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The Party

Wherein Sessine resigns his membership in SPOON in style.

SPOON Clan Hall

You step inside.

The clockwork wall of giant brass cogs and flywheels is in motion, whirring and clicking away. While it will still produce almost any beverage requested (except Gargleblasters, for legal reasons), tonight it is featuring the drinks of New Orleans: Sazerac, Herbsaint, Hurricanes, and Roffignacs, brandy or bourbon milk punch, cafe brulot, Crusta, the St. Charles, the Vieux Carre, and even an import from the north, mint juleps.

Beyond the clockwork wall, the hall opens into a cobbled street hemmed on both sides by row houses with large arched openings on the street and narrow wrought iron balconies immediately above. Lanterns are strung from cornice to cornice. They glow with a lurid intimacy that compliments the heady smell of Louisana irises and brugmansia. There are people in costume all around, laughing, dancing, drinking. Everyone seems quite comfortable in the heat. A band at the end of the street, just before a broad square that's been cleared for dancing, is playing wild, fast-paced cajun and zydeco music.

To your left, long tables are loaded with the best food of New Orleans, creole and cajun both. There's an appetizer and salad table - crabmeat cheesecake with pecan crust, Galatoire's Crabmeat Maison, Crawfish boulettes, fried green tomatoes with shrimp remoulade, oysters Rockefeller, of course, and much more, with a dozen kinds of salad. Another table offers huge tureens of a variety of gumbos and bisques, as well as shrimp and corn chowder, an amazing crawfish boil, and turtle soup. A sandwich table is loaded with po-boys in proper French bread, crisp on the outside and light inside - fried shrimp, fried oysters, tender roast beef and gravy, ham and cheese, hamburger, Creole hot sausage with cheese. There's also an inexhaustible supply of muffulettas. There's a breakfast table with beignets - watch out for the icing sugar! it'll get all over your costume - french toast, calas, couche couche, eggs hussarde, eggs pontchartrain with bacon, fried oysters, poached eggs and tasso Hollandaise, a spinach and tasso bread pudding with Gruyere cheese, and more.

The seafood table, supplied by Ahi Koa KK Victoria, is laden with, among other things, crawfish etouffee, catfish pecan meuniere, grilled Creole-seasoned salmon, herb and chipotle crusted tilapia, pan-seared scallops on saffron asparagus risotto, tasso shrimp with five-pepper jelly and Crystal hot sauce beurre blanc, and sweet potato crusted catfish with andouille cream drizzle.

And to your right, someone in a brilliantly feathered mask shows you a toothy grin. "What're you waiting for? Go on!"

Potay la sa a;

this is a gate;

[03/26 04:14pm] Three deep drum beats: .......... Boom. .......... Boom. ......... Boom.
[03/26 04:15pm] Voices sing...
[03/26 04:16pm] Odu Legba, Papa Legba, open the door, Your children are waiting. Papa Legba, open the door, your children await.
[03/26 04:16pm] Odu Legba, Papa Legba, open the door, Your children are waiting. Papa Legba, open the door, your children await.
[03/26 04:17pm] Odu Legba, Papa Legba, open the door, Your children are waiting. Papa Legba, open the door, your children await.
[03/26 04:20pm] The door of clan hall flies open. Framed in the doorway is an old man with a broad-brimmed straw hat and a pipe, dressed in red and black, leaning on a cane.
[03/26 04:22pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine as Papa Legba is accompanied by a dog. He walks slowly to a chair at the front of the hall, and sits.
[03/26 04:23pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine declares: Laissez les bon temps roule!
[03/26 05:07pm] <SPOON> Hermein thinks that's easy for him to say. Hmm, why is that? Oh, maybe French Canadian? Well, anyway. . . "Bonjour, Papa!" Bowing, he hands Sessine a long wooden wand.
[03/26 05:09pm] <SPOON> Hermein bows again, and takes his leave. Perhaps he may return later. . .
[03/26 06:58pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard brings a bottle of rhum, a small dog statuette for Papa Legba and a bottle of herbsaint for the bar. Then Bernard appraises the decor. Impressive, damn their eyes!
[03/26 06:59pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard is dressed perfectly for the occasion, having dodged the odd doggy doo in SH, being barefoot. His lovely straw hat is popped on his head, and he's looking young! And virile! What an actor!
[03/26 07:12pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria storms in, pops of oxygen exploding in controlled bursts around him to give the effect of thunder. He's dressed in a red robe tied around his waist, red hair spiked up.
[03/26 07:13pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria spins the stone ax around in his hand with practiced skill. Even obscure weapons seem to fit naturally.
[03/26 07:16pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard heads over to the buffet, and comes away with some gumbo which he devours, spilling it down his chin and chest, burping.
[03/26 07:19pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard grins at KK, "Didn't they tell you it was fancy dress?" he's a wag, old Zaka..
[03/26 07:22pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard wanders off to the ante-room, he's got a massive plate of goodies in one hand, and a freshly mixed sazerac in t'other.
[03/26 07:52pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria brings in a large mass of seafood on heavy platters, setting them out as his part to the party.
[03/26 08:08pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia Dashes through the halls unseen amongst the preparations, carrying what appears to be a large instrument case
[03/26 08:19pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia Heads into a conviently placed changing room
[03/26 08:21pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia sticks her head out a moment to crush a typo gremlin with the obviously heavy case
[03/26 08:29pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria steps in cracking his shoulders carefully and heading to the back streets for their party. He's quite happy how his costume turned out.
[03/26 08:35pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine waves an especially cordial greeting to the guests arriving from other clans.
[03/26 08:36pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Makes his way into the party, looking absolutely stunning in his low cut black dress that seems to sparkle as the light shines on it, his Heels clicking against the floor
[03/26 08:39pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Has really gone all out for 'her' apparent gimmick, as 'she' flourishes her dress with a twirl. "ahh, Tis a lovely Evening for a dance amongst the streets" offering a curtsy to Sessine
[03/26 08:44pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Giggles lightly at 'her' voice "ahh, I do pull this off so well, save I can't quite get the voice down.. or up as it were"

Chanje youn.

a change.

[03/26 08:46pm] A whisper seems to drift between the partygoers, making its way directly towards Sessine. The whisper resolves into a question that only he can hear.
[03/26 08:49pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine laughs loudly. "Of course! But of course!"
[03/26 08:50pm] A vaguely sinister looking figure resolves in the entrance to the streets. Dressed in a black tuxedo, top hat, and cane (tucked beneath his arm)..
[03/26 08:52pm] He seems very formally dressed for such an occasion. But it's the mask that draws attention. Covering his face from upper lip to forehead is a skull.
[03/26 08:54pm] The skull's teeth cover his upper lip, giving him a death's grin appearance. He has two lit cigars, one in his mouth and the other in his left arm, and a glass of rum.
[03/26 08:55pm] The newcomer proceeds directly to Sessine and embraces him. "Papa Legba! So kind of you to invite me!"
[03/26 08:56pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia steps slowly out of the change room, Full zoot suit, and a black fedora. quite the 'Manly' apparel, perhaps she had a jokers help smoothing the edges
[03/26 08:56pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia finds 'Himself' watching the newcomer closely
[03/26 08:58pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine is more than pleased. "Baron Samedi. You are welcome here."
[03/26 09:01pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grins, looking even more eerie, and turns to gaze at the others. He notices the cross-dressing twins. "This should be interesting."
[03/26 09:02pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia decides this is a good time to pop open the instrument case 'he's' been carrying. inside lies a rather large sax, Etched flames dance ornately along the outside
[03/26 09:02pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth appears in a burst of flame, Bare of chest and foot, wearling brilliant scarlet and Blue Pantaloons, a beaked half-mask adorned with Red and Blue feathers, and matching wrist and anklets.
[03/26 09:07pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia Grins as 'he' lifts the sax and begins to just let the music pour out of it, playing with great skill.
[03/26 09:10pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Spins lightly as 'She' appraoches the Baron giggling with a curtsy "welcome kind baron, It seems the music has started, perhaps you would dance with m'lady?"
[03/26 09:12pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila enters, clad in a long, red dress. The fabric is thin and flowy, and her many layers of skirts flit and dance with the slightest movement. Copper bracelets and bands adorn her bare arms.
[03/26 09:12pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia speeds up the tune a bit, and glances around as 'he' starts to groove with sax in hand, hoping that perhaps another musician will join in
[03/26 09:13pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV tumbles in, looking like a green and gold harlequin in a china mask. She hollers in her best French Creole accent, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
[03/26 09:13pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila grins. Copper is braided into her curls, her lips are painted a dark red, and kohl lines her eyes.
[03/26 09:14pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria looks over the heads of the crowd gathered, spotting Lelila. He leaps into the air, landing in a crouch in front of her. He stands, then bows, "Oya." He says with a grin.
[03/26 09:16pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx leads her entrance with a bare foot and a jangle of beads. Her red skirt is festooned with colorful scarves. Her waist is cinched with a velvet bustier over a low-cut white blouse. She smiles.
[03/26 09:16pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin enters in a flurry of motion, backflipping his way through the door, around the guests, to the center of the room in a blur of blue and black.
[03/26 09:17pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx lifts a hand and intones, "I look at the future and see, a splendid party shall be held here tonight." She giggles and hugs a few fellow clannies and new ones too.
[03/26 09:17pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin comes to a halt wearing a full length Jester suit in royal blue and jet black, complete with bells at the wrist and ankles.
[03/26 09:17pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila returns his grin, nods. "Shango."
[03/26 09:18pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia Sees the jester slipping his way amongst the crowds, and decides to switch to a suitable entrance tune
[03/26 09:18pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grins disturbingly at Theo. "Are you sure you want that, m'lady?"
[03/26 09:18pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin spreads his arms upon coming to a halt and bows gracefully, flourishing an imaginary cloak. A white mask with sequins adorns his face and conceals it.
[03/26 09:19pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria looks her up and down and smiles, true to his character he says simply: "I like."
[03/26 09:19pm] <SPOON> Atop Drake's fuzzy head is a jester hat outlining the shape of his ears with small, cat head shaped bells at the tips.
[03/26 09:19pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia stops playing a moment to bash the gremlin that switched F with S, then continues
[03/26 09:20pm] <SPOON> To complete the deal, a kitty collar hangs around Drake's neck with a working bell. With a twinke in his eye and a hearty laugh on his lip..
[03/26 09:20pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Giggles lightly again "I dont see why not, after all, its all in good fun"
[03/26 09:21pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin proclaims aloud, "Mes amis! Permettez-nous de manger, boire et faire la fete non avant que nous any nous fatiguions; faites alors la fete certains plus!"
[03/26 09:21pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV sizes up Nessin, the other harlequin, noting that her costume is green and gold. She proudly proclaims, "Mine is Joker made." She adjusts her china mask and smiles.
[03/26 09:23pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Grins "besides, It's not as if i'm dancing with blades tonight, nothing to fear from me"
[03/26 09:23pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila grins at Jade, before looping her arm around KK's.
[03/26 09:24pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx 's hips sway as she makes her way nex to Lelila. "I believe Drake said something about eating and drinking and keeping the party going or something like it."
[03/26 09:25pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin merely grins. "And mind is..well..I'm not sure, but it doesn't matter, tonight we celebrate!"
[03/26 09:25pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen shrugs and suddenly grabs Theo, spinning him around and performing a lively and somewhat obscene dance with him.
[03/26 09:26pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia Gently flips a switch on the side of 'his' sax as it continues playing itself. "Yes joker made can be quite lovely"
[03/26 09:27pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Seems to be enjoying herself thoroughly as The baron Flips and twirls her amongst the crowd
[03/26 09:27pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV catches Lelila's grin and moves to join her and KK. She snags a Sazerac along the way. "Hello you two."
[03/26 09:27pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin chuckles softly at Calynx. "I'm sorry, my French is a bit rusty, what I meant was for us to eat, drink and celebrate untill we can't stand it, then celebrate some more!" [03/26 09:28pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia bows lightly to Drake "welcome my friend, quite the impressive getup. It suits you well I think" 'he' says with a wink
[03/26 09:29pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila raises a brow at Gorbert and Theo, smirking. She turns back to Jade. "Evening, my dear! I didn't mention earlier, but I do love your costume."
[03/26 09:29pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx tilts her head at Drake, making her long earrings jingle. "Quite fine actually. I assure you my French isn't any better than yours."
[03/26 09:30pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria smiles at Orisha, setting his double bladed stone ax in the case on his back. "Hello, Jade." He says, still managing his very strange accent. It sounds deep and constantly echoing somehow.
[03/26 09:32pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin grins broadly and tips his head to teia, cat-bells jingling. "Why thank you, I like your costume as well." He leans in closer and whisperes softly so only "he" can hear.
[03/26 09:32pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine looks on, nodding his head to the beat, approving.
[03/26 09:32pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV looks down so Lelila can get a better look at her green and gold embroidered cap. "I have Baron Samedi to thank for this. I'm glad you like it, I like it myself."
[03/26 09:32pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin "A dress would look better I think." Then winks.
[03/26 09:32pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Twirls lightly away from Samedi, the dancing coming to a halt on 'her' part "alas, as I feared, I must take my leave far too early, forces beyond walls we cannot see beckon"
[03/26 09:33pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth heads for the autobar and selects a head-sized wooden tankard of Spiced Rum
[03/26 09:33pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx walks up to Sessine, looking a bit teary eyed. "Papa Legba, I feel as though I haven't had time with you and you're already leaving. I shall miss your voice in these halls." She hugs him.
[03/26 09:33pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen switches to dancing with Calynx, very energetically.
[03/26 09:34pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV looks curiously at Nessin. "Were you talking to me? A dress?"
[03/26 09:34pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia Giggles lightly and places a barely noticeable kiss on drakes cheek "Why thank you good Sir, I'd ask you to dance, but I'm afraid i must leave soon as well"
[03/26 09:35pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx suddenly starts laughing as she realizes that the Baron seems to be gyrating all over tonight.
[03/26 09:36pm] <SPOON> Midnight Mistress Theo Waves 'her' farewell with a flourish of 'her' dress, and a blast of fireworks as 'she' dissappears from the party.
[03/26 09:36pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen is gyrating indeed, quite lewdly in fact. Elvis has nothing on him.
[03/26 09:37pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin shakes his head at Jade then points to teia. He then turns his attention to Teia. "Already? But the party has barely begun!
[03/26 09:38pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV rolls her eyes at Gorbert.. no, sorry, "Baron Samedi". "Do not hurt yourself old man. I'm telling you."
[03/26 09:40pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx spies some fried oysters and slowly makes her way towards them, hips still swaying gracefully.
[03/26 09:42pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine jumps up and goes with Calynx. "Now, now. This is not a matter for tears, but joy. I am not going far - and if the SPOON officers permit, I will certainly be back for visits."
[03/26 09:42pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen responds with an incredibly rude joke whispered in Jade's ear.
[03/26 09:42pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth tosses back the entire tankard, then sets the dredges on fire with just a touch to the high proof alcohol.
[03/26 09:43pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia frowns sadly "I shall try to see you again soon my dear, but alas this thing called 'Work' summons me" Kissing him again softly on the cheek "farewell dear jester"
[03/26 09:43pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV punches Baron Samedi in the arm, then laughs. "Behave. Are you even drinking yet? My guess is no."
[03/26 09:44pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin touches his cheek and smiles a little, then bows with a flourish. "And farewell to you as well.. until we next meet."
[03/26 09:45pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen gasps dramatically at the mention of the word 'Work'. He shakes his rum in front of Jade's face and downs the whole tumbler in one swallow. He steps over to the autobar for a refill.
[03/26 09:46pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine winks at Jade. "Now really. You expect Baron Samedi to behave with decorum?"
[03/26 09:46pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria grabs a bottle of rum and downs it like it was water. He laughs, then grabs Lelila, taking her into a swinging dance in the crowd of costumes and music.
[03/26 09:46pm] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia grins again "yes until we meet again" and with that she fades into the backrooms.
[03/26 09:47pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth shudders along with Gorbert. A more dreaded word has yet to be heard.
[03/26 09:48pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen forgot to draw attention to it on his arrival, but he is sporting a left arm. He couldn't graft it permanently, but it will last long enough.

Pa fen an sa a.

this is not an end.

[03/26 09:48pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila laughs, clinging to KK as they fly across the floor, the hems of her dress flowing and fluttering.
[03/26 09:49pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV peers at Papa Legba closely. Sudden comprehension slips across her face. She grins. "Well, I suppose I could enjoy watching how the Baron misbehaves tonight." She winks back.
[03/26 09:49pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen , while fiddling with the autobar and trying to make rum, sticks both cigars into his mouth and puffs vigorously on them.
[03/26 09:51pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth steps onto the main floor with Machetes drawn, and a space appears around him as if by magic. The Machetes twirl, bursting into Red and Blue Flames as Ogoun Feray begins to dance.
[03/26 09:51pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx wanders back to the Baron with a plate of oysters. "Here, this should help you with your - character - tonight."
[03/26 09:51pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria doesn't particularly care about his manner. It's Orleans tonight! He'd never be this well spirited, or this eccentric about this kind of thing. However,
[03/26 09:53pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria once was a 'cook' in Orleans for a while and had the privilage of making food for a Mardi Gras party. He's learned the actions which are almost customary.
[03/26 09:54pm] <SPOON> Civilian Jade XXIV curses as she realizes that she has something to attend to. "Keep the party rolling, I'll be back to check in on everyone." With a quick somersault and a flip, she launches out of the hall.
[03/26 09:55pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen winks at Calynx. "Much appreciated, but I don't actually need them."
[03/26 09:56pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx shrugs and bites into one and munches on it. "Suit yourself then. I happen to love these."
[03/26 09:59pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen takes an oytser and gulps it down. "I didn't say I wouldn't take any, just that I don't need them."
[03/26 09:59pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard emerges from the ante-rooms, empty plate in hand, food on chin and chest, gurning and leering at the ladies, he approaches Baron Samedi, and embraces him firmly, "Mh Brotheh."
[03/26 10:01pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard grins widely at his clan-mates, "Looks like the party finahly started!" he watches a young lady walk past with some oysters on a tray, and reaches out and snaffles one which is stuffed into..
[03/26 10:01pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx jerks her blouse up just a notch higher. "Kouzin Azaka, ah, your harvest seems to be all over your chin and yourself as well."
[03/26 10:02pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin blinks when he realizes that he'd been staring at the spot Teia vacated some minutes before. Feeling a little foolish, he takes up Teia's place, pulling three balls from behind him then juggles.
[03/26 10:03pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grasps Azaka tightly. "Kousin! I'm glad you saw fit to attend! Come, the food is over here."
[03/26 10:04pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard 's food stained maw, there is a bottle of good rum, a Rhum Babancourt which he hands to Samedi!
[03/26 10:06pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth spins and twirls, and leaps high into the air, leaving trails of fire as his blades sweep through the ether. Those bold enough to approach receive his blessing, a slap with a blade grants strength.
[03/26 10:07pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard grins at Calynx, and waggles a chicken drumstick at her. He burps, and groans and holds his tummy in mock agony, then stuffs the chuck in his mouth and blows her a kiss! "Is a lovely blouse, miss!"
[03/26 10:08pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin continues to juggle, at first only three balls in a circle which quickly become five that begin a cross-over pattern.
[03/26 10:10pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx looks at Ogoun Feray curiously. If she stands in front of him, she gets a slap from his blade and would that then make her stronger?
[03/26 10:11pm] <SPOON> Audacious IonicField saunters in, pausing to take in the decorations. She continues on, smiling at her clan-mates.
[03/26 10:11pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen is delighted by Azaka's gift and promptly pops the bottle open, pouring a generous measure for himself.
[03/26 10:12pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx waves to Ionic, her bracelets jingling merrily. "Ionic! Have a drink and stay a while my dear. There's loads of food to be had."
[03/26 10:13pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard somehow manages to sneak a jolly large measure of the rum for his very own, which he throws in the general direction of his mouth, his eyes all the while wanderin', "Hello Ionic!" offerin' her..
[03/26 10:15pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth smiles widely, and spins to a stop, chest heaving as he stares into the eyes of IonicField.
[03/26 10:15pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard does, a swig of a bottle of herbsaint he's managed to procure from somewhere. He performs some sort of approximation of a barn dance, feet high, knees angular, all elbows over towards Ionic!
[03/26 10:16pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx giggles and moves over to stand next to Drake. She whispers, "Oh that's ever so sweet. Ionic is Tor's wife."
[03/26 10:17pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen entertains himself by walking into the midst of a group of idly chatting people and telling the most vulgar and lewd jokes he knows. Looking at the shocked faces, he sneers, "Prudes."
[03/26 10:17pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard grins at Tor and Ionic, "Hey, it wasn't me musclin' in! I just wanted to chit-chat!" he aims the herbsaint in their general direction, and somehow manages to snaffle a third of a muffaletta..
[03/26 10:19pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin merely raises any eyebrow under his mask. "Mmmmhmmm.." He says softly while the cross over pattern becomes a fountian.
[03/26 10:21pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx walks by the food table again to retrieve another plate of oysters. She stops suddenly to grab Lelila's arm, as if in a trance. "I predict that both of you might like these." She laughs.
[03/26 10:23pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop walks in, realizing he hasn't dressed for the occasion.
[03/26 10:24pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila gives Calynx a look, then raises a brow. "No, we don't need them, either." She flits away, laughing as she tosses an apple at Drake, trying to disrupt his rhythm.
[03/26 10:26pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin doesn't react as the apple flies his way. His tail abruptly shoots over his head and snags the fruit from the air then tosses it up into the fountian, neatly putting it in with the other five balls.
[03/26 10:26pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria grabs one of the oysters, thanking Calynx with her with a nod. He cracks it open, then eats the entire shell. He sees Jon Bishop, frowns. The Newbie needs a bleeding costume..
[03/26 10:29pm] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx catches KK by the sleeve. "I must commend you on the finest seafood table I've ever seen. The offerings are divine."
[03/26 10:30pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria turns around, nodding his thanks once more. He had help from some other cooks, but that was mostly because of the massive proportions required for the meals.
[03/26 10:31pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grabs a plate, loads it with a dangerously tottering pile of food and walks past KK. "Yes, well done, Sango, my compliments." He grins at Lelila. "Care to dance?"
[03/26 10:32pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila returns the grin, her dress fluttering as she bows to the Baron. "But of course!"
[03/26 10:32pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard continues his rather angular dance, oftentimes wandering off following the ladies, or snaffling down a huge bowlful of gumbo..
[03/26 10:34pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria stands back. He hopes Gorbert knows that he can count on not having working legs if he tries too much of that wild gyration he was doing earlier.
[03/26 10:34pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin glances over at Lelila after a few moments and winks. "Thanks for the apple.. " The said fruit comes down to his hands and goes back up.. as an orange! ".. I'll be sure to eat it later."
[03/26 10:35pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine says to Bishop, "What costume would you like? We don't have anyone doing Jean Lafitte, the famous pirate, yet.. "
[03/26 10:35pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen considers KK's threatening demeanor. Hmm-broken character or broken bones? Tough decision.
[03/26 10:36pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin laughs softly as the balls begin to change as well, coming down as simple colored balls and going up as completely different things. A fish, a small plate, paperweight, a shoe. On and on it goes.
[03/26 10:37pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila rolls her eyes at KK's glare. "Oh, lighten up!" she calls, laughing and pulling herself close to Gor- er, The Baron.
[03/26 10:37pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop "Whatever is available, I will gladly take it."
[03/26 10:39pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen gives Sango one more half-glance. He'll risk it. It's not like he's going to go TOO far. He begins dancing exuberantly with Lelila.
[03/26 10:40pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria blinks. His frame bursts into flames, then someone from the balcony above dumps water over his head. He erupts in a cloud of white steam and swears something in German, breaking his accent.
[03/26 10:41pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria resorts to climbing up one of the columns to take out anger on the person who dumped him in *twitch* water..
[03/26 10:43pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard cheers on Ghede, "G'wan bra, don' let him put a gris-gris on ya"
[03/26 10:43pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin watches KK go up in a puff of steam. "Oh my.. " He says softly, continuing to juggle and hoping that one of the objects he juggles doesn't turn into an empty bucket with traces of water in it.
[03/26 10:45pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop expresses a light smile. It will be nice to see someone beaten to a bloody pulp other than himself for once.
[03/26 10:46pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria jumps back down, frowns, takes a drink of someone else's and then moves on to go eat.
[03/26 10:48pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila would have laughed, assuredly, were she not so distracted by attempting to keep up with the Baron's lascivious dancing.
[03/26 10:48pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop is disappointed, and searches for someone to blame for the incident.
[03/26 10:48pm] Jon Bishop finds himself attired in a well-fitting coat of Napoleonic-era cut and a hat with a swooping broad brim.. a handlebar moustache and goatee. Quite dashing.
[03/26 10:50pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen talks amiably the whole time he's dancing (most of it incredibly rude language).
[03/26 10:51pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin jumps as a screech cuts across the din. Were anyone to look, they'd see a cat go squalling into the air before coming back down and changing into a cell phone. "Sorry.. " He mutters, embarrased.
[03/26 10:51pm] Since this is a Mardi Gras party, Bishop also has a handsome black domino mask with an elaborate gold-sequin pattern.
[03/26 10:53pm] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine nods at Bishop. "That'll do you, I think. Enjoy the party!"
[03/26 10:53pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard shouts, "Looka dat guy's mustache, it's dashing!" he joins KK by the buffet.
[03/26 10:53pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila giggles, blushing fiercely at the Baron's commentary.
[03/26 10:53pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria 's sharp ears pick up Gorbert. Now he's just trying to spite him. (Or at least that's the conclusion he comes to.) Since Lelila doesn't think anything wrong with it, KK can't do a thing.
[03/26 10:54pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen takes a breather and steps to the food to enjoy more rum.
[03/26 10:56pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard nudges Sango, he's hogging the boudin noir, and blocking Zaka's access to the yam etouflee, "Budge up Bra, say, dese fish dishes are hawt, yeuhrm?"
[03/26 10:56pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop excited that he has a costume, hurries over to the food.
[03/26 10:59pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria blinks at Azaka, "Bra, dem deshes I make, ah?" He respondes, trying his best to imitate the accent Bernard is using.
[03/26 10:59pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila helps herself to a glass of rum, before joining the others by the buffet, just a slight blush remaining on her cheeks. She smiles at Jon. "Quite dashing, indeed!"
[03/26 11:02pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop has a sudden boost of self confidence. "Thank you very much."
[03/26 11:02pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard was hoping this was moderately accurate N'Orlns, still, "Yeah, I'll take me a grilled ersta, it's dee-licious."
[03/26 11:02pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop pours himself a glass of what he believes is grape juice. He never had much of a desire to drink alcohol.
[03/26 11:04pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop thinks the juice tastes rather strange, but continues to drink it.
[03/26 11:04pm] <SPOON> Shadow Jester Drake Nessin after nearly 15 minutes of juggling random object that change when they touch his hands, Drake steps back, the juggle fountian continuing on it's own, (how improbable!) and making for the buffet.
[03/26 11:10pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen , despite having drunk approximately three quarts of rum at this point, is still quite steady in voice and balance. He steps back to the dance floor. Light screaming can be heard.
[03/26 11:13pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop finishes his drink, and goes to refill his glass.
[03/26 11:15pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop Drinks the entire glass within half a minute.
[03/26 11:17pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop exclaims "This is downright the best damn juice I've ever had in my life!"
[03/26 11:18pm] <SPOON> Badass ionblast hajenates, "Stopped by for a bourbon milk punch and some Crabmeat Maison. Can't let an opportunity for debauchery go by."
[03/26 11:18pm] <SPOON> Kouzin Azaka Bernard thinks Pirate Jean Bishop-lafitte has the right idea, and decides to match him drink for drink, "G'wan Bra, I thirsty, and you thirsty, let's drink anyways!"
[03/26 11:20pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria 's ears perk up. He hears something being yelled out in a Suth'n accent, vaguely French/German. He swears, lowering his head. A black cat with a flaming tail jumps up to his shoulder.
[03/26 11:20pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop pours himself another glass. "You're on!"
[03/26 11:21pm] <SPOON> Badass ionblast hajenates, "I will have some pan-seared scallops also.. "
[03/26 11:23pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria mutters something to the cat, who bursts out. "Yeh? Up yurs!" and jumps away to find some Tuna. KK shakes his head, then heads back to find Lelila and continue dancing.
[03/26 11:26pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila giggles, polishing off her first glass as she watches Jean and Azaka drink.
[03/26 11:26pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop upon finishing his third glass of "juice", begins to feel different, all of his worries begin to dissipate..
[03/26 11:27pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen tips his top hat to Sango. "No hard feelings, friend!" He grabs hold of a timid looking girl and begins dancing with her.
[03/26 11:37pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen looks around and gives a sharp whistle. "HEY! Are we still partying or what?!"
[03/26 11:36pm] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila starts at the sound, nearly spilling her drink. She raises her glass. "I am!"
[03/26 11:36pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop, after finishing his fourth drink: "Hell Yeah!"
[03/26 11:37pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen lowers his mask again and steps back into character. He grins and begins performing amusing dances and tumbles.
[03/26 11:39pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria raises his bottle of rum with Jon and roars something as well.
[03/26 11:42pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop screams, "This juice is awesome! Who needs alcohol anyway!?
[03/26 11:43pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria stops, mid roar and looks at him. Then shakes his head. Must be too drunk to know what he's saying. KK shrugs and roars in agreement anyway. No need to shutdown the newbies..
[03/26 11:46pm] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop charges into the middle of the dance floor, whailing his arms in the air. "YEAH!"
[03/26 11:47pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria shakes his head, drinks some rum and whispers through the bottle "Dummkopf."
[03/26 11:49pm] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria looks over to see the cat with the flaming tail, a bottle of rum between her paws. She nods, mutters, "Schwachkopf"
[03/26 11:57pm] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth returns alone, and draws another tankard of Rum from the autobar.
[03/26 11:58pm] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen leans on the wall next to the autobar. "The party seems to be dying, Ogoun. Any suggestions?"
[03/27 12:01am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth leans towards KK as he looks at the cat. "Das ist mir Egal." he whispers as a white stripe appears from the feline's nose to the tip of its tail.
[03/27 12:02am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine grins at Baron Samedi. "Oh no. It's just getting started, my friend."
[03/27 12:02am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth turns to the Baron and suggests, "More rum?"
[03/27 12:07am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen laughs. "I like the way you think, my friend."
[03/27 12:09am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx sashays in from the back room, diaphanous scarves swirling about as she walks. "Did I hear someone mention rum?
[03/27 12:11am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth pours himself another tankard, and hands one to the Voodoo Queen as well.
[03/27 12:13am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grins. "You did in-f***ing-deed, Voodoo Queen. Ogoun! Toss some of that my way!"
[03/27 12:15am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx forgets her ladylike manners. She is, after all, the fierce Voodoo Queen tonight. She heartily upends the tankard, swallowing fast. "Excellent rum you have, Ogoun Feray."
[03/27 12:16am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth laughs and tosses a brace of rum-filled coconuts to the Good Baron.
[03/27 12:19am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen catches the coconut with his left (feels good to be able to do that again) and drains the whole thing. "Much obliged, brother." He lights up another cigar.

Alo souri,

so smile,

[03/27 12:21am] And as the Baron entered, there is again a figure in the entry to the streets - lithe, feminine. She steps inside and favors a fellow with a hooded look, a smile.
[03/27 12:21am] A richly patterned silk skirt sits low on her hips. The edges lap at her bare ankles to reveal occasional flashes of gold. Her top is gauzy and exposes her arms.
[03/27 12:21am] A bracelet fashioned after a snake twines up one arm and there are countless tiny flowers, both real and golden, caught in her hair - long and waved, tonight.
[03/27 12:21am] She has about her the scent of lavender soap. Clean. And so many rings.. three of which catch the light, glinting and winking knowingly.
[03/27 12:21am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria 's cat growls at NaGoth and breathes fire over him. KK frowns, waving away the fire like it was nothing more than a mere insult. "Apologies, Feray." He says simply.
[03/27 12:23am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty takes in the room, the people, that terrible little cat. She would appear to be cataloguing.
[03/27 12:24am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grins, pleased to see the newcomer loa, though she will less than pleased to see him.
[03/27 12:24am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth merely chuckles at the cat's response, then only has eyes for the entryway. He saps his fingers, and a tray of fresh strawberries and Pink Champagne appears in his hand as steps forward.
[03/27 12:28am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx starts to feel a little peckish and swishes her way over to the table, piling a small plate with crawfish. She swipes another tankard of rum on the way back.
[03/27 12:29am] <SPOON> Audacious IonicField enters, dressed as Reine Marie.
[03/27 12:29am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty 's eyes light at the tray. "Ogoun," she purrs throatily, as if he's the only man in the room and indeed, in the world. She moves to meet him, but he's the one to complete the last few steps.
[03/27 12:31am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth closes the distance,and profers the tray with bowed head, "Erzulie."
[03/27 12:32am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria 's cat jumps onto his shoulder. KK watches Erzulie walk into the room. He raises an eyebrow, then scratches the cat on the head real quick.
[03/27 12:33am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty accepts a flute of champagne and delicately tips his chin up, leaning close. KK is not the only one managing an accent tonight - nor a total feat of acting. "So good to see you - thank you."
[03/27 12:36am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth smiles, "Se bon ki ra, Erzulie Freda. You are most welcome."
[03/27 12:37am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth manages a wink to IonicField as he continues to play his role.
[03/27 12:40am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty leans closer, sleepy-eyed, and speaks against Tor's ear. "And it occurs to me.." A long pause. "Was that Ghede?" And then she straightens to smile at the Baron - yes. It was. Gluttonous lecher.
[03/27 12:43am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grins wolfishly at Erzulie and tips his hat.
[03/27 12:43am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine stands still, his eyes filled with the vision of Erzulie Freda. Inner beauty made visible.
[03/27 12:44am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop stumbles into Gorbert, barely able to keep his balance. He stares at Gorbert's arm with a bewildered yet brainless expression on his face. "Hey! Woah?! What's with your arhm?!
[03/27 12:47am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty sips her champagne and raises her eyebrows over the rim at the Baron. Her gaze lingers on Papa Legba for just a moment and then she's quick off to touch Bishop's shoulder.
[03/27 12:47am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen gives Jean Bishop-lafitte a light shove in the direction of the dance floor. "Go find a nice girl, my son."
[03/27 12:47am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty draws him away with a curved smile - and miraculously, his drunkenness steadies a bit. "You'll dance?" It is.. a hidden command.
[03/27 12:48am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth bows out of the way , then goes to prepare another platter of fine foods, and moves to join Reine Marie, with a smile on his lips.
[03/27 12:50am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop gains some control over himself, not completely, but enough. "Shure, I'd love to." [03/27 12:52am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx watches Erzulie weave her magic over the rim of her tankard. She smiles, noting that particular spell for later use.
[03/27 12:53am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty chuckles. He's the one to lead the way through the crowd and then to lead the dance - but it's she that keeps anything unfortunate from happening, anticipating and averting sundry tiny disasters.
[03/27 01:00am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop dances with slightly more controlled movements, but still shows obvious signs of being completely hammered.
[03/27 01:08am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen purses his lips. That dancing is entirely too tame and sensual for his liking, but he doesn't wish to directly aggravate another loa.
[03/27 01:11am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV quietly slips back into the party, helping herself to some Sazerac along the way.
[03/27 01:12am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop attempts to spice up his dance moves to show off. "Are you ready for this?!" He attemps to do a backflip. Had he practiced, he may not have landed on his head.
[03/27 01:13am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth notes the return of Jade, and gives the Baron a pointed nudge in her direction.
[03/27 01:15am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty would counter that the good Baron knows nothing of insinuation. She assists poor monsieur Bishop to his feet and from there to a chair, but she doesn't stay with him. Back into the crowd.
[03/27 01:18am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen moves sleekly and swiftly through the crowd until he reaches the returning harlequin. "Care to dance?" he asks with a leer and a wink.
[03/27 01:19am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop cries, "Ayee don't want to be alooooonnee!" and refills his glass with the so called grape juice.
[03/27 01:20am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV gives the Baron her best smile. "Only if you can keep up with me." She starts twirling her hips in a samba she picked up at Carnaval one year.
[03/27 01:22am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx laughs over her third tankard of rum. "Dear Baron, do watch out. You may have met your match there. Try your best to keep up."

Selebre e

celebrate and

[03/27 01:23am] The Amazing Purple Limejello enters, with a flourish of lime green and purple feathers and sequins.
[03/27 01:25am] The Amazing Purple Limejello heads immediately to the beverage table. Perhaps this is what she needs tonight!
[03/27 01:28am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen matches Jade's dance step for step and twirls her around.
[03/27 01:29am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine goes with a twisted gait, leaning heavily on his cane, to talk with Limejello.
[03/27 01:29am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen tosses aside his cigars and rum to really get into the flow of things. He and Jade move together in a seamless dance.
[03/27 01:30am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV does a little kick step and twirls, her costume making crisp snapping sounds as she turns sharply. "Doing good so far, old man. Let's see what else you've got."
[03/27 01:35am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx starts bobbing her head to the music, bare feet tapping a rhythm out on the floor. She grins as she watches couples dancing and whirling about.
[03/27 01:36am] The Amazing Purple Limejello looks at the cane. "How's the leg, ol' timer?"
[03/27 01:37am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria steps up to Calynx, offering out a hand. His bare feet couldn't help tap out along with it either. "Would you like to dance?" He says with a smile.
[03/27 01:39am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx takes KK's hand and curtseys scarves swooshing as she moves. "I'd be delighted, sir." They move into the crowd stepping to a Zydeco tune.
[03/27 01:39am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth drinks more rum.
[03/27 01:42am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria nods, allowing himself to be taken to the middle of the dancing crowd. Most of the people there, KK has never met, or ever seen. He wonders if they even really exist,but then realizes it irrelevant
[03/27 01:42am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx laughs as she whirls around with KK. She yells a little to be heard over the music. "You're actually a pretty good dancer!"
[03/27 01:42am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria decides instead on enjoying the party and moves with the odd dance steps in perfect time with Calynx, adding in odd and unorthodox flourishes every now and then.
[03/27 01:43am] The Amazing Purple Limejello searches the table for something strong.
[03/27 01:44am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV giggles as she hangs on to the Baron trying to keep her cap on her head as they step in time to the music. She's not even sure if she's leading or if he is.
[03/27 01:44am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria allows a smile to break as he picks up Calynx into an odd spin, pulling her back close and then continuing with the steps of the dance.
[03/27 01:45am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth obliges LimeJello with a Tankard of Rum.
[03/27 01:47am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx 's laugh gets louder as she passes under KK's outstretched arm, twisting from side to side as she goes. He breaks into a funky step as she dances around him to get back to his front.
[03/27 01:48am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth demonstrates the proof by spraying a smll cloud of the potent distalate through the nearest torch, with explosive results. He's only had about 4 gallons so far.
[03/27 01:49am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen grabs Jade and throws her high into the air, then jumps after her. Anyone who's ever read Harrison Bergeron would recognize what he's doing. It's not really Samedi's style, but what the hell.
[03/27 01:50am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV ducks under the flame burst just in time to save her harlequin cap from going up in flames. She laughs at Ogoun Feray. "Away from the dancers please."
[03/27 01:50am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV screeches as she finds herself airborne, laughing as the Baron catches her.
[03/27 01:52am] The Amazing Purple Limejello hajenates, "Thanks Tor, I needed that."
[03/27 01:53am] The two dancers almost reach the ceiling, the Baron holding the harlequin close. Then they fall back to the floor, Baron Samedi absorbing most of the impact.
[03/27 01:54am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria laughs, moving backwards. He realizes that he's back to back with Gorbert. He's generally forgotten about earlier and chuckles, going back into the good spirits of New Orleans. "Trade?"
[03/27 01:56am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen smiles. "No thanks. I'm fine with my choice of dance partner."
[03/27 01:56am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop , completely oblivious to his own state, states "You know.. drinking is bahd for your liver, you should try this awesome juice!"
[03/27 01:57am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx laughs and grabs KK's hand and pulls him away dancing again. "Guess you're stuck with me for now."
[03/27 02:00am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria shrugs, laughing anyway. He continues in step, seemless from anything when that German cat jumps onto his head. She doesn't say anything, just seems to be along for the ride. KK ignores her.
[03/27 02:00am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen has returned to the mischievous nature of his persona. He pulls out a flask of 307 ale. "Here, son. This is a particularly beneficial kind of juice. Drink up now."
[03/27 02:01am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV looks curious at the cat following the Sango of Oya. She shrugs and continues dancing in time with the Baron, smiling. "Still good to go there Baron?" She dances faster.
[03/27 02:02am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen returns his attention to Jade and spins both of them into a dizzying ellipse, the foci mere inches apart.
[03/27 02:04am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx starts tapping out a rhythm with her feet that is part voodoo dance, part Zydeco, and yet all Mardi Gras. KK follows along in time with the steps.
[03/27 02:05am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty has finally worked free of the crowd, leaving many unhappily wistful in her wake. She's by Limejello's side next to present her with a tiny jeweled hibiscus, smiling. "For you."
[03/27 02:06am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop drunkardly stumbles over to Gorbert and grabs the flask. He reads the label. "Hmm, 307 AH-LE. Haven't heard of it.. ."
[03/27 02:08am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth sings aloud as he joins the dance once more, "A mwen, Feray O! Se pa jodi a yap lome nom mwen."
[03/27 02:08am] The Amazing Purple Limejello hajenates, "Zol, that's beautiful! What's the occasion?"
[03/27 02:08am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV catches her breath and laughs as the dizzying spin ends, steadying herself on him. "I'll take that as a yes, you're still good to go."
[03/27 02:09am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth continues, "A mwen, Feray O! Se pa jodi a yap lome nom mwen."
[03/27 02:09am] The Amazing Purple Limejello examines the beautiful minature flower, amazed at the workmanship.
[03/27 02:10am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth finishes, "Depi aye yap lome nom mwen. A mwen, Feray O! Anko mwen danjere."
[03/27 02:10am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria smiles. This reminds him of a war dance that was a tradition among some of his brothers who taught him how. Being barefoot seems to make it all the better with the tapping and stomping.
[03/27 02:11am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty is almost feline with pleasure. "No occasion."
[03/27 02:12am] The Amazing Purple Limejello says, "I will treasure it always."
[03/27 02:13am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx picks up her skirts and stomps harder, laughing up at the Sango. The three large tankards of rum on a small frame is doing wonders to make her laugh tonight. Helps with dancing too.
[03/27 02:13am] The Amazing Purple Limejello digs through some feathers and produces a fine silver chain. Carefully, she threads the chain through a piece of the hibiscus, and attaches it around her neck.
[03/27 02:13am] The Amazing Purple Limejello and for now, it's time to dance!
[03/27 02:14am] The Amazing Purple Limejello finishes off her rum, and joins into the foolishness.
[03/27 02:15am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop hajenates, "takes a sip of the 307 ale."
[03/27 02:15am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria finishes with a shout of something in another language, not realizing that it isn't the right one. He laughs, shrugs, then bows to Calynx. "Thank you, Queen." He says simply.
[03/27 02:15am] <SPOON> Sango of Oya KK Victoria bows to everyone in the streets, then heads out, dancing a bit as he does. He has a few things to take care of.
[03/27 02:16am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx curtseys prettily, her bandana glimmering as she bows her head. "A pleasure as always, dancing with the Sango of Oya."
[03/27 02:17am] <SPOON> Newbie Jon Bishop realizes he has just blurted out utter nonsense. He thinks he may be losing his sanity.
[03/27 02:17am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine bows before Limejello, somehow much younger in appearance than a moment ago. "May I have this dance, milady?"
[03/27 02:19am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila re-enters just in time to watch Sango leave. Well, darn. She grins, and helps herself to another rum.
[03/27 02:20am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen continues looping and twirling with Jade, intimately close to her. He occasionally shouts out an off-color joke, to mixed reception.
[03/27 02:21am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx dances her way to the autobar to get two Hurricanes. She jerks back to avoid Jade and the Baron as she makes her way back to Lelila, handing her the other Hurricane.
[03/27 02:25am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila accepts the hurricane as she drains her rum, giggling. She glances at Calynx. "Did I miss anything amazing?"
[03/27 02:25am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV waves apologetically towards Calynx, pointing at the Baron who is still twirling them about the dancefloor. She tries to gauge how drunk he is.
[03/27 02:27am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine takes Limejello's silence for consent, and whirls her onto the dance floor, whispering in her ear.
[03/27 02:27am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx looks from Lelila to her glass of Hurricane to the empty tankard of rum and swipes one from a passing tray for herself. She lifts a chin to indicate a certain couples. "Mmm.. interesting."
[03/27 02:28am] The Amazing Purple Limejello smiles at Sessine. "Of course, I would be honored."
[03/27 02:28am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty looks after the latest pair of dancers with a flash of something in her eyes.
[03/27 02:30am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen isn't the slightest bit drunk. Despite two and a half gallons of rum, he's quite steady on his feet.
[03/27 02:31am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen isn't the slightest bit drunk. That doesn't mean he isn't a danger to others on the dance floor.
[03/27 02:32am] The Amazing Purple Limejello catches the flash in Zolotisty's eye.. and wonders what that was all about. Hopefully she did not offend her!
[03/27 02:33am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila raises a brow, smiling at Calynx. She manages to catch Jade's eye, and winks at her.
[03/27 02:33am] The Amazing Purple Limejello , thanks to the super-rum, whirls around the dance floor with a smile on her face.
[03/27 02:34am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV looks down at their feet and tells the Baron, "Please, whatever you do, do not step on my feet." She sort of wishes she went for the bells on her costume, just for the sound.
[03/27 02:34am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine throws his head back and laughs at something Limejello says, then twirls her away from him and pulls her back.
[03/27 02:35am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx elbows Lelila in the side sending all of her copper accroutements jingling. She lifts her eyebrows towards another couple.
[03/27 02:36am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen starts singing a sea shanty (and of course it's vulgar) loudly without breaking step. He grins at his dance partner. Samedi twirls her, reaches into his pocket and then passes his hand over her head.
[03/27 02:37am] The Amazing Purple Limejello , cheeks flushed from both the alcohol and the wild dancing, slides between Sessine's legs and out to the other side in some sort of weird flashy dance-y move.
[03/27 02:37am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen has somehow placed tiny brass bells on each of the parts of her cap, as well as a dozen other places on her costume.
[03/27 02:40am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine leaps in the air, does a back-flip, and ends up in position to take Limejello's hands and pull her back up to her feet.
[03/27 02:40am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV releases her hold on the Baron to do a fast pirouette, sending all the bells jingling merrily. She laughs underneath her mask before she holds on to him again. "Perfect."
[03/27 02:43am] The Amazing Purple Limejello pulls close to Sessine, throwing her leg up over his shoulder as the music reaches a dramatic albeit temporary end.
[03/27 02:44am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx tries to cover her gaping mouth with yet another tankard of rum. She grabs another one from a passing serving tray for Lelila.
[03/27 02:45am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine waves a hand in the air, and a golden shimmer passes overhead, tracing out the letters SumaMizuki - First Drive Kill!
[03/27 02:46am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx puts down her tankard for a second to clap for the new Contestant.
[03/27 02:46am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila is quite giggly by this point. She watches the dancers turn around the floor, then glances at Calynx. With a laugh, tankard still in hand, she pulls her out to the dance floor.
[03/27 02:47am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila raises her tankard as she spins around the dance floor with Calynx. "Cheers, SumaMizuki!"
[03/27 02:48am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx retrieves her tankard just in time as she gets yanked to the middle of the floor. She starts twisting around, sending her scarves swaying with her hips as she laughs and keeps up with Lelila.
[03/27 02:48am] The Amazing Purple Limejello says, quite breathlessly, "Thank you for that, I needed it. "
[03/27 02:49am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine freezes in a dramatic final pose with Limejello, then bows. "Enchante."
[03/27 02:51am] A mysterious figure arrives at the door, a dark suit with a narrow tie, alligator skin shoes, an ebony and silver walking stick, and a domino. Oh, wait, it's just
[03/27 02:51am] <SPOON> Hermein . "Hi, everyone!"
[03/27 02:51am] The Amazing Purple Limejello , in the spirit of all that is going on, gives Sessine a full on kiss, just because.
[03/27 02:52am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx trips and misses a beat, giggling. She winks at the newcomer. "About time you got here." She goes on dancing, keeping the beat.
[03/27 02:53am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV waves at Hermein over the Baron's shoulder, bells jangling. The sound truly amuses her.
[03/27 02:53am] <SPOON> Hermein takes in the scene. From the look of him, he's been Somewhere Else all evening, and it must have tired him out. But there's a party, and a SPOON party is not to be resisted.
[03/27 02:55am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila peeks over Calynx's shoulder at Hermein, and grins at him with a little wave.

Ak bon volonte,

with good will,

[03/27 02:56am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette emerges from the crowd of mingling dancers.
[03/27 02:56am] The Amazing Purple Limejello ,exhausted from the dancing, grabs another coconut.
[03/27 02:56am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine touches her under the chin. "Courage, my dear, the New Orleans way. Live well." He moves off to greet Hermein.
[03/27 02:57am] <SPOON> Hermein suddenly realizes that he his holding a small accordion. "Hmm, how improbable." Still more improbable - he realizes that he knows how to play it.
[03/27 02:57am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette seems to have been here all along.
[03/27 02:57am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV peers at the Baron again, checking to make sure he's still awake. She grins and jangles her bells in his ear.
[03/27 02:57am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette is dressed elaborately (and rather saucily) in a costume that calls to mind the Queen of Hearts from a deck of cards.
[03/27 03:00am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila giggles fiercely as she trys desperately hard not to trip over Calynx.
[03/27 03:01am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx giggles and holds on to both of Lelila's hands and sends them into a huge spin that sends their skirts flying.
[03/27 03:02am] The Amazing Purple Limejello smiles at Sessine, but as he turns away, she realizes that not any amount of alcohol in the world will make all the pain go away.
[03/27 03:02am] <SPOON> Hermein looks hard at someone, then decides that it must simply be Mardi Gras, and joins in the music. Odd, he doesn't know this tune, either.
[03/27 03:02am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen dips Jade, then spins her out to the length of his arm and snaps her back. Still awake.
[03/27 03:03am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine says to Hermein, "You'll need a costume to go with that accordion - maybe lederhosen?"
[03/27 03:03am] The Amazing Purple Limejello , suddenly less merry, wanders toward the exit. She was thankful for the respite, however fleeting.
[03/27 03:03am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila shrieks, grasping Calynx's hands. Ooh, lord, she's feeling the rum now.
[03/27 03:03am] <SPOON> Hermein taps his fancy shoe (which is pinching just a little), plays his newfound instrument, and watches the whirling dance.
[03/27 03:03am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx lets go of one of Lelila's hands to blow someone a kiss before grabbing it again and trying to slow them into a good Mardi Gras mambo.
[03/27 03:03am] The Amazing Purple Limejello pauses at the exit, smiles broadly at her friends, and vanishes into the night.
[03/27 03:05am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty is watching Arouette now, direct-like - her gaze remains trained easily on her even as dancers block her line of sight. She angles her chin.
[03/27 03:10am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine waves a hand in the direction of Calynx and Lelila dancing. "It's Mardi Gras," he says to Hermein. "You can cut in. Watch.. "
[03/27 03:11am] <SPOON> Hermein is watching Z, now, and the tiniest hint of a smile shows. Then he's distracted as two twirling ladies nearly collide with him.
[03/27 03:12am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV laughs at the Baron and says, "I think I'm monopolizing you."
[03/27 03:12am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette watches Zolotisty, too. She goes over and looks her up and down. Then she grins.
[03/27 03:13am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine moves over there and smiles at Lelila. "You'll excuse me, I'm sure." He sweeps Calynx into a wide twirl.
[03/27 03:15am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx grins, honored that Papa Legba chose her for a dance partner tonight. She laughs gaily as he finishes the twirl with a dip.
[03/27 03:15am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen laughs. "That's fine by me."
[03/27 03:15am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila giggles, still far too dizzy to be able to dance straight, anyway. Wobbling slightly, she meanders to the edge of the hall and takes a seat on a bench.
[03/27 03:15am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty 's crease slowly, absently aware of Hermein's scrutiny. "Voulez-vous danser avec moi?" Arouette agrees, and they join the dancers with quick grace - and thankfully, no impromptu duet.
[03/27 03:18am] <SPOON> Hermein shifts a little in his uncomfortable shoes. Should never trust a Midget cobbler. But it's Mardi Gras, so he simply kicks them off and shoves them out of the way, still playing.
[03/27 03:22am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV looks at the accordionist and requests an Argentine Tango song. "Can you do that, monsieur?"
[03/27 03:25am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen pulls up his mask and kisses Jade lightly on the cheek. "I must leave. But I will return."
[03/27 03:26am] <SPOON> Hermein considers. Argentine Tango? He has no idea what one sounds like. But, "Si, Senorita." and he launches into it.
[03/27 03:27am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV laughs, finding herself suddenly without a partner. She pulls one of the reluctant newbies to dance with her instead.
[03/27 03:31am] <SPOON> Hermein tries to stomp his foot to accentuate the beat, finding that his current unshod state is not particularly amenable to this.
[03/27 03:32am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV dances until the tango ends. She thanks the newbie and then bows to Hermein. Tired, she grabs a Hurricane before moving to sit on the bench by Lelila.
[03/27 03:36am] <SPOON> Hermein works a few kinks out of his fingers. They're not used to this kind of activity, and that tango was challenging. . .
[03/27 03:37am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette and Zolotisty part slowly when the music ends. It is an opportunity to murmur something in Zolo's ear.
[03/27 03:37am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila grins at Jade, attempting to sober up a touch. "Having a good evening, dear?"
[03/27 03:38am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx finishes her dance with a flourish of scarves and clacking beads. She curtsies to Papa Legba before walking off the dance floor. She heads for the accordion player, bends down to kiss him.
[03/27 03:39am] <SPOON> Hermein idly wonders what Sessine did with the wand. It's particularly useful when someone's had a bit much to drink.
[03/27 03:40am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV makes appreciative sounds over her Hurricane. She glances sideways at Lelila, "I really am. This is a great party. You guys do this all the time?"
[03/27 03:41am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty laughs as she nods. "I understand." Thoughtful for only a moment, she wheels to catch the arm of another dancer - a brawny fellow dressed as a street tumbler - as the band strikes up again.
[03/27 03:41am] <SPOON> Hermein smiles broadly at the Queen."Your majesty, you are looking particularly lovely this evening."
[03/27 03:43am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx has had too much rum to get any redder. She smiles back at the dapper accordion player instead, taking a seat near him.
[03/27 03:44am] <SPOON> Hermein begins to play a sweet, slow melody. He has no idea what song it is, in fact, he's never heard it before. But it seems to suit the evening, and his company.
[03/27 03:44am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila smiles. "Only when we can find an excuse. And, I suppose, not always so very.. " she waves a hand, ".. grand."
[03/27 03:47am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV grins over her drink. "Grand is good though." She gets up to sample the food, aware that all that dancing has made her hungry. She brings back a chunk of tilapia and shrimp to share.
[03/27 03:47am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette pauses by the autobar then goes to stand with Sessine. Sometimes, when there's too much to say..
[03/27 03:48am] <SPOON> Voodoo Queen Calynx leans her head on the accordion player's shoulder, listening to the music with her eyes closed. She smiles as she feels the whoosh of the dancers twirling by them.
[03/27 03:49am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine overhears Jade's question. "It's the guests that make the party," he says over his shoulder, as he dances with another of the revelers.
[03/27 03:51am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV nods in agreement with Papa Legba. He does have a point. She forks some flaky tilapia, surprised that it's still hot. She offers some of the shrimp to Lelila and a nameless newbie.
[03/27 03:52am] <SPOON> Hermein relaxes a little more, feeling the comforting pressure on his arm. As the band strikes up a tune for the dancers, he sets his instrument aide and gestures to the Queen.
[03/27 03:52am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine meets Arouette's eyes. Yes. She was the one who took in an awed Newbie and gave him the opportunity to grow.
[03/27 03:56am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV chats animatedly with Lelila, proudly showing her whatever bruises are visible from her husband's sparring this morning. Can't see much through the harlequin costume though.
[03/27 03:57am] <SPOON> Hermein realizes that the Queen must have been dancing up quite the storm, since she's fallen asleep on his shoulder. He smiles, feeling the tug of sleep himself. Very gently, he turns and picks her up.
[03/27 03:58am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila winces, shaking her head. "Yes, well. I'm moderately sure he didn't listen to a word I said to him on the subject. I am sorry, dear." She rolls her eyes with a grin.
[03/27 04:00am] <SPOON> Orisha Oya Lelila smiles warmly as she watches Hermein carefully lift Calynx.
[03/27 04:00am] <SPOON> Hermein stops for a second as she stirs, and looks for his accordion. It seems to have vanished, but he decides that it will likely be there again, if the occasion calls. He's not bothering with those shoes.
[03/27 04:01am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine says, finally, "I tried to keep us on the course you set. But in the end, I found that preserving wasn't enough, I had to make my own decisions. And now.. Now I'm passing it on."
[03/27 04:02am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV assures Lelila that bruises don't bother her. She's pretty tough. She grins and waves a particularly large shrimp at Lelila.
[03/27 04:03am] <SPOON> Hermein nods to his clanmates and friends, navigates around the tables, narrowly avoids several dancers, and finally reaches the door to AceHigh. With a wink to Sessine, he carefully eases through.
[03/27 04:05am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV puts her plate down as she listens intently to Papa Legba.
[03/27 04:06am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette laughs. "You graduated a long time ago, Sessine. Why are you still hanging around the dojo?"
[03/27 04:16am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth makes his presence known once more as he comes to stand near Arouette with a deep, formal Bow. "It has been too long. I do apologize for setting the precedent though."
[03/27 04:19am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine grins back at Arouette. "Um.. nostalgia? But Hermein and hajen have things well in hand. I'm not needed here. I can go where you know I've wanted to, since the night Snickerer left."
[03/27 04:27am] <SPOON> The Watcher Hates Arouette tilts her head, scrutinizing Sessine. "You stayed for me, didn't you? You and hajen. So I wouldn't feel deserted."
[03/27 04:32am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine looks down, wry. "I seem to make a habit of doing things people wouldn't have asked for. Should probably stop now. Cut back, anyway.. But, in all modesty, the clan did need me then."
[03/27 04:43am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine glances at Tor. "So, what is DICE - grad school? The street corner where dropouts hang out? Or a spiritual retreat? I'm looking forward to finding out."
[03/27 04:45am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty as Zolotisty shrugs. She doesn't know what grads go to school for, or where things mgiht be dropping from, but she does know what <DICE> is. "Home."
[03/27 04:46am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth chuckles, "All of the above, and none. It seems that the Ensemble is exactly what each member needs it to be. Much like <SPOON> but with a bit more experience, and more independence."
[03/27 04:49am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth adds, "Though I'm not really sure 'independence' is the right word."
[03/27 04:50am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine murmurs, "Home." That sounds good to him.
[03/27 04:50am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth adds again, "And a Bunny. Mustn't forget the Bunny. Or the Houdini HedgeHog."
[03/27 04:52am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth appears to be babbling. Rum may not affect the Odoun, but lack of sleep may be doing the trick.
[03/27 04:54am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth slaps the Typo Gremlin that swapped out his g with the flat of a Machete.
[03/27 04:54am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty grimaces at mention of the rabbit. And then, she breathes in, slipping nearer to extend her hand to him with subtly arched eyebrows. She's good for at least one more dance tonight.
[03/27 04:54am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV looks around at the sad faces of the <SPOON> clan who will undoubtedly miss Papa Legba/Sessine.



[03/27 04:57am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth catches sight of Jade, and offers her the hilt of a Machete.
[03/27 04:57am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth asks, "Care to dance?"
[03/27 04:59am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV smiles at Ogoun Feray and grabs on to his Machete giggling. "Why of course."
[03/27 05:00am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth faces off with Jade, and begins an intricate Blade Dance, starting slow, with basic movements.
[03/27 05:02am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV is a quick study and mimics Ogoun Feray's movements easily. She doesn't shy away from the blade that passes close to her body.
[03/27 05:03am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth Smiles, and increases the tempo as he adds more steps.
[03/27 05:05am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV grins as she dances and weaves her steps along with his, the blade glinting as Ogoun Feray flourishes it over their heads. The music beats faster.
[03/27 05:07am] The Machetes begin to Flame once more as Jade and The Ogoun spin and twirl in an intricate weaving of blades and bodies. There is power here, but no strike lands.
[03/27 05:10am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV focuses on the Ogoun's eyes as the blade flashes and leaps. It flames past her head. Duck. He sweeps it low, the flames licking the floor. Leap. The flames leave an intricate trailing pattern.
[03/27 05:14am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth parries, and thrusts, Strike, then guard, step then turn, then leap. The Dance continues building to an unsustainable pace.
[03/27 05:15am] A figure of medium build stands in the shadows, arms crossed and leaning against a wall. He watches the dancers with mixed emotions. One word comes to mind:
[03/27 05:15am] Beautiful.
[03/27 05:19am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth 's movements begin to Blur, finally outpacing his partner despite her best efforts, and the dance ends as his blade comes to rest ever so lightly across her cheek. Stillness. Then a deep nod.
[03/27 05:20am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth withdraws his blade, and Bows. "A fine dance."
[03/27 05:21am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV grins, unflinching against the sharpness of the blade, eyes full of admiration. "A fine dance indeed, Ogoun."
[03/27 05:24am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth smiles, and withdraws to the Bar, refilling both Tankard and plate with aenormous portions. It seem he has worked up an appetite.
[03/27 05:25am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV follows suit, heading to the bar for something strong.
[03/27 05:27am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine took her hand, and together they have been watching the blade dancers. Now he turns to her and smiles. "Shall we?" The music changes to a slow waltz.
[03/27 05:27am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV finds the rum to her liking and makes short work of the large tankard.
[03/27 05:44am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen pulls out a chair by Jade and looks patiently into her face.
[03/27 05:46am] <SPOON> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth smiles at the waltzing couple, and stifles a yawn of his own. With a fina bow to the Hall, he departs as he came, in a cloud of Flames
[03/27 05:46am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV grins and pinches his cheeks with one hand, turning his face towards the sole couple on the dance floor.
[03/27 05:47am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty 's mirroring smile is not so much coquettish as it is genuine. But who can say. The musicians are still playing.
[03/27 05:47am] Then, back to him with a nod: 'on three?' Small distractions but for good reasons - and now they've the square, strewn with feathers and scraps of bright paper. It's theirs for the moment.
[03/27 05:48am] <SPOON> Baron Samedi Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen raises an eyebrow, though it's hidden by his mask. Watch? Dance?
[03/27 05:48am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV flashes him an enigmatic smile.
[03/27 05:48am] <SPOON> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen hates it when women do that.
[03/27 05:49am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV sighs dramatically and pulls the Baron out of his chair, leading him to the floor.
[03/27 05:55am] <SPOON> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen takes off his mask and tosses the cigars away. His top hat is replaced by a fedora and his left arm fades away. He is no longer Ghede, Baron Samedi: he is Gorbert, dancing with Jade.
[03/27 05:56am] <SPOON> Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen puts his arm around her waist and slow steps across the dance floor, well away from the other couple. He smiles a little. A good evening.
[03/27 05:59am] <SPOON> Contender Jade XXIV tosses her mask away. She smiles as he fits his cheek against her temple. The bells shimmer with sound as they glide around the dance floor.
[03/27 06:07am] Blade Dancer Theo Steps back into the hall, and watches the dancing for a while "It seems that the party is not quite over yet"
[03/27 06:09am] Se bon ki ra the words of the old Haitian proverb echo softly through the Hall. Good is Rare. This has been a good day indeed.
[03/27 06:09am] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia Has returned from the strange place known only as 'Work' 'he' is tired, but it's not quite time for rest
[03/27 06:11am] Blade Dancer Theo Grins idly, It seems that mayhaps legends will grow of SPOON's parties.. hopefuly, they do this again someday
[03/27 06:12am] Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen sways with Jade held close. Acceptance and enjoyment. He's taken both tonight.
[03/27 06:14am] The music stops. Papa Legba Sessine raises his hand for attention.
[03/27 06:15am] <DICE> Contender Jade XXIV blinks a few times before turning towards Papa Legba.
[03/27 06:16am] <SPOON> Jazz King Teia watches solemnly.
[03/27 06:16am] Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen lifts his head from Jade's temple and looks squarely at Sessine.
[03/27 06:16am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty is at attention as well - looking suddenly very world-weary.
[03/27 06:17am] Blade Dancer Theo Nods and waits for what Sessine has to say
[03/27 06:18am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine says, "Ladies and gentlemen, spoonies and honorable guests. This has been a wonderful evening, a night to remember. I am very glad that all of you could come to help me celebrate this occasion."
[03/27 06:21am] <DICE> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth pads in quietly, sans mask, to listen.
[03/27 06:22am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty 's expression slips into a deeper sincerity - despondence. Two light steps beyond his grasp, still watchful. [03/27 06:23am] <SPOON> Ona Tko Vidi Teia Carefully removes her fedora, and sets it on a chair
[03/27 06:24am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine continues, "Tonight, I am leaving <SPOON>, the clan that has been my life since I came to the Island, and joining The Aleatory Ensemble: <DICE>, as I have wanted to do for a long time."
[03/27 06:25am] <DICE> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth smiles a sad, tired little smile. Sessine will be welcomed, but he will surely be missed as well.
[03/27 06:26am] <SPOON> Ona Tko Vidi Teia nods knowingly, missed, but never forgottten. and Sessine will remain a part of spoon wherever he goes.
[03/27 06:30am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine 's eyes rest briefly on Gorbert. "This is not a sudden decision. Before I could leave, I needed to know that the clan would be in good hands. Since my ..rescue, I have watched and seen that it is."
[03/27 06:32am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty has ghosted to the door by now, pausing in the threshold. Her eyes are unusually bright.
[03/27 06:33am] Blade Dancer Theo Glances at Zolo as she moves to the exit, then turns back to sessine
[03/27 06:36am] <DICE> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth removes his <SPOON> badge, smiling at this new memory, and looking forward to his next visit, even as he prepares to leave.
[03/27 06:36am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine smiles faintly. "I will not be far away. The fun we all had tonight, together, proves that the walls between clan halls do not have to be barriers. Friendship is what really matters."
[03/27 06:38am] <DICE> Contender Jade XXIV grits her teeth as a tear manages to escape. She rushes to wipe it away.
[03/27 06:38am] <SPOON> Erzulie Freda Zolotisty blinks and her eyelashes clump together. She nods, perhaps to herself, and goes out with a final swirl of silk.
[03/27 06:39am] Very soft from outside, almost inaudible, "Apre dans, tanbou toujou lou."
[03/27 06:40am] Blade Dancer Theo nods, yes friendship, the principle on which the whole island survives. the reason Newbies make it to transcendant, and teh reasn the transcendant stay.
[03/27 06:41am] <DICE> Ogoun Feray Tor NaGoth departs.
[03/27 06:44am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine says, "I am Legba, he of the Gate and the Crossroads. It has been and will be my purpose to open communication between realms that have thought themselves to be separate."
[03/27 06:44am] <DICE> Contender Jade XXIV takes one last look around the hall and its lavish decorations. The corners up her mouth tilt upwards just a bit. She squeezes Gorbert's hand before she stalks out of the hall.
[03/27 06:45am] Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen looks around the nearly empty clan hall. So few remain, but all of them as close as siblings. He gives Jade an affectionate squeeze and a smile.
[03/27 06:47am] <SPOON> Ona Tko Vidi Teia smiles as sessine speaks, with one such as him to open the doors of communication, perhaps one day the clans will be as fluid as water and all as close as brothers
[03/27 06:48am] <SPOON> Papa Legba Sessine says, "Go, then, good friends. I shall follow you and close the gate after me. But I promise this: if I have anything to say about the matter, it will not stay closed."
[03/27 07:04am] Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen hesitates as everyone else files out of the hall, leaving their badges behind. He looks at Sessine and says, "Thank you." Gorbert takes off his badge and leaves with the rest.
[03/27 07:06am] <SPOON> Ona Tko Vidi Teia Nods quietly "yes, thank you, We'll see you soon alright" Smiling as she hugs Sessine gently "May you have Good luck in all things"
[03/27 07:09am] <SPOON> The Houdini Hedgehog Titus plods into the clan hall, sour that he missed all of the celebrations. He spends a few minutes nibbling at scraps before remembering why he came. He picks up Gorbert's mask and leaves again.
[03/27 07:09am] <SPOON> Ona Tko Vidi Teia at this walks off to change, returning only to lie down and go to sleep
[03/27 07:14am] <SPOON> The Houdini Hedgehog Titus returns and clamps his jaws around the bottle of rum that Azaka had given to Baron Samedi and proceeds to drag it out of the hall.

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