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As the Island is now relatively calm, the OST is resting until the next big calamity.

This is a clip-on ear stud. Fancy, isn't it?

The Outpost Support Team was formed at an informal gathering at Village Savor. After much discussion1), those in attendance agreed to form the band of merry gung ho'ers that became known as the Outpost Support Team or OST2). Soon they were joined by other like-minded3) spirits.

It was decided early on that the primary focus for the group would be the outpost which seems to be in perpetual need - Cyber City 404. If the city in the cold hard north east was safe from any imminent danger, the next outpost where Assistance Is Required would be the target of OST's attention.

Cyber City is still troubled, but less so than before! [citation needed]4)

So there you have it. That's who we are and what we do in our spare time. If you need to call in the team you may call on any or all of the following:

The following have offered those in need One Shot Teleporters to aid the cause:

Trowa, Makiwa

Want to join up and get yourself a fancy ear stud? All you've got to do is pass the stringent test by answering 'yes' to at least one of the following:

Are you willing and able to jungle fight?

Can you build walls?

Are you willing to talk to7) Titans?

And finally, the most difficult part of the entry test is - to ask!

OST communicates on the OST board, among other ways.

The arch-nemisis of the OST is the BTW organization.

1) and rocket fuel posing as tequila
2) A little more than a passing nod to the preferred mode of travel
3) foolhardy?
4) What! Where?! Lemme at it!!
5) I though I told you to stay off my bloody lawn!
6) Not Matthew
7) or otherwise injure, maim, or kill
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