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This page was created a while ago, but has outlived its usefulness. Use the Petitions system to report any bugs or errors in the Island. It is quite unlikely that anyone will ever read this page again.1)

Season Two Presentation Bugs

Hello, folks! Please use the style guide found here, and be as anal as you possibly can.

Please read the ENTIRE page before posting! Chances are your typo or grammar report has been posted already. If you find one that has been fixed, either document it in the edit summary as you remove it, or use strikethrough.

Post bugs in this format: Offending nav, piece of text, or other (complete URL to the page on which it appears UNLESS reporting a problem with a monster, in which case the query string won't provide any clues, so just provide the name and weapon of the monster instead) (brief description of what's wrong with it)

If you want to highlight the offending text, please enclose it in italics, and use bold for corrections. This will enable CMJ to quickly identify fixes.


This is specifically for errors in colours. Please indicate the colour used as well as the correct colour in the error report.

  • Default speech in commentary will be ended by a quotation in `0, instead of `&.
  • The text preview for commentary uses `# for 'says, ""' Should be colLtWhite. These are lines 59 and 60 of lib\forms.php (The same lines modified when putting in /chatcol)
  • In Pleasantville, when under attack, the middle insult doesn't change colour for some reason. You can see the code, `8, but the text stays the same colour as the narrated text. Nice description though. Is it new?
  • Seth the Bard has a song about Dan that fails in the middle of the colouring. The colour starts out pink (#9900FF) as normal for these events.
    • (pink) Seth clears his throat and begins:
      (colLtYellow) Gather 'round and I'll tell you a tale
      most terrible and dark
      of (colLtBlack) Dan (back to pink) and his unclean beer
      and how he hates this bard!
      You realize he's right, (colLtBlack) Dan(back to pink)'s beer really is nasty. That's why most patrons prefer his ale. Though you don't really gain anything from the tale from Seth, you do happen to notice a few Requisition tokens on the floor!
  • Distraction about 100-point Rally: `^This is just a quick message to let you know that the Hundred-Point Rally has been won! [winner] `0finished all one hundred points first, and takes home 29 Cigarettes as the prize. The next Rally starts in 24 hours!
  • When the Wanker wears off, it's `5You feel the effects of the `4Wanker`0 slowly fade away. Part of it is purplish, then red then black. There's also a typo, see elsewhere on the page.
  • When you first learn Cooking and Cleaning at Maiko's she talks for most of the page and you have one response. Thing is your response appears to be in `~ instead of `# which I believe is the default text color for player speech everywhere else. Ex: ("Fine," you squeak.)


Specifically for errors in the formatting of text, such as line breaks. This is also a good place to report extra \'s in text, or other improper code use.

  • The blank line and ~ line between Withdraw From Your Clan and Clan Buffs looks kind of rough. Perhaps there should be the http://improbableisland.com/templates/leather/navheader-divider.png graphic between the two instead? I understand that it's good to keep a good amount of space between the two (accidentally withdrawing from my clan would be bad) but the divider graphic would look much nicer.
  • Vital Info: The level number is usually bold, but is not when fighting masters. Is not the case with Jungle monsters.
  • Budget Horse limps along between your legs, visibly panting. It\'s slightly easier than walking. Look at him go! [extraneous slash]
  • It's pretty common. I see it in some fight descriptions, too. It's a side-effect of using the wrong type of quote in the PHP code. If I recall, a " doesn't evaluate tokens, where a ' does. Just need to flip-flop the quote type in the PHP file.
  • When the walls are breached and you're fighting for your life, there's a message. 'Before you have time to even blink, let alone call for backup or medical assistance, something rushes up from behind...' This should really go before the monster description not after.
  • If you ask about your enemies in the Raven inn, there is a stray 7 in the line about charm.
  • There's a missing linebreak between the Watcher's message and the Outpost's wall hitpoints when Improbable Central is at 'Increased Activity'.

Lazy Plurals

Although technically typos, these may be code related, rather than simple text fixes. If it's just part of flavour text, please put it in the appropriate typo section.

  • Sheila's Shack O' Shiny - If you already have a weapon, it reads: However, you can only carry one weapons at a time, so you're forced to merely look at Spork until you decide to sell your current item. Look at it shine so prettily. One weapons at a time. Also, it tells you that 'you're forced to merely look at [weapon]'. Look at THE [weapon] would read rather better here.

Spelling and Typos

For all your speling spelling and type needs (should be typo).

In Monster Names/Messages

If possible, please post the level that the monster was encountered as well as the actual text directly from the encounter.

  • (Level 9) Monster name "Predatory Petitioner", kill text reads "Doesn't she know you need all of your req for grenades and beer?." Has extra period after question mark.
  • (Level 10) Monster name "Immortal Slasher Villain", kill text ends "he won't stay down for long" with no period. Needs a period. Or maybe an ellipsis.
  • (Level 6) Monster name "Uranium Man", intro text says you are "nonplussed." In context, this appears to be being used to mean "unimpressed," but despite what many (most?) people think, that word doesn't actually mean that. It means rather the opposite: "at a loss for words," essentially. Change to "unimpressed" or another actual synonym.
  • (Level 15) Monster name "Improbable Drive", Intro text: "Fighting down every urge to flee, you cautiously enter the cave entrance, intent on catching the great green dragon sleeping, so that you might slay it with a minimum of pain." Sentence refers a Dragon, and should be changed to be about the Drive. (Should also be rewritten, to at least mention the improbability of the Drive actually sleeping or something else entirely.)
  • (Level 4) Monster name "Seven Filthy Thieving Midgets". "Seven filthy Midgets hauling a glass coffin trundle past. Your hand immediately covers your req bag; an automatic reaction when seeing Midgets. "What are they stealing now," you mumble to yourself. The thieving Midgets suddenly stumble all at once, and a unconscious woman tumbles out of the coffin." Should be "an unconscious woman"
  • (master) Monster name "Reventlov". Reventlov's Hitpoints (Level 13): DEFEATED YOUR Hitpoints: 62 He nods. "01000010 01100101 01110100 01110100 01100101 01110010 00101110." The period (00101110) in his binary-encoded text duplicates the period in plain text at the end of the sentence. The entire line should be He nods. "01000010 01100101 01110100 01110100 01100101 01110010 00101110"
  • (Level 9) Monster name "Guerilla Gorilla", kill text reads "You proceed cautiously, in case any more are waiting in ambush nearby" Needs period at end of sentence.

Non-Monster Improbable Events

Use this area for "Something Improbable" in the jungle or elsewhere.

  • The Angelic Wand of Courage: stuff You could've swarn that it sparkled at you, so you decide to dig it up a bit. .. "swarn" should be "sworn." Edit: Daedalus offered clarification: this came up when I found it, rather than defeated it.
  • The Jungle - Something Improbable - Old Man with sack of rocks/ANoN (http://www.improbableisland.com/forest.php?op=search&type=thrill) Original text: "As you search the jungle for somthing to kill, you hear a scream. After following the sound, you see an old man being attacked by a lesser creature. He seems to be trying to run, but for some odd reason he won't drop the bag of rocks he's carrying on his back. You know that the lesser creature would be no problem for you to handel, but you were already doing somthing. What should you do?" somthing should be something, and handel should be handle.
  • In the Grandchildren of Budget Horse event, we see this: Build me a mighty chariot, with six sets of reigns. The word reigns should be reins.
  • One of the Old Man outcomes in the Jungle is that he shouts that your mama should have taught you not to talk with strangers, and shoots you with a stun gun, doot doot doot! However, the message that shows up in the newsfeed is that you were found in the jungle with arcane symbols drawn upon your corpse. While it's possible the old man could have drawn weird symbols on you after he shot you, there's no indication in the actual event that he did: I think the arcane symbols reference is a holdover from an earlier (read: LotGD) version of this outcome.
  • The old man wants you to walk him to town. You know that you will lose the time for one jungle fight. Nowadays you lose stamina instead.
  • The old man wants a ciggy from you. If you keep your ciggies, he hurts you. If you give him a ciggie, he gives you favour with The Watcher. I got favour with ramius, instead. Feeling sorry for the old man, you reach into your pack and extract a cigarette which he snatches eagerly from your hand. "I'll be puttin' in a good word for y' with m' ol' friend The Watcher."

The Joker pulls out a black wand, raps you thrice on the head, and runs off into the jungle.

You gain 13 favor with Ramius." Ramius is in the red Watcher colour, and is in the place of her name, too.

  • Drunk patron in Prancing Spiderkitty:
    • On getting charm: No spaces after periods.
    • On losing charm: Spaces missing here too.
  • Shady salesman in Prancing Spiderkitty:
    • On meeting: Missing spaces after full stops
    • On getting bad Audrey salve: Spaces missing again
    • On getting a weapon re-upgrade: Spaces again
  • Raven Inn:
    • On finding: Spaces missing after full stops
    • On entering: Spaces again
    • On talking to old man: Spaces again
    • On talking to bartender: Spaces again
    • Actually, all of the text in there seems to be missing its spaces after sentences.
  • Stonehenge:
    • On finding: Spaces missing after full stops
    • Actually, all of the text in there seems to be missing its spaces after sentences.
  • Broth Joker - The broth warms your body and gives your skin a healthy glow.You gain 2 charm! Spaces again
  • Crazy Audrey - on meeting, on playing, and on all four kitten options, spaces after full stops yet again.
  • Ferryman - "The ferryman starts moving towards you.You start to edge away from him and he swings his ferry pole at you!Not having much room to maneuver, he delivers a painful blow!

You were struck for 58 points of damage!

You let out a yelp of pain and ready yourself to block another blow.Seemingly satisfied, the ferryman turns back and resumes poling.Rubbing the painful welt, you reach the other shore and decide to quickly get away from the ferryman." More spaces, or rather less spaces than there should be.

  • New Day News: "20h28m: Gryphon has challenged their master, Will Thompson and lost!

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Gryphon chants, clonking his head against the deck of the FailBoat." This is in error because you aren't sent to the Failboat when you challenge your master! ... And now you're immortal, Gryphon. :P

Other Places with Errors

Any spelling or grammar errors from any place not covered above.

  • When using Ronsen-Kiai fighting, one of the generated results for Coarse insults ends with "dog-burgular". Should be "burglar".
  • In Sheila's weapons list: "You have chosen to view Penetron 14850. Is your penis woefully small? Try the Penetron 12000!" The number appears differently in the name of the weapon and in the description.
  • At Basic Training, there is an extra space between the first quotation mark and what the Corporal shouts at you.
  • In Sheila's Shack o'Shiny, all items with effects on "defense": "This item will alter your defense". Should be UK "defence".
  • Contestant Kikirri reports: 'Joe's Diner uses an apostrophe for plurals - "gram's." so do a few other places regarding meat.'
    • The above is probably more due to the implied lack of literacy of said shopowners rather than a mistake on Dan's part.
  • Jacara reports: In the "Grandchildren of Budget Horse" mount, reigns appears instead of "reins", both in the new day text ["into the reigns of your mighty chariot."] and the combat text ["released from their reigns"].
  • In the Stamina popup, it reads "99%% of the time you needn't worry about the statistics and mechanics... Which means, one superfluous percent sign. Fixed.
  • Daedalus reports that when collecting free stuff from Council Offices in New Home, after second (I think) selection the man behind the counter sets your choices on the counter "without taking his hands off the newspaper". I'm guessing this should read "..without taking his eyes off .."
    • Unless he's a mutant hiding in NewHome. . . - Snicker
  • In Improbable Central we've got a tattoo parlor. Should be parloUr. NOTE: Either are acceptable, it is a variation between American/British spelling.
    • CMJ Rule #5 - we're all British here. Let's get that fixed up, right, old chap? - Snicker
  • In Doctor Paprika's office, in Pleasantville, the text reads, "Dr Paprika stares at your blankly. 'I am sorry madam, but you do not have the proper funds for this operation." Dr Paprika points to a sign, stating 'Gender Operations cost 5000 Requisition and 10 Cigarettes.'" Here, "stares at your blankly" should be "stares at you blankly." Edit: this line is also missing some spaces between words. And my funds are 'proper' (Req and Cigs), even though they are 'insufficient' or 'inadequate'. (The amount is not the proper one, rather than the funds).
  • When you first enter Dr Paprika's Office, the description beginning with "Subtle tunes .." has a number of spaces missing between words, an incorrect semi-colon, &c.
  • At the Kissing Booth, when gaining stamina: the last line is "The tingling fills you, and you feel enthusiastic about life in general! You gain some Stamina": there should be a period at the end.
  • Buff name: Smoky Bacon Suit Tasiness. Should be Smoky Bacon Suit Tastiness.
  • Player Bios read: "They are currently attempting a.." Plural/singular confusion. "They" is totally acceptable usage for the unspecified gender singular.
  • (Tune Up) - (When tuning up a weapon) 'The Watcher looks over the puny weapon you hand him and comments, "I am impressed that you make any progress at all." Closing his eyes, he waves his hand over the weapon and quietly speaks a few words you cannot make out. Dave appears shortly afterwards, and takes the armour away. (. . .)Dave reappears with your armour, which looks a little shinier than before, and now features some extra welding spots and duct tape.' Watcher's gender is wrong. I was getting a tune up on my weapon, not my armor. Watcher's speech is the wrong color as well- DkWhite in the page source, not LtWhite.
    • Note that the issue with the link sending you to "Disgrace" instead of the Failboat is listed below under "Terminology". - Snicker
  • Buff: The Watcher' Blessed Weapon- should be "The Watcher's Blessed Weapon" or, possibly, "Watcher-Blessed Weapon".2) Misspellings dismissed: Could not reproduce.
  • Squat Hole: Julia's Midget Massage-"As you walk into a large house hidden behind a thick wall of nettles, you are greeted by Julia. Julia is a midget of above-average beauty, clean-shaven and close to almost being attractive. Behind her a number of Men and Women bustle about." Should just be 'men and women', no capitalization. Or, alternatively, 'a number of humans of both genders bustle about' if that's what was meant.
    • Are the men and women supposed to refer to employees or patrons? - Snicker
    • The employees are midgets, so...
    • There's a missing verb in one of the returns. "You the happiest that you have been in a long time." Caveman thoughts may occur naturally, but should be a quick fix.
  • Item: Tasty Meat- "Juicy, tender cuts of the finest meat that Improbable Island has to offer. High in protein, low in fat, lean and very tasty." 'low in fat' and 'lean' are synonyms.
    • In this case, there should probably be a semi-colon between low in fat and lean, as there are two statements being made here: "High in protein, low in fat" and "Lean and very tasty." It reinforces the visual. - Snicker
  • Also at Cuthbert's Academy in Pleasantville, Rookie Pain in the Ass reports that the tenth paragraph, about halfway through, has a typo: ". . .You piston your leading leg upwards. . ." Should this be "position."
    • Not if the intent was to describe the action as that of a piston: ie, moving rapidly up and down. - Snicker
  • Text on entering The PSK:
    • It says "The clock on the mantle reads (whatever time)". Should say "mantel".
    • Single line break under the header and between the first two paragraphs - should be double.
    • Spaces after full stops missing
  • At the Spiderkitty, I flirted with Emily, but being married I got told off. However, I got slapped by "Violet" even though I was flirting with Emily? 3)
  • One of the new taunts: The ellipsis in the second sentence is missing one of its dots and there is a missing end quote after "That" in the last phrase. (Name) peeks from behind (his/her) fingers as a (monster) viciously shakes (his/her) (armor). "That's.. that's new - no! No, don't do -" The (monster) drops the (armor) and snatches for (name)'s (weapon). There's an audible crunch as the (weapon) disappears into the (monster)'s Improbable maw. "That, (s/he) says, slumping.
  • On the next day after using a tool kit (or the lumberjack/carpentry kit anyway) the message at "It is a New Day!" tells you that "Suzie's staff must taken them back during the night." Should be ". . . must HAVE taken them back . . ."
  • After beating Kouska, 'His tail brushes your ankle'. Kouska is a female Kittymorph. Should be "Her".
    • Where does it say Kouska is female? I was looking and did not see any indication of sex until the final fight. - Snicker
  • In the Soul Sucker weapon description:".. and it'll literally such out your foe's life energy." Should be "suck" rather than 'such'?
  • Teh Dave: The Head Laser is apparently "a very, very powerful combat-orientated Implant," Unless this is intentional and the implant doctor is a descendant of a former US president who shall not be named.
  • Mike's Chop Shop. "You hand over your mount to your Partially-Decomposed Zombie Donkey, along with the purchase price of your new ride, and Mike leads out a fine new Haiks TR-25 Scrambler for you!" I handed my Zombie Donkey to my Zombie Donkey, and Mike gave me the Haiks Scrambler. Hmm.
  • "While you lie broken and bruised on the ground, a pack of ` Midget Bastards stroll by and help themselves to all the Requistion tokens you have in your pockets! 10 % of your Experience Points are lost due to head injuries! ` you slip into unconsciousness, a pair of Retraining Personnel turn up, tutting and shaking their heads." Requistion should be spelled Requisition. And the ` shouldn't be there in front of Midget Bastards (shouldn't that be Thieving?), and in front of "you slip. . ."
  • "You and (your spouse name here) spend the night in the inn together, and you both emerge positively glowing!Because Improbable Island's players have been especially generous, today is a Special Extended Play day - you gain some Stamina!" After the term "glowing!" there ought be a space (or two -- debate continues) after the bang and before the because. And no, there's nothing about this sentence that should be interpreted as a double entendre. Perverts.
  • Related to marriage, (your spouse) watches over you - There should be a dot after that sentence.
  • A certain recent plot possesses a certain "psuedorandom number generator". Unless the talker is programmed to utter particular oddities, I believe it should be pseudorandom.
  • Hunter's Lodge, Picture Frame More Details: "This item vanishes after using it, so you'll need a new Picture Frame every time you change your Avatar; if you'd like the option to change your Avatar whenever you like, buy the Deluxe Picture Frame instead." The actual item is referred to on the Hunter's Lodge main page as a "Fancy Picture Frame".
  • Hunter's Lodge, Weapon Disguise: On the Hunter's Lodge main page, the Weapon Disguise is mislabelled as a Custom Armour Kit. These are separate items. See Custom Armour, Cunning Disguise, and Weapon Disguise.
  • Improbably Burny Fire: "The Improbability Drive flickers for a moment as it changes reality. When the Improbability energy has faded, you realise whta the Improbability Drive has changed - you're on fire!"
  • The pint of Wanker you imbibed in Squat Hole has filled you with muderous rage! Should be murderous. Fixed. Actually not fixed the last time I ran across it. Checked again. It's fixed, I tells ya. Wanker text now reads (something like) "Fucking enraged". As of ten minutes ago. Sure you're looking at the same drink? I didn't check the other one.
  • Improbable Central flavor text when the weather is "Hot and Humid" includes this sentence: "Some residents have taken shelter under the shade of a nearby tree, while hardier locals exercise in the head of the day." Looks like that should say "heat."
  • Improbable Central flavor text when the weather is "Hot and Sunny" says this: "Some of the residents congregate for cool drinks outside of the Prancing SpiderKitty" Period missing at the end of this sentence.
  • Upon completion of Mr. Stern's quest, there is repeated text which makes it confusing to read. Repeated lines: "My goodness!" says Mister Stern, pushing his glasses further up on his nose and examining the array of objects you've just placed on his desk. "What an excellent find! Let's see, here. . . A dead rat, some phlegm, a rusty pistol, a brain, some sort of memory card, some. . . my goodness, some Mutant poetry from the look of things. . ." and "Oh, and this must be one of those Joker coins!" He flips it into the air. It seems like the text was changed without the old one being deleted, because you react differently the second time he flips it.
    • I think the Joker coin contains powers of time-manipulation. It's been a while since I did the quest, but doesn't it show the drive defeat text on the second flip?
  • At Maiko's Cooking Academy, when you practice sufficiently to level your skill at cleaning carcasses, you receive the message "You gained a level in Cleaning Carcasses! You are now level Cleaning the Carcass!" Should probably state "You are now level x at Cleaning the Carcass!"
  • When you get a new armour/weapon/etc, there's a text that says "Sheila nods approvingly as you swagger around posing with your new[insert your new equipment here]". There should be a space after the word "new".
  • In the Dojo: "You have encountered Emma Blackman which lunges at you with riot hammer!" 'Which' should be 'who'. I guess this is a carry-over from the jungle-beastie descriptions.


This is specifically to reference cases where old terminology is still being used, such as gems, gold or turns.

  • At Cuthbert's: "Higher levels in Insults skills will also improve your chances of casting successful Insults, and reduce the chances of fumbling." Maybe I'm nitpicking, but I think this should be "delivering" successful Insults, or something along those lines. "Casting" is likely a holdover term from LotGD, yes?
  • In clan buffs, if you try to buy a new buff without enough cigs to do so, then it tells you that you don't have enough gems.
  • In the description at Sheila's, it says you lose 2 turns due to the weight of LS-SPS-1 Combat Armour, though further down it says it in terms of stamina as well.
  • Argeth reports: Bought the world map - when you buy the map the old guy in the Communication Tent turns into a gypsy. "Enjoy your new sight, says the gypsy."
  • When traveling in the world map, on the left side of the screen, the travel sidebar is labeled "Out of Travel Points," instead of a reference to stamina.
  • Rookie Ohgarfish reports the following: 'Out of Travel Points? Set up camp (log out).' Season 1 had 'travel points,' but for Season 2 this should read 'Out of Stamina.'
  • Rookie Lukian reports the following: "You pay Deimos his 1000 gold." Here, "gold" should be "requisition."
  • For Robots, the "It's a new day" text includes the statement: "Because you are untiring, you gain two extra jungle fights for today!" This should refer to stamina instead.
  • In the "It is a New Day" screen, I get the message: "You wake up with a slightly sore bum, thanks to The Galumphing ploamphed; as a result, you lose a jungle fight!" Should be: ". . .as a result, you lose some stamina!".
  • What the hell is that?
  • Argeth reports that Stonehenge sends players to "Disgrace" instead of the "Failboat": "You realize with increasing despair that the circle of stones has transported you to Disgrace! You have been sent to Disgrace because of your foolhardy choice. Since you've been taken to Disgrace while conscious, you still have all your Requisition tokens."
  • Text when going up a level in Suicidal fighting still calls it "You gained a level in Looking for Really Big Trouble!".
  • Tremir reports that the description for Debris Thrower says: "Nice. Heavy, though, so you'll lose a turn." Should say "lose some stamina" or something similar.
  • At Deimos's: "Your size 72 hat is worth 945376 gold so far." GOLD? GOOOLLLDDD?????
  • On the Daily News screen: "18h53m: The unconscious body of Loquacious Kash was found in the Jungle, stripped of all Requisition and with dark symbols drawn upon it." This happened after Kash participated in Something Improbable! where he talked to an old man who zapped him with a stun gun, sending him to the Failboat. The "dark symbols," I imagine, are a holdover from the magic-heavy LoGD.
  • A Mercenary Camp: Village is said twice, and in the orange text, there are no spaces after periods. "You step out of the gates of the village and stand for a moment to take a look around.A slight breeze in the air stirs the pennants mounted above your head before it touches your skin.Sounds of dogs barking draws your attention to the makeshift camp which is set slightly apart from the village."
  • Something Improbable! Old Man: The old man asks you to give him a cigarette; if you do, he raises your favor with the Watcher, but the text calls the watcher Ramius. (Just got this message myself!) "Feeling sorry for the old man, you reach into your pack and extract a cigarette which he snatches eagerly from your hand. He cackles with glee.He turns to you and says, "Since y' made such a fine bargain w' me, me deary, I'll be puttin' in a good word for y' with m' ol' friend The Watcher." The Joker pulls out a black wand, raps you thrice on the head, and runs off into the jungle. You gain 19 favor with Ramius."
  • Something Improbable! Knowing that the water could yield deadly results, you decide to take your chances.Kneeling down at the edge of the stream, you take a long hard draught from the cold stream.You feel a warmth growing out from your chest. . . You feel PERCEPTIVE! You notice something glittering under one of the pebbles that line the stream. You find a Cigarette! A glittering and capitalized Cigarette, still salvageable after being submerged in water and crushed with a pebble? That's not a cigarette, that's a Gem with a funny name. Also, it's missing a space after the first full stop.
  • Villager's Hut in IC: "You stand there for a moment, wondering what to do.The residents obviously aren't home." Space after full stop

Navs, exits and hotkeys

Put all bad navigation markers here. This includes anything that has inconsistent exit messages, or should have a navigation marker, but doesn't. Also, for hotkeys that should be "fixed" (as in, always the same hotkey).

  • Newly Weds uses To the Garden rather than Return to Common Ground.
  • Argeth reports: After you get The Watcher's armor upgrade, (Tune-up) the link on the side to return to the Failboat doesn't say 'Failboat'. It returns to 'Disgrace'.
    • Disgrace
    • Return to the Proving Grounds
    • Return to the Offices
  • Daedalus reports that when encountering the Cryptic Joker, the option to exit is "Run like Hell" but the exit message is inconsistent: "you stroll away.." In a similar way, when exiting Audrey (in the jungle) you "Leave the crazy woman" (or something similar) but the exit message is "You run quickly..".(or similar) I don't really need to "run" from Audrey.
    • Her rhyme mentions something like 'will you play or will you run' - so run you shall.
  • Not sure where to pit this. In fighting the hotkeys for the grenades change depending on whether you can use a stim pack or not. Perhaps giving them fixed B,W,Z keys instead.
  • I think locations that appear in every outpost should have the same hotkeys, specific locations (such as, Skronky Pot) might well go without hotkey altogether if there are none left. The Bank, for example, uses the 'B' key everywhere but in NewHome. 4)5)
  • CQJoker lacks Navs altogether. Looks odd with the two graphics stacked over each other

Otherwise wonky

Not for spelling errors. This is for things that just don't look right. Most of these probably qualify as real bugs, and should be prioritized higher.

  • Rookie PeeWee reported this from his fight with the Tattoo Mutant - the Mutant is defeated at the end of the round, but the description ends with "the Mutant [. . .] lunges at you," which probably isn't accurate since he should be KO'ed:
    • Giant Tattoo Mutant's Hitpoints (Level 13): 38
      YOUR Hitpoints: 82
      Your enemy beats at the flames, but it's still on fire! 12 damage has been done in this round!
      Your weapon hums to life as you swing it at Giant Tattoo Mutant!
      Giant Tattoo Mutant is blinded, deafened and thoroughly confused, and flails wildly while you pummel it!
      You hit Giant Tattoo Mutant for 28 points of damage!
      You feel a shock course through your weapon as it heals you for 1!
      Giant Tattoo Mutant feels some coherence return, and lunges at you!
      End of Round:
      Giant Tattoo Mutant's Hitpoints (Level 13): DEFEATED
      YOUR Hitpoints: 83

  • If you run away from the Giant Tattoo Mutant, you end up with a blank screen titled "Something Improbable", with the normal Jungle navigation. Same with leaving the Raven Inn, basically doubling the annoyance of a pub without booze.
  • After eating a cheeseburger at Joe's Diner, the text says "...but I'm sure you'll be fine." This should be "...you're sure you'll be fine." It's jarring to have the godly voice of CMJ sudden share it's opinion about your well-being.
  • Tense error in Daughter of Chance page 6: "There is no birdsong, or rustling of leaves." Should be was.
  • When playing as a Joker, at new day page: "You appear to have discovered the secret of cellular regeneration. You will gain hitpoints in every battle." You don't actually gain hitpoints, in as much as the number of hitpoints available doesn't change. Perhaps: "some of your hitpoints will 'heal' after each round of combat'
  • In Pleasantville, at max threat level and walls at zero ..."as it is, the Council Offices, bank, Comms Tent and Mike's Chop Shop have all closed up in preparation for the worst." But the Bank and Comms tent were open.
1) Heck, I didn't even read it when I wrote this warning.
2) Ditto for "The Watcher' Cursed Weapon." Same bug, probably same piece of code.
3) That's what you get for trying to date two women.
4) Include a basic outpost key layout in the style guide?
5) Seconded.
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