shrugs and the tophat vanishes.

(1d18h) <CT>Citizen Tux wanders in from the common ground.

(1d18h) Contender Magpie adds "And anyway, I've got my sieve." She puts it on and tugs it firmly down over her ears.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith thinks Cura is taking to long to bound so she moves some levers and gets the tub directly in front of her.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru chuckles at the sieve on Magpie's head.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura hugs Edy.

(1d18h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith notices the energy drink can vibrating itself towards the inside edge and dashes over to grab it before cold, volatile can meets hot water.

(1d18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blinks. She almost exploded and is getting hugs. She's feeling mixed emotions and instead hugs Cura tighter, looking at Xith "Thanks"

(1d17h) Contender Magpie tips the sieve at what might be a jaunty angle, if it were a real hat, and grins. "I figure, if you're going to look silly, you might as well own it and be silly on purpose."

(1d17h) <GERM>Accomplice Teh Dave nods in agreement with Magpie. "That's the spirit!" His shorts are rather singed, and he's missing half of his left sandal. Also, where the hell did he come from?

(1d17h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru smirks. "I bet it doesn't do much good in the rain though."

(1d17h) <GERM>Accomplice Teh Dave would note that he's missing the front half of his left sandal. And to answer your question: No.

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith eyes the can warily. "I really shouldn't have left it there anyway." the cloud on his head writhes a bit, as if in agreement.

(1d17h) Contender Magpiesays "No, it's no use at all in the rain. And even less good at bailing out boats. Clearly this means I need a better hat." She winks.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru says "If you'd like, I could probably do something about those holes."

(1d17h) Contender Magpie says "Aw, that's ok. I'll just go buy a different helmet when I've got the funds for it. And you probably shouldn't try to do anything to it today, anyway."

(1d17h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru says "good point."

(1d17h) <GERM>Accomplice Teh Dave must have wandered off when no one was paying attention.

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith finally takes his eyes off the dangerously 'splodey can and notices Dave. He waves and says "Dare I ask what happened, or where you came from?"

(1d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith is still hugging Cura. Longest hug ever. She however could care less.

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smacks himself for talking to someone that's not there. But he could have sworn he saw someone with a crazy fedora.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura doesn't mind the long hug. Cura lurves hugs.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith understands, happens all the time to her.

(1d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido snaps out of his daze and tiredly gazes around.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura stops hugging Edith and tries to squirm free.

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith notes Bob's awareness and waves to him. "Hey Bob. Why the long face?"

(1d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido blinks, turning to Xith "Oh. Nothing really, I just seemed to have fallen asleep, I suppose."

(1d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith let's Cura go as soon as she squirms.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura bounds over and hugs Bob.

(1d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido freezes up, hands hoisted in the air in utter confusion. They slowly start to close around Cura's middle in a return hug.

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith ahhs. "Well, sorry if I'm disturbing you or anything." He turns to Edy "Hey, I need to dry this sail out right now, but would you like me to try attatching it later when you come by?"

(1d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Xith "Sure, that sounds good!"

(1d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura looks at Bob, "I didn't scare you, did I?"

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith he adds with a smile "LadyRavenSkye stitched it for me today."

(1d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido shakes his head at Xith "No, s'fine." He slowly pats Cura "No... Just tired. Long day."

(1d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura ohs, "Do you want anything?"

(1d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles "She's teaching me to sew, she's really nice."

(1d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido shrugs "Not really, I'm alright." His stomach gurgles a little.

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins back "I know. She was actually one of the first people I met when I got here. She was a zombie at the time and had some worms in her head."

(1d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith yawns "Alright, time for sleep." She waves to Bob and Cura and then smiles to Xith "I'll see you tomorrow."

(1d17h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith trots the tub out.

(1d17h) Contender Magpie pats Kikuru carefully. "Feel better soon." She gets up and wanders over to lie down near Finch, wrapping up in her blanket. "Goodnight all!"

(1d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido waves after Edith tiredly.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura looks at Bob, then where she heard the gurgles, "Not even a steak?"

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith waves back to Edy. "Alright, I'm looking forward to it!" he calls after her.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru smiles at Magpie. "Thanks for the company. Sleep well!"

(1d17h) Contender Magpie waves tiredly and curls up into a little furry ball, falling asleep almost immediately.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru watches Magpie to make sure she falls asleep asleep. As soon as she does, he slumps over holding his chest.

(1d17h) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido lets go with a pff. "No, I'd rather have a fresh squid or a tasty little fish...or somethin..." He leans on her, smiling "Sounds real tasty..."

(1d17h) <ICEE>Handyman Kikuru's nose starts bleeding and he passes out.

(1d17h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura hms, frowning slightly, "Stupid aquaphobia."

(1d17h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith resumes shaking his rocket can, agitating the already energetic liquid inside further and further. He waves good bye to Bob, Cura, and everyone else as he heads outta town.

The next day...

(1d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith comes in in her tub and looks around. She sighs and whistles for Mosktra and attaches a rather damp note. In a couple of seconds Mosktra is off.

(1d5h) <ICEE> Buddleia blinks awake at the whistle, or enough so to wave to Edy.

(1d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves over to Budd with a smile "Morning Budd!"

(1d5h) <ICEE> Buddleia yawns. "An' good evenin' ta you too."

(1d5h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "It's morning whenever I wake up. This island is wacky."

(1d5h) <ICEE> Buddleia nods sleepily, mumbling something about being out of synch.

(1d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith leans back in the tub, getting comfortable. This might be a long wait.

(1d4h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura snrks awake, then pouts that she lost her teddy bear/snuggle buddy.

(1d4h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith hears a snrk and looks up and spots Cura awake and pouting. She smiles to her and waves.

(1d3h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura bounds up to Edith and hugs her, "How's my favorite fish-lady person?"

(1d3h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Cura and hugs her back "I'm good, just waiting. How are you?"

(1d3h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura frowns, "Waiting on who now?"

(1d3h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles a bit "Xith."

(1d3h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura gently pokes Edith, "What for?"

(1d3h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blushes slightly "I... I think it's a date."

(1d3h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura snickers, "You think?"

(1d3h) <LAID>Captain Tsuma walks into the outpost, struggling to keep her bag filled with 13 stones off of the ground.

(1d3h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith rolls her eyes at Cura "Date, friendly get together, close enough."

(1d3h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shakes her head to Tsuma. Not like she can carry much in this tub.

(1d3h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura shrugs, "I'm still going to make you biscotti or something once my kitchen is ready."

(1d3h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "You still owe me."

(1d3h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura shakes her head and blinks, "Right, so maybe I should get to work on that kitchen, huh?"

(1d3h) <QQQ> Devon watches the unknown bot start up again, and steps backwards slightly. She continues to scan it.

(1d3h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Cura "You should."

Slightly later!

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wanders out of the jungle and into the town, a bit sleepy. Strife comes in above him, a pussy white cumulus today.3)

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wows at the typos gremlin and slaps it. It was supposed to be "Puffy" after all.

(1d2h) <ICEE>Impressive Lady High Badass Supreme Assacura ohs as she remembers something and hugs Edith, running off, "Have fun."

(1d2h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Cura and then spots Xith and waves to him.

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles and waves back to Edith, walking quickly and, slightly nervously, over to her. "Hi Edy" He says.

(1d2h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches Cura run off. She's been more runny lately. She smiles back to Xith "How are you?"

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith replies with a grin "I'm all right, but I've been valiantly defeating and punishing a load of gremlins lately."

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Some of them more vicious than others."

(1d2h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "I've had days like that. Too many for my liking."

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nod, and strife almost appears to be nodding. "I had some lay a little ambush in the weather station this morning, so I might not be able finish, uh, showing you around. I need to clean up."

(1d2h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith frowns a bit "Oh." She takes the pin out of hair and sighs "If you don't want to anymore just let me know."

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "There's not too much to do, after I sweep and mop though. Should be finished, and I'll be back and ready later."

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith stutters a bit. "Oh no, nothing like that. I'd still love too, er, really like too. But I'm not kidding, it really was filthy. Can barely walk without getting nasty stuff all over you."

(1d2h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks at Xith a moment and then nods "Alright. Just let me know, send me a message or something." She's trying to hide the disappointment now.

(1d2h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith okays. He hurries off with another wave and a quick smile, to his Station to finish cleaning as fast as he can.

(1d2h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches him go and slides into the tub deeper with a groan.

A couple hours, a crazy sleeptalk seesion, and a banter channel trophy later...

(23h48m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith eeps and sinks back into the Tub. She really didn't want to be caught doing this. So instead she sinks all the way, head completely underwater.

(23h46m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmmms as he tilts his head to edith's tub and sita " sorry i was just having a bad dream, embarrsing memories" he blushes slightly, he isn't aware he blabbed it all out

(23h45m) Sita smiles at Lukas and sits next to him "Oh, that's alright. I figured you were dreamin' tha way you were talkin'."

(23h44m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith peeks her head out "Oh good, you don't know-" She instantly covers her mouth.

(23h44m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas gets wide-eyed for a second " you...heard me?"

(23h43m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Yea, my fault."

(23h42m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas gets up and stares directly into edith's eyes, the normal blood red seems to be boiling, he turns to sita slowly, then back to edith, not saying anything, you may notice he is blushing horrible

(23h42m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith eeps and sinks back into the tub "Sorry Lukas, I mean... You just stared yammering on your own, all I had to do was coax something out."

(23h39m) Sita shakes her head at Lukas, "You were just mumblin' anyways. Nothin' really intelligible.

(23h36m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas wags a finger to sita, don't like in his face, he turns back to edith and pats the edge of the tubs gently, trying to breath softer

(23h36m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks at Sita "Well, actually, we understood all of it, BUT that's not the point Lukas." She looks back at him, only her eyes are above the tub

(23h27m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas sighs as he does that squeezing the fngers between his eyes trick, he looks up with a light smile " don't tell a soul, or else" he says this in a tone so light you have to strain to hear

(23h27m) Sita shruggs and sighs "Sorry for listenin' in. But it was rather interestin'."

(23h27m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith continues to watch Lukas, trying to read his attitude.

(23h27m) <ICEE>Rookie May wanders in from an ally. She spots Edith and makes a bee line the tub.

(23h27m) Sita smiles, and saluts "Girl scouts honor."

(23h26m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith sits up a bit striahgter "You're not mad?"

(23h25m) <ICEE>Rookie May stops by the side and says "Thanks for the blanket. Hehe, one of the corners was damp, so I guessed it was you!"

(23h25m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to May "Sorry about that, it was. The halls get cold."

(23h25m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas hrmms as he considers the question slowly " no, not for now, you two are too close to me, but I feel bad for the next poor soul to set me off" he says in a slicing way

(23h24m) <ICEE>Rookie May leans over and hugs her really hard. "Thanks so much though! It helped."

(23h24m) Sita sighs and scoots behind Lukas and gently massages his shoulders "Now then, won't be there fault. We're tha ones who set ya off. We should make up for it."

(23h22m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith hugs May back "No problem!" She looks over at Lukas with a bit of a smirk. Still so many more buttons to push.

(23h22m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas shoulders droop as he slumps slightly, his head hanging down and his eyes turning back into the dull blood color " ahhh,, maybe you are right."

(23h21m) Sita grins as he relaxes, and massages the back of his neck. "So, what would make it up to ya?"

(23h20m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smirks "Maybe you should ask Kotenok about how to make it up

(23h19m) Sita is still rather curious who Kotenok and Boris are, but she keeps her mouth shut... this time...

(23h19m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas shoots a glance to edith with a grin " sure" he points to edith " Kotenok, tell me how you can make it up to me"

(23h18m) <ICEE>Rookie May turns to Lukas, noting that he was an ICEE member. She sticks her hand out and says "Hi! I'm May! I don't think I've met you!"

(23h18m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blinks "I don't know, I guess I should ask Alexander."

(23h17m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas shakes mays hand with a slight bow " how do you do"` & he turns back to edith " I suppose, to bad I killed alexander during the war"

(23h16m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith gasps "Well, then I guess I don't know how to make it up to you then. Let's go to the winterball though, sounds like fun."

(23h15m) <ICEE>Rookie May laughs. "Sorry for interrupting." She says. She stretches and wanders to a unobtrusive spot.

(23h14m) Sita blinks at this omision, and pauses for a moment in the massaging. Why does she feel like she's listening in again? Goes back to working on his shoulders

(23h14m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith attempts to grab May, but she is already out of her grabbing range. She might need a human shield here soon.

(23h13m) Sita would like Edith to know she makes a terrible sheild.

(23h13m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas wave soff may and takes edith's hand, gentlemen kiss on the hand no worries sita " Edith, care to come to the winter ball with me?"

(23h13m) <ICEE>Rookie May sits and pulls out some surgical thread.

(23h11m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Yea, right. No thank you Lukas. I can't dance. In a tub or not."

(23h9m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas awwws " but its only waltzing, I can teach"

(23h8m) Sita smiles, happy that Lukas doesn't seem to be grumpy anymore. She's still waiting to hear what he has in mind for her tho...

(23h8m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith snrks "Right. Could you also teach a blind person to see?"

(23h6m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles and pushes edith's hand to her head ' the power of Lukas, I heal your vision, praise the lord" he also turns to sita and smiles with a glint in his eyes before turning back

(23h5m) <ICEE>Rookie May pulls out her butter knife, a crazed smile on her face. Her hand shakes as she poises the knife at her wrist. She knows that she shouldn't be doing this, it wasn't clean, but she wanted to so badly.

(23h5m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith glares at Lukas "I wasn't blind, but thanks Lukas."

(23h4m) Sita giggles at Lukas' "healing", but catches the look and blushes a bit.

(23h4m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blinks as she watches May "Um...Someone should maybe stop her? Yes, I think that would be good."

(23h3m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles and pats edith on the head " any time, now consider the dance please, I have something in the works."

(23h3m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Fine, be that way, just make sure I have legs please."

(23h3m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas lets go of edith and walks over to may, gripping his hand on her wrist of the hand holding the knife " what are you doing missy?"

(23h2m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith walks back in, strife behind him. Took long enough but he finally cleaned up all the messes around the Weather Station. He notices May with a weird look, so he walks over to her first.

(23h1m) <ICEE>Rookie May blinks and looks up at him. The madness has left her face and she looks a bit lost."Eh?" She looks at the knife, and drops it. "Er, sorry...my urges took over."

(23h) Sita cocks a head at May "That's certantly not a good urge ta have there hun."

(23h) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas titls a head as he lets go slowly, bending over to pick up the knife " urges?"

(22h59m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith waves to Lukas, and Edy too. "Are you alright?" He asks May.

(22h58m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to Xith and trots the tub over to May

(22h57m) <ICEE>Rookie May rubs her face. "I get the urge to experiment, to dissect things....Some times I do it to myself!" She smiles and continues "I just want to cut things up!"

(22h57m) Sita's ears flatten a bit "Well, there's always tha jungle beasties for that, hun."

(22h57m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blinks at May "I get the urge to drown things." She thinks for a bit "We should team up."

(22h57m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles lightly as he understands perfectly, he squats down in front of may with a smile " have you been to maikos yet may?"

(22h56m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith looks at May. "Umm, I'd totally let you dissect strife if that were possible." As a response, Xith gets some sleet from the cloud above him, which is a flat, gray color today.

(22h56m) <ICEE>Rookie May looks at Edith. "OOooh! You can drown them, then I'll cut them open! Perfect!"

(22h54m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "That would work perfectly."

(22h54m) <ICEE>Rookie May turns to Lukas. "Maikos?" She gives him a quizzical look. "Sometimes I dissect the typo gremlins..." She says in response to Xith's comment.

(22h54m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith remembers he hasn't really met her yet anyway. "Soo, what's your name? I see you're in ICEE, same as a lot of my friends.

(22h52m) <ICEE>Rookie May says "I'm May! What's your name?"

(22h52m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to May "So, I'll dump the bodies off in the clan. Just to warn you, they might be missing some chunks. I do get hungry too."

(22h51m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles and shakes his head. Standing back up he says " you know, stick with edith's idea." he walks back to sita with a smile

(22h51m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins. "I'm Xith, the resident meteorologist here. And the litte bastard above me" he points to the cloud "Is Strife. He's been good lately".

(22h50m) <ICEE>Rookie May grins and says "That's fine! Hehe....I usually just take them apart. I put them back together if they are alive!"

(22h50m) Sita sighs, glad that at least some conclusion has been made, and smiles up at Lukas

(22h49m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to May "Right, expect the first shipment soon."

(22h49m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas smiles back at sita and cuddlge hugs with her " so, enjoy the story?"

(22h48m) <ICEE>Rookie May is confused by Lukas' comment, so she waves to the cloud. "Hi Strife!" She turns back to Xith. "Does he electrocute things?

(22h48m) Sita wraps her arms around Lukas "It was... interestin'..." testing the waters "Were they from before tha Island? If'n ya don't mind my askin' ?"

(22h47m) <ICEE>Rookie May grins and laughs evily at Edith's comment.

(22h46m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith groans. "Not so much, thankfully. He did get a few mini bolts off at the titan on my property the other day though. But he'd better not hit anyone else with one."

(22h46m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "I really don't like lightning much. Long story."

(22h45m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas errrs slightly ' yeahhh, college days, i was a little wild back then."

(22h44m) Sita grins at Lukas "Just back then?"

(22h43m) <ICEE>Rookie May looks confused and asks "Aww...May I ask why? And is he cuddly?"

(22h43m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles and taps sita on the nose " maybe I'll tell you later."

(22h41m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smirks to May and then turns to Xith, smiling this time.

(22h40m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith sighs, and pulls out the obsidian weather rock. "All started when this thing got morphed like this. It started glowing all wierd. Me and Bob and budd all tried testing it out to see how it worked."

(22h41m) <ICEE>Rookie May suddenly feels crazy again. "Erm....Xith? Mind if we carry this conversation on later? I need to stab something."

(22h41m) Sita laughs lightly and leans against him "I'll hold ya to that. So, seems I owe ya again." bows lightly "What do ya wish of me, master?" grins

(22h41m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Yeah, sure. Do what ya need to do."

(22h39m) <ICEE>Rookie May hugs him, says "Thanks! And sorry!!" and then runs off into the jungle.

(22h38m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles and cuddles sita close " gave me a bit to think of something, I think i need to head of somewhere alone for a bit"

(22h37m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wishes Strife had a more corporeal form. He's been incorrigible lately, and very wintry. Maybe he should loan May a vacuum cleaner to dissect him.

(22h36m) Sita looks at Lukas curiously. "Alright..."

(22h36m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches May run out with a smile, glad her tendencies will help out a clannie. She smiles to Xith "So, are you ready?"

(22h35m) <ICEE>Crimson Moon Comrade Lukas chuckles and pats sita head lightly " no worries' he bounds out of town with a manically cackle

(22h32m) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido steers a lazy Tellur in, heading for the pan of water. He lets go and falls into it with a plop.

(22h32m) Sita waves goodbye to Lukas as he bounds out. Then lays back and sighs, grinning.

(22h31m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith weaves to Bob and says to Edy "Yep! I think so!"

(22h30m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Alright, you'll have to show me the way then."

(22h30m) <ICEE>RipTide Bob Zarido waves slowly to Xith.

(22h29m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins " It's a bit northeast of here. Just follow me, we're heading up to where that path north of here heads out to the beach. He packs up his back pack and gets ready to go.

(22h27m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Xith "I can give you a ride if you want to sit on the edge of the tub."

(22h25m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins some more. He like grinning. "That'd be awesome." He climbs up and smiles. "Thanks for waiting for me. I'm sorry we couldn't do this earlier."

(22h23m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "It's okay." She starts working the levers, making the tub lurch forward.

(22h21m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith holds on the the side, trying not to be displaced. "If we just go straight east til we hit the plains, then head north several klicks, we'll come right to it."

(22h20m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods and directs the tub out of here.

(22h18m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith rides along, as they are heading off into the sunset. Or sunrise. Or afternoon. Whatever.

Previously in the Weather Station...

(2d7h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith brushes some sweat from his forehead, then steps back to survey his work. "Finally finished the office" he says. "Decorating time I guess!, and I'd better get ready for Edy tomorrow..."

(2d7h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith excitedly sets about cleaning up the mess he made and making things look nice, with a smile the whole time. He sweeps the dirt out and straightens the reference books in the shelf on the wall too.

(2d7h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith when he finishes, the room sparkles (at least to him) in cleanliness. Pleased with his work, he headsback to the outpost to do some jungle fighting training. Strife follows him as he goes

The day after that, when he had to leave Edy waiting...

(23h36m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith cleans up another mess left by gremlins. Then he heads out to go find Edy.

Once they do finally get there...

(22h36m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith drives the tub in. Hopefully Xith is still on it.

(22h34m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith brushes some leaves out of his hair and face. Darn low branches. Strife seems to have merged himself with the steam coming off the hot water.

(22h33m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith hops off and says "Well, this is it!" He tries to show the sign on the tree to Edy.

(22h32m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith follows Xith and smiles. She looks at the sign on the tree and then at Xith "What's the weather now then?"

(22h32m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith motions to the rock hanging from the tree. "This is actually what my other rock used to look like," He says, patting his backpack. "After awhile on the island, it got kinda weird though."

(22h31m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith feels the rock, and looks at the sign: "Pretty hot. Must be sunny!" he grins.

(22h30m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Xith "I've noticed."

(22h28m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles. She likes sunny weather!

(22h28m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith pats his backpack again. "Then again, I've though about adjusting my sign to say 'If it's Cold, Bob's around'. His other rock certainly does that.

(22h27m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith can't help but giggle "Yes, you get used to the cold, eventually. The clan halls are really cold."

(22h26m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith chuckles as well. "I'd imagine. If I ever go there, I'm taking several layers of coats."

(22h24m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "You almost have too. Or blankets. Lots of blankets."

(22h23m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith agrees. "Yep. I will say though, the hugpile we had with him ended up being relatively warm since we had like ten other people too."

(22h21m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "I remember that hug pile, it was fun." She smiles remembering it.

(22h20m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith thinks back some more to the memory. "I think I swallowed some of his zombiekitty fur though."

(22h19m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith snickers "That's pretty gross. What's it like being a zombie?"

(22h17m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith chuckles. "Oh, it's not that bad. I have a pretty strong stomach now. Sometimes it's hard to move fast, and pieces flake off every once in awhile. Best part is my durability.

(22h17m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "I can take almost anything."

(22h16m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "I haven't been a zombie yet. I'm a bit scared of the idea." She whispers that last bit, shivering slightly.

(22h14m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith pats Edith gently. "It's ok. It's not for everyone. I like it 'cuz I can do my job, and stand in storms and survive. I even survived lightning. I try not to eat in front of others though.

(22h13m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues a bit. "I've mostly conquered the brains thing by staying away from Pittsburgh, and I try not to scare people."

(22h11m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Yea, I understand that part." She looks at Xith "How are the storms here?"

(22h9m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith scratches his head. "Well, I'm trying to kidnap some of the cameras and rig them to the roof so I can record. But there are some pretty weird storms here. The other day it seriously rained cats."

(22h8m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Like cat-cats or kittymorph-cats?"

(22h6m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith chuckles. "Cat-cats. I thought someone hat broken their cat launcher or something at first. but then it started raining, and thundering. come to think of it, it was actually hailing cats...."

(22h6m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith thinks there's a difference! Totally!

(22h4m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shakes her head. She always misses out on the weather. "Atleast there were no dogs." She tilts her head "So how do you track the weather then?"

(22h3m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith knows there totally is.

(22h1m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles. " Well, used to be I had all these high tech sensors and satellites telling me about weather everywhere. But now I've gotta check reports from people in other places and the rock for local weather."

(22h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "And I just watch the sky alot. The cloud types and formation patterns all can tell you something."

(21h59m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Must have been hard to make that switch."

(21h57m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods, and sighs. "Yeah, I miss being able to watch hurricanes from a satellite point of view. They have magnificent swirling clouds, and while it's nice to see them from the ground, it's also very windy."

(21h57m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith and wet, he adds mentally.

(21h56m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods, she can imagine "Has there been a hurricane here?"

(21h54m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith shudders. "No, thank God. I think that thickened air bubble around the Island keeps the rotation from forming here. That's another thing I'm trying to study.

(21h54m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks a bit concerned, she's never been in crazy weather.

(21h54m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "The bubble is what keeps rookies alive when they're air-dropped in.

(21h53m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Thats really good news. I don't think anyone has any sort of bunker."

(21h51m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith shakes his head. "Even if we did, it would have to be waterproof, and airtight. The storm surge would nearly sink the island for a few days. Mountains would be the only thing left up."

(21h51m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "And even those would be prone to mudslides."

(21h48m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith stares at him rather wide-eyed. "That sounds horrible."

(21h45m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith realizes he's kind of scaring her and bactracks "Oh sorry. I was thinking about the large scale hurricanes. They do come in different categories though. We'd survive a category one or two, I think."

(21h43m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith clears his throat "Tell ya what, I have chart about it inside. I can show you what I meant."

(21h43m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods. She'd survive one now, but she doesn't like the idea of it "I grew up in a place with the least amount of natural disasters."

(21h42m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Xith "Sounds good."

(21h40m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith goes and opens the door for her. As he does, he asks "So where did you grow up?"

(21h39m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith maneuvers the tub through the door with a smile "Arizona. We had flash floods, but it was nothing spectacular."

(21h35m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles as he follows the tub through. "Ah cool. There's not much for changing weather there. Not enough moisture to do much." he directs her to the right-side wall and the chart.

(21h31m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Yeah, right. It's a dry heat." She rolls her eyes. She moves the tub to where he's pointed.

(21h27m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith points out the parts of the chart. May take bit to explain. "Well, underneath the pretty diagram of the cloud wall here" he says, pointing to a list that says "category" on one side and "Wind avg" on the other

(21h25m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues. "We've got a list of category rankings. We call hurricanes "Tropical Storms" until they hit a 74 MPH wind average: Then they're 1's."

(21h23m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith adds more. "1's generally don't hurt much. If they're bad at all, it's cuz they're more likely to sit somewhere and keep raining, causing floods. They have relatively wimpy storm surges too."

(21h22m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods. She's completely focused. It's really fun to listen to someone who likes what they are talking about.

(21h21m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Actually, the storm surge can end up being the worst part..."

(21h20m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods some more. It's a nodding circus going on, but she's smiling so it can't be that bad.

(21h18m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith shakes himself. "Anyway, once the windspeeds get to 95, it's a 2. They can be pretty mean if they get wide enough. 3's can be downright nasty, at 115 Mph."

(21h16m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith thinks about that and gets a minor headache. That's really, really fast.

(21h14m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues higher: "4's are very dangerous. They get winds from 135 to 165 mph. And 5's are what we call catastrophic. There's no upper limit on the speed, and the surge and rain are ridiculous."

(21h12m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith ohs "Oh, and the storm surge is what we call the height that the water around the storm rises to during. The winds and rain contribute, but the main factor is air pressure."

(21h9m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith continues on that line "All storms form in low pressure areas, and hurricanes are no exception. But they're even more intensely low, so the water underneath actually gets raised through suction. It's really cool."

(21h9m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "That is pretty neat!"

(21h7m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith pauses to catch his breath, and smiles. "Sorry to go on so much, but this is half the reason I became a Meteorologist. I don't mean to bore you or anything."

(21h4m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shakes her head "Don't apologize, it is interesting."She smiles warmly.

The sappy romantic section. But you should read it anyway.

(21h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles back. He's happy she likes it. "Thanks. I wish I could show you what it's like to see a hurricane wall above you, in the setting sun. It's the second most beautiful thing I know."

(20h59m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith "It sounds pretty."

(20h57m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith says "Second?"

(20h54m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods. "The first most beautiful I didn't see until I came here."

(20h52m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith looks at him odddly "Oh? The Island is very pretty."

(20h50m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith shakes his head. "As pretty as the island is, it doesn't come close to what I'm thinking about." He says the last bit with a smile.

(20h48m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith tilts her head "What is it?"

(20h43m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles and says "'It', is sitting in hot tub right in front of me, looking at me kind of funny while I tell her that she's the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." He hopes he's not crazy.

(20h42m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith realizes how much he said and turns a bit pink, hoping he didn't go too far..

(20h40m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith blinks and then looks at him a bit skeptically "Do you really mean that?"

(20h36m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith looks into her eyes and says "Yes. Without a doubt. And the more time I spend with you, the clearer it gets. You are amazing to me, both inside and out."

(20h34m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "I like you too Xith, really. And please don't take this the wrong way, but I want to take this slowly."

(20h30m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods too. He realizes he came on really strong. "I know. I didn't mean to freak you out or anything. I know we haven't known each other too long. I just am hoping to get to know you better."

(20h29m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "I didn't mean to sound like I wanted to rush anything, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're pretty how you are. However that may be."

(20h25m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods and calms down a bit "Okay. That sounds really good. Thank you Xith." She looks up to him with a smile, her eyes are a bit watery "No one has said that to me."

(20h19m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles back at her, gently. " Well they should, Edith." he rests his hand on hers for a moment. "Umm, sorry I sidetracked us. Is there anything else you'd like to know while you're here?"

(20h16m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches him and then shakes her head "Uh, no. Thank you. I was all very educational."

(20h13m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods. "Thanks for listening to me. It's hard to find someone that appreciates any of the things I've worked on."

(20h9m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smies "It's always nice to listen to someone who loves what they are talking about, and you have worked hard on this."

(20h5m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins. "Well, I must confess I don't love all of it. Strife's a little bastard, and I swear I've seen a few normal clouds shaped like a hand and certain finger pointing my way.

(20h4m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith hopes Strife realizes he's kidding about that first part, or vengeance will be swift later.

(20h2m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Strife seems to be better behaved now." She laughs "Better than my adopted pet. Mosktra hates me."

(19h57m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is curious "Who's Mosktra? And honestly, Strife is better now. You should have seen him before I met Budd. I think she calmed him a bit."

(19h56m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith corrects himself. "Or rather, before Budd met him. I already knew her."

(19h50m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith rolls her eyes a bit "Mosktra was Mael's, or Maelstrom's owl and she gave him to me after her divorce. He had a bit of an attitude with Mael, but even more so with me. I think he misses her.

(19h47m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith ahhs. " Oh. That's kinda sad, if he misses her. Not that it's really an excuse for bad behaviour at all."

(19h43m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Yea, I feel bad for him. I personally like strife, I think it's fitting."

(19h39m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith pfffts. "I guess so. I'd like it more if he would leave me dry for more than an a couple hours at a time. I might sprout mushrooms with all the dampness. He did help you and Bob though."

(19h38m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Kept you two moist and healthier."

(19h37m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Yes, I owe your little cloud that much." She smiles.

(19h33m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles, and looks around for the cloud. It's still in the tub, eating up the warm water vapor. "I never can stay mad at strife. Too hard. He always just does something."

(19h27m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles happily, watching the cloud. Eat up Strife.

(19h22m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith whispers softly "Don't ever let him know this, but I do miss him when he's gone. I lost him in the factory once. I had to go back there twice and I searched high and low to find him."

(19h20m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "Barely got away from one of the robots on the way out.

(19h20m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Your secret is safe with me. That is very sweet though." She is hiding a couple of giggles.

(19h21m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods his thanks.

(19h17m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith and then looks at the cloud. She then turns back to Xith "The factory is brutal."

(19h13m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles and agrees. He looks at strife. "When I found him, I almost didn't see him he was so small. I think he used up most of the moisture and energy trying to short circuit one of the bots."

(19h10m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith shakes his head and says "I had to make sure we got out on our own, or I don't think he would have had the energy to get to the failboat with me."

(19h7m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods, a bit saddly. Poor little cloud. She turns to Xith "I'm glad you found him."

(19h6m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith sighs. " Me too. Most of the time, anyway."

(19h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith chuckles and leans closer to Xith "I'm glad you found him, or he found you."

(18h57m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins and mutters "Little bit of both actually. Best thing about him is that he makes people smile. Especially you."

(18h55m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles again "Might have something to do with the owner too."

(18h49m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith goes a bit red again. He still grins though, and says "That's definitely a possibility."

(18h46m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles happily, blushing slightly as well.

(18h42m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith keeps smiling. And blushing. He's content to just sit like this, and be nearby.

(18h37m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles, she's pretty happy too. She gently reaches out and then pulls back, hesitating and still blushing.

(18h35m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith notices her and scoots slightly closer. He smiles at her shyly but encouragingly.

(18h31m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith reaches again and takes his hand in hers very gently "Sorry, it's a bit wet."

(18h27m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith squeezes her hand carefully and gently. He speaks softly. "It's okay. I don't mind at all." He smiles again to show he means it.

(18h25m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles back to him and squeezes his hand back, still blushing.

(18h21m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith blushes back. He's thinking how cute the blushes make her skin/scales look.

(18h16m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith can't seem to get the smile off her face and tries to hide it, and the blush.

(18h10m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith doesn't think she's doing that well, but he thinks it's adorable anyway. His grin just gets wider he rubs the back of her hand with the thumb of the hand he's holding it with, and squeezes softly.

(18h7m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles and yawns. She settles into the tub a smidge and gently squeezes back.

The Rocket-sailboat-tub. What we've all been waiting for.

(18h2m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith stifles a reactionary yawn as well. "We should probably head back to town someday. We've been here quite awhile." he smiles some more "I'm certainly not complaining though."

(18h) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods I'm getting a bit tired, probably a good idea."

(17h57m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith just remembered something. He walks over to the office and grabs the sail. "Me too, but I'll put this on first, like I promised." He sets about attaching it.

(17h56m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith chuckles and watches him attach it.

(17h53m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith goes outside and picks up some spare pieces of wood leftover from building, and lots of rope. He starts using some lashes to tie them into a mast for the tub.

(17h51m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches him work with a smile.

(17h50m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith uses some more rope and threads it through the handles of the tub and on the crossbeams of the mast to hold it upright. Then he grabs some nails, and screws to attatch the mast dirctly to the tub.

(17h48m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith wonders how she'll fit it through the doorway, but isn't too worried "You know, I'll have to have you come over to my house next."

(17h47m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grabs even MORE rope ( He knows that one can never have too much good rope, important lesson) and lashes it to the mast beams, and through the holes on the sail, complete with sliding knots to raise or lower it.

(17h43m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith finishes, and looks up. "I'd love to see your place sometime!" steps back and admires the new sail. It's maybe 8 feet extra height, but Xith adds a hinge to the mast to fold and store it for rocket mode

(17h33m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith approves of the hinge. She beams at him "Thank you so much Xith!"

(17h33m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith finishes with the hinge, rolls up the sail, and folds down the mast so it'll fit through. Barely.

(17h32m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles and then heads the tub by the door "I hope you do come see my place. I'll even use the kitchen for the first time."

(17h31m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith says "No problem! We should be able to get it out now, so can we test it out on the ride back to Kitt?"

(17h27m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods excitedly "Yea, I have my helmet too."

(17h24m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins and straps on his saucepan + foam padding. He goes into the office and retrieves the energy drink for Edith."Wanna try the rocket now or later?"

(17h21m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith grins mischievously "Why not?"

(17h17m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith could think of a few reasons, mostly relating to the destruction of his home, but he wants to do it anyway. He ties it securely to the mast, aiming it carefully. "No reason. Now it is!."

(17h16m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith slides in carefully beside her and hands her a nail. "Care to do the honors?"

(17h13m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith's eyes get wide "Let me get outside first!"

(17h9m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith thinks that's a wonderful idea he should have had. He looks at the humming energy drink and touches the mast. He can feel vibrations through it. He says a silent prayer for safety.

(17h5m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith finishes his prayer, grabs a roll of duct tape as they pass a shelf, and reaches back to put an extra layer on the can. Overkill much? Honestly. There is no overkill, it even says so in CDAG's rules!

(17h3m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith moves the tub outside as fast as it will go. Once there she slips her goldfish bowl on "Alright! Ready?"

(17h1m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith wraps another layer of tape around his chin and saucepan, and hands the roll to Edy. He salutes, "Aye aye Cap'n, ready when you are!"

(16h58m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith stares at the roll and throws it back in the house. She holds onto the tub until he knuckles are white. She grabs the nail and quickly punctures the can.

(16h57m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grabs on tight.

(16h56m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith has enough time to blink, and that's about it. All she can see is a wake of destroyed trees.

(16h51m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith feels a bit shellshocked as the can roars and sends them flying.

A few moments and a few miles of incinerated jungle later...

(16h54m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith comes in Kitt on her rocket tub. She tries to land it, but crashes it into the wall of the cooking academy. Behind her is a trail of broken trees. Hopefully Xith is still on board.

(16h50m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith isn't quite on board anymore. He was holding on tight, but apparently not tight enough. He hurtles in about 10 seconds later, flying into the chapel bell and knocking it off the hinges.

(16h48m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith hears the bell chime and looks up at it and snickers. She also looks at her tub and its lack of water.

(16h41m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith moves the tub, which is now making a much louder whining and thumping noise in an attempt to find Xith.

(16h41m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith notices he isn't very wet anymore: and neither is the strip of burnt out ground from the outpost to the Weather station. The energy drink musta used up all the water too. {Hmm.}

(16h38m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith tries to sit up, but since he's still woozy and his head landed inside the bell on the ground now, all he manages is to ring the bell again. With his head. Which hurts.

(16h37m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith starts laughing when she looks back at the burnt strip. It's a bit uncontrollable and mostly she's just glad she didn't get injured, or dead.

(16h34m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith follows the trail of destruction and find Xith, she parks the tub next to him and leans out of the tub to look at him "Are you okay?" She's still chuckling.

(16h29m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith groans from inside the bell. The reverberations make his voice sound kinda funny. {I'm not sure. I can't feel my legs. You'll have to tell me whether I'm in one piece or not}

(16h28m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs "Can you normally feel them? I think so, if I'm counting correctly, my head still hurts and occasionally my sight blurs."

(16h24m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith starts to nod, but then he remembers no one can see him anyways. {Well, normally I can tell where they are. Lemme try moving them} he wiggle some of his toes experimentally. One falls off.

(16h22m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith's legs seem to be working, but he still can't quite tell.

(16h21m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith watches the toe fall off and ums slightly "Well, now you aren't in one piece."

(16h20m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith is worried {What to you mean, 'now'?} He sits up slower this time, his arms responding enough to pull the bell off his head.

(16h17m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith reaches out and grabs the toe and then holds it up to show Xith, smirking a bit "You lost this."

(16h13m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith takes his toe back and notes his mostly intact body. His saucepan has pretty big dent in it from the impact. "Darnit. You got me all worried and everything."

(16h10m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith adjusts his helmet so it's not s skewed and feel the dent. He brushes at a scorch mark here and there on his tee-shirt and pants. A few small pieces of skin fall off but he sticks them back on.

(16h9m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith examines the toe, tries to fit it back on, and determines it's a job better suited for duct tape at home.

(16h9m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith laughs and then stops, her head is hurting super bad now. She tries to rub one of her temples but it's not helping.

(16h6m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith glances at Edith and a worried look crosses his face. "Are you ok? Did you break anything?" other than the building and most of the northeast jungle, he means.

(16h6m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith shakes her head "Just a bad headache and a couple of dents and dings in the tub I'm fine."

(16h6m) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty enters setting down his tool kit. "Another day another homes lumberwork finished."

(16h4m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith looks more relieved "Okay. I'm glad you didn't get hurt too bad. I think that flight was pretty epic though. And the landing."

(16h1m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to Xith "It was, but let's not try that again until we get better helmets."

(16h) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith would wave to jkitty, but he's worried a finger might fall off too. And he's outta duct tape. He settles for a "Hiyas"

(15h58m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to J-Kitty and notices his tool kit. She'll have to ask him later.

(15h57m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith heartily agrees. "Definitely. And next time, Edy, we need some witnesses, so people won't think we're crazier than we are."

(15h55m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods "Right! Helmets and witnesses. Got it!" She laughs again and then stops with a wince again. It's going to only get worse. She smiles to Xith though. It was worth it.

(15h53m) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty says "Witnesses? Do I even want to know?"

(15h53m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles back. Losing a toe and/or a finger is totally worth it to hear her laugh. Well, as long as it's not every time, anyway.

(15h52m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith turns to J-kitty with the biggest smirk on her face "Oh, just destruction, chaos, and rockets."

(15h50m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith thinks that the answer to that depends on how much awesomeness he can stand. It's quite a bit.

(15h45m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith turns back to Xith "I think i need to go sleep this headache off, if that would be okay with you."

(15h43m) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty says "I'm reminded of Lucas and his damn rockets... a stray one smashed into the academy... the mess I had to clean up..."

(15h42m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith nods. "Of course. I kinda need to rest too. I'm tired out from the awesomeness of that flight. At least I can feel my legs again now."

(15h42m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith nods to J "Something like that."

(15h39m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith "Thanks Xith, for tonight. It was alot of fun." She blushes very faintly, but it's there.

(15h35m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith smiles up at her. "Of course Edy. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Just let me know when you want me to visit your place.

(15h32m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith smiles to Xith "Whenever you want, actually. I should be free this whole week."
(15h30m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith grins "Awesome. I don't think I'll bring a rocket drink next time though. Better to not ruin your yard... and neighbor's yard. Heh"
(15h28m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith thinks about plowing into the Bordello and laughs and then winces. She beams back to Xith "Alright, just send me a message when you are free! I look forward to it."
(15h27m) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty says "Well, I should probally get back to work on houses... theres so much to do so little time."
(15h27m) <ICEE>Technical Sergeant J-kitty he would wave to them both as he headed back to Imp central to prepare himself.
(15h26m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith waves to J rather happily.
(15h23m) <CDAG>Forecaster Xith waves to J-kitty, grins at Edith, takes a big yawn and falls asleep, His head falls back in the bell again.
(15h21m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith giggles and gently reachs over and grabs his hand again and gives it a squeeze before dropping it and heading out.
(15h17m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith comes back in and peeks to make sure Xith is sleeping. She goes and drags in two bodies from her tub. They are both wet and limp. She quickly speeds into the halls.
(15h14m) <ICEE>Fire Fish Edith heads out of town rather quickly.
1) or at least they weren't when this occurred, Xith would like to note
2) Xith would like to note that meeting Tehdave and his jet tricycle, he is unable to make himself consume cheeseburgers any longer.
3) Edith said this particular typo made her break out laughing
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