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Name: Raine Bofirn

Sex: F

Height: About 5'8". Tends to vary by a few inches.

Weight: Classified.

Race: Cheshire

Initial Sighting: S2

Appearances: She'll always have the purple/pink striped cat ears and tail, although not always visible. Will have heterochromia in any form.

Powers: Invisibility, teleportation, mastery of controlling and growing plants...oh, and a good mind for machinery.

Combat Ability: Haphazard at best. But very effective.

Acquaintances: Too many to count.

Relationships: Asmodius Lianna Halestrom

Familial Relationships: Cheshire Cat - Great Great Great Great Great Granduncle. Possibly another Great.

Organizations: WATCH

Other Notes: Bloody INSANE at times. Has a love for bathrobes, plants, machines, and anything generally "cute". Warning: "cute" can mean a lot more than you think.

Profile Dump: Because Raine's profile is a clusterfuck of...well, just about everything...here are different sections which you won't see on her main profile.

Raine's Shit "Awesome Stuff"

  • Dresden's Custom Ballistic Knife - Has a chunky silver handle with a ring on it, and a couple of buttons. Twisting the ring fires a 9mm round from the blade(max six before reload), pressing one button activates the laser sight, and pressing the other button launches the blade itself. Also, it's a knife.
  • Than's Raptor-Boots - They're hiking boots. With sickle-type blades that shoot out. One in the back, one on the outer side, and two curved down like sharp toes in the front, for each boot. They're very lightweight!
  • Xan's Feather - Silvery-white, and as solid as metal. Came from one of Xan's wings.
  • Xan's Flamethrower - It's silver. It's shiny. And it shoots white-hot flames. Comes with celtic designs for a limited time only!
  • Isaac's Nanobot Gauntlet - Originally made by Teague...well, some godawful amount of time ago. It's good for fixing robots.
  • Alice's Push-Up Bra - Okay. Not really Alice's. Unless she's a DD. Which isn't the case, sadly. But it `iwas`i won from her in a Joker game!
  • Quinn's Radioactivity Pills - For dealing with the symptoms associated with meeting the stranger. Given by Dan.
  • Raine's Hammerspace Bag - ...so she does own something of her own! Besides...y'know...everything not on this list. The bag is white, and even changes shape for her outfit. As a backpack, it has a lot of pockets.
  • "Angel's Light" - A sturdy longsword etched with draconic runes, with the flames of a phoenix coming up from the crossguard...and with a hilt that seems greatly inspired in design by an angel's feather. It's infused with several sources of light energy, and is warded against shadow. It's said that the gods themselves protect the wielder. A masterpiece created by Xan, to guide Raine through the darkness.
  • Raine's Feral Outfit - Consists mainly of a long, v-cut robe, with slits on the sides of the legs. It's a rich blue color, and hangs loose. It's made of manticore skin, which looks like leather and feels like silk. There's also a black collar with "Raine" etched into it..."Newt" below that. Finally, there are the four sets of double-bangles...ankles and wrists. They're weighted. And gold. And have engravings of flying phoenixes on them.
  • "Frostbite" - A greatsword, found in the ruins of an old fort in Valskyr. Belonged to a golem, before it was destroyed. Super-keen, super-cold. There's a blue zircon set into the pommel. A good blade, all in all.
  • Dragon's-Head Staff - It's red and white, and about five feet tall. Made of metal. There's a dragon's head on the top(which is very lethal, as a mace), and a small weighted sphere-shape on the bottom. What this weapon conceals is twofold - both the ball and the head are designed as flails, attached by spiked chain. Each with about a four-foot range. The other surprise is the blades...the staff comes apart, revealing two very sharp, very keen swordblades. A little over two feet in length, on each. All in all, a deadly weapon.
  • Raine's Hammerspace Gloves - It seems this is a new addition, first seen in her Knife Maiden form. They allow her to store handheld objects, and pull them out with the flick of a wrist. Very useful, for someone with a lot to throw...
  • Uncle Chesh's Hat - Given to her by her uncle! Right now, it's got her WATCH badge pinned to it, and Dizzy's guitar pick in the band. As well as Xan's feather sticking out on the other side. There's an inch-and-a-half-long metal spork pin on there, and a yellow ribbon is tied around the brim, below the purple band. A literal button, like from a shirt, is pinned somewhere onto the crowded hat, and there's also a shiny bronze Zippo stuck in the band of the hat. But the craziest thing is the lightbulb screwed right into the top of it, sticking out. Huuuh.(See mementos)
  • Than's Shotgun Special - It fires many things. In fact, if it's the size of the barrel, it'll fire. Raine usually carries incendiary rounds, or seed rounds. The latter is actually cooler than it sounds...
  • "Bruiser" - It's a six foot tall black baseball bat. With spikes. And studs. And painted black. And the spikes shoot out, detonating on impact. And the studs also detonate on impact. And there's extra spikes to stick on there. Just...dayum.
  • "Tsubaki" - A set of two metal-cylinder things. They project a rod with a receiver on the end, which projects pure energy in a sort of light-saber fashion. But these were built with actual SCIENCE!!.
  • The Stygian Claws - A set of spiked chains with two hooks at the end of each that give off a purple glow and emit moisture. From Isaac.
  • The Claws of Valakut - A pair of metal-plated gloves with claws on the fingertips. They let off a soft brown glow, and allow the wearer to move through natural objects. From Isaac.
  • The Nemesis Gauntlets - A pair of chains, each ending in three claw-like daggers that give off a teal colored aura. It has the power to conduct electricity. From Isaac.
  • "The Rainestorm" - It's a modified M249, built from scratch, with a shotgun attachment below and a grenade launcher attachment above. It's got a stronger stock, better barrel, good grip, awesome reload, laser sights...it's accurate, and hefty as all hell. This isn't a gun for pansies.
  • "The Fyrestorm" - Expanding on the original idea, this modified M249 has a flamethrower attachment below, as well as a mounted plasma-cannon barrel above. It's much heavier than the original, but still has a good barrel, strong stock, wonderful grip, good reload, and especially the laser sights. Good for obliterating an entire field with minimal effort.
  • Expect for Raine to pull out a multitude of shit Awesome Stuff besides that. And less awesome, more normal.
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