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A plot device originally created by Limejello.

Parents include:

The mechanics of pregnancy as an actual in-game feature were discussed in this forum thread.1) About five minutes after the thread was posted, Groovyness sent a Distraction to CMJ asking if pregnancy could be an in-game feature. CMJ pointed her towards this thread with a warning of "Be very, VERY careful what you wish for." He never got a response from Groovyness via Distraction, probably because she was too busy vomiting, trembling, and alternating between shaking her fist at the heavens screaming "Why, God, why?!" and curled up in a ball in the corner whispering "What have I done?"

The pregnancy feature didn't appear in Season Two. Looks like it was...



1) Three million years later, another thread would pop up to discuss pregnancy as a roleplaying mechanic. That is unimportant.
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