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Night Owls

This is an OOC clan, or Out of Character. Which means that it's not a roleplay driven clan. This clan is for people who can't sleep, hate the day, or otherwise choose to remain active at night.

Crepuscular players are welcome, however one should not brag about their crepuscularness.

What We Do

We go about the business of playing Improbable Island.

Clan Rules

The only rules we really observe are the main site rules & community guidelines which are:

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Don't take it seriously.
  3. No Alts.
  4. No Kids.

Our Objective

To have fun. Clan members are encouraged to deposit their cigarettes in order to purchase clan buffs. I mean, everyone knows that there's nothing on the island you can spend cigarettes on, so you might as well sink them into clan buffs.

Ladies and gentlemen, your founder...

The founder of Night Owls, player of Lola Tetrovsky, prefers to meet and briefly talk with all members. She also enjoys a cup of sweet, creamy tea (hot or cold) or an iced coffee while she sets about adventuring on the island. She's shy and is more of a gamer, not a player.

Gamer versus Player?

Gamers are generally looking for the next event, quest, or instance in which to participate, while Players often want to roleplay with their fellow Players. Look, don't think about it too much, it's really just a distinction that helps everyone understand what they're looking for out of their Island experience.

Anything Else?

Meh. Not really. This informative page is simple, and may be updated/shinied up later. That's the thing about Night Owls, we're gonna get to stuff one night...

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