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In all likelihood you have heard something about parasites1). Or an infection2). Or you haven't. In which case we are HERE TO INFORM YOU! Yes, yes, calm down. We're getting to it.

For those3) of you planning to participate or those who are interested, here are the rules4) for participating in this particular plot. If you go too strongly against them, then you'll probably end up yelled at or told not to do that. And that's out of character.

  • These are demons in name and "history" only.

The symbiont in your contestant has NO powers5). It's just there6), floating around in your contestant's bloodstream7) and talking to them with their mind8). No summoning the demon itself, or using the demon's abilities or power AT ALL. This is the first rule for a reason: if you bring the demon into play beyond their persona inhabiting the contestant's mind, you will be dissociated from the plot.
Please and thank you.

  • You infect it, you answer for it.

If you infect someone who then goes around being stupid, you will be responsible for cleaning up their mess and making them behave. So pick your infectees carefully. . .

  • As always, don't be a dick.

This really ought to be self-explanatory.9)10)11)

  • Infect with consent only.12)

It's all right if it's OOC consent, but beware the IC rage that will likely result. Don't say we didn't warn you.

  • It's a symbiont, not a parasite.13)14)15)
  • Be prepared for others to defend the peace.

This can be anything from other contestants that don't want so-and-so infected to the other symbionts/hosts themselves bugging you about something you did. They have a reputation16) to protect17), after all.

  • Please file paperwork!18)

If you wouldn't mind terribly, it'd be ever so lovely if you could tell someone you're infected, and with whom, so we can add you to the list.

Care and Keeping of Your New Wormy Partner

There are people who seem to be infected by. . . well, by something. 19) It can take over the mind of its host if it tries very very hard (even then, it doesn't always succeed- the host can resist, after all, seeing as it IS their mind20)) but otherwise it's simply there.21)

The infection spreads from tissue-to-blood contact, so it requires some sort of injection or just two open wounds. The symbiont then spreads, infecting the entire circulatory system and, over time, the entire body22)23). It can be removed by shocking the CENSORED out of the infected individual24), but be forewarned, they may not survive it too well. There are other ways, but you'll have to ask around if you want to know about those.

They are inhabited by so-called 'demons', and are led by an individual called Lucifer, whom they call 'Father'. For whatever reason, they have decided as a group to at least attempt to coexist peacefully on the island, although they have already encountered problems. . .


Vince- A 'patient zero' of sorts; he has control over his symbiont, and it is non-sentient.
Cage- Valafar.
Fish- Jezebeth.
Clayton- Remus25). Removed? - The souls of Clayton and Remus were moved to a new body.
Dark Knight- unknown. Removed- electric shock
Rose26)- unknown. Removed- electric shock
Hamster Ninja27)- Raum; Currently back with Fish after journeying across time and space for several millenia, split, reassembled, etc. etc.
Caelan- Shax.
Flaze- Deumos.
Mia- Vetis. Removed- demon sealed
Isaac- Titivillus. Removed- by Hank28), placed in Quinn; Removed - currently in Hell
Wolfgang- Gremori.
Quinn- Orobas. Removed by unknown means; currently in Hell
Tamar- unknown29).
Dragon- unknown30).
Trex- Valac. 31)
Clueless- Ose. Removed- Banished back to Hell32)
Clue/Szara- Vassago. What? Another one?
Kell- None- Parasite Sterilized and Kell Immunized by Clue.
Grace- None- Parasite Removed By Quinn, Grace Immunized by Clue.
Sage- None- Parasite Sterilized and Sage Immunized by Clue.
Elfin Link- None- Parasite.... Regurgitated. Somehow.

1) Yes, I am aware of children.
2) Thanks Julia!
3) I thought you said you were getting to it.
4) okay, more like guidelines
5) except for the tentacle thing, but that's more complicated.
6) Not there, there
7) Or attached to your spinal column.
8) and possibly taking over sometimes, but that's up to you
9) Obviously, it means don't become a phallus.
10) Or a private investigator.
11) What if your name is Richard?
12) Just like in real life
13) Wait, now they're symbionts? What happened to them being demons?
14) At least try to call them that, okay? People REALLY don't like hearing there's a parasite in someone.
15) Especially a loved one.
16) What reputation?
17) read: everybody's annoyed with them and they really, really don't want trouble
18) This one is more optional than the others.
19) If we're gonna get technical, it's a nematode.
20) And they're probably already sharing it with seven other people
21) But I thought it was there.
22) Those infected need the occasional supply of uninfected blood as their system becomes unable to produce it properly.
23) This usually isn't too big an issue, unless you get blown up a lot.
24) This also gives the person back the ability to say "fuck" and "shit" and the like.
25) Due to certain events, much of the demon's personality was 'burned away', leaving an innocent "Remus" behind.
26) AKA Tulip, Summer, Seasons, etc
27) AKA Hank AKA Heather AKA The 'froker! AKA Geeble Fronzyulf
28) Symbiotically
29) Lariel last time we checked but it might have changed
30) Likely going to be Amon
31) Uh oh
32) He was an arse, and deserved it
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