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A 'Game' that KK has apparently invented. He thinks that Paintball is for the weak, so he invented a different game, affectionately referred to as 'Painball.'1)

Painball is a sport in which CO2 weapons are used, firing paintball sized spheres. The spheres have been loaded with an electrically charged gas and a few drops of phosphorous. The idea is that whereas a paintball feels like just taking a lesser BB gun shot, a painball feels like a cross between getting Tazed, burned by the lit end of a match, and shot with a rubber bullet all at the same time2).

KK is currently using it as a substitute for live ammunition in his training programs.

Aside from the standard team vs. team and free-for-all games, KK has used a special set of rules. Something he refers to simply as 'Hunt.'

There are two teams, Red and Blue. The Blue team is composed of six people, all wearing blue scarves. These six are well armed with automatic Painball guns and all that like. They are against the Red team, which is composed of one person wearing a red scarf and armed with a much smaller painball pistol.

The rules work like this.

For every Blue team member that is shot, they must return to base and be 'replaced.' Either actually be replaced or simply come back in under proxy.

If the Red team member is able to take a scarf from a Blue team member, the blue team member is out permanently and cannot be reinforced or replaced.

The objective of the red player is to eliminate all of the blue team players and collect their scarves.

The objective of the blue team, is to get the red team scarf, and get it to the commander of the team (Who is designated.) This commander then must return the scarf to the predetermined base to win.

1) Or 'Marriage'
2) Which, I can assure you, hurts and burns quite a lot!
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