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> Contestant: Ree-chan
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> Contestant: Reilin Seiten
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Name: Dr. Reilin Seitan
Home: Malton City, born Osaka, Japan
Occupation: Research Scientist, Microbiology. Genetic Engineer, Retroviral.
Projects: Sx4 Project, Project Vallis, Hetrodyne Initiative Project.

Hobbies: Singing, writing.
Other skills of note: No data at this time, awaiting update.

Description: (Filed by Field Agent Jakal (Jkl093321-55)) Reilin is a petite woman of obvious asian decent, likely Japanese, she has long black hair, usually worn free, though she's been observed wearing it in a bun while working. Her eyes are green, a rarity in the genome but not unknown. She keeps her body well toned, she swims at least eight hours per week over the month this agent has been observing her. She seems a fastidious sort, not liking to get dirty, though that may be a habit acquired through her work with biological agents.

Update ##/##/####: (Data compiled from Network footage) Exposure to intense improbability levels have left Ree-chan (Reilin Seiten) looking slightly non-human, she now bears vulpine ears and tail, as well as claws and a propensity for not wearing much clothing.

Bio: (This data compiled from NT and USDoD databases) Reilin Seitan was born to Japanese nationals in ##/##/#### her father, Suo Seiten was a molecular biologist, while her mother Nadesico Tanaka was a robotics engineer heading various miniaturization and nanotechnological projects. While not married the two did live together and after Reilin was born they moved to Seattle, WA. USA. Reilin spent the first 15 years of her life here before winning an advanced study scholarship at MIT, where she moved to to begin a college career that would end in a dual Doctorate in Micro-Biology and Genome Theory at the age of 26. Scouted out by the USDoD she was hired to head various biotech projects. At the age of 36 Reilin was granted Top Secret clearance and transfered to Malton City to work with Necro Teck on the Solanum Virus project.

Update ##/##/####: (Transcribed from secure commo from NTi 404 Malton City) Voice 1 (Assistant Keller) "Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Everything is going to hell here, Sx1 is loose, containment is failing, we're all going to die here..."
Voice 2: (Dr Seiten) "Shut up Keller, we're not going to die if we keep our heads on straight, give me that damn thing."
(sounds of scuffle, dull crack, whimper of pain)
Voice 1: "You BROKE MY ARM!"
Voice 2: "I told you to give it to me, now shut up. Control, this is Dr Seiten, we need containment here, lock down the installation, do you copy?"
Voice 2: "No one's answering... shit... how long was I out Keller? Keller? Damnit, he ran off"
(sound of reciever being dropped)
Voice 2: "Damn Sx4, lost too much time after taking the injection.."
(voice 2 recedes, sound of slamming door)

Update 2 ##/##/####: (Report from Lt Cmdr Joshua Smith, containment team 4) We found a woman today, looked completely normal except she was covered in blood, no wounds to be seen, we tried to approach her and get her to evac but she slaughtered two of my men, fortunately common sense overrode gut reaction and we filled her full of tranqs, we've got her sedated and restrained now, it took heavy chains, we're shipping her off to... hell I don't know where she's being shipped off to, we just turned her over to those creepy bastards in the white suits who don't do anything but give orders. Here's the crazy part though, she was wearing a lab coat, still had an ID on it, said Dr Reilin Seiten, she's on the list of people trapped INSIDE the installation, we're out in the norther distract, actually outside the main part of the city is where our patrol found here, anyway, transmission ends, Smith out.

Update 3 ##/##/####: (Report from NT Medical Research Dpt 5) Patient Reilin Seiten being remitted to psychiatric care in Arkham Asylum. She is victim to extreme psychosis and delusions, to be sedated and restrained at all times. No matter how lucid she may seem, do not listen to her, she is a pathological liar.

Update 4 ##/##/####: (Report from Arkham Asylum) Patient Reilin Seiten stuck from records, Patient renamed to 'Ree-chan' and assigned personality reconditioning at level 1. Primary diagnoses shows PR1 holding in patient. Note: Please find some plausible explanation for patient's lack of physical signs of aging.

Update 5 ##/##/####: (Report from New Arkham Asylum) Patient Ree-chan turned over to the Network to participate on Improbable Island.''

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