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Rescuing Little Fella

A tale of the rescue of the last missing Sentient Rubber Ducks1) of the QQQ Clan Halls by Thewonderllama, Gizmo and Rodrick2)

at the clan halls

[09/23 06:46pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo enters the room and can't help to chase a rubber duck pouncing all around.
[09/23 07:05pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama wakes up on the couch a smile on his face, curled up with an empty bottle of beer. "Hmmm..."
[09/23 07:07pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama opens his eyes and looks at the bottle in his hands, quickly glances around and shoves it under the couch. He makes a show of yawning to cover it and sits up.
[09/23 07:10pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo notices wonderllama and waves her hand "Hi!"
[09/23 07:13pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama blink blinks, "Hello there. You one of the new recruits, eh?" He stands up and makes his way over, offering a friendly smile and extending his hand. "Most people call me Wonder or Llama. Either or neither's fine by me."
[09/23 07:16pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo smiles with her pointy teeth and shakes wonder's hand vigorously "then wonder be it!"
[09/23 07:17pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo raises an eyebrow and asks: "what's up with these little fella's?" pointing to a rubber duck
[09/23 07:20pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama glances over at the ducks about, "Ah the ducks? Well they're clan mascots." He laughs as one of them does an impressive backflip into the hot tub followed by a victory lap and some irritated squeaking from the algae. "Cute buggers, too."
[09/23 07:21pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama turns back to her and says, "Ah, I don't think I caught your name."
[09/23 07:22pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo gasps "oh! silly of me! Gizmo be it!"
[09/23 07:25pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo pokes one of the beanbags, it giggles.
[09/23 07:25pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick steps out of the bathroom with an impossibly smiling duck affixed to his shoulder. "This one is actually not rubber. It just started following me after I rebuilt that outhouse last week."
[09/23 07:26pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo notices a lonely rubber duck, then asks it in sad voice "What's up little fella?"
[09/23 07:26pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama chuckles, "Pleased to meet you, Gizmo." He turns to see the midget with his duck, "Ah, the duck. A noble and loyal creature."
[09/23 07:28pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick plops down on the grumpiest beanbag in the corner. "The name is Rodrick, by the way. Someone called me 'Wodwick' once but he got stabbed with a broken beer bottle."
[09/23 07:29pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo stops her hand half-way to the beer bottle over the table.
[09/23 07:30pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick chuckles and hands Gizmo the bottle. "Jus' another night in Squat 'Ole, got to keep up appearances and whatnot."
[09/23 07:31pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama raises an eyebrow, "Well. I think I can manage Rodrick then. I'm thewonderllama and this here," he waves his arm at Gizmo, "is Gizmo, one of the new recruits."
[09/23 07:31pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo speaks in a hushed voice "pleased to meet you Rodrick" putting a lot of effort in pronouncing all the letters
[09/23 07:31pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama adds, "I think at least, heh."
[09/23 07:33pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick raises a brow. "Ah right the lass with the empty- umm, nice to meet you while you're conscious."3)
[09/23 07:33pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo stays silent and makes a thinking face, trying to understand llama's words. She seems to be calculating the square root of PI
[09/23 07:36pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama shakes his head, smirking. Ahh, true Quackers, this lot. He steps to the kitchen, "Either of you care for a beer?"
[09/23 07:36pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick points at a letter pinned to the billboard. "So now that I have yer attention, what's all this about missing ducks? I spotted a few way up in the mountains a while back."
[09/23 07:39pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick holds up a jug of something that reaks of acetone. "Actually I think I'll wait on the beer this morning." It is obvious he has no idea what day or time it is.
[09/23 07:39pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo notices rodrick handed her a beer, empties it and exclaims "Beer? Sure!" then stops for a second, looks at the lonely duck "missing ducks? that's why you so sad little fella?"
[09/23 07:43pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama grabs two beers from the fridge and heads back to the main room. He hands a bottle to Gizmo then says, "Ah, a bit ago we had a bit of an...incident...in the halls." He doesn't describe the algae/beanbag revolt and the hole he shot in the hot tub.
[09/23 07:44pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick's duck grimaces at the mention of damaged bathroom fixtures.
[09/23 07:44pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo takes the beer and sits on the floor. Opens it with her teeth and starts takins sips
[09/23 07:46pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama continues, "Well, most of the ducks fled or were evacuated and, we had to go round 'em up. Most of them are back now...by my last count we're only missing a pair of them." His face darkens, "I fear they may be lost for good."
[09/23 07:46pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama opens his beer and takes a long pull.
[09/23 07:47pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick sets his duck down and sends it off to play with the other ducks. "I don't know what he's thinking sometimes."
[09/23 07:49pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo stays with shocked face at Wonder's words with mouth open
[09/23 07:50pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo speanks angrily "lost for good? who would dare to harm the little fellas!?"
[09/23 07:51pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick hesitates. "A pair? How do we know they're together?"
[09/23 07:52pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama stands up straighter. Mustn't set a bad example, now. "They were good ducks. They served the clan well. Poor little fellas probably got lost and wandered into the jungle. Not all of our ducks are quite combat ready."
[09/23 07:53pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama blinks, "Ah, just a figure of speech. Didn't mean they're together, just that there are two unaccounted for. The rest are here or at Duck Manor near CC404."
[09/23 07:54pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo recalls she never visited the Manor...
[09/23 07:57pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama's duck bursts into the hall quacking furiously and hopping about, "Quack! Qua-quack! Quack!!!" Clearly agitated, the animated rubber duck jumps onto the table and wadles back and forth across it. "What's that, buddy?" Llama asks.
[09/23 07:58pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo drops her beer
[09/23 08:02pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama leans in to listen to the duck, "Slow down, slow down, I can't understa...Wait what? At the Spiderkitty?" The duck is beside himself, quacking and hoping with reckless abandon, "You're sure?" "Quack!!!"
[09/23 08:04pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo stares with wide-open eyes like when fighting your own tongue for first time
[09/23 08:06pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick is trying to remember if he was banned from the SpiderKitty or not.
[09/23 08:07pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo shakes her head "at the spiderkitty like the prancing spiderkitty!?"
[09/23 08:08pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo runs away not closing the door
[09/23 08:09pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick leans forward and takes a swig of his bathtub gin. "She knows where she's going, right?"
[09/23 08:12pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama shrugs and heads for the door, "Hope so!"

At improbable Central

[09/23 08:12pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo rushes from the clan halls to the prancing spiderkitty
[09/23 08:12pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama runs after her.

At the prancing spiderkitty

[09/23 08:11pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo enters the room and breathes heavily, then screams "WHERE ARE YOU LITTLE FELLA!?"
[09/23 08:12pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick stumbles in holding a bag of wet candy. He tries to catch Gizmo but bumps his head into a table.
[09/23 08:13pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo runs in four legs searching under the tables. until she bumps the wall and falls heavily.
[09/23 08:14pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama rushes in to a disapproving glare from Dan. He gives Dan a hey-you-know-how-it-is shrug and heads to his fallen clan mates. "You guys okay?" Two head injuries in one day. Oh hell.
[09/23 08:15pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick flips himself up. "Falling over is in me blood! Where am I?"
[09/23 08:16pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo sits with sad face "where's little fella?"
[09/23 08:17pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick takes an ale off a table when a patron is turned away and hands it to Gizmo while patting her shoulder. "S'alright, use your nose."
[09/23 08:18pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama chuckles, "At the Spiderkitty, mate." He looks up and scans the bar, finally spotting a duck wagging his rubber tail randily at Emily. "Ah, I should have known."
[09/23 08:19pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo takes a sip. then stands up and sniffs heavily... then makes an "ack!" face "too much smells!" then takes a long sip of her bottle
[09/23 08:20pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick sniffs himself for a moment and shrugs.
[09/23 08:22pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick can't see what Llama is looking at and jumps up on a nearby stool. "Is that a duck arse?"
[09/23 08:23pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo puts the cold ale glass on her head and mutters "ugh.."
[09/23 08:23pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama puts a hand to his forehead and shakes his head, "I'm afraid so." He looks over at Gizmo, "You alright there?"
[09/23 08:26pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo sighs "It's allright, just got carried away" then widens her eyes and says "is little fella here?"
[09/23 08:27pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama smiles, then nods in the rather inebriated, pervy duck's direction with a grimmace, "Found one of 'em at least."
[09/23 08:29pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo jumps and exclaims "little fella!" not knowing if it's polite or not to interrupt the duck and emily
[09/23 08:31pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick asks Emily for one of what the duck is having. "I wonder what he's been doing all this time."
[09/23 08:34pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo exclaims "let go little fella! we missed you!"
[09/23 08:36pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama mutters, "By the looks of it, enjoying the hell out of himself."
[09/23 08:37pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick pries the clearly annoyed duck from Emily's bosom and hands him to Llama. "What are the odds he'll tell you where the other one is?"
[09/23 08:37pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo drinks the last of the ale puts the glass heavily on a table, crosses her arms and angrily says "Little fella that's no way to treat a lady!"
[09/23 08:38pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick notices Emily blushing. "seems like she's used to the attention, eh? You know what they say about ducks."
[09/23 08:40pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama holds up the duck and examines him, "Well...I'm not liking the odds." The duck burps in his face and falls over passed out. Llama makes a disgusted face and pinches his nose with his free hand, "Nope, we're not getting anything useful out of him."
[09/23 08:41pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo says " this little fella needs a bath and a good rest for sure!"
[09/23 08:41pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick says "?me leans on Emily's leg. "Let's send him home, my duck will clean him up.""
[09/23 08:42pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo notices a typo gremlin behind Rodrick and waving arms exclaims "SHOO!!"
[09/23 08:43pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo says "look at the hour! we should call it a day?"
[09/23 08:45pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama nods, "I think you're right." There's a commotion coming from the far end of the bar...there's a duck wielding a spork and jabbing pints with it, quacking merrily.
[09/23 08:46pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick still doesn't know what time it is. "Yes... I'll meet you back at the Hall..later." He has already started hobbling to the bar.
[09/23 08:47pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick sits next to the rowdy duck without noticing it.
[09/23 08:49pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo gasps "little fella #2! here you are!" then whispers to wonder "are them like this all the time or they became feral or something?
[09/23 08:50pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick laughs out, "Nah we midgets are like this all the time!"
[09/23 08:50pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama points at the duck, "Oi! Rodrick! You got that fella?" He turns to Gizmo and says with a chuckle, "They're Quackers through and through."
[09/23 08:51pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick is stabbed with a spork and takes a few seconds to notice.
[09/23 08:56pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick reflexively swings over his left shoulder and stumbles off his bar stool.
[09/23 08:56pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo says " "that's no way to treat a guildie! you fella finish the ale and say sorry to rodrick"
[09/23 08:58pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo walks carefully, helps rodrick to stand up, and takes the spork from the duck."you and I fella are going to have a little chat" then takes the duck and puts it on her head
[09/23 09:01pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick says "Welp, that's all four of them!""
[09/23 09:04pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo says " let's get them home then, it's really late! and I need a twitching steak I'm starving" then walks away walking really straight with the duck still on her head, and waves "Bye rodrick! enjoy your ale!"
[09/23 09:05pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo stops suddendly on her tracks "Four?" then notices the not-sober state of rodrick
[09/23 09:06pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama laughs and waves to Rodrick, "Take care, Rodrick. Leave some booze for the rest of the customers, yeah?"
[09/23 09:06pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama nudges Gizmo and mouths "Two".
[09/23 09:06pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick blinks out of one eye at Gizmo. "How'd ya get those two extra arms?"
[09/23 09:07pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick seems lost in "thought". "G'night you two."
[09/23 09:09pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo gasps and mutters "I knew should not have bought those IMP bombs..." then notices she still has two arms.
[09/23 09:10pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo blushes at Rodrick's blink and whispers "I didn't knew you were into muties rodrick" then giggles and walks away. "Good night everyone!!"
[09/23 09:11pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama heads for the door.

Back at improbable Central

[09/23 09:12pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo walks out from the prancing spiderkitty walking very straight with a duck on her head
[09/23 09:13pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama exits PSK with a rubber duck in his hands, passed out drunk. He heads for the clan halls.

Back at Clan Halls

[09/23 09:14pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo walkes into the room walking very straight with a duck over her head
[09/23 09:14pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama enters from IC with a snoring duck with lipstick marks all over in his hands.
[09/23 09:15pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama settles the passed out duck on the couch and starts counting the ducks in the room.
[09/23 09:17pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama quickly double checks his count and a smile leaps to his face, "We got 'em all!" He looks to Gizmo, "Thanks for your help today, Gizmo."
[09/23 09:17pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo puts the duck on the table, serves him a bit of ale on a plate and starts sipping the rest. then talks to the duck "stabbing your clannies with a spork is not good, you must say sorry to rodrick"
[09/23 09:18pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick is unceremoniously dumped at the front door by Dan.
[09/23 09:18pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo cheers and exclaims "WOOHOO PARTY TIME!!" then empties her beer bottle. and gives the spork back to the duck
[09/23 09:20pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo carries rodrick along the floor onto his favourite beanbag
[09/23 09:21pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick's duck waddles over to him and sits on his head. He gives Gizmo a polite "Quack."
[09/23 09:21pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama laughs, "Dunno what you did there, brother, but thanks for you help today." He yawns, "I'm tuckered out though, I'm gonna get some rest. Nice meeting you both!"
[09/23 09:24pm] <QQQ>Contestant Gizmo exclaims "nice to meet you too!" then waves, smiles and walks out whispering "someday I'll have a duck too... but now I could have a steak... or two!" and closes the door behind her.
[09/23 09:24pm] <QQQ>Sergeant Rodrick mutters "Moral support." and resumes dozing.
[09/23 09:25pm] <QQQ>Lieutenant Colonel thewonderllama scribbles on the whiteboard then heads to his room to pass out.


Extra Scene

This is the Scene that Rodrick Mentions
[09/19 11:10pm] <QQQ> Gizmo crawls into the room and tries to reach the couch, but fails. then greets everyone with moans of pain and collapses onto the floor. A rubber duck walks over her. she doesn't care
[09/20 01:54am] <QQQ>Corporal Rodrick climbs down from his docile beanbag and hoists Gizmo up to the couch. Noticing that her pockets are already empty, he retires to his room and pours a drink from his mini mini-bar.

1) this has nothing to do with de famous Duck Bombing
2) not Wodwick
3) Rodrick is pointing to This Scene
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