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An organized (or disorganized) group (or single individual) that believes (or disbelieves) in supernatural (or mundane) forces (or . . . um . . . not-forces?) that may (or may not) or may not (or may) exist (or not) 1). These are usually quite confusing, as demonstrated by this description.


  • Whatever religion was responsible for the toothpick shrine that was built and promptly forgotten about in the Raven Inn. . .oh, wait, "Religions *Of Note*". Never mind.


Through a recent agreement between religious representatives 6)7) 8) , all inter-religious wars have been cancelled. This is what's known as a Gentleman's Agreement.

1) And unlike some pansy role-playing games, you don't get to make a Wisdom save to disbelieve. Or, rather, you CAN, but something will be chewing on your leg by then.
2) unless you worship someone else, in which case its One False Faith.
3) You know the ones we mean. They ask you for offerings. Yeah, those ones.
4) Not that we want to know. No. Not at all.
5) It's Metaphysical Nihilism, in case you were wondering.
6) Which the Erisians were NOT invited to. You would think anyone with any knowledge of Eris would invite her to everything. No good can come of this.
7) Of course we wouldn't invite Eris! The invite said religious representatives only! . . . I maintain that the Erisians invite got lost in the mail. While being eaten by the neighbour's dog. During a Drive Kill.
8) Anyway, think what would have happened if all the Gods had shown up! Hedgipus Vs. Catfish, Three Hedgehogs Vs. Robotni- I mean The Pope, Eris Vs. The Watcher. . .while mud wrestling. . .Mmm, where was I?
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