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Pyre Kasen

Pyre is one of the later arrivals on the island. Unlike most, he seems very reluctant to accept all of the strange things going on, being quick to fly into a rant about things that don't make sense. He is continuously talking abut 'when he gets off this island', even though there's no hope of doing so so far.

In general, Pyre is very irritable and a little vain. He also constantly fights all impulses from new forms, determined to stay who he used to be as much as possible. Because of this he can sporadically change in attitude when he gives in or comes back to his senses. His form changes constantly, altering with almost every Drive Kill; his latest form is always on the bottom here.

Pyre uses a Drive Kill level-based evolution system. In other words, the granted powers from any race depend on his highest level DK with that race. Note that sometimes recent forms and such can have an influence, usually for RP reasons (His prolonged Robot form, for example) The current race usually has the biggest influence regardless.

Current levels:

  • Human: 3
  • Kittymorph: 4*
  • Zombie: 0
  • Midget: 5*
  • Mutant: 3
  • Robot: 2
  • Joker: 3

* These races are the most frequent and thus the most prominent.

He is currently a part of AIB. He's happy to have found some sane people, even if his own sanity is slipping.

Before arriving

Pyre's real name isn't known; he's admitted to using an alias so he won't be connected to this show by anyone once it is over. From his usual complaints, though, it was possible to derive he had studied computer science before the EMPs went off. After that he pretty much went sour, doing a variety of insignificant, shitty jobs. For a while he was just stuck in a drag, not really maintaining contact with anyone, having any fun or seeing much reason for living. In a way, coming to this island could have been just what he needed; not that he'll ever admit it.

First incarnation

Initial game

As a human he mostly wore a trench coat. His weaponry switched often, using whatever he could. His hair was shoulder-length and black with traces of red dye that slowly vanished over the days.

It was here he joined with GERM, at first hoping to find a collection of sane individuals. He was sadly disappointed, but by this time he had already made a home in their Clan Halls. Tired of sleeping under the stars, he decided to put up with it for now.

Second incarnation

DK level 1

The first Drive Kill had the biggest impact on him mentally. It was here when he realised how daunting his task truly was and the realisation came paired with the nibbling suspicion he'd never be able to leave. His more pressing concern at this time, however, was the fur covering his whole body, as well as the cat ears and tails. His reincarnation as a Kittymorph did not do him much good. He spent most his time being paranoid about how he wouldn't be able to go home looking like this.

In a desperate attempt to regain some of his old 'identity' he tried to mix up some red hair dye. He was mostly successful, but improbability got in the way. As a result, Pyre's hair now constantly changes colour.

While his core personality had changed drastically, being much more care-free and distractable, Pyre stubbornly refused to accept this and tried to put on a focussed, serious face as much as possible. The only habit he openly indulged himself in is his craving for meat.

At this stage Pyre looked like a standard Kittymorph, black in colour, possible because of his clothes when he destroyed the drive. Refusing to go about naked, he usually wore a sleeveless white coat. Despite his disliking for his new form, he regularly found himself relying on his increased agility and claws next to his weapons. Often lashes out with them when irritated.

Third incarnation

DK level 2

On the second Drive Kill, the realisation that this could go on forever started settling quite well into his mind, mostly leaving him even more irritable. He incarnated as a Kittymorph again, but this time with some changes. He had two tails, noticeably longer ears and white rings around the ends of his limbs and tails. His colour-changing hair had become permanent, much to his annoyance.

His personality was still much the same, though his appetite was increasing. His agility increased further, so he now relied on it more in the battles that seemed to be increasing in difficulty. He kept the same coat, though it was now torn and damaged in many places.

Upon finding Deimos' Haberdashery he bought himself a hat to try to cover up his hair. Any attempt to hide it, however, failed, including cutting it (it regrew in mere seconds) Still, he has taken to wearing the hat around, if only for the minimum protection it grants. It currently is a low top hat.

Fourth incarnation

DK level 1

By now destroying the Drive had become more of a routine. It was done in the hopes of getting any sort of data on it. Pyre was starting to busy himself with finding a permanent way to destroy the drive, but other than endless theories and a headache on multiple occasions, it has had no result.

This time he was reincarnated as a midget... sort of. It seemed his previous forms carried over and mixed in. As a result, he looks more like a small version of his previous incarnation. However, he is noticeably more irritated and inclined to swear.

Thanks to his small frame, his agility and combat prowess increased further, the smaller size not dulling his claws. He was now less and less inclined to use any actual weaponry, since anything that could do decent damage was too heavy for his tastes.

Fifth incarnation

DK level 2

Again reincarnating as a Kittymorph, Pyre found himself deviating even further from the norm. He now had three tails and ears that were more like a bat's than a cat's. His short stature also carried over, much to his annoyance. By now, he was quite tired of being called cute.

He still had the same black fur, although now his lower arms, legs and the tips of his tails and ears were completely white rather than just having a white ring. He was still wearing the same white coat, but by now it was incredibly tattered. Several strips of the remains are tied around his lower right arm to covered up a heart shape in the border between his black and white fur, something he found particularly embarrassing. He wore a pouch around his right thigh with assorted paper and writing equipment in it to use for writing down more theories on the Drive while out hunting.

By now, Pyre's fighting and hunting style were almost completely feral. No longer using any weapons and often taking to the trees to stalk around while hunting. His claws were getting much tougher, no longer breaking off as easily and tearing through things with more ease.

Sixth incarnation

DK level 2

His sixth reincarnation finally had a heavier mental impact again; it was as a mutant. Thanks to his mixing form it wasn't as bad as most transformation, but it was still a big change. His tails were now on his back at shoulder height, but long enough to still reached to the ground. They also ended in talons, so they were useful in combat. He had a sort of shell around his lower arms and claws and a multitude of ears. Some of his fur had fallen out and he even had a batch of scales on his left thigh.

Since his claws were dulled now thanks to the shell he returned to using weapons. Over time, however, he started using his tails in combat as well.

It was here that he finally left GERM hoping to find a better place, finally coming up at Amity in Bedlam. It went wrong from day 1, but he stayed non-the-less.

Seventh incarnation

DK level 3

For once happy to return to his furry form, Pyre went through another incarnation as a Kittymorph. He kept some of his mutant changes, though. He now had four ears. They were back on the side of his head, but incredily tall and pointed, two reaching up half a foot, the other angle 45 degrees back and about 3 inches in length, all with a tuft of white fur on the top. There was still a shell over his lower arms and hands, but they were now sharper again, so now they were usable in combat again.

He now had four tails, but there were still talons on the ends. They were back where they were supposed to be, but longer than before his Mutant run, reaching all the way to the ground. It took a lot of practice again, but finally he learned to apply it in combat again.

His coat now reduced to nothing but strips of cloth, he replaced it with a new model better suited for his size with inch-thick green lines at the edges, wearing a white tophat with a green ribbon around it to match the colours. Under it he wore a green vest and white pants with a green edge on the bottom. The remnants of his old coat were tied around his exposed upper arms, hiding most of his fur.

His fighting style was now significantly more dangerous, his effective number of weapons tripled. He was often leaping around the battlefield to strike the enemy while passing them by.

Eighth incarnation

DK level 2

This incarnation had the biggest mental impact of all for a simple reason: It was as a robot and it didn't mix well with his previous forms. His insides were left as a chaotic mess of metal and organs, wires and nerves. Everything was connected in some way, causing him to feel strange and disorientated and unable to make sense of what he was feeling or supposed to be feeling. Silcatra had attempted to modify him to try and help this, but it back-fired, mostly letting Pyre realise how messed up things really were.

Next to that, his mental health was bad as well. Normally, the Robot transformation broke a lot of the personality down, but as a mix, it just ended up damaging things. His emotions waved around sporadically, which only frightened him since at times it was like he had no control over it. He had trouble making himself understandable at times as well, adding to the problems.

While he didn't really care by now, this was the first form where he didn't have his colour-changing hair, mostly because he had no hair. Instead, however, he had strips of neon lights over his head... which kept changing colour. Most of his form was still the same, just metal now, including his short stature. His claws, however, were now steel blades, making them much more dangerous in combat. Unfortunately, he lost a lot of his speed and control, his new body leaving him too confused to use it efficiently.

Ninth incarnation

DK level 4 (Kittymorph), DK level 3 (Human)

Luck was with him on his next form as he partially returned to normal again. While his lower body, tails, lower arms and ears were still Robotic, he was happy just to have a normal, beating heart again. His stomach also functioned again and his normally big appetite returned with a vengeance, becoming almost monstrous.

However, his mental state was still screwed up somewhat. He would still have random shifts in emotion; strange outbursts, paranoia attacks or just really happy spells. His hair, now returned in its full glory, now indicated these attacks. Normally it is two colours, either in a gradient or striped. Once is becomes a single, solid colour, he's having an attack. So far, red has indicated anger, white fear, blue sorrow and green happiness.

Still, despite that, in this form he was probably more cheerful than ever before, not that that was saying overly much. His strange body needed a lot of getting used to, though, so fighting was a little difficult at times since it was harder to estimate his own strength and weight.

Tenth incarnation (Current)

DK level 2 (Midget), DK level 3 (Midget), DK level 2 (Kittymorph), DK level 3 (Kittymorph) x 2

Pyre's form was slowly starting to settle, now changing less and less with every reincarnation. By now, only his lower legs arms, his ears and the ends of his tails were Robotic. He was now even shorter, only four feet tall. At his limbs where the fur connects to the robotic parts it now flows into white, the transition being a strange checker pattern.

He traded in his long coat for a shorter one with a set of green belts worked into it to keep it tight around him, the buttons on it having quickly torn off. Under it he wears white pants with green checker patterns on the lower legs; he saw those in his fur as a taunt from the Drive that said he was always over thinking things in the fight against improbability, like it was a game of checkers. He embraced the taunt and made it into a statement that he would someday 'out-think improbability'.

The teddybear he had been carrying around was now made into a backpack with a zipper on the chest, making it easier to carry around. Since it is around 2 feet tall, it really stands out, visible even from the front. While it is cute, it's usually stocked to the brim with grenades and repellent.

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