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Ophelia grew up under strict parents in a sheltered home within a gated community placed in a rich, crimeless town. Her parents were typical socialite dilettantes who showed their only child love by buying her things. Often pets. She ranked somewhere between large petting zoo and small actual zoo in number of exotic animals she owned. One uneventful night she released every last animal out into the night to run free. The local news reported more roadkill showing up in a 24 hour period of time than ever before in the history of the state.

She was often asked why her parents would give her such a name; but it wasn't until years later when she read Hamlet that she finally understood. She never asked their motivation and all she could figure out is that they either never thought of the implications of the name, or never wanted a child in the first place. She couldn't help but think it was the latter considering their installation of a large pond in the backyard soon after she was born.

Adult Life

For Ophelia's safety, the details of her adult life (especially names) will not be expounded upon. Suffice to say she partook in dangerous (read: stupid) activities that she regrets more than anything else in life.


After her second DK, Ophelia ended up as a 5'4 Kittymorph with a petite frame (though she is surprisingly stronger than her size lets on), vibrant green eyes, and a mischievous smile. As a human, she had shortly cropped brown hair, somewhat pale skin, and a propensity towards darkly colored clothing. As a Kittymorph she has grey and black tiger-striped fur, a tail which she can't, for the life of her, control, and larger than average eyes.

She stayed a Kittymorph through her next 7 DK's. Then, Horatio decided to spice things up by making her part robot. A large chunk of her right torso, her right arm, and her right leg were all completely robotic. The metal seemed fused to her skin. Her right shoulder blade was missing a patch of fur that looked like it was torn from her, and her metal torso was bared through the ripped "flesh." She retained a heart and a pulse.

Another DK and Ophelia is a human again for the first time since she beat up Horatio. She stands 5'4", has somewhat long dark brown hair, vibrant green eyes, and isn't quite as skinny as she was as a Kittymorph. Her skin is still pale, but in almost a Victorian manner. Her lips seem perpetually pursed as if she is halfway between asking a question and smiling.

She has a scar on her chest, right above her heart 1).

Current Life


Ophelia fairly quickly found herself accepted by the Wayfarer's Gambit. Despite some early turmoil 2), she finds the clan and her clannies to be home and family, respectively.


Shy is the first word that would describe Ophelia. But only at first. She can be quiet and reserved; but if she knows someone well enough she is more than likely to slip into a very different personality 3). When feeling anti-social, she can often be seen wearing a pair of headphones that are a little too big for her head. Nobody knows exactly what they are plugged in to; but her head bobbing is convincing enough that she is rarely questioned. She fancies herself an amateur philosopher and logician, though living on an island where improbability is rule 1 makes something like a logical proof seem a bit useless. Nevertheless, she will try her best to trap people into conversations about the self indexical I, the existence of nothingness, or Pascal's Wager if given the chance 4).


Aside from a fling with Asa, Ophelia has only had one relationship she would call "serious." She met Milo when he was a Kittymorph and reconnected with him after he became a human again. The two of them can often be found together, possibly being too cuddly for public, but Ophelia doesn't seem to care. One night, in a possibly rash move (motivated by fear of Milo forgetting her due to drive-loss), she used one of her claws to dig a symbol into his chest and then into her own. Her goal was to leave a scar that would stay despite form changes. The cut is in the shape of a circle with two ancient characters in the center that roughly translate to "my beloved." It wasn't until later when she realized that might have not been the smartest idea considering the permanence of a scar and the impermanence of many relationships.

Despite her distrust of relationships in general 5), she has recently married Milo and wears a silver band with a small diamond which acts as both engagement and wedding ring.


Ophelia's love of animals has carried over to her adult life. Her first week on the island she came across a defenseless baby bird that had fallen out of its nest and couldn't fly. She saved his life by giving him food and putting him in a safe place. A few weeks later, she heard a tweeting at her windowsill and realized it was the same bird she had saved. She named him Peeps, and he has been with her ever since. He is a brilliant white songbird with eyes a similar green to Ophelia's. He is as harmless as can be and won't even eat worms 6). He can often be found delivering messages for her, almost like a carrier pigeon.

She also carries around a small, stuffed owl she named Hermes. Apparently she has a thing for birds.


Ophelia has a weak-spot for all of the following: Intelligence, humor, alcohol, voyeurism, secrets, knee-high boots, scars, and very late nights.

1) See: Relationships
2) She might have had something to do with Asa's divorce and leaving the clan
3) Be it overly dramatic, overly love obsessed, overly intellectual, or overly sexual (if there is such a thing)
4) So you probably shouldn't
5) Something to do with a past relationship which ended with her working in a Russian brothel
6) His favorite food is chocolate
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