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Reks Uni

General Blathering

Age: 76/18

Race: Human

Citizenship: Formerly American

Fine Fine I'll Tell You What He Looks Like

Reks stands at an utterly uninteresting 5 feet 8 inches tall. This, many would say, is one of his least interesting characteristics. His eyes, a very light ice blue color, are not in fact natural and were given their color upon impact with the improbability field. This, many would say, is almost as uninteresting as his height. In fact, nothing about the boy's physical appearance is in any way overwhelming. His hair is bright blonde and kept neatly cut at a manageable length, he is thin but fit and weighs in at about 120 pounds, and his skin is pale from lots of time spent indoors. His clothing, though he wishes it were more interesting, is usually rather drab, for lack of the money to buy something fancier. However, none of this is uniquely interesting in any aspect until it's all gathered up in the dustpan of details and tossed carelessly into the wastebasket of truth, in which one will learn not only that truth has a rather wretched smell about it, but also that, despite Reks' youthful appearance, he is actually 76 years old.

Personality and Whatnot

Reks is generally rather shy and a little awkward around new people, but all that changes once he gets to know the person. In a group of friends, he tends to be a little more outgoing, if not a bit angsty. He offers his input to conversations, but is usually a better listener than a talker, especially since he doesn't know much about the island yet, or current life in general. He is easily embarrassed by a misplaced comment and will sometime fall silent for the rest of the conversation after being corrected for making an error. When it comes to fighting, he's not the best either. He doesn't know the first thing about fistfights, beyond how to not break your thumb when punching, and will lose easily if challenged. However, when it comes to guns, he might as well be a marksman. He's not without error, but he loves showing off what he can do on the practice range or in the wild. He respects the lost art of chivalry to an extent, but can be a little flirty without meaning anything by it. He has a large propensity to learn and as he learns more and more about the island and its inhabitants, he seems to open up more. His personality is constantly shifting in small ways that slowly start to shape it as a whole.

Plate Tectonics... Or More Like Personality Changes

As of his second "day" on the island, Reks seems to be opening up a bit more. He is particularly energetic around Acrobat Methuselah. The influences on his personality as of now are for the better. He opens up easier and seems to draw energy from those around him. He also seems to enjoy hugs a lot, probably because he's gotten so many from Methuselah. And since he has the uncontrollable ability to shapeshift, he especially likes ear-scritches when he has animal ears. Ina other news, Reks seems to be Regressing back to a mental state of an 18 year old, probably to cope with his new body. This is making him more energetic and emotional as well.

As of the third day on the island, more changes are becoming apparent. Reks' personality seems to fluctuate based on the people he's around. Methuselah makes him energetic, Reme makes him more flirty, and Mara makes him more attention-seeking and daring. He considers these three to be his closest friends so far, but there are others that influence his mood in minor ways as well. If he's alone, he normally reverts to his natural personality.

A Brief History of the Ancient Creature Known as Reks

I'm not paid enough to write all this crap...1) Oh thank you! Now as I was saying, Reks was born in the pre-EMP years in the United States of America. He was raised in Texas in a rather loving family that cared for and supported him. This is as much as he remembers clearly about his past. Prior to being abducted and dropped rather rudely onto the island, Reks was living out his days of retirement in his home, taken care of by assistants as he slowly lost his mind to Alzheimer's. Due to a mix-up in some forms from island recruitment, he was abducted in place of his neighbor and, though many were questioning what use a 76 year old Alzheimer's patient would be, was eventually tossed out of the plane anyway. Upon contact with the edge of the improbability field, his body and mind were mutated back into his 18-year old self. When he woke up, most of his memories were like swiss cheese, not in regards to the fact that swiss cheese is quite tasty when used with the right foods, but more along the lines of soft and full of holes. He could not remember his name properly, and since he knew that it wasn't elvis presley he grabbed one of the other random ones floating in his mind for the application form, hence his new name.

Skills, If You Could Call Them That

Reks is a wonderful marksman and loves to have a gun at his side. He also has talent for cooking, but due to his lack of memory, doesn't know any recipes yet. He's a wonderful swimmer and a not too shabby runner as well. A few other minor talents of his include singing, poetry, piano, fishing, the ability to determine if the cake is a lie2), listening, talking, breathing, living, annoying those who don't like quiet people, daydreaming, and dressing himself.

A Few More Tasty Morsels

-Loves eccentric clothing, but it's usually too expensive or rare on the island.

-Loves swords and knives, even though he's much better at using guns.

-Has an emerald pendant that he found on a creature he fought. He doesn't know the significance, but it looks pretty.

-Likes to be included in groups, but is usually too shy to join.

-Enjoys the island for its sense of adventure.

-Often daydreams and will sometimes not hear comments or questions directed at him if he finds the conversation boring.

-Loves exploring.

-Likes cake3)

1) Suddenly is handed a large sum of cash
2) it usually is
3) even if it is a lie
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