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Memories I - Introduction

Programming with memories can take your Place "to the next level". To extend a previous analogy, rooms pages and doors are the bones and joints of a Place. The descriptive writing is the visible skin and hair of a Place. Programs are the muscles of a Place. Memories are, as the name implies, the memories of a Place. They remember things. Your Place need no longer respond purely to the immediate behaviour of a guest, but can respond depending on what has gone on before. A guest's behaviour in one room can affect how a Place responds to them in quite a different room.

In order to use memories effectively, some familiarity with basic programming is necessary. You should be comfortable with any of the first six programming tutorials1) as a bare minimum. The more you can understand of the remaining tutorials, the better you'll be able to use memories.

What a memory actually is, is a slot where you can store a six digit number for each of your guests. There are Contraptions designed to change this number when your guest enters a room or a page, uses a command, or any of the other things that you can write programs for. There are also Contrivances to read this number and make your Place's behaviours react accordingly. This is best explained by example, which is what the following few tutorials are for.

Memories can be obtained from the Hunter's Lodge. Once you've bought your memory, take it to your Place. Go to the Programs Page. The top link in the side bar is labeled 'Edit Place Memories'. Click this. Here you will find a (currently empty) list of memories in your Place and an option to 'Place a Memory Slot in this Place'. Once you do this, you get to give it a name. If you're going to start using several memories, then it's a good idea to give them memorable names, and I don't mean Rumplestiltskin or George Clooney's left knee. I mean something that will help you remember what you're storing there. However, at the moment we're still learning, so call it My first memory. You can always change it at a later date.

Now on the Edit Place memories page you can find your brand new memory listed! There's also an option to rename it, and another to 'View Player Records'. If you click on this, you will get a list of everybody who's interacted with this memory, that is, who have a number stored for them. This will also currently be empty. Now you just have to write a program so that your Place actually does remember people. Roll on to the next tutorial.

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1) Starting here.
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