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Gypsymorph, mechanic, artist, arsonist, psycho, pacifist and chief pot-stirrer, PotatoPancakes is many things, but never really any of these things all at the same time or for very long. 1) found anywhere and anywhere and never preferring to be a single thing all the time 2), PotatoPancakes is generally helpful and mischievous. She's always willing to help, as long as you don't rub her the wrong way.3) She also tends to associate with other just-as-if-not-even-more dangerous people to make matters worse.


It is known that Potatopancakes is a native of the Island that was displaced when she was very small. Being born with/from/using improbability she gave off a signature of imprrobablilty that affected her life in "normal" society from the moment she was found. she was taken in by surrogate parents; an asian woman and a carribean man, who taught her to be a pirate ninja4). Through her childhood, she attracted human friends with higher levels of improbability than normal, and therefore has never really known how to function properly in a mundane society.

When arriving on the Island not too long ago, Pancakes was a confused, white-haired being that came to the island following a mysterious postcard she recieved at her house by carrier ostrich. The letter read:

Hello there sweetie! We hope that this messenger pidgeon finds you safe and ununcomforted! You may or may not know this, but we threw you away many many years ago because we were bored and wanted to play Let's see who can find our lost baby first, so we lost you in a part of the island on purpose. We haven't been able to find you yet, so we'll just keep looking! We just wanted to let you know. Oop! your father found an Albino Crypt Bear! let's see if he wants to play pin the tail on whatever we find! find you soon!... maybe. Love, Mxxxxxdxxxr P.S. Turn to channel 42 NOW.

the ink signing the names on the card had run from weather beating, but somehow, she couldn't care less. She had an ostrich.

deciding to try this out, she turned the television on and found the Improbable Island show. It corresponded with the postcard, but how to get there was--

Then suddenly she woke up in NewHome.

On the Island

Pancakes found her way around the island quickly 5) and made herself stronger bit by bit. One day, she was walking to the Jungles when Wizards Daughtyr sped by and slapped a piece of paper to her forehead. The paper invited her to join the CIA, which she did at the protest of Jack, her pet midget rabbit and navigational system.6)It is here that she met Snickerer, who advised she become an officer of the guild, and eventually, one of the leaders. After the reset, however, she joined CDAG to fulfill her childhood dreams of causing bigger explosions than the MythBusters.7) Eventually she fell into clan leadership once more due to circumstance, but left the clan shortly, leaving things to Cheftec. Following this was a period of weeks in which she disappeared. This proved to be temporary as she has since resurfaced and gone back to her regular routine.

Basic Current Facts

After the Reset, she was drained of Improbability once more and her hair colour returned to white. The moment she thought it was a shame she had to lose all her progress, she was hit by five more surges of improbability reset, which returned her to natural full improbability. As a result, her hair now changes colour depending on her mood. She still travels with Jack, and found her clone 8) again during a quest in AceHigh. After the two compared notes and Ideas, it was found that they'd both indeed been addled somewhat by the several near-apocalyptic blasts of Improbability, but much less than some. The original Pancakes only remembers impressionable main events that took place in the pilot, while her clone's memory follows no discernible pattern.9) As of reaching Sergeanthood, all memory has been recovered.

Yes, but what of her parents?

Oh, right. well, having found it to be comfortable as she is and perceiving her parents to be either having fun or dead from the story on the postcard, Pancakes felt no need to search them out.

What, did you want some angst? then go here.

Other stuff that happened

Let me tell you a story, my friend. Once in the earlier years of the Island, an Ice Cream Machine was built in Kittania. A customer had the option of requesting any flavour by speaking into a built-in microphone or testing how something would taste as an ice cream by feeding materials into an orifice of the machine.10) Needless to say, the machine always had many customers. PotatoPancakes, being a sugar-addict that frequented through Kittania, was one of its regulars.11) She soon got into the obsession of making ice cream with whatever she could get her bloody mitts on. Debris flavour, fire flavour, Awesome Ice cream12), rabbit fur flavour, time shard fla--

Get To the point.

Yes, yes, all right. ahem. Being a pack rat as well, PotatoPancakes stored every frozen dairy creation was stored in a collection of hidden Improbability warps because she believed she could find someone who would want each of these flavours13). These warps were tied to her own improbability signature using Joker Magic, so only she could open them. Then.. well, that all got shuffled when the reset waves hit, and she doesn't even remember doing any of it. One day, however, she tried reaching into improbability to retrieve the first five pieces of eight she'd stowed away and found some metallic shiny ice cream instead. she sampled it, having not much to lose at the moment and found it tasted... odd. definitely not delicious, though. from then on, however, she seemed to attract requisition like a magnet.14) she always found malfunctioning cameras, seemed to get more from Jungle fights, and her vending machine became quite popular for no reason. Finding ice cream in Improbability became very common to her as well, and this was explained when she and her clone reunited in AceHigh. She still doesn't remember any of her flavours(aside from Awesome), but they are still tied to her, and as such, she has taken to labeling them once found.

Mad Inventions

  • The Improbable Refridgerator, or the iFridge for short.
  • The old Jukebox
  • The Rofl-ma-copter, her personal mode of transport

Season One Events


Pancakes has currently joined SPOON out of sheer curiosity.

1) Except for pot-stirrer. she always loves that.
2) she's not even just one person anymore
3) Oh christ, don't do that
4) however, she doesn't much advertise this because she is grossly outclassed by Jesus.
5) With the help of Jack
6) He thought the brotherhood would be a more fun idea.
7) And to fulfill her promise to Kassil.
8) We think she was created when Pancakes drank some of Snickerer's Joker Special.
9) It just sort of blanks out here and there.
10) materials were never necessarily foodstuffs.
11) Not many will remember this perfectly from slight or complete amnesia.
12) she made tons of this.
13) but some were just for her own use.
14) not literally this time, anyway.
15) A.K.A. Current shenanigans
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