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PCee. Full Name: Pace Conrad

Age: Around 1,600 but he'll tell you 16

Birthday: He hasn't a clue, he chose October 31

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 110 lbs

Astrological Sign: He's actually a Cancer but since he doesn't know his own birthday how is he to know!

History: Before the Island

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Yeah...Pace doesn't recall much about his past

History: Life on the Island

Pace arrived on the island sometime during season two. He was originally very quiet and did little more than fight in the jungle or stay in the far corner of the common ground, munching on candy from his little leather pouch. It wasn't until a Joker named Xane started talking to him that Pace finally came out of his shell.

Xane graciously offered the frightened rookie a place to stay in a tree house in the grounds, which he took gratefully. Not long after that Pace was dragged into a situation with the 5th wall that included a caper with Xane against the theif, Carmen San Diego. At the close of this Pace unfortunately fell into a bit of drama that nearly silenced him for good.

After all that unfortunateness, Pace was married to a Cambion contestant named Nikolai. It seemed a match made in heaven but ultimately ended in disaster. Also around this time Pace came under the employment of the Gummy Queen Genevieve. She liked Pace greatly for his ability to create gummy flowers. In addition to becoming the Magician for her gummy court he also became the gunner for the Jackalope Pirate crew.

Since his divorce Pace has all but sworn off romance...but suddenly a new rookie has come into his life...

And that ended in disaster as well but he's long since gotten over the fact. He's instead devoted his time to his building, his shop, and his newest friends! Including: Escemfer (whom he still refers to as Miss Esc, despite knowing full well she is married), Ebenezer (whom he calls cuddle bear, no one is sure why but it's quite a humorous sight to see), and Bastien (an angry ghost that lives in his windmill). As a result of these knew friendships Pace has ended up in one of the best situations he could have seen himself in, an officer in a clan that is completely devoted to having fun, SUN.

Pace has become an avid builder and has constructed at least 6 different dwellings across the island. He's spent more cigarettes than he can imagine but it's worth it when you can ride a roller coaster whenever you please to. (Ask him about that he'll be glad to show you!)

Pace recently became involved somewhat romantically with Captian Bastien Van Erros, but it's hard to tell if it really is romantic or if the just enjoy each other's company.


Pace has probably been turned into ever race that the island has to offer, but it seems that the Drive has narrowed it down to around 3 things it particularly likes.

A Blue Reptilian Mutant A Raccoonmorph A Painfully Plain Humanoid

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