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Doctor Quinn Mallory Hanlon

A Day in the Life of...

It's one of those rare days on the Island when the humidity has broken somewhat, leaving its inhabitants to enjoy the slight breezes off the ocean. The heat and moisture-thick air will return soon (as it always does), perhaps bringing more rain to drench those unlucky enough to be caught out of any sort of shelter, but right now it's downright pleasant. Relaxed in a shady spot as you happen to be, it's easy to watch the comings and goings of the Outpost. Always fascinating the mezcla of people and personalities present. From tall to short, violent to peaceful, naked to clothed, there is always something to catch your eye. Today it's the girl who's (once again) commandeered a campfire and has set up a pot to boil. Apparently it's Stew Day today.

Not really anything impressive as far as her musculature goes, the woman stands at just over 6'1" with a copious sprinkling of freckles over her sun-kissed skin. Eyes that sparkle, looking to be a light shade of green (or is it brown?), seem full of life and laughter and wisdom beyond her apparent age. The laugh lines around them show this is a woman who has enjoyed the majority of the years she's seen. Long brown hair is tied in a loose braid that reaches all the way down her back, even tied back as it is. Her ears are pierced, each twice in the lobe and the right twice in the upper cartilage rim. Simple hoops that hug her ear with maybe a centimeters clearance are all she wears in them. Nothing dangly or gaudy, but still something easy to pick out with her hair up like it is. She's unadorned by other jewelry except for the simple yellow ribbon that can be seen around her neck (or sometimes her wrist).

She's dressed in a loose top, pale in color, that likely works well in keeping her cool in the usual jungle heat. A corset of deep greens with brown lacing and faint detailing in black supports her modest figure. Her trousers look like a supple leather, tucked into sturdy boots that are ideal for trekking trough foliage, though perhaps not perfect for the jungle environment. A wide belt hugs her hips, a gun holstered to the right (with a small pouch of ammunition beside it) and a short sword hangs in a leather scabbard to her left, easily drawn when close combat is required. A holster of sorts above the sword looks like right about the size to hold a deck of cards. At her back, a lightweight medical kit is kept, the red cross over its surface easy to spot. Next to it, a battered flask is easily reached.

In addition to this, she carries a circular bag, a pale olive in color, emblazoned with a star and trimmed in matching red. It's contents aren't obvious, but she keeps it close if not on her person, so they are likely important! Right now, she seems to be pulling a book from it and referencing it as she adds items to the pot from the cart she dragged in with her. Soon enough, the smell of cooking meat and vegetables with spices is filling the air and more than a few hungry eyes are on the bounty being prepared. It's not that often someone plops down and cooks a meal in the middle of an Outpost, after all!

The Basics

Everything you need to know about the usual Quinn.

  • Name: Quinn Mallory Park
  • Height: 6' - 6'1"
  • Hair: Brown hair, usually wavy with a near curl to it.
  • Eyes: Brown when human, green (with central heterochromia in the right eye) as a Joker.
  • Looks: Tan from the sun and speckled with numerous freckles.
  • Birthdate: March 13
  • Personality: Chipper and bright, a bit of a mother hen bear
  • Occupation/Title: Doctor1), Founder of CAKE, Mother of Dragons, Healer of Ills and Injuries, and She who will not Tolerate your Shit.2)

The Tattoos

She has several of these3), much to some peoples surprise. Some were actually received before the Island while some she got while on it. Most are hidden when she is dressed.

  • Rose, Skull, Daisy and Hummingbird: The letters RHP, received before the Island. Gotten after her sixteenth birthday, her mothers initials in tiny script on her right ankle. The letters are back-dropped by a small hummingbird drinking from a wisteria vine, the flowers curling around the letters, both representing favorites of her mother's.
  • Symbol, Snake and Swan: Rod of Aesculapius, received before the Island. A tiny snake curled around a staff, wings coming from its back. Gotten after completing medical school. Located on the inside of her left wrist. This was easily covered by gloves/makeup off Island, but is rarely covered now.
  • Star: An odd symbol that appears to be a star within the rays of a sun. Just under her hair line at the back of her neck. This was originally just the rays of the sun around an open circle to honor her adoption of Sun, but after one too many issues involving demons and a bit of research, she had Petra modify it for her into this protective charm. Located just below the base of her neck, above her shoulderblades. (Never in view with any collared shirt/jacket. Covered by hair unless it's in a high ponytail.)
  • Phoenix: A head stretches up towards the symbol above, wings spread under her shoulderblades. A body and tail of flame continue down her back. This is her largest and most detailed tattoo, to the point where you could swear the flames were actually moving. Touching it reveals no heat or movement, but the illusion(or is it the Improbablity)) of it is fascinating. (Covered by most tops.)
  • Tiger, Dragon and Heart: A grouping of snapdragon flowers, each a different color, located on her left hip. Each is shaded a different color and together they form an almost heart shape: Red tipped with silver,4) pink tipped with red,5) pale blue tipped with silvery purple,6), green tipped with auburn, 7) white tipped with blue,8) yellow tipped with orange.9) It looks like some have been added in over time to add to the effect. (This is covered by nearly anything she wears..)

The Clothing

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! While her outfits can often vary, they tend to involve some combination of the outfits listed below:

  • Casual Outfit: A well-tailored combination of corduroy pants, soft and supple, in a dark brown. A white blouse tucks into them while a corset of deep blue or green adds a splash of color to the ensemble. Leather boots, well worn from her trips in the jungle, cover her feet. When making the most of her Doctors abilities, this is joined by a lab coat with the rod of Asclepius embroidered in dark green on the right breast.
  • Casual 'Dress' Outfit: A simple jersey knit green dress that ends around the knees with black stockings reaching just under the hem of the dress when standing. The outfit is topped off by a pair of suede slouch boots, the material gathered at mid-calf.
  • Steampunk-y Outfit: A dark brown (sometimes black) corset with no other top. A skirt of green with a vine-like pattern to it poof out rather impractically. She seems to have no issues with movement though. Knee high boots lace up under the skirt, comfortable enough for long treks in the jungle but still stylish in appearance. Goggles sit atop her head, ready to be used if required.
  • Valskyr Adventuring Outfit: A tunic of forest green under rather well-made studded leather armor with soft boots padding her feet. A short sword hangs at her waist in a sheath and yew bow slung over her back, a quiver of arrows hanging from her belt. A light pack holds the rest of her gear, including a fur-lined cloak for more inclement weather.
  • 'Nice' Valskyr Outfit: A simple but well made bodice and corset of neutral tones with skirts that are paired with a red cloak, lined with rabbit fur.
  • The Frilly Dress: A corset and skirt with bows and frills, leaving shoulders bare. Looks like this.

The Past

  • Born in: Virginia, a little place in Amelia County, to a middle working-class family.
  • Raised by: Mostly her father, Eran Park. Her mother, Rachel,died when Quinn was six.10)
  • Siblings: Older brother, Tobias. Twin brother, Jesse. Half-sister, Rachel.
  • Growing up... Much of Quinn's personality was influenced by Jesse, who was the perfect foil for her. Together they caused naught but trouble in their youth11), leaving it to Tobias to clean up after them. As children of a woodworker12), they lived on the outskirts of suburbia, close enough to civilization for good schooling, but also far enough away to be outside of the hustle of city life. They had an acre of land, mostly forested, in central Virginia. Eran had a barn turned workshop that he used to ply his trade. All the children learned the basics of building furniture13) and hunting 14).
  • Without a Mother: When Quinn's mother, Rachel, died, it was a tragic time for the whole family. For want of a vehicle, Rachel and her parents were stabbed and left to bleed to death in a torrential rainstorm. Rachel's mother survived, but came down with pneumonia shortly after but was unable to beat the sickness. Eran's parents had passed on from old age a few years before and both were only children. The family had just gotten much smaller. They survived the time though, and everyone came through stranger for it. It is possible, however, that part of Quinn's desire to help and save comes from this event.
  • Becoming a Doctor: Partly due to her grandmother's unprevented death, Quinn started training to become a Doctor. She got through high school in three years, persevered through her own personal demons to succeed at both college and Med School. She wasn't top of her class, but she was above average, impressive considering the ample courseload she'd taken. By this point she was living in the capital city working in one of the smaller hospitals. She had just completed her residency and was on her way home to celebrate with her family when she was stolen away to the Island15).
  • The Island - First Days: A blessing and a curse in one... When Quinn arrived on the Island, she didn't know what to do with herself! She was adrift, cut loose from everything and made some interesting choices as a result. She spent a lot of time16) on the Failboat where she met most of her first friends. She even met her first Clan Leader there. Drizzt17) of MERCs. She even still has a bit of the rum she was gifted on her joining of the Clan, even if she remained in it less than a year. It is because of her experiences in MERCs that she set out to make CAKE, even though she was still wet behind the ears as far as the Island was concerned.
  • CAKE: Originally coined 'Classy Avengers and Knights-Errant'18), CAKE is Quinn's biggest accomplishment. She couldn't be prouder of her clan and what they stand for on the Island. If you are looking for friendly people and a place to lay your head, take a look at CAKE!

She's had a tumultuous love life and hurt far too many people in her time on the island, but as they say love will find a way... She's found the one who will hopefully be her truest love and last marriage, Mister Hawkeye Hanlon. He accepts her faults and supports her weaknesses without holding back her strengths and makes her feel whole and healed. She's been through memory loss 19) and tragedy, 20) torture21) and death 22), and the worst sort of infection23). Despite all this, she's come back strong and is finally whole and sound of mind 24) Many of the details of her life are lost in time or buried where she's left them, but she's proven the Island can't keep her down for long. 25)

The Present

Well, you'll just have to find her and learn for yourself!

Typical Appearances


A striking woman of 6' in height with peachy skin tanned by the sun and scattered with freckles, but not quite littered with them. Her brown hair falls past her belt when left down, so she usually wears it in a loose braid that has a tendency to fall over one shoulder. Her eyes can change, but they tend to be brown when human and quite a bit more green when a Joker. 26)27) Her outfit typically consists of an off-white blouse under a deep green corset28) that bears an intricate vine-like design in black. Trouser, usually of a sturdy leather or suede rather than cloth, tuck into solid boots. She wears a wide belt at her hips that holds several items: her revolver on her right with a small selection of ammo next to it, a small pouch with room for 10 vials on her left, a flask just past that and a medkit at her back. Variation: As a Jokermorph, Quinn looks much the same except for the addition of simple brown cat ears and a slender cat's tail. Both bear lighter and darker markings that match those usually found on the tabby breed of cats. See form here.


A hyper creature that rarely is more than 5'1029) and is covered from head to toe in bright pink fur. Her hair is colored a bright teal and most often left loose to fall down to her big, bushy tail. Though she has most of the traits that scream kittymorph, such as her tendency to be distracted by shiny things,30)31) but the roundness to her ears and that tail just seem to be more squirrel.32) Her outfit varies in this form from sundresses to winter sweaters, but rest assured, she's almost always cute and quite often jingling from one or more sources as she bounces along. (Currently those courses include that tail bangle with a bell that's somehow fitting at the base of her tail, a black bracelet lined with little jingle bells, and a pair of larger jingle bells that hang from her belt.) See form here.


At just under 3'5", this scragly haired, freckle-covered midget is oddly clean. Her hair is a frizzy, matted mess and freckles cover almost every bit of open skin, making her look an odd shade of brown speckled with peach. She tends to wear bright red pants and an open vest with no shoes. She does manage to avoid most of the stink, but drinks more than normal and is usually seen with a large bottle of some sort in hand. She uses her sword in this form, strapped to a belt across her back.33)


A slender, sticky version of Quinn, still at her 6' height. No freckles are visible on the pallid skin that hangs off bone and emaciated muscle. That long brown hair falls in clumps and tangles instead of waves of curls, chunks of it fallen out to reveal the skin, or even the skull, beneath. Numerous scars, all vibrant red and looking infected (some even still appearing as almost new injuries), mar her front and arms, like the just healing wounds of an animal mauling are frozen in time. A longer gash cuts down one arm and both ring fingers appear to be missing. The clothing she wears is ragged and as torn as she is, but appears to be a simple red tanktop over jeans and hiking boots, with a ratty and bloodstained labcoat overtop. Cloudy eyes that can only make out shadows and a rictus smile baring stained teeth certainly don't make for a pretty sight, but at least the oddly improved sense of smell helps her get around better.34)


A treeish thing that stands at over 10' tall with gangly four branch-like arms and legs that make up most of its height. The dark, bark-rough skin has almost knot-like bumps all over and seems to blend in nearly perfectly with the Jungle around her. The added arms, should give it an advantage over opponents, but their length and slenderness seem to cause more trouble than assistance. This extra set appears beneath the normal set of arms, and they hang down the creature's knees. The head of this creature has vine-y hair, leaves and even the occasional flower growing from their length. Sharp, saw-like teeth sit in a lipless, wooden mouth and deep pools of pitch black form eyes for a quite disturbing combination of features. Offshoots of leaves or small branches sprout from her in places, adding to the tree-like camouflage that this form has.35)

See form here.36)


Her more recent changes have her a bit... scaly. A resplendent figure of golden scales with pales golden hair that falls in waves about her. Two prominent horns protrude from her scalp, angled behind her, darkening towards umber at their tips. Red-gold eyes, bearing slit pupils, regard the world with a sense of serenity and calm. At the small of her back, a long tail flicks almost catlike. Additional spike like horns adorn it as well, making the tail a weapon on its own. Sharp teeth and claws (on both feet and hands) make up the rest. Unclothed but for a cloak when in inclement weather, Quinn is proud, but not cocky. She is quick to talk but less so to fight, always amiable and pushing for diplomacy over violence. A hint of saffron and incense follow in her wake.

Non-commissioned image for reference37)

Furry-Feathery-Scaly Creature

A large creature of fur and scale and feather... something of a mix between fox and dragon. Her fur, covering all but her scaled underbelly, is a soft purple with accents of pink. Frilled ears and a long tail match the color scheme, complimented by the pale cream of her underside. Accents of green, matching her eyes and claws, bring another splash of color to this purple-haired creature. Her wings, dragon-like in appearance are wide enough to support her weight, with claws on the wingtips and feathers along the underside. Wearing naught but the bangle on her tail! This thingy, just a bit bigger!38)


Seen once just with the ears and tail and once as a full morph, Quinn bears a shaggy covering of brownish-tan fur, marked with shades of darker brown. Her hair falls in a pair of messy braids, still another darker shade of brown. Her green eyes reflect a hint of the brown that they used to be and she is quite chipper and active in this form. Goes completely nude.

See form here

Skills of Note

Doctor, not Surgeon

Not nearly as skilled with a scalpel as she is with plain bandages, Quinn does her best to keep those around in her in good condition. She's got a customized Medkit and a copy of each of the Richter's Guides to help her do it.

The Cards

She has a couple decks, but rarely plays with them. It seems she's still working out the intricacies of their workings!39)

Improbable Bullets

Instead of normal bullets for her revolver,40)41) she relies on her Joker cards. Each has a special attribute that will empower non-lethal firepower for her to use in battle. As this is based on luck of the draw, she may get different results each time. 42)

Items of Note

Tavar, the wolf of shadows

Formed by the Joker, Drizzt, on a trip to the Failboat. Quinn raised him from a pup. Nowadays, he seems to be off on his own, but every once in a while Quinn feels like she's being watched.

Sage, the MiniGodzillatar

The offspring of Ment's Mini-Godzilla,43) Eggbert, and Alexander Ried's44) Larvitar.45) Hatched from an egg. Currently rides on her head or on her tail and is still under a foot tall.

Star-Emblazoned Bag

Given to her by the Joker, Herp Derp, after he saw her running around the Failboat with a bat. She is able to pull a large hammer46) 47) 48) from this bag and has taken to using it as her pack since everything seems to fit. It's a bitch to find things in though. Seems to change colors with her drive kills and tends to match her clothing.

Custom Large Medkit

Her most prized possession is the Large Medkit that she has painstakingly modified. It carries the usual array of First Aid gear, but she's added quite a bit to it. She gathers everything she thinks may be needed, so there is always a chance that she'll have exactly what you need (about 25%) or something close (about 50%). Items of note so far are: sun-screen, a tatty old coffee can with a goopy, sweetly fragrant substance in it (White Flower Salve, for itching), some waxed twine (though why that's in there, you really aren't sure), a cold compress, 3 syringes and some of Akkima's healing gauze. The vials she has are all tucked away somewhere too.49)

1) Complete with the Doctorate. Just ignore the fact that her medical license probably isn't valid anymore...
2) Seriously, don't mess with her family. Don't mess with her Clan. And definitely don't fuck with her.
3) Well, five of them!
4) Endarr
5) Rachel
6) Phen
7) Brianna
8) Fi
9) Becky
10) She and her parents was killed for the vehicle she was using. A tragedy for everyone.
11) including, but not limited to, dressing up as one another and dropping jelly bombs on teachers
12) a decently skilled one too
13) something Quinn has put to good use on the Island
14) with a bow, not a gun
15) Hell of an after-party that turned out to be..
16) Predictably, considering she was a rookie
17) Who goes by Anton now
18) Because the co-counder, Castor, insisted it have Classy in the name
19) Though that's almost normal, really.
20) More friends have been hurt and died than she cares to count
21) She really won't go into this unless she knows you, promise
22) Nearly three times!
24) As much a Joker can be...
25) You want more?? Yeah, like that'll ever happen...
26) Except for the right eye, that one keeps a bit of brown near the pupil and always a bit of black around the iris.
27) See description at the top for a link!
28) Often underbust, but not always.
29) She often will be shorter!
30) And people, especially family.
31) And scritches, she loves those!
32) She has a fondness for collecting acorns that no kittymorph could explain.
33) , 34) , 35) , 38) This form has only been seen once.
36) Drawn by Shi
37) If the form happens again, I'll get actual art!
39) See below.
40) Or foam darts for her M4
41) NERF. Just say NERF.
42) For example? The M4 is a NERF gun, but watch out, that foam dart might be made of ice when it plows through your eye...
43) You read it right, I promise.
44) Carter's
45) Yes, the POKEMON
46) Think Scott Pilgrim's Ramona Flowers
47) Yes, it's the same bag too
48) His idea, not mine!
49) No one touches those but her...
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