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While searching through the wiki for information about the local barwench; you accidentally come across a folder, titled Midget Etiquette. Curious, you open the file. You then see a mass of ones and zeroes, streaming by the screen. Slowly a blue screen appears, followed by text. It seems someone had hacked into the island's computer system and created this file. Curious still, you continue reading. It appears to be some form of a log book, talking about a project.

Project 83457

I was always considered to be the expert when it came to scavenging. Spare change, leftover kills, discarded weapons. I always was able to find them and bring to my 'pack'. Growing up in CyberCity, I immediately became fascinated with the robots that resided there, but I always saw something. They always needed repair, not just for their metallic components, but their organic components as well. These creatures were not robots; they were cyborgs. Creatures that, even after being upgraded, could not function without many of their biological components. I soon sought to fix this problem. I wanted to create the perfect creatures.

But I needed supplies. Slowly but surely, I began to scavenge. I found scrap metal all over the island. Not satisfied, I sought components that would help excel my creations in their chance for survival. Weapons that were sold to human, wiring from communication towers and cameras, chips from components from robotic creatures and even components from some of the human's dwellings. After weeks of welding and programing, I was successful. I created the first fully-functional self-reliant creature.

Number 73514


Main components:

-miscellaneous wiring- body

-tazer- fangs

-cattle prod- tail

-Communication tower transformer- 'rattle'

I modeled 'her' after a rattlesnake. Her brain's main component is a modified car battery, acquired from a Rush Hour Driver's vehicle. When she is not bothered, her batteries can sustain her a week without a recharge, but when they are low she can sink her 'fangs' into an electronic device and drain the power out of it. Aside from her brain is a row of auxiliary batteries inside her wiry frame. These also fill up when she 'feeds'. Her main ability is being able of discharging the auxiliary batteries, sending thousands of amps at her adversary, reducing them to ash. If she does discharge, she must find a power source before she can do it again.

LED eye color- yellow

Number 8124111


Main components:

-Television screens- dome

-cameras- ends of tentacles

An expert sentry. I modeled him after a jellyfish. His dome is manufactured by many television screens, found mainly from Nascar Fans, arranged in a dome shape. Each of his tentacles are prehensile metal tubing, tipped with a video camera. With the cameras, Brain is able to document anything he 'sees' and record them for future use. The tentacles are able to retract into his body. Brain's dome shows what he is recording can also receive video from me.

LED eye color-none. Screens glow blue

Numbers 5311535 (a through f)

-The Senses-

Main components:

Various. Explained in report.

I am in the process of allowing Brain to operate at maximum efficiency. I am making six mechs that Brain will have complete control of, using a modified tentacle as an antennae. Though each one is less than a meter long, by using these mechs, Brain will be able to collect countless amounts of data.

Number 13115


Main components:

-Camera lenses- Eyes

With the design, and the speed, of a common housefly, Lens is able to quickly record any action and relay it to Brain for future documentation.

LED eye color-none. Black lenses.

Number 5011412


Main components:

-Satellite Dishes- Ears

A rabbit mech, able to listen in on any conversation in a large radius. Can also hack into Communication Towers if the need arises.

LED eye color- red

Number 511009


Main components:

-Modified Debris Thrower- Nose

A mech resembling a breed of canine: a Bloodhound. He will be able to detect the scents of oil and rust, leading other mechs to the source. In theory he would also detect other scents as well, but this is unproven.

LED eye color- brown

Number 81488312


Main components:

-Communication Speaker- Voice Box

A parrot mech. Can record dialogue and repeat it verbatim. Works with Sonar to record any and all communications.

LED eye color- orange

Number 5114123


Main components:

-Riot Hammer Head- Center of shell

A mech used specifically to help locate needed scrap. By increasing a Riot Hammer's force field, this mech, resembling a nautilus, is able to float around the area with ease. Using his metallic tendrils, Snare is able to latch on to any small item and drag it into its hollow shell, dragging it out for future use.

LED eye color- white

Number 359


Main components:

-Speaker- Part of back

A mech resembling a dust mite. Designed to find out data unspoken. Programmed to crawl up onto the heads of the Humans. By scanning the wearer's brainwaves, the mech, in theory, will have the ability to read the thoughts of the wearer and project them verbally.

LED eye color-purple

Currently postponed due to other projects.

Number 91-14123111-1317


Main components:

-Potbelly stove- body

-Carving knives- feet

-Burninator 2000- right claw

-Two katanas- left claw

-Endless bottle of scotch- fuel source

My first attempt at a 'gas' powered creature. Pharenheit is modeled after a fiddler crab. His entire metal frame is hot to the touch, because his body is constantly aflame. What fuels him is a bottle of endless scotch, found from the common ground bar, that is attached by his left shoulder. His left claw is made of two katanas, able to move like a pair of scissors. Along with the flamethrower, he tends to use his right claw to heat up his left, turning the steel red hot. His eye stalks, two cameras, can rotate 360 degrees, making him almost impossible to sneak up on.

LED eye color- none. Black camera lenses.

Number 7123111012


Main components:

-Car engine- top half of head

-Riot hammers- hands

-Panthzer treads- treads

The powerhouse of my project. Tremor is modeled after a gorilla. Because of his treads and sheer mass, he tends to be heard before he is seen. His armor is tempered steel, making him difficult to dent. His arms are powered by pistons, allowing him to either swing his arms at crushing potential. The pistons also store potential energy. If he misses his target, the pistons allow him to make a small shock wave, knocking his opponent off their feet.

LED eye color- pink

Number 731281113


Main Components:

- plane Propellers- feet

A basic scout. His body is loosely based on a water strider. He was built with a spherical body, suspended by four long legs. Each leg is outfitted with a propeller, taken from a downed airplane used to drop off humans, at the end. By activating all four, he is able to hover over any obstacle in his path. However, if any problems arise, he is programmed to activate only one or two propellers, using them to either blow away the obstacles or slice them with the blades.

LED eye color- none. Thin red scanner.

Number 1114357120


Main components:

-Pipe Organ (wooden components)- Body Casing

-Organ Pipes- Various (Teeth, legs, tail, torso)

-Communication loudspeaker- throat (Feline head)

-Robot (Originally disguised as a human)- 'Conductor'

-Antennae- Conductor's wand

I actually found this one amusing. Borrowing components from a church in Kittania, I created Maestro. His design is feline in nature, possibly tiger, and he is the only creation of my projects to have two separate brains. While is body appears wooden, it is, in fact, only a wooden casing, covering his true metallic body. Using the organ's pipes, I was able to manufacture many parts of Maestro's design, such as legs and teeth, and were even able to add pipes to the mech's torso, giving the appearance of hair. As stated, it has two brains, one used for defense and the other used for offense. The first one, used for defense, is the feline like head. Its main function is to operate the legs and dodge opponents, and will bite opponents if necessary. The second brain is the robot 'conductor', welded between the feline's shoulders, showing the robot from the waist up. Inside its brain is a list of musical pieces. By playing these pieces using the pipes and the speaker in the feline's throat, it can command my smallest creations, the Notes.

LED eye color- Feline: black. Conductor: white

Numbers 110735 (aa through ks)


Main components:

-Organ Keys- Main body

Using what was left from the organ, I created hundreds of these mechs, resembling grasshoppers. Their metallic components are protected by a rectangular casing of either ebony or ivory. After receiving musical commands from Maestro, they can do a variety of abilities, from attacking opponents to collecting resources.

LED eye color- light green.

Number 1-1341312


Main components:

-Hospital gurney- Underbelly

-Various Hospital implements- Tools

As much as I hate to admit, my body is not perfect. I stumbled on this discovery when I burned one of my legs with a welding torch making one of the creatures. I was still bound by my earthly body, despite my casing. To counter this, I took components from a Hospital Tent, and made Healer, who I based on a pill bug. If I am ever in need of medical assistance, Healer will roll onto his back, revealing a gurney for me to lay on. When I am secure, his shell will open on the sides, releasing tendrils that carry a variety of implements: defibrillator, bone saws, needle and thread, and is also able to create a bevy of healing concoctions. For some reason, Healer cannot just stand by idly. He tends to venture on out of the my lab to search the island. From what I've seen from Brain, he has an urge to heal any of the humans that he finds.

LED eye color- white

Number 91-110124


Main components:

-Debris Thrower-mouth

-Two katanas-chelicerae

-Various Trees- Legs

I was on the verge of creating my largest, and potentially the most deadly, creature of the project 83457, a mech based on a tarantula. She was originally built to be a collector and scavenger, sucking any needed material into her abdomen. However, I came across a major problem in production: I had completely run out of materials. I had finished the body, but the legs were merely skeletal tubing, no possible way to keep itself suspended. I could not just postpone the production, as the mech's brain was already beginning to boot up. I had to come up with some materials for the legs and quick. Thinking, I realized that there was materials for me, and it was right outside my lab. Cutting down a number of trees, I was able to use their wood to help lift the mech onto her feet. Problem solved, but not what I intended. A few days of testing later, I realized that something was actually growing from the dead trees. The trees were not only still alive, but growing leaves and fruit as well. No doubt a side effect from the Island's radiation. Further inspection has revealed that the growing fruits are also affected by the radiation in various ways.

LED eye color- dark green


-First Left leg-grows cherries-fruit has explosive properties.

-Second left leg-grows oranges-fruit has ability to teleport whoever attempts to eat it. Location is at random.

-Third left leg-grows bananas-fruit is extremely poisonous. Eating it is unwise.

-Last left leg-grows walnuts-has carnivorous tendencies. Tends to swarm in packs.

-First right leg-grows lemons-fruit's acidic properties have greatly increased.

-Second right leg-grows apples-fruit can produce iron spikes when stem is pulled.

-Third right leg-grows pears-fruit gives eater random mutant abilities when eaten.

-Last right leg-grows coconuts-seed has high density. Fall from tree can create a small tremor.

Number 1-1006390063


Main components:

-Various cloths- wings

This mech, resembling a bat, was my first attempt to create a creature that can fly under its own power. Sending out the other creatures to collect material, I soon had enough material to create the wings of this mech: umbrellas, clothing, and even a burlap sack that had the appearance of a face on it. I placed the burlap sack over the mechanical head, the mech's eyes looking out of the 'mouth' hole and began sewing the materials together. The mech's body is rather small to help it stay in the air. After I finished, the mech was able to glide, but could not fully fly. I worked around that by giving it an objective: to find more materials to finish itself. I made the structure of the wings with a series of tubes that allow it to extend outward. When it finds material, the wings extend slightly to allow the material to be attached, which the mech does by using a metal tendril with a sewing needle and thread that I installed in its chest.

LED eye color- yellow

Number 012111817


Main Components:

-'Beetle' style automobile- Body

-Power drills- Feelers

-Shovel crane blades- Front claws

Using a rusty automobile found in the disgusting run down town known as Squat Hole, I made this mech, filling in the car with its metallic components and sealing off the window panes. Modeled after a creature called a 'Star-nosed' mole, Drillbit can burrow deep under the ground with ease, using both its shovel-like claws. Its nose also aids with its movement, each 'feeler' of the nose tipped with a power drill. Using this mech, I was able to build a more suitable lab for my needs.

LED eye color-none. White headlights.

Number 731212012


Main Components:

-Skull- Head casing

-Rusty chainsaws- Claws

-Heavy Chain- Tail

-Scythe Blade- Stinger

My latest project, designed to intimidate its opponents. Using the design of a Whip Scorpion, it is the perfect soldier. The hard casing of bone protects its computer brain from blunt force. Combined with the rusty chainsaws, Terror has the ability to nearly immobilize any threat that it finds. While the opponent is petrified, Terror will swiftly dispose of the threat, using its tail to either slam it with its heavy tail, breaking bones, or slicing into it with the blade at the end.

LED eye color- Red

Final Thoughts

I remember coming across a book written by a man named Charles Darwin. He stated that animals, including the humans, were created from past creatures slowly growing over millions of years, eventually 'perfecting' the species. I have now come to the conclusion that this guy to be mentally deprived. From my studies of humans, I see that humans are physically unfit to survive in the wild. No fangs, no claws and little fur. The only reason these creatures survived all these generation is that their mating season is 24/7/365.25. Furthermore, I was born, but was not created until the Drive turned me into what I am today, and it only took moments. The same can be said for my 'pack' as well. Now, thanks to project 83457, I have proof of intelligent design.

The intelligence is mine.

This is Hax, logging off.

Alright, this is getting weird. This guy sounds like a complete whack-hey what's this? There's more after the 'final thought'.


I understand what had happened to me, and I can't change what happened. I am eternally grateful that Alpha and the others were able to take me back. While others keep reassuring me that it was not my fault or that it wasn't me that created the mechs, I still feel responsible for what has happened. But still, the urge to create has been imprinted in my robotic brain and it can't be deleted. Instead of trying to repress it, I choose to act on it, creating more mechs (under strict guidelines). I moved my lab into my own cave (the old one had some scary things in there) and started creating.

Number 91-14813


Main components:

-Wild Horse bones- skeleton

-Jump Boots- hooves

-Dentist drill- horn

-One-shot teleporter-

My first completed mech, given to Ferryn as a Christmas present to help her get around the Island. He is based off a creature called a 'unicorn', a creature I read about in a book of mythology. The structure was easy, because a few members were able to take down a few Wild Horses, and I used the bones as a, well, a skeleton for the mech, adding the metal parts around it. His main weapon is the dentist drill I installed on his forehead. If he ever needs to get away fast, the rockets on his Jump Boots will activated, allowing him to 'fly' away from danger. Also, I installed a modified One-shot Teleporter onto the back of his neck, so Ferryn will be able to teleport to any of the outpost. Because the teleporter is welded on to Phable, it will be teleported along with him and Ferryn, allowing repeated use.

LED eye color- light purple.

Note: He was very well recieved. In Ferryn's own words - "YEEEEE AWESOME"

Number 51-1412951-1007312


Main components:

-Devastator 1150- front claws

-Shotguns- legs

Alpha is going to be so pissed when he finds out I turned on this mech. (He was.) This one has far too many weapons. He was one of two mechs I activated that were offline in the old lab. The reason I did was due to the impending monster invasions. He is based off of a preying mantis. His main weapon are, obviously, his firearms (Hey. Fire-arms. I made a joke.) on his front claws. He has the a targeting chip from a Combat Helmet in each of his big eyes, allowing him to lock on to a target. He has even shown to rear up on two legs, allowing him to fire two more of his firearms (or is it fire-legs?) for a short time. In case of close combat, the chainsaws on the devastators are still functional. I did add something to him: three sets of small claws on his underbelly. With these, he can latch on to the back of someone, allowing all six weapons to be used. He has a tendency to scavenge for bullets to help keep his main weapons functional.

LED eye color- none. Has red crosshairs

Number 801234115


Main components:

-Flood lights- eyes

-'Ripper' Combat boots- talons

'Alice' for short. Another unfinished mech from the old lab. She's based off of a Great Horned Owl, but is about four feet tall. Her main weapon, I found out, was her large eyes. When I activated her, her eyes immediately lit up (brightly I might add). I was seeing spots in front of my eyes for almost fifteen seconds. My guess is that she would stun the monsters while others would do the rest. The boots are just in case monsters get to close for her. A set of small turbines are at the edge of her wings, two on each wing. These help her get around. Hopefully Alpha won't be as mad at me for activating this one. (Maybe Luna can appeal for me.)

LED eye color-none. White flood lights.

Number 1131110


Main components:

-Nuclear submarine- body


A mech made from ocean debris made to clean the ocean. Ferryn and I were dragged to the beach by Snoop, where other mechs had found the hull of an old submarine, beached on the shallow waters. Most of the parts were ruined and the hull was rusted away in many parts, but I was able to get the wreckage closer to my home. (I need to thank Admiral for helping me move that) While inspecting the hull in the waters, I realized that a coral reef has taken refuge on the bottom of the ship. I thought about removing it, but the reef was also inhabited with many forms of marine wildlife. I decided against it, but I had to finish the mech in the water. I made a whale. A sperm whale to be exact, with large eyes. To my surprise, the coral actually helps the mech stay balanced in the water, almost like a pair of flippers. I added joints in the submarine body, allowing Nemo to maneuver better in the ocean. His mouth is actually the entrance to a large version of a septic tank, which will collect much of the waste floating around in the ocean. When the tank gets full, I will have to clean him out manually. (A job I am sure I will dread.)

LED eye color- dark blue.

Numbers 12111670113 and 014170113

-Ringtone and Dialtone-

Main components:


-1920s wall telephone- torso


-1960s pay telephone- torso

A pair of scouts with the ability to converse with each other. Both mechs resemble lemurs. (Both are female.) The phones that make up both of their torsos are fully operational, with their phone cables trailing behind them like a tail. The two have the ability of allowing the other to receive both video and audio of what the other sees and hears, allowing information to be shared quickly. The receivers hanging on their sides will ring when they find something, and if one was to pick up a receiver, they would be able to listen to what the other is hearing, much like a phone. The two mechs are constantly curious, inspecting everything they can reach for and surveying it to the other.

LED eye color- Ringtone- light green. Dialtone- blue

Number 01219


Main components:

-SUV- body

-Solar panels- ears

-Various materials- trunk

-Barrels- 'stomachs'

-Octophant tusks-

-One shot teleporter-

I was recently asked by a man named Rawr about creating a fire fighting device. With the increase of outpost attacks this was a great idea. It took a lot of scrap, but I eventually made Drip, who resembles an elephant. I used the tusks from an Octophant carcass to help give Drip some defense. I even used a tape recording of an Octophant's trumpet to give it's own cry. To help power this big guy, I used some recycled solar panels Robots use to help regenerate and made it appear to be the elephant's ears. With Hodgepodge's help, I was able to make a trunk from some of the fabric at Sheila's. (I then had to shoo him away constantly because he kept trying to sew the trunk to himself.) By tinkering with the SUV's engine, I was able to make a kind of pump. When Drip dips his trunk into some fresh water, the engine will start, sucking the water into his trunk and into the barrels (that used to be barrel suits) that are stored in the back of the SUV. When he finds a flame, his pump will switch gears, and he will automatically spray the stored water from his trunk, extinguishing the fire. Stealing a page from Phable, I attached a modified One Shot Teleporter to the top of the SUV, allowing Drip to quickly appear in any outpost that needs his assistance. Being that Rawr essentially came up with the idea, I gave him a simple remote that, when pressed, will call Drip and he'll quickly appear there to help with any fire problem.

LED eye color- green

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