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Memories VIII - Thanks for the Memories

So far, we've used memories that work separately for each guest. Each guest has their own separate money supply. Each guest's visits are counted separately. Sometimes though you want a memory that works for everybody. One person pulls the lever and the lights come on for everybody. This is catered for. Simply name your memory GLOBAL:name just like that, GLOBAL all in upper case then a colon and then the name of your memory as usual.

All the previous available tricks and techniques work equally well and global memories can be added to private memories and vice versa.

Bare in mind that your guests won't see anything happen straight away, only when they refresh their page by clicking on a link or saying something in commentary or similar.

WARNING!!! The author of this page has not done this himself!!! While he's reasonably confident that he's got it right, anybody who's ever perused manuals to any extenet will have come across pages written by people without personal experience and where the Chinese Whispers effect has occured, so - fingers crossed. If you have used this page and found it all works fine, then please come back and edit away this note.


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