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Yes, I know you don't have any. I'm not blind. For those of you who are blind or seeing-impaired or whatever, the Island is clothing-optional. Some people, though, are rather shy. If you are reading this, I gather you are one of them, so, yes, I know you want some. Tough. You can't buy them, and unless you pants somebody who has a pair, you'll have to find them on your own.

Pants are found in the Jungle or during Travel. They are a medium-difficult opponent,1) so don't expect to come across them right away. If you defeat them without damaging them too badly2), you can be decently clad once more.3)

1) level 9, if you must know the exact level
2) like shredding them completely
3) I will not say you will be decent once more, I don't know you that well.
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