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Joker Algus Wigs very soon ends up falling asleep right in that very spot.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango spots Algus, that didn't take long. She creeps through the room, box of crafts held securely in her arms. The ducks waddle about quietly. She watches him briefly, a soft smile on her face as she waits for Boud and Darling.

Darling shuffles in as quietly as she can manage. Zombie bones do creak something awful, you know.

Mischievous Boudicca sneaks in with war paint on her cheeks, feeling up to some definite prankster abilities tonight. She smile and tries to dance quietly with excitement.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango sets the box neatly on the floor. She smiles to the girls and crouches to select her weapon of choice. Even as hard as Algus sleeps, this will be pushing it.

Mischievous Boudicca quietly rummages around the box, trying to find the purple dye Mango had mentioned.

Darling smiles, and seeing the war paint, takes her silk scarf and ties it about her face like a bandit! The fierce undead warrior of micheif! She looks through the box, and picks a brightly colored marker.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango stoops to get the glitter. Oh dear. Things could get out of hand very quickly from here. "Hey..." She whispers. "Do you think...we could dye his hair too?.." It is black, maybe not...

Darling shrugs her shoulders, whispering through her scarf. "Let us try to get by with what we have so far." She shuffles closer to Algus.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango closes in on him as well. She uncaps the glitter with hardly masked malice intent. "Once you make him purple Boud, I'll top it with glitter...." She nods at her own plan.

Mischievous Boudicca takes out the bucket of dye, with a foam brush to use to smear it. She shakes her head to Mango, mouthing "One step at a time!"

Darling nods to Boudicca, signaling that she should go before Darling and her terrifying marker moustache mischief.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango turns to prepare a piece she plans to use later, also adding glitter to it. It has to match, geez!

Mischievous Boudicca starts at the face, warming the brush between her hands first so it won't be so cold when the dye's applied. She dips it into the liquid and slowly spreads the purple dye on his cheek, carefully making sure he won't awaken.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango watches, barely contaiing a giggle. She also notes that Boud might end up staining her hands, which...would make her the obvious culprit, letting her get off scot free..hmmm.

Mischievous Boudicca ignores the splotches on her hands, finishing up the art piece that is now Algus' bright purple face. She moves on to his hands, carefully painting the skin there as well.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango smiles at the incriminating splotches, now she's off the hook. She looks to Darling. "Add the moustache..." She instructs, because it too, must be glittery.

Darling shuffles in closer, narrowing her eyes in concentration. Thankfully, her undead hands are steady, and as still as the grave. The marker goes to work, making a dastardly Snidely Wiplash style mustache.

Darling nods, and even adds angry eyebrows to Algus' forehead. It is important to match. She shuffles back a little bit, starting to add curlie-ques and little designs on his hands.

Mischievous Boudicca finishes up the purple dye and sits back, frowning down at her hands. She bites her lip, determined to find some gloves post-haste. She looks around, wondering what else to add. She grins and heads to the box to search for nail polish.

Darling done with this fathiful marker, sets it back down into the box and joins Boudicca in trying to find something else. Hrmm...

Bread Crumb Trail Mango nearly snorts into her hand as Boud goes to fetch nailpolish. Algus looks so mad! It must be the angry brows... "Ok.." She moves in for her contribution and dumps some glitter into her hands, dabbing at Algus' face and smiling madly.

Mischievous Boudicca pulls out a small bottle of black nail polish and gestures towards Algus with a questioning look. She spots Mango's glittery hands and chuckles soundlessly. She's as 'red-handed' as Boud is.

Darling silences her giggles as she pulls out a sheet of, yes it is! Improbable Island Stickers! She goes about putting happy little Kittymorphs, Midgets, and Spiderkitties all over Algus' clothing.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango turns to nod approvingly at selected color. She swats away the stickers. "He hates those, no no!" She kindly suggests temporary tattoos. Big ones.

Darling frowns. The stickers were good, espically the MUTANT LOVE one. Oh well. She goes back to find a suitable temporary tattoo instead.

Darling triumphantly pulls out what looks to be a very glittery, very gaudy temporary tattoo of a dolphin on a wave of rainbows. Perfection. She looks for an empty spot on his arm.

Mischievous Boudicca starts to slowly paint Algus' nails, careful not to hit the skin surrounding the nail. It's a rather nice effect, purple skin and black nails. Properly strange, this one. She pouts, having liked the MUTANT LOVE sticker as well.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango tugs at Algus' shirt. He sleeps like the dead. She manages to get him out of it, pointing. "Should I paint this?.." She motions to his chest, seeing Boud ccupied she picks of the foam brush and sets to work.

Darling sneakily sneaks back in the MUTANT LOVE sticker on his jacket when Mango is not looking, and starts applying the tattoo to his bicep. She nodnods to Mango. Ooo, more work space. Better get that marker again...

Mischievous Boudicca nods rapidly and finishes her left hand, carefully scooting over to the other side to start on the right hand. She wonders if they could tattoo his chest as well...

Darling finishes the application of the tattoo, and goes back to get her trusty marker as well as a more pratical one. Sometimes it is more fun to just draw your own tattoos.....

Bread Crumb Trail Mango sticks her tongue out in concentration, painting him is hard work, luckily it's terribly worth it.She blushes only slightly and finishes most of her work, the glitter will wait until the rest of the tattoos are applied. She blinks at Darling's idea. Yes.

Darling waits until the paint dries a little, then starts on a mural across Algus' chest that is of epic grandeur. Midgets and Unicorns and Gnomes and Kittymorphs all frolic and play and rainbows and happy and yay.

Darling even makes sure to add a very happy sun. Very, very happy sun.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango rummages through the box for a marker. Yesss. The color completments his skin tone nicely. She crouches and adds a dinoaur, t seems intent on chomping his nipple off. Hee, boy nipples.

Darling grimaces when she realizes she has left no room for that obscene poem involving a squid. Oh well. She continues doodling anyways.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango smiles uncontrollably as Boud brings out more ammo. She holds out her other hand for some, setting her markerdown for now. Taking the other side of Algus, she swipes her fingers through his messy hair to gather enough for a small braid, one of many.

Darling's hands are not deft enough for braiding, so she lets the other ladies do their worst while Darling continues to doodle, and add more temporary tattoos.

Mischievous Boudicca passes a handful of hairbands to Mango, scooting up to the other side and carefully picking out a clump of hair for a suitable braid.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango leans over to admire Darling's work, idly braiding and attaching cute ribbons to the end of them. "Ooo...you should give him a tramp stamp.." She suggests, trying not to laugh as she imagines it. "Thanks Boud~" She accepts even more ribbons.

Darling nods, eagerly, motioning to the other girls to help turn him over. There may be room for that poem after all....

Mischievous Boudicca slowly braids the strands, fixing the finished braid with a wonderfully pretty ribbon. She looks up at the two, worried, and mouths, "Won't he wake up?"

Bread Crumb Trail Mango takes the liberty to try and push him ove for that provacative tattoo. She shakes her head at Boud just as Algus stirs a bit, she panics a bit before gently coo'ing "Shh~ Back to sleep~" Into his ear, and kissing lightly.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango sighs as the move is successful. That was close.

Mischievous Boudicca giggles quietly, holding a hand over her mouth as she watches Mango perform the affectionate act. She pulls up Algus' shirt from where it fell in the shift, exposing his back. Perfect for an obscene squid tattoo.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango had been sure she removed his shirt, oh well. She restrains more giggles as she sees Boud's hand print around her mouth.

Darling grins from behind her scarf. Markers go to work on her lovely, horridly awful tramp stamp involving tribal art....and a squid. One of Darling's best works, for certain!

Mischievous Boudicca rubs more at her cheeks, giving them a purple blush. She peers down at the tramp stamp and grins, giving her a thumbs up.

Darling returns the thumbs up, smiling broadly. She adds a final tattoo, the traditional Heart with Mom written in it. Classic. She motions to the glitter. Is it time yet?

Bread Crumb Trail Mango leans over Algus to peer at his back curiously, her eyes light up with delight. "Good job!" She whisper/shouts excitedly. She follows Darling's eyes to the glitter. Oh yes, it's time. A pop of the cap signals only the beginning.

Mischievous Boudicca holds her hands out eagerly, wanting to spread the glitter all over. And then they can get to dye his braids. Oh yes they can.

Darling knows full well the dangers of glitter. It gets in your hair, your eyes and your...everywhere. Oh yes. She is well acquainted with glitter, from her stint as the Glitter Princess. However, noble times call for noble sacrifices.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango takes a moment to examine the areas she must cover. Hmmm, yes, this is good. She uses her hands, giving herself and Boud a generous amount of glitter, then offers it to Darling.

Darling takes the glitter from Mango, nodding. It is time.

Mischievous Boudicca carefully starts to sprinkle the glitter over his back in little swirls and curls, watching it twinkle as it falls. She smiles broadly in glee and then freezes, feeling an itch at her nose. She screws her eyes tightly shut, trying to hold back.

Darling stops in her glitterfying of Algus' pants to watch Boudicca. Oh no! She holds completely still, with baited breath. The suspense!

Bread Crumb Trail Mango raises her hands dramatically before swiping them over his torso, narrowing her eyes in concentration. GlitterGlitterGlitter! She notices Boud freeze and looks to her immediately. "Hey what's the mat-" Her eyes widen.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango's glitter and possibly paint covered hand shoots out to try and cover Bouds nose and mouth. Will she make it in time?! Tune in for next weeks episode of dragon ba- no wait.

Mischievous Boudicca shakes her head, dropping the rest of the glitter onto his back and letting her hands stretch out, tense as she focuses on not sneezing. She bites her lip, unable to even cover her own face because of the glitter.

Darling bites her lip. Oh no oh no ohnoohnoohnoooooooooooooooo-

Mischievous Boudicca blinks rapidly and gives a muffled sneeze, barely heard outside Mango's hands as the glitter itched at her nose terribly. Bad idea! Bad bad bad idea! The glitter explodes out of Mango's hands into Boudicca face, covering her in sparklies.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango is also accosted by a glitter grenade that seems to have gone off. "Ag-h..." She catches her loud noise, cuppping a hand over her own mouth, Ew, germ sharing.

Darling lets out a tiny breath. That was not too loud. She is glad that she was not in the glitter line of fire. Zombies do not look particularly fetching with glitter smeared all over them. She goes back to the sparklefying of Algus' pants.

Mischievous Boudicca covers Mango's face with her own glittery pair, a little apologetic for the sneezing before. And the cooties now on Mango's hands.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango sighs in relief, now thoroughy covered in glitter herself. "T-that was close..bless you.." She adds after a moment. Turning to check on Algus, she finds he's still out cold. She tries to wipe the cooties off but it's no use, cooties are forever.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango scoots over to the craft box once more. She shuffles through a few items, trying to pick a hair dye for his braids. She is particularly liking this one. Mostly because he'll look like a skunk.

Mischievous Boudicca giggles softly, imagining Algus with the black and white streaks of hair dying the outer strands of the braids will cause. She nods quickly and moves for a second brush to apply the dye.

Darling shakes her head a little at their antics. More glitter is required! But he needs to be turned over! She moves Algus onto his back gently, sofly. She croons a little lullaby, keeping Algus in blissful, ignorant sleep.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango picks up her own brush and scoots back over to Algus quietly, she picks up a braid and paints it. If you were wondering, yes, it is that easy! She giggles at Darling's lullaby, it worked perfectly.

Darling would be feeling rather sorry for the poor lad had he not, earlier that very day, pushed her off a bench so that her upper body was no longer acquainted with the lower half. Oh. And her hand was in the fountain. Fair play.

Mischievous Boudicca giggles softly and starts to paint his hair in light strokes, making sure it's fully covered before moving onto the next braid, careful not to touch the ribbon.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango seems satisfied with her work, she stands and makes her last trip to the craft box. Held in her hand was an ivory colored unicorn horn. Of course, it had sparkles, but was mostly a pure white. "Here we go..." The final touch.

Darling starts a full on glitter assault on Algus' front. Swirls of glitter decorate his chest, accent his mustache and angry eyebrows and generally give him a very...j'ne sais quoi.

Darling nods, stopping her work in reverance for the final, perfect touch. Look at it sparkle in all of its glory.

Mischievous Boudicca giggles softly and takes out a white ribbon, writing, "Pretty Pony" on the ribbon and turning it into one of those beauty pageant ribbons, sliding it over his arm and across his torso. And she's applied glitter to it. Liberally.

Darling almost loses it at the addition of the Pretty Pony sash, but manages to hold it together. FOR THE GOOD OF THE TEAM!!

Bread Crumb Trail Mango holds out a stern hand. "Glue." The surgeons request comes swiftly, urgently. Improbably glue will do best. She stares intently at her patient, wiping the nervous cold sweat from her brow with a forearm.

Mischievous Boudicca reaches into the craft box and pulls out a bottle of paste, with the sticker declaring "Improbably Strong Glue! Be careful, because this will most certainly NOT be scrubbing off. Not liable for any accidents/screw ups." Bread Crumb Trail Mango feels the tap of the glue bottle hit her hand, she squeezes a small amount into the back of the horn, holding her breathe. She silently pushes Algus' bangs back to clear a spot high on his forehead, slowing moving the horn forward, precision of a cobra.

Mischievous Boudicca holds her breath, watching Mango affix the horn with the stealth of a panther, the skill of an eagle. She wiggles in excitement, unable to wait for the finished image.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango bites her bottom lip nervously, approaching her landing zone with careful movement. "The eagle has landed...mission success.." With a small amount of added pressure, the horn sticks into place. Perfection.

Darling nods her approval. Their work here is done.

Mischievous Boudicca fist-pumps, suppressing a silent cheer as she hugs Mango. She looks down to her hands and feels the twinkly ITCH on her face. She pouts, realizing what this mission cost her. But oh, it was worth it.

Mischievous Boudicca nods to Algus, proud of the brave old (albeit unconscious) chap. She follows after Mango, off to NewHome to try to scrub off the craft supplies.

Darling nods. Time to move out indeed. She shuffles out to New Home.

Bread Crumb Trail Mango picks up her box of craft supplies, she leans down to sweetly kiss Algus' cheek."Goodnight, sweet prince~" With that, she takes her leave. That glue should probably wear off soon, then again, it is Improbable glue~

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