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File ID; #38278

Subject; Reverb

File Status; Active

Clearance Level; Medium

**Improbability level: Zero**

Before the Island

Born as Regina Eveline Verb, daughter of a dentist and a part-time french cheese importer in Cambridge, UK. Taken from moving vehicle on ##-##-####1) at 02:41 AM local time by means of knockout gas and really, really fast inflating balloons. Dropped onto Improbable Island and received by Watcher as per usual. Watcher's note; subject appears to have undergone a sex change during dropoff. (S)He'll live

  • Physical status; Subject appears as a male human in it's late twenties, concurrent with it's female form. Pale skin, with a disposition towards sunburn rather than tanning.2) Hair colour appears unchanged; dark blonde, shoulder length. Eye colour appears unchanged, green left, blue right.
  • Mental status; Confused, but displaying no unusual characteristics.
  • Abilities; Bloody useless.

On the Island

Contestant Reverb3) Appears to be of the lucky variety, meaning he survived to encounter the Drive. Results; disappointing, although not surpsrising. Contestant Reverb has consequently been filed as a Kittymorph.

  • Physical status; Contestant has undergone standard Kittymorph transformation, aquiring a green fur with blue tiger stripes. General build and size unaltered.
  • Mental status; Expresses periods of mild mania and/or physical violence. Lack of clothing goes unnoticed, and the Contestant displays a mild preference for sexual innuendo. This appears to be consequent with 84.3% of I.I. Kittymorph population. Memory alteration has been succesfull.
  • Abilities; Contestant expresses unusual skill in dispatching and preparing meals out of the local Typo Gremlin population. It has not been determined where exactly these Gremlins are obtained, as the contestant never seems to be running out.

**Improbability level: Minor**

Contestant Reverb has been filed as a Midget

**Improbability level: Medium**

Contestant Reverb has been filed as a Mutant

The contestant has adopted the abandoned Furble Sparky, claiming it's blue and white colouration matched his own.

Contestant Reverb has been filed as a Robot

Contestant Reverb has been filed as a Kittymorph

The Furble Spark-Y did not regress back from it's robot form, and appears satisfied with remaining a Cyberfurble.

**Improbability level: High**

1) This information is available on a need-to-know basis only. You do not need to know.
2) Note; Get less UK contestants, they don't do well in sunlight.
3) Note; Inform gate warden about the function of initials.
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