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C< Why test at all?

"What IS this?" you ask. Well! That's an impertinent question! Test!




Testicles [Citation needed]


  • >t
  • »e
  • »>s
  • »»t


  1. Test
  2. Test
    1. Test
      1. Test
        1. Test
          1. Test
            1. Test
              1. Test
            2. Test
          2. Test
        2. Test
      2. Test
    2. Test
  3. Test
    1. Test
      1. Test
        1. Test
          1. Test


What the hell is this?


How does computers?


Am I doing it right?3)

Well, here are some hints, if you're confuzzled.







4) The playground.5)6)7) Go on,8) change9) it.10) OR ELSE!11)12) You don't want to tempt us!13) 14) Hmm.. these are all LIES![Citation Needed]15)

Test test test.16)17)18)19)

Insert Obvious Cry For Attention Here

20)21)22)23)24)25)26)27)28)29)30)31)32)33)34)35)36)37)38)39)40)41)42)43)44)45)46)47)48) 49), but whatever you50) do, don't change the footnotes feetnotes. 51)52)53)54)55)56)57)58)59)60)61)62)63)

Suspicious Table Full Metal Lion Put Here

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This is a test
This is a test
This is a test
This is a test


8-) = 8-)
8-O = 8-O
:-( = :-(
:-) = :-)
=) = =)
:-/ = :-/
:-\ = :-\
:-? = :-?
:-D = :-D
:-P = :-P
:-O = :-O
:-X = :-X
:-| = :-|
;-) = ;-)
:?: = :?:
:!: = :!:

1) Slightly more hidden test
2) toldja it'd work, Twisty
3) No. No you are not.
4) , 14) , 18) , 19) , 33) , 62) , 64) Test
5) Where are the slides, the monkeybars?! This is not a properly equipped playground!
6) They're invisible.
7) no they're with the kazoos
8) See, I added a comma. Good for me.
9) changed
10) See, see? I added a full stop, too!
11) Or else what?
12) No, sir, I will not change it! You cannot make me!
13) unless it is with cake
15) always wanted to do that
16) Testes!
17) This must be a testicular region of the wiki then!
20) Lies! Changing the playground will destroy your mind!
21) arsepants
22) This is a lie, Changing your mind will destroy the playground
23) This is a lie, changing your pants will destroy your playground
24) conversely, NOT changing your pants will destroy your pants
25) playground or pants. You decide
26) Decisions are a lie
27) A lie propagated by communists.
28) Lie is a key ingredient in making soap
29) the eighth footnote is a lye
30) Lyre, lyre, pants on fire.
31) Chewing on a telephone wir-BZZZZZP!
32) Woops, better call an ambulance on that one. Hmm, smells like chicken.
34) Hmm does NOT smell like chicken, it smells more like, well, like a low hmmm would if you were synaesthesic(sic)
35) ewwww
36) ewwww a dear, a female sheep, ray a drop of golden sun. Me a name, I call myself, fart a long, long trump, jam, so and la, tea. Donut.
37) Well, I was a donut once. It and I were sweet and had a big hole through my head . . . Waaait.
38) TV says donuts are high in fat, kazoo
39) Transvestite?
40) I had a trans-vest once, but it was too big so I gave it to Charity. He was not amused.
41) I imagine not.
42) Me neither, Charity is a woman's name
43) Names, I like names, there's lots of that can be played with names
44) Oy, that rhymed! You know what that means!
45) We all jump off a bridge made out of pudding!
46) But not before eating it!!!
47) The number 42 is copyrighted by Douglas Adams, so is therefore removed from these footnotes.
48) But if you eat it, then there will be no bridge to jump off of! of which to jump off
49) Everything goes with glittery violet spandex pants.
50) You flabbergasted-chunky-butt-narwhal! Hehe, just kidding darling, you look lovely today..
51) ProudFEET!
52) I'll change what I damn well want! I just don't want to. Mostly because I fear what retribution might come my way if I *did* want to.
53) Fear it? Retribution will come, either because of editing or not editing. It's just a matter of sce--
54) Fear? what is this thing you talk about?
55) sigh . . . i remember when all this was feilds . . .
56) internet feilds, that is. I'm not that old. and they were, come to think of it, intensively farmed, with vast herds of cyber-cows as far as the screen could see.
58) Hah!! Shows what you know! I type with my feet!!
59) You must have very spreadable toes.
60) Oh, quite. The spreadable-est.
61) Oh think you're so talented do you? Well I type with my beard!
63) Feetnote Chat... cute
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