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From The Improbable Traveler's Guide to Improbable Travel, Season 1 Edition:

Where Cyber City 404 is the shining, chrome-plated gem of Improbable Island's northern shore, Pleasantville is its matte-finish sister city in center of the isle. Located across the great inland lake to the north of Improbable Central, Pleasantville is home to the Island's Mutant population, and its people have gone to great lengths to decorate their city in only the sleekest, non-reflective materials.1) Once dull Humans, these fun-loving hedonists have been infused with so much improbability that they've thrown off the shackles of normalcy and embraced a fun and trendy life as only a being with four2) arms can.

From its happening night clubs to its bars that never close, Pleasantville is the party city that never sleeps. Where Improbable Central is all business, and Squat Hole is home to the Island's most intense workaholics, Pleasantville is second only to Kittania in its devotion to doing as little as possible. The traveler might first think the city has little to recommend it, but stick around. Once you've spent some time here, the place will begin to grow on you.3)

Major attractions in Pleasantville include:

  • Dr. Paprika's Office. You may not see the good doctor's office at first - new travelers often overlook it. But for savvy travelers in the know, Dr. Paprika's office is the place to go for that 'special surgery' you've always wanted. If you want to change your gender, this is the place to come. The doctor does not work cheaply, but the results can be quite fetching.4)

Come ready to stay up all night, because the natives never sleep.5) The annual Strawberry Festival in particular is not to be missed.

1) The savvy traveler should be aware of rumors that the locals are sensitive about their looks. Avoid using mirrors or unsheathing shiny swords while in Pleasantville, because the natives have been known to attack immediately.
2) Or six, or nine - who can keep count, really?
3) Like an extra limb in a hard-to-scratch place.
4) Similarly, according to rumor, the bartender at the Prancing Spiderkitty in Improbable Central sells a potion that can change you to another species. But where the bartender uses magic and potions, the doctor's methods are all surgical science.
5) It's hard for them to get all their eyes closed at once.
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