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A wave of improbability from the island and magic3) from its various occupants caught a breeze4) one day and incarnated itself into a physical being5) She wields no magic of her own6), but interacts with the elements differently from other beings. For an unknown reason, she seems to have a strong affinity for puddles, fountains, and pools of water, and constantly stands or falls in them by complete coincidence.

=== Physical Attributes ===((NOT DONE HERE! In progress.

- Slender, delicate figure and features`n- Ageless but youthful, could be 19 - 24`n- Knee-length silvery-white hair, straight but floaty and nearly impossible to tangle`n- About 5 feet tall (over 8.5 feet long in mer-form) and extremely light (less than 5 kg)`n- Body temperature equals the air temperature, but she prefers warmth to cold`n- Usually only while playing, she can move as fast as the wind, topping out at 300 mph.`n- Able to freely touch and hold fire, Phen finds it soft, warm, and snuggly.`n- Fire grows stronger at her touch, and she has learned to manipulate this effect to some extent.`n- Incredibly weak to physical collisions and the lack of air or oxygen`n- If killed, she turns back into wind and re-forms elsewhere sometime later.`n- Due to extreme lightness and speed, she can easily jump and land from ridiculous heights.`n- Can perfectly imitate most birdsong`n`nMermaid form, by the lovely `#Lain`! - `lhttp:i.imgur.com/IiO3EHS.jpg`! `nWind-creature form, artist unknown - `lhttp:tinypic.com/r/234qbb/4`!`n`n`n`bMental Attributes`b`n- Intensely claustrophobic, slightly better about this around those she's very close to.`n- Loves all weather and dances excitedly in heavy storms`n- Tends to snatch at things she finds fun or interesting - like Morphs' tails - often forgetting to ask permission first. `n- Easily distracted the majority of the time, but able to focus if given a difficult and interesting task`n- Speed-reads, loves puzzles and games, especially `ggames`!`n- Empathic and gentle, dislikes hostility or unhappiness`n- Playful, often reckless, will disregard death and injury of herself or her opponent if she thinks it's a game and is having fun`n- Naive, Phen has read many thousands of technical books but only knows about people and culture from her Island experiences`n- She will brush off hostility from strangers, but will be confused and hurt if someone she sees as friendly rejects her.`n- Hasn't got the emotional maturity to deal with most social stressors.`n`n`n`bSkills`b`n- Learning to speak Draconic and Orangutan, has mastery of the most common human languages. `n- OST programming: Can link them together to move `ibig`i things, currently working on an R/C setup. `n`n`n`bHistory`b`nShe first "manifested" about fifteen years before coming to the island, looking exactly as she does now. Phen preferred wandering after clouds to bothering with the "boring people", but picked up language from observation and quickly discovered books. She spent over a decade reading thousands upon thousands of technical and scientific books, as they were puzzle-like and fun. `n`nDumped on the Island, Phen quickly found the people `ithere`i to be interesting. Friends were met, family adopted, and a home (of sorts) made. She's even somewhat made friends with the Drive, much as anyone actually `ican`i - they both enjoy playing "tag". She's aware of the depth of her cultural ignorance, but is willing to learn. `n`nThere was also an odd, cuddly little hummingbird in the forest, which has made itself into her pet. `n`nEvery so often, a lucky game with the Drive sees Phen lose her solid body and become a full wind spirit once again, sentience and memories intact. Happier and more comfortable in her natural form overall, she communicates by moving the wind and spelling words on the ground. A friend taught her how to temporarily regain her "human" form while she's wind, though she can't remain that way more than a few minutes due to being utter crap at shapeshifting. `n`n`iAlternatively`i, she can freely change between being the wind and being a small, feathery creature that's probably as close to being wind as you can get while remaining semi-solid. Can't talk, but she can eat, feel touch, and be seen. More than close enough, and the shape suits her.`n`nHad a rather nasty, very close encounter with an imprisoned demon, but she's alright and all the stronger for it.`n`nAmbushed by the Drive, Phen got thrown into a lake. Instead of drowning as usual, she fell on top of a very `kShiny Rock`!, transforming from a human-ish form to a `Jmermaid`!. Luckily, supply crates with OSTs are plentifully abandoned in the sea, so she's still mostly free to move about. Playing "tag" with the Drive puts her back to normal, most of the time. `n`nShe's a `g`iJoker`i`!, now. `iSometimes`i. Relative sanity may vary.`c`!

1) Really is useless, you know. Far too boring to read. Move along, now.
2) Go on, git!
3) The existence of which in itself depends on improbability.
4) Living or inert, who gives a damn?
5) Phen, yes. Duh.
6) Except in Valskyr.
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